Immigration… From an Immigrants Perspective

A MUST read from Marion Algier [Ask Marion]


America has been on the edge for a long time and she is now teetering as far forward over the edge as a country possibly can before it falls over the cliff and is no longer recognizable. We either wake-up immediately and get-involved or there will be no America, at least not as you and I knew her, for your children and grandchildren… nor anything to take care of you from the benefits you already paid for!

By Marion Algier – Ask Marion

The question is… which America do you want to live in:


The one above or the one below… (photos taken approximately the dame day) and it has nothing to do with race, color or religion, at least not to the average Americans I know. It has to do with the law, sovereignty and becoming part of a melting pot and all that goes with it.

Horror at the Border

But that…

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