Karl Rove Lied! His PAC DID Fund Racist Cochran Ads in Mississippi


By Gary P Jackson

Karl Rove’s group, American Crossroads claimed it wouldn’t get involved in the June 24 run-off election between Chris McDaniel and Thad Cochran. Crossroads spokesman Paul Lindsay told the Washington Post:

Other than Alaska, we have completed our work on Senate primaries this cycle and are now focused on general elections. With the Chamber, the NRSC, and a local super PAC already backing Cochran, this is not our fight

However, Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator tells a different story:

Just out is the quarterly FEC filing from Mississippi Conservatives. And what does it show?

According to the FEC, on June 20 — that would be four days before the June 24 runoff — the controversial Cochran-supporting group Mississippi Conservatives received a $50,000 donation from… American Crossroads.

Something, as they say, seems amiss.

Amiss indeed!

Florida Jayhawk posted the FEC filing showing that American Crossroads gave $50,000 to fund Cochran’s racist attacks on Chris McDaniel:

You’ll note Crossroads has given $210,000 in total, so far.

The lies, the fraud, and the corruption surrounding the Mississippi election keep getting bigger and bigger. The entire Republican Party should be ashamed of itself. Karl Rove and his group are despicable people for backing a racist piece of human debris like Cochran, but are even worse for lying about it.

I hope all of us are learning our lessons about the Republican Party, and the so-called “leaders” of the party. These are NOT good people. These are NOT honest people.

As a Conservative it’s frustrating to know that not only must we defeat the radical left, but we must also defeat what we once considered our own party!



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7 responses to “Karl Rove Lied! His PAC DID Fund Racist Cochran Ads in Mississippi

  1. Jim Thompson

    Karl Rove’s a cold hearted, poisonous snake in the grass. He probably studied under Saul Alinsky with Hillary Clinton. It wouldn’t surprise me on, tiny bit.

  2. I hope Karl Rove goes to jail for this one!

    • Gary P Jackson

      He did nothing illegal here, just immoral. That said, Charles Johnson, who has been covering the Mississippi story so well, promises a huge expose on Rove.

      Past that, these weasels will have to answer to their maker one of these days. I would not want to be in their shoes.

  3. rovatek

    Shame on Karl Rove. I hope folks don’t soon forget what he’s done to the Republican party.

  4. Aaron Allen

    The days of the plutocracy are numbered: Unelected troublemakers and
    scoundrels who steal from us and then blame us for the ruined economy
    had better choose their new homelands before we ’86’ them…This will all
    be done in a Constitutional manner, too…Well, gotta go and ‘season’ my
    pitchfork and block my tri corner hat!..

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