He’s Baaack.. Senator Rubio: Obama Is An Intolerant and Hypocritical Bigot!


By Isabel Matos

Well, he didn’t say them in exactly that order, but he did frame his argument in such a way that you can put them all in one sentence taken from this context:

Citing a “growing intolerance” against opponents of same-sex marriage, Sen. Marco Rubio argued that those who advocate same-sex marriage need to be more respectful of those who oppose it.

“Supporting the definition of marriage as one man and one woman is not anti-gay. It’s pro-traditional marriage,” the Florida Republican said in a speech at Catholic University. “And if support for traditional marriage is bigotry, then Barack Obama was a bigot until just before the 2012 election.”

The senator, who was giving a speech on family values and morality, indicated he was clearly aware that people don’t accept his views.

“I promise you, before this speech is even over, I’ll be attacked as a hater, a bigot, someone who’s anti-gay,” he said. “This intolerance in the name of tolerance is hypocrisy.”  

He’s right about it all. He also asserted that states should have the right to restrict marriage to heterosexual couples, and denounced judges who have ruled against state laws defining marriage. Right again. But why now? Why this? What for? Is he attempting to ingratiate himself with voters? His views depart from the GOPe’s which we saw in the last article, and that is a good thing, but will anyone care after his betrayal last year? And was taking the fall for Jeb worth it?

This was signature Rubio though: tying two stances on separate issues into one ‘coherent’ argument. Last year he attempted (misguidedly) to tie the rationale for defunding ObamaCare with his support for Immigration Reform. No need for the details, it just made no sense. He justified his support for both by linking each to (his version of) the American Dream. In this case, he calls for morality and values and links them with potential economic prosperity, in that order.

“In America, if you get an education, find a good job, and wait until marriage to have children, your chances of achieving economic security and professional fulfillment are incredibly high. In fact, if everyone in America lived lives that went in this order, in the order I’ve just outlined, some estimates are that the poverty rate would be cut by an estimated 70 percent.”

You can’t say he isn’t clever either.  He is. And he will do what he has to to survive.  But sincere?  Meh..  The world sees him one way, we political junkies know the truth. I am not being facetious, nor am I judging him because I choose to believe that he defends these things. My cynicism does however makes me wonder how much time and money were spent on consultants to came up with this reinvented strategy.  Many, I bet!  If he just stuck to core issues of our party and simple truths that are ageless, he would not go wrong.  But Rubio has a special bullsh*t chromosome and that’s his problem. No one can have faith in what he says because he will fudge whatever he has to fudge to be politically expedient. He doesn’t think long-term.  Even though this was a pretty graceful attempt at a comeback, he still doesn’t get the big picture and I don’t feel sorry for him.  His appeal is to the issues of the group covered in the last article. Rubio on abortion:

Rubio said abortion is a difficult issue because it involves two competing rights — women’s rights to make choices about their bodies versus the rights of the unborn to live.

“In weighing these two options, I know where I stand: An unborn child should be welcomed into life and protected in law,” he said. “It seems to me a decent, humane society will take tangible steps to help women with unwanted pregnancies even as that society defends an unborn child’s right to live.”

Whatever this re-invention cost, it was pretty crafty.  I’ll just end the tirade on that note and let the RELIGIOUS BASE decide whether they believe him or not. Please check this Article link for the full post on his speech. (It’s pretty good.)



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3 responses to “He’s Baaack.. Senator Rubio: Obama Is An Intolerant and Hypocritical Bigot!

  1. ...a...

    Rubio’s position on the school-job-marry-kids chronology is vaguely similar to Dave Brat’s thoughts on the strong correlation between the protestant work ethic and capitalism. Making money (i.e. producing and creating wealth … as distinct from swiping wealth via mafia-style crime or political graft & corruption) is no accident.

    His position on abortion is also reasonably practical, politically speaking. Slavery was originally handled on a state-by-state basis, but that eventually led to civil war. Handling marijuana on a state-by-state level, and handling marriage-laws on a state-by-state level, may tie in with the idea (not mentioned by Rubio that I noticed) of rolling back the federal Roe v Wade decision, and instead deciding on a state-by-state basis how to deal with pro-life versus pro-choice. Whether this is a wise approach or not, remains to be seen, but usually state-level control is a win over federal-level control.

    However, my main problem with Rubio right now is not his voting record, or his stance on immigration, or his taking care to pay consultants the big bucks to give him a palatable message. He was campaigning in MS a few days back, and the local ABC station asked him about McDaniel versus Cochran, to which Rubio replied with a pretty-obviously-canned answer.

    Reporter == …think about the ongoing fight for the U.S. Senate seat in Mississippi? Rubio == It’s Mississippi’s race, and Mississippi’s voters, uh, are the ones, uh, that are going to decide, and did decide. I think it’s important now for the Republican party to come together. We have important races around the country. It’s important for us to have a Senate majority of Republicans, and we look forward to working with everyone to make that happen. Reporter == You think that’s going to happen? Rubio == I do. I feel very confident that we’re going to be able to — we’ve got a lot of work to do! — but i feel quite confident that we are going to have the opportunity to have a Senate majority of Republicans, and fire Harry Reid.

    And that was it, 40 seconds or so. They went on to talk about fundraising and 2016 and immigration and whatnot. This interview was published 7/25, which is a full month after the runoff, with plenty of bad indications turning up since then, and Rubio not ONLY doesn’t urge an investigation or say that he thought the race-baiting was awful (even Senator Portman was able to do the latter), in fact Rubio acts like NOTHING HAPPENED whatsoever. “The voters did decide. We gotta come together. Work with everyone. Fire mean ol’ Harry.” He is not unaware of the allegations of nasty tactics and illegalities — but he is nonetheless acting as if they do not exist. I would rather he acknowledged the reality, that extremely serious stuff happened, and if he was not comfy taking sides yet, saying something noncommital like we-shall-see-what-hard-evidence-turns-up-if-and-when-mcdaniel-files-an-official-election-challenge-lawsuit. But no. Rubio pretended all was okay.

    This is not a good thing. Rubio has the voting record of a mild-tea candidate, and he is therefore still a big improvement over a dem from FL such as Charlie Crist (or a dempub from NJ such as Chris Christie). Arguably, even now I would say, Rubio is considerably better than Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney overall… but when push comes to shove, Rubio is like Cornyn and McConnell, and toes the party line. Even when it really matters!

    One thing that McDaniel has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that he will fight for what is true and right, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. Cochran is “officially” launching his November campaign in a couple days, at the Neshoba cty fair on 7/31, during the traditional political speeches. Ideally, then, we may see the election-challenge filed on 7/30, or on 8/1.

    • Isabel Matos

      I’m sure it is. What’s interesting is that those comments at this time last year or just a few months earlier would have been big headlines. Rubio is barely making JeB Bush numbers views-wise. That’s a huge change. No one seems to care what he thinks. Sad. He made a grave political error by betraying voters on amnesty and I think it’ll haunt him forever.

    • Isabel Matos

      I agree with almost all you said especially as of “However my main problem is.. and his jaded unfazed reaction to the Illegality in the Mississippi race. It’s as bad as Cochran’s obliviousness to The Tea party, Dave Brats victory and his own on June 3rd. Bad sign for such a young Senator to be so out of touch. I think it’s more how afraid they are to go against what’s expected of them in DC.

      My one disagreement with you is that Rob Portman is guilty. He needs to come clean. He willingly paid for the race-baiting ads and now is distancing himself from doing so. Ted Cruz should become NRSC Chair and clean up DC from within. Tell McConnell he can take a hike on a long pike. Please go to the “Explosive” article close to this one and read for yourself why Portman needs to come clean.

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