Sarah Palin’s Pick to Co-Host “The View”? Tammy Bruce

Tammy Bruce

***Updated below***

By Gary P Jackson

Well here’s something kind of cool to start the day off. As you know, recently Sarah Palin, when asked …. after the mass firings at The View …. commented that the show could use a Conservative voice. Governor Palin told the Hollywood ReporterI hear everyone recently got canned from The View so maybe a show like that needs a punch of reality and a voice of reason from America’s heartland to knock some humble sense into their scripts. You know, someone willing to go rogue..” This has led to wild speculation that she would be interested in a slot on the show. Everyone with a byline seems to be talking about it.

Well, Nikki Finke writes that Governor Palin is indeed involved in the process. Reports are that Governor Palin has recommended Tammy Bruce for the slot. From Finke’s website:

I don’t think Sarah Palin is being considered to be a panelist on the show. I think she’s working behind the scenes to help them cast the conservative,” an insider tells me. “Tammy and Palin are close friends, and I think they are hot on Tammy because of Palin. They want the show to be politically combative, and Tammy would certainly be the anti-Rosie in every possible way.”

We LOVE Tammy, a lot! She’s a reformed liberal and was the president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women [NOW] for 7 years, and served on the board of directors for 2 years. She’s an actual feminist, like Governor Palin, not one of the phonies. Tammy understands how the liberal mind works, and is an outspoken voice against the evils of that ideology. She can hold her own in any setting, and would indeed be the “Anti-Rosie” in every way! She is intelligent, attractive, and unafraid! A class act. She is able to bring logic and reason to an argument with a liberal.

Tammy has a large following of her own. Her “Tammy Army” is quite active in Conservative politics. Her website, Live Wire is a daily “must read.” Having Tammy as part of the cast would, of course, help boost ratings for a show that has been on it’s last breaths, in it’s current form.

Besides her website and talk show, Tammy is a Fox News and PJTV contributor, as well as a columnist for the Washington Times.

I had a very brief exchange of messages with Tammy on Tuesday. She neither confirmed nor denied the report, but I felt she was excited. Personally, I can’t think of a better person to join the show. Tammy would represent Conservatives very well.

Let’s all send some positive thoughts her way!

If you don’t already, follow Tammy on Twitter @HeyTammyBruce


Got a message from Tammy Bruce after this was published. She confirms she is in talks with the people at The View though she can’t confirm if Governor Palin was involved in the process. We’re thinking good thoughts, as we think this would be a very watchable show with her on it.

I’ve edited the headline [added a question mark] to reflect the fact that Tammy can’t confirm reports Sarah Palin is involved in the decision, as reported by Nikki Finke.


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4 responses to “Sarah Palin’s Pick to Co-Host “The View”? Tammy Bruce

  1. joydbrower

    What a GREAT addition Tammy Bruce would make to ANY show – TV, radio or online. She’s an articulate, witty and intelligent commentator on the current political scene – talk about “plugged in!!” I had the pleasure of meeting her VERY briefly after one of the SoCal screenings of “The Undefeated” 3 years ago. It was an exciting time – and Tammy was an important part of that brief campaign “boomlet.” If SHE were on The View, I’d actually watch it from time to time – even opposite Rush on the radio!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yeah Tammy is good people. I hope she is the one they choose. It would be good for ratings, that’s for sure.

  2. Charolette

    I like Tammy Bruce alot and she is a great Conservative ……being a reformed liberal is also a good thing ……and the left cannot say much “bad” about Tammy ( not to judge but she is also gay) . This means the left cannot really say alot bad about Tammy …. They can’t really do the typical arguments they generally WOULD with Conservatives on MANY fronts ……
    I think Tammy would be an AWESOME addition to “The View” !!!!! She is well spoken, smart, professional, and knows BOTH SIDES of things ……so she would be as they say “fair and balanced” ……well somewhat 🙂

    • Gary P Jackson

      Are you kidding! The left HATES Tammy with a white hot passion! One article about her on being The View calls her a “homocon” and even “homophobic” Liberals are vile, hate spewing creatures. They wallow in it 24/7!

      Tammy is smart, thoughtful, and entertaining. Liberals hate that!

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