Sarah Palin – Western Conservative Summit – Denver, CO (FULL SPEECH)

Sarah Palin Western Conference 2014

****Update By Gary*****

This is a campaign speech, Governor Palin has been campaigning against Barack Obama since 2008, but it’s much, much more. This is one of America’s few great statesmen making her case against the President, the spineless Republican “leadership” and the status quo.

Governor Palin continues to push impeachment, because she understands there is no other solution to a lawless administration. Lawsuits are meaningless to a lawless president. The Republicans have had numerous chances to stop Obama with the power of the purse they hold by virtue of controlling the House of Representatives. And yet, when anyone gets serious about doing just that, they are attacked by their fellow Republicans and called “radicals.” The corrupt media controls the Republican Party these days, and all they have to do is shout “Boo!” at the spineless bastards and they cower in fear! Cowering in fear has become the new symbol for that once proud and bold party. The Republican Party is no longer the party of Lincoln and Reagan, it’s now the party of cowards and fools.

Governor Palin speaks to a lot of issues here, not in her usual jovial tone, but as someone very concerned about our nation’s future. She calls on all Americans to contact their Senators and Congressmen and demand action on behalf of We, the People. Stop the border invasion! Stop allowing our veterans to die while waiting for healthcare! Stop this corrupt president and his cronies from assaulting the Civil Rights of voters. Hold the IRS accountable once and for all. And lastly, demand the impeachment of Barack Obama. It is the ONLY legal remedy to this awful situation we find ourselves in.


By Isabel Matos

Through the theme of “the Forgotten Man” Sarah Palin hits hard on Obama’s greatest failures including insecure borders, impeachable offenses, his intent to transform our nation and his overall record on the economy, appealing to Democrats an Republicans alike.  Let’s call their bluff, she tells the politicians. We need less talk more action. There’s only one remedy for an imperial president who is not defending the constitution or upholding our laws, one who commits high crimes and misdemeanors, it’s the ‘I’ word – impeachment!

This afternoon at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, CO, fa>: ormer Alaska Governor Sarah Palin doubled-down on her call to impeach President Obama. She explains her stance and lists a few offenses for which Obama could be impeached. Governor Palin initially called for the impeachment of President Obama on July 8, 2014.

One of the reactions to the speech came from a Gentleman from Virginia who has stood with Sarah Palin since 2008:

I just finished watching Palins speech. First reaction; she is on war footing and is not taking prisoners. I rather expected that she would take Obama to the woodshed and beat him bloody and I wasn’t disappointed. She flayed the skin off of him! Eric Holder fared no better. He too, got the beating he so deserves! And lest we forget, Congress, yes, those do nothing whiners and complainers, got slapped around too for their timidity and downright moral cowardliness and inaction.

For the multitude of fools who now ‘occupy’ seats in Congress, she fleshed out what impeachable offenses are and tied EVERY one of them to Obama. It was easy! She simply took events as they have happened over the last 5 and 1/2 years and showed Obama’s response, or perhaps I should say, his LACK of response to each crisis.

Was this a speech by a sideline cheerleader? Her detractors desperately hope so. Was this speech an old fashioned butt whooping of those same detractors? HELL YES!

As is my habit, I will watch the speech a few more times to glean any information I might have missed.

But I can tell you this, this speech was given by a woman who knows her destiny, and is taking the steps to fulfill that destiny. Not only is she running, she WILL win. Watch the fire in her eyes. The firm and purposeful set of her jaw. The supremely confident body language. You are looking at the woman who will be POTUS45.



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8 responses to “Sarah Palin – Western Conservative Summit – Denver, CO (FULL SPEECH)

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  2. stevethird

    We are moving from “should happen”, through “could Happen” to “WILL happen”!

  3. Sarah covered it all……..I wondered about the crowd response at times……..thank you Isabel – I pray your last sentence comes true – and will do what little I can to help in that effort.

    • Isabel Matos

      It’s winnable but having hope is just as important as winning in this case because the GoP will never attempt it.. The GOP has a defeatist attitude at best. I wrote more about this on my time line today.

      Thanks for coming by to share your thoughts.


  4. Governor Palin was spot on point as always!.

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