Sexy Rob Portman Supports Thad Cochran to Avoid “Ungovernable” Firebrands like Cruz in Senate Majority


By Isabel Matos

In case you hadn’t heard, the RNC Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio (a battleground state) in 2016.  It makes sense for many reasons, but on to Mississippi, the story that will not got away, thanks to relentless McDaniel.

It’s a bit hard to make this story sexy, but it must be covered. Establishment big shots have been rearing their ugly Rino heads as they take sides in the Mississippi election showdown. Rob Portman is the latest name to surface.  He wants to back Thad Cochran because he, like McConnell, wants to win a majority of “governable” candidates in a Senate Majority. The nerve. I have news for you:

Dear GOPe Nemeses of the People,

You are the only ones who have become

the “ungovernable” in our party. 

It is absolutely stunning to watch one Rino after another expose themselves as they shamelessly try to crush our efforts to restore a little nobility back to politics, including the integrity of the electoral process. I’m no longer angry at their attempts to defeat us at whatever cost; on the contrary, there is reason to smile and savor the moment, but just because I’m not angry doesn’t mean I’m jaded.  The lines drawn in the sand are more defined now. Every detail in this scandal matters. Names have to be noted and we cannot afford to forget them.

The comportment being displayed by otherwise more obscure, less flashy Rinos like Portman who we (I) didn’t know that well before, is now center stage material. That is a good thing. It is indeed a Biltmore-sized banquet for those of us who literally salivate at the thought of watching the GOPe and its evil doers go down in flames and burn to the last ash because of all the grief they have caused upon us. It is becoming clear how things are run in Washington (by our own) and why, as a result of the way they are run, we never win. Make no mistake, this is just the start. Wait for despotic behavior ahead. I am not kidding. GOPe are villains. I know many not care for it, but the story is beyond appetizing. One by one, as these arrogant and desperate Alinsky-lites try to “govern” and put us in our rightful place, the wannabes show a side of themselves that is worse than we could ever imagine. What’s not to love? This is a real meal. Mmm, delish!!!

Chairman of the NRSC, Senator Rob Portman is showing his support for Thad Cochran’s re-election. He donated money earlier this year to the Mississippi CONSERVATIVES, the organization behind the race-baiting ads.

From the Clarion Ledger:

Senator Rob Portman is [also] serving as a top fundraiser this election for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  Republicans are desperate to avoid a repeat of 2012 and 2010, when arch-conservative candidates like Missouri’s Todd Akin or Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell lost seats that had been promising GOP pick-up opportunities.

Thus the decision by Portman and other GOP leaders—including Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky—to back Cochran over McDaniel. They want to win a majority—and they want it to be a governable conference–not one full of firebrands like Sen. Ted Cruz, of Texas, who was a major instigator in the government shutdown over Obamacare funding last year.

Portman used his leadership PAC to give $25,000 to Mississippi Conservatives on May 30, according to FEC records. McConnell’s leadership PAC donated $50,000 a few days earlier.

There’s your tease, you may read the rest of that article here and add this as back-up and reinforcement for who paid for what and why:

I [Erick Erickson]  can confirm that the attack ads in Mississippi run by “All Citizens for Mississippi” were funded by Senate Republicans, including Senators Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Rob Portman, Bob Corker, and Roy Blunt. It appears our Senate Republican leaders are willing to risk losing a Senate majority so long as they can get their own re-elected. Yes folks, it is true. I can confirm what we all suspected.

The advertisements attacked Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel and painted conservative Republicans and tea party activists as racists. According to documents filed with the Federal Elections Commission, All Citizens for Mississippi received funding from a Haley Barbour backed group called Mississippi Conservatives.

Mississippi Conservatives, in turn, was funded in part by Sally Bradshaw of the RNC’s Growth and Opportunity Project, former RNC Chairman and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, the United States Chamber of Commerce, and the political action committees created for Senators Mitch McConnell ($50,000), John Cornyn ($50,000), Rob Portman ($25,000), Bob Corker ($25,000), and Roy Blunt ($5,000).

Interestingly, Sally Bradshaw and Henry Barbour (Haley Barbour’s nephew) worked on the autopsy of the 2012 GOP lossI have to use some of that juicy information for the next post – !!

Reminder: Senator Ted Cruz is Vice Chair of the NRSC, the same entity Portman and others like Mitch McConnell have used to crush Tea Party candidates in primaries. It is probably safe to say that this position may have been offered to Cruz in an attempt to keep the Senator more “governable”.  Rather than attack him, it would be wise to see this as a venue for Senator Cruz to flex his Tea Party muscle and turn an antagonistic Republican Senate committee to our benefit.

U.S. Senator Rob Portman departs a meeting with fellow members of the "super committee" on Capitol Hill in Washington

As for ACTIVISM in MISSISSIPPI there is much you can do right now. A friend, Carole Reeves Bradshaw, did her homework and called Tim Scott’s office and Mike Lee to ask them to show support for Cruz per Chuck Johnson’s request: 

Here’s your homework:

Call Mike Lee (202) 224-5444
and Tim Scott (202) 224-6121.

Ask them to stand with Ted Cruz, in the Mississippi

election corruption and to ask for a special election.

help mcdaniel

When you are finished with your homework, you can join Ana Navarro (virtually) over a glass of wine or favorite drink overlooking her favorite view from her suite – the pool side at the Biltmore.  biltmore



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9 responses to “Sexy Rob Portman Supports Thad Cochran to Avoid “Ungovernable” Firebrands like Cruz in Senate Majority

  1. We have to protect the INTEGRITY of the votes. It is imperative that this is fully EXPOSED to all Americans.God Bless and protect America.

    • Isabel Matos

      And it’s Sexy to do so. Grrrrr. Carole, it is AWESOME to see you here. God bless you. You are an outrageously awesome patriots who can WHIP some real grandma Butttttttt. Love it, my friend.

  2. I will visit Robs page again . It is especially fun to throw it up on his page because of his presidential aspirations , Make sure his followers know what he is all about deep down , let him know we know , take it with maximum seriousness and will remember . It is glorious that it keeps getting bigger the longer McDaniel keeps it alive . Ted Cruz on our side is huge .

    • Isabel Matos

      Awesome to see you here Barri! You know he’s been working deals behind our backs for a while. Well, it’s time to BRING SOME LIGHT into those dark corners and add a little repellent while we’re at it to scare the squirmy little suckers, even if they don’t disappear as Roaches NEVER DO haha! We just need to continue exerting pressure to let them know we’re watching. By the way, it doesn’t hurt to call him HOT AND SEXY either just to flatter their delicate egos. ROFL!!!!! I had fun with that.

      Ted Cruz needs to be careful but I will support him. Who else is there? We can’t alienate everyone. He is smart enough to come through.

  3. Pam Welch

    America needs a congress with a little fire for integrity… A fire that burns for America and will fight for the safety and rights of her people. Not “governable” (controlled) puppets acting for kickbacks and personal gain. I pray that fire produces flames that will finally engulf each and every weak rino who has lost their backbone to stand up and say “NO MORE” to all who are destroying our nation!

    • Isabel Matos

      Sing it, sister. And sing it loud! Thanks for the fire coming from your keyboard. Keep writing. Keep sharing your thoughts. Keep making connections with others to have them see what’s going on. Grrrrrrrr

      Thanks for coming by. 🙂

  4. Eric Roberts

    I am doing what I can to help Chris McDaniel in his hour of testing. You know this fight will not be good for his career. But he is doing it for us. He is sacrificing himself and his own future to insure the integrity of the vote. To insure a great future for all the rest of us. I saw him speaking Friday. There was something about him just indescribable, which is like an inner glow.

    Lying in bed, thinking about what I had seen and what I had sensed, I realized that the Savior must have had a similar glow upon him. Chris knows that he is about to lay down everything that is vain and transient and some people will say he is a looser. But he gains something for us all and he will be rewarded in the world to come.

    • Isabel Matos

      Such a beautifully expressed comment. Thank you for sharing it. When I see him next time I will remember what you said. I do believe he has made a choice and is at peace, but he probably also knows how many ballots have been counted that are invalid and is definitely confident.

      It’s still a great observation. I like him . I don’t know who wouldn’t but yeh, he will have a hard time if he wins. It’s great to witness such fearless leadership. Those two little boys are truly fortunate. One day we will hear from them.

    • Isabel Matos

      I am going to share this on my timeline. Thanks again.

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