Watch CNN’s Wolf Blitzer’s Despicable Attack On Israel for Simply Defending It’s People

Iron Domes

By Gary P Jackson

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer continues the network’s history of hate and stupidity as he interviews Israeli Minister Naftali Bennett. Here Bennett talks about the situation Israel finds herself in, and how the nation is defending against terrorism. Blitzer is in attack mode throughout the interview, even as Bennett explains how the Hamas animals use women and children as human shields, actually wanting a huge death toll, for propaganda purposes.

This is disgusting, but not surprising from the bunch at CNN. Blitzer isn’t the only one at the failing network that was spewing hate towards Israel. As Breitbart’s Warner Todd Huston reports:

Reporting from Gaza, CNN’s Diana Magnay had a busy morning watching the mounting military action and interviewing onlookers. However, she also had time to jump on Twitter to call Israelis “scum” – purely as a “reporter,” of course.

During her on-air report, Magnay pointed out the trail of rockets that could be seen leaving Israeli positions to take out Hamas. “I think you can probably see there are lots of Israelis gathered around who are cheering when they see these kinds of Israeli strikes,” she noted. It was a scene that was “macabre,” Magnay insisted.

Only minutes after she left the air she jumped to Twitter, revealing that she had a few more things to say about what she witnessed that morning.

Magnay deleted her tweet within minutes of posting. It’s sickening to see this tweet got 47 “favorites before it was disappeared. Lots of evil in this world.

CNN Scum Diana Magnay

One of the many faces of hate at CNN:


Let’s not forget that CNN was more interested in maintaining a bureau in Baghdad, than reporting on the atrocities being carried out by Saddam Hussein, going so far as to cover up some of the worst.

Oh, and there was this tweet from Octavia Nasr in 2010 mourning the death of Hezbollah terrorist animal Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah:


THIS dear readers, is CNN.



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15 responses to “Watch CNN’s Wolf Blitzer’s Despicable Attack On Israel for Simply Defending It’s People

  1. joydbrower

    This just reinforces why I, but NEVER, watch CNN (or any of the others)! When I do have the cable news on, it’s either Fox (entertaining) or The Blaze (sometimes quite interesting/thoughtful). I’ve tried Newsmax’s new TV news channel, but it reeks of RINO whenever I turn it on; therefore, I’ve given up on it – too bad, because it might have been a nice balance/complement to the others.

    • Gary P Jackson

      If it weren’t for airports and people who hate America, I doubt CNN would have any exposure at all.

      Newsmax is a pay-for-play deal. Give em enough money they’ll write nice things about you. Wouldn’t be surprised if the TV wasn’t the same.

  2. Jim Thompson

    For so many years, as far as I can remember, CNN, Wolf Blitzer especially, puts me in a very, very bad mood. Thank you for brightening my day.

    • Gary P Jackson

      CNN is actually worse than MSNBC No one takes the clowns at MSNBC seriously, sadly, many think CNN is for real.

  3. iizthatiiz

    Magnay has been transferred by CNN to Moscow. Anxiously awaiting her tweet that all Russians are scumbags.

  4. Tom

    I don’t know if your “moderaters” will delete this or not but let me comment on how unbelievably bias you are Garry if that is you’r real name! Hamas does not use civillians as “human sheilds” every human rights organization known to man including Isralei ones found there’s no evidence to support that! The only reason so many civillians die is because Isreal bombs civillian targets like the homes of Hamas leaders and hospitals and schools if these where really being used as “ammo dumps” as you all claim you’d expect to find some remains of the weapons at these locations funny how no ones ever found these at any of the abouve mentiond locations! Secondly you seem to implie that Wolf Blitzer is somehow anti-semetic did you know that Wolf Blitzer is Jewish both in race and religon I have seen most of your so-called “Conservative” websites claim he’s actualy a Protastant Wolf Blitzer is not now nor has he ever been a Christan!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Are you truly this stupid? Every decent human being on EARTH knows the Hamas ANIMALS use children as human shields. Rockets and weapons were just found in a THIRD UN School in Gaza, for fucks sake! Hamas is a TERRORIST group. They are designated as a terrorist group by every civilized nation on earth, including the USA. Hamas is also the GOVERNMENT in Gaza.

      The Muslim Hamas ANIMALS actually LOVE it when children are killed, which is why they put them in places where they will be killed. It’s wonderful for their propaganda efforts and stupid people, such as yourself, fall for it.

      Brooke Goldstein recently reported the Hamas animals were using a HOSPITAL as their ops center!

      The ONLY way to deal with Hamas is kill every single one of them and their supporters. Anything less than that is a waste of time.

      And yes, dumb ass, GARY is my real name. So is Jackson.

  5. Tom

    Oh are you talking about the third UN school that was hit where nobody got hurt because it was “empty” even though we all know now that 16 civillians where killed! Or the one the Israleis hit just a couple of days ago that there in denial about ever hitting. Bare in mind that no rockets where ever found all that stuff about them finding rockets is nothing but lies a pure disinformation campaign! ANIMALS you say TERRORIST you say did you know that on Twitter Isaleis are using the word Arab and terrorist interchangably? Considering that saying all the “terrorists” need to be killed off seems a little bit genocidal dosen’t it?

    • Gary P Jackson

      In the struggle between the civilized man and the savage, I stand with the civilized man.

      You sir are a blithering idiot!

      The Hamas ANIMALS you love and defend have in their CHARTER calls for the destruction of Israel and the murder of ALL Jews world wide. So, killing all of these Hamas animals is not only reasonable, but necessary. There will NEVER be peace on earth as long as radical Islam exists.

      You’re obviously a stupid being, as these Muslim ANIMALS are also slaughtering Christians around the world, and have been for DECADES. The most recent GENOCIDE is occurring in IRAQ, and is the DIRECT RESULT of actions taken by President Barack Obama.

      As for the Israelis, they are in the right here and we support their efforts to stop these terrorist animals 100%. No other nation on EARTH conducts war as the Israelis do. The Israelis take unprecedented steps to minimize civilian casualties. More than any other nation on earth, including the United States of America.

      Only truly evil people support animals like Hamas [and all radicalized Muslims] over human beings. You are obviously an evil being.

      Good day to you.

  6. Tom

    Hamas was prepraing to abrogate the Charter for peace but as we all know Israel is not commited to the peace process and only wants to commit genocide! I’ve been very happy to bust up and expose you’r little propaganda operation here probaly funded by the Isalei government. Good luck trying to reach a wider moderate audiance with those views! lulz 😉

    • Gary P Jackson

      Hey dumb ass, Hamas is calling for the death of ALL Jews on a daily basis. BTW, the school you were whining about being blown up? It was Hamas’ own rockets that hit the school. Those dumb fucking animals can’t even shoot straight!

      Fact is, many Hamas rockets are missing Israel and hitting, and killing their own people! These are not humans, they are animals!

      As for “propaganda” I guess the whole world is in on my “propaganda operation” now, since EVERY legitimate news organization is reporting on these evil goddamn animals and how they are killing their own people.

      HERE is what those pigs do to children This is a photo of the Hamas animals HANGING CHILDREN ON A FENCE, to be used as shields!

      BTW, idiot, Israel agreed to a humanitarian cease fire this weekend for 72 hours, those Hamas animals couldn’t wait more than 20 minutes before they started firing rockets at Israel again. The only way to end this is to kill every single one of these rabid dogs! May the streets of Gaza run red with rivers of Hamas blood.

  7. Tom

    Like I said in my post at 3:29 always happy to expose propaganda operations like your’s ;)!

    • Isabel Matos

      I’m interjecting only to set you straight. People who propagandize are either paid or are following someone’s orders to do so. Neither one of us is paid to do this or is following anyone’s directives. You’d have to be as blind as a bat or as dense as concrete to make an accusation like that. Israel is also hated by xenophobes which you might also want to look into. You may suffer from something much worse than misinformation.

      I’m sorry to interrupt. I just know people who talk like you suffer from one of three things. They believe one side and have a bleeding heart for the phony victims. They refuse to give Israel any credit for putting up with so much crap and yet showing restraint. Or they hate Jews.

      I will leave it at that. I couldn’t resist Gary. Even if I didn’t read more which I should have, nothing ever sinks in to some people’s brains sometimes. Their hatred makes them closed-minded and unable to reason.

  8. Tom

    HAHAHAHAHAHA WOW! that’s the best you could come up with I’m with Jude Adeleston on this one has that picture been verified it’s a little to hi-def and professional to have just been some random snapshot. Plus I could have sworn I’v seen this photo at photobucket or one of those photoshops what did the “Hamas operative” get a professional photographer to stand by and take his picture while he commited a war crime! Not to mention there’s nothing to indicate that he’s even affiliated with Hamas! He’s not in uniform like most Hamas fighter’s you just got a photograph of some Arab guy playing with children! Ha LOL just doesen’t cut it for that!

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