The Real Story: Chris McDaniel’s Historic US Senate Campaign

Chris McDaniel deserves a clean victory. There should be no write-in, no other election, or no third party solution.. McDaniel won this race fair and square. and should be the nominee. Let’s pray he prevails. He has the evidence. He has the fight in him. And he has the Truth on his side. What more can we ask? There is no gray area here. It’s black and white. I don’t think in this case Cochran has a LEG to stand on. What the GOPe did was not only unfair it was illegal. Cochran and the GOPe have exposed themselves. They will have to answer for their deeds: heads will have to roll. and arrests made if need be. This is one victory they will have no moral or political authority over. They’ve cheated before but finally got caught. It’s illegality clear as day. The race has even transcended even politics. It has an inspiring message that you never surrender if you believe that what you are doing is right.

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In his most recent column on the establishment website Y’all Politics, Frank Corder gives his assessment of the current state of politics in Mississippi and his predictions for the general election this November and state races in 2015.

But what caught my attention, aside from his flawed analysis, has been his consistent downplaying of Senator Chris McDaniel’s historic effort to replace Thad Cochran in the United States Senate. This has been the theme, not only from Corder and the hacks at Y’all Politics, but also from the media establishment throughout the state.

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17 responses to “The Real Story: Chris McDaniel’s Historic US Senate Campaign

  1. This was a fairly close election. About half the Republicans were for one candidate, about half for the other. About half of the county election officials in the state were for Chris, about half for Thad. Now McDaniel has published his accusation. It names names, mostly of private citizens whose only crime was to vote in a Republican Primary Election. Further, it accuses virtually EVERY election official in EVERY county of incompetence or criminality.

    If criminality or incompetence was so widespread, (so pervasive as to include even McDaniel supporting officials in nearly every county, as we now learn), why did a guy like Chris who had been involved in elections for many years not realize there were problems in the system until he lost?

    I suspect he would have been perfectly happy with the whole process if he had won.

    • Isabel Matos

      I don’t think it was that close. If that were the case then why did Cochran need to reach out to Democrats to win? I think if the 3rd candidate had dropped out of the race early on there would have been no need for all this money and energy spent on trying to correct the false narrative laid out there (yours is somewhat false) and repair the damage done to the party. But the GOPe dug in its heels and here we are.

      • Isabel, you may be correct.

        When I said “about half”, I was basing that on some figures that I had for the first primary, which were Cochran 48.8% vs McDaniel 49.6%. Assuming you are correct that even more republicans were in favor of McDaniel than that, it likely follows that even more than just half of the election officials were in favor of McDaniel.

      • Isabel Matos

        So what is your argument other than getting attention for nitpicking on things we already know. Please help the cause or don’t do anything. Just don’t get in the way of an innocent man’s claim to what is rightfully his: political victory on June 24th. There shouldn’t even be a discussion but for evil Republican statist who have turned this election into a third world electoral circus. It is shameful. This could have happened in Venezuela.

    • Eddy G

      Apparently you don’t know the entire story or refuse to acknowledge it, or simply a troll trying to place the blame on the victim…..The issue is the GOP elitists saw fit to lie and besmirch the character of another party member and then get (ILLEGALLY) people who already voted in the dem primary to cast votes in the republican. They even went as far as to PAY them….And actually he did WIN the election the first time!

      • Isabel Matos

        Amen, Eddy. It is clear that race was won the first time by McDaniel but Cochran camp was not wise or gracious enough to concede and spare us all the grief and resources. But McDaniel has won over many voters and captured the imagination of many of us who have dreamed of seeing the ugliness of the GOPe like we’ve never seen before.

        Martin is not the only troll this article or development in McDaniel camp has brought out. I had to block a “concern” troll yesterday for his insults. They are hurtin.

        If only the third candidate in the race had dropped out or if Cochran himself had graciously conceded none of this would have developed but it has and I’m know of glad it has played out the way it has.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Don’t be stupid. McDaniel won the REPUBLICAN vote by over 25,000 ballots, a far larger number than he got in the original primary.

      They’ve found over 10,000 illegal ballots. Ballots cast by people who ALSO voted in the democrat party primary. It’s illegal in every state in the union to vote in both parties primary in the same election cycle.

      These weren’t “innocent voters” These were people who knowingly committed a crime.

      There are far more illegal ballots than Cochran’s alleged “margin of victory”. This means McDaniel will either be declared the real winner of the election, or a new election will be held.

      This SHOULD spell the end of the corrupt Barbour klan, and the rest of the disgusting Republican Party establishment. In a just world every one of these racist hate spewing wanna-be democrat bastards would be going to prison for a long, long time.

      Politics are evil, at best, but it doesn’t get any worse than the evil the GOP has been engaged in as it carries all our war against it’s own base of voters

      Anyone who supports the vile racist tactics these bastards are engaged in is just as evil as they are.

  2. Gary, that would really be something if they had found 10 thousand illegal crossover votes, even though they probably would have needed to find at least 20 thousand to have any chance to really challenge the election.

    But please read the actual document that was released on Monday. They are only claiming about 3000 crossover votes were found.

    The other 7000 voters are questioned because of reasons like “signature not on line”, “signed Tom Hall on ballot, Thomas Hall in book”, “signature not fully crossing flap”, etc. These 7000 voters have no connection with the Democrat primary. They are all Republicans.

    Don’t take my word for it. Read it yourself. The document is linked on Breitbart and elsewhere. If you thought they were going to find 10 thousand illegal crossovers, you got scammed.

    Did you vote in the primary? Did your signature run off the end of the line? Are you listed as a criminal illegal voter in the document?

    • Isabel Matos

      The digital mentioned document was published here on Monday when the legal challenge was made official.

      The problem is not the irregularities which even Cochran’s campaign manager or was guilty of. His absentee ballot was not filled properly. The problem is the culture of corruption by Cochran’s team, Barboursville tentacles all over the state,and Perry from Hinds county lying about crossovers. He didn’t even flinch. He knew “Barbourville” would protect him. The culture is the establishment who will dissect this and make people second-guess the obvious. If you want to help McDaniel contact the Mississippi Executive Committee and ask them to look at what they found which was 25,000 votes in favor of McDaniel. You are speaking and thinking like a concern troll. I have encountered a few. That’s my opinion. Instead of helping plant seeds of doubt and helping the enemy, join the effort to help McDaniel. Good grief.

      • You are correct. It is too easy to be negative. It is very hard to come up with positive solutions.

        As for corruption, I agree that as long as the Barbour Machine has it’s foot on the neck of Mississippi, Mississippi will remain in last place among the states. But I sincerely believe that McDaniel is going about this in a way that will make the problem worse rather than better.

        I could go on at great length regarding my thoughts and feelings on this subject, but I do not think you would accept it.

      • Isabel Matos

        Dear Concern Troll,

        Thank you for not sharing all.

        If you think Cochran’s team is innocent, think again. Spokesman’s vote among the irregular ones: there was “no reason given for voting absentee.” Oh, and his girlfriend who lives in DC has also turned in an absentee ballot without reason.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Cochran “won” by just a tad over 8000 votes. 10,000 is more than enough to overturn the results of the election, or demand a new one. Mississippi is backwards and has a LOT of problems, but their election laws are very straightforward and strictly enforced. People have gone to prison for EXACTLY what Cochran, Barbour, and company have pulled. Numerous federal laws have been violated as well.

      I did NOT vote in the primary. That would be illegal, as I am a Texan! We have been covering this election though and have good information from those who are there.

      Lets not forget that Cochran’s people, who include party operatives and election officials, actually blocked access to voter books [something that has traditionally made available to ALL candidates] and openly lobbied the democrats from helping MAKE SURE no democrats illegally voted in the GOP primary, again something that has always been a long standing tradition. [both parties swap voter books to ensure a clean election]

      This is such a goddamned mess there should just be a new election, with poll observers at EVERY location to ensure a free and far election. Then Barbour and his cronies should be taken out and beaten, then thrown in prison.

  3. ...a...

    Just a followup, to say that the election-challenge is officially in court now, and most of the supplementals to the evidence have been filed. According to the totals from team McDaniel lawyers, the current counts are as follows:

    A. illegal-double-voters, ~3500

    B. invalid-absentee-voters, ~2300

    C. questionable-votes-due-to-other-irregularities, ~9300. (many of these are retroactively-legalized-double-votes that were “fixed” to be legal by the simple mechanism of erasing or x’ing out the 6/3 d-prime vote! some of those changes might be honest clerical errors, but this was done wholesale in many precincts.)

    Beyond the raw total of invalid-or-potentially-invalid votes, which ideally would exceed the certified winning-margin of ~7700 votes when added up, there are other things to consider. For one thing (call it D), there are serious concerns about ballot-box integrity in a bunch of different counties (failure to secure the boxes, failure to seal the boxes, failure to keep materials that prove the vote-count was accurate, etc). Some places, the total number of certified votes, was higher than the total votes cast; this COULD be just human error, but could also be ballot-stuffing, and needs investigating.

    – — –

    The most serious problem (call it E), of course, is that these thousands of votes are NOT all just innocent mistakes, or accidental goofs. Every election has human error, this one was no exception — but human error is clearly not ALL that happened in Mississippi this past June. For one thing, there are way too many problems (thousands) for it all to be written off as mere goof-ups. For another, there is also evidence that team Cochran and their affiliated PACs purposely incited these illegalities. Some of this was done at the precinct-level, with (allegedly) pollbooks failing to get swapped, especially in Hinds county (do some googling for allegations by McInnis and Amos-Norris against Pete Perry and Connie Cochran in Hinds for instance). Most of the incitement was done in broad daylight, though, via mass media adverts to the voters.

    An election-fraud-consultant in MS has posted the audio of several of the race-baiting and incitement-to-illegal-action adverts. Quote: “..encouraging every registered voter to go out and vote on 6/24… McDaniels [sic] is a loss for the reputation of this state, for race relations between blacks & whites..” That advert was paid for by Crudup via AllCitsForMsPac , which in turn was funded by Henry Barbour’s MsConservativesPac , which in turn was funded by sitting Senators. Note his encouragement of those who voted on 6/3 (incitement to illegal action), as well as of course those who did not (legal — but only if the voter intends to vote for the repub nominee come November). Also note mistake about the actual name of the candidate. The estab-repubs panicked after 6/3, created and funded this new AllCitsForMsPac in a hurry, and made fatal errors along the way.

    The advert above is inciting violation of the intent-law; Mississippi has semi-open primaries, with the proviso in the law that voters have to intend to support the party nominee, at the time they vote in the party primary. That means that voters should not be voting in the 6/24 r-runoff, if they just voted in the 6/3 d-prime, because by the pigeonhole principle, they cannot vote for BOTH nominees come November, and thus violate the intent-law (not to mention attorney-general opinion-papers Mississippi-election-commission instructions current as of 2014). In another advert paid for by the same people, but with a different speaker this time, the speaker specifically urges voters to violate the intent-law, for this “special election” only. Quote: “…tough times call for tough decisions. A time when there is an effort to roll back the hands of time. I’m talking about the race for the U.S. Senate … I know that traditionally we as a community don’t vote Republican, but for this special election we need to turn out in record numbers to push back against this tea party effort … vote thad cochran 6/24, he’s been good for mississippi, he’s been good for black folk…”

    Here is another attack-advert which was NOT (supposedly… time will tell) paid for by estab-repubs, the ultra-vicious one which claims McDaniel is a pawn of the KKK. Ruth Harris, age 65 dem, says she and her four friends paid for this advert themselves. However, it is unclear whether Ruth told the whole truth and nothing but the truth; the folks at WGMO-radio say that Greg Brand was the person who actually placed the adverts; see his name mentioned below, in the discussion of walking-around-money. Quote: “this is an election day alert. polls are open 7am to 7pm … tea party radicals … tie McDaniel’s campaign to an ally of the KKK … do you understand what we could lose? we could lose food stamps … right wing tea party people are saying we are too lazy to care or too afraid to go vote … if you didn’t vote on june third in the democratic primary, you can vote today…” Tellingly, although this advert is one of the worst in terms of race-baiting lies and smears, it does not incite illegal actions: it says, quite explicitly, don’t bother to show up if you voted in the d-prime on 6/3. It also helpfully reminds the voters to bring their photo-ID. Other messages I saw, such as one that a teacher was emailing, also had the same disclaimer. The law is that you cannot double-vote in the 6/3 d-prime *and* also the 6/24 r-runoff.

    You can see the rest of the audio-evidence at JPH’s website.

    He also has a compressed PDF of the textual evidence, signed affidavits which talk about ballot-box-security, illegal-double-votes, et cetera: The same document was posted at but the unsquashed PDF there is a much larger filesize.

    – — –

    Finally, of course, there are the allegations of vote-buying: Rickey Cole warned about Scooby Doo Warren and maybe Greg Brand in mid-June, with no specific evidence beyond his knowledge of their character. Later, it was shown that Warren had been given five figures by Crudup/Barbour/etc (for what use is not yet known), and that Greg Brand was the person who placed the radio-adverts for dem Ruth Harris (the KKK smear — see above). The lawsuit ought to bring these people to the stand under oath.

    The next allegations were from Steve Fielder, who later “recanted” most of them, and even later flipped his accusations of bribery entirely around, and as of this writing is no longer claiming team Cochran bribed him to buy votes but rather than team McDaniel bribed him to lie about buying votes. Obviously not a trustworthy source… but in his original testimony, Fielder provided evidence in the form of text-messages from a Cochran staffer, talking about delivery of envelopes of cash for Fielder to pass around; that evidence COULD have been faked, but nobody has ever claimed it was not entirely true; again, time will tell.

    Third and finally, there is an affidavit by a Julie somebody, who reports that one of the pollworkers in her county was possibly involved in a payout scheme, right at the polling-place: “my mom was a [poll] worker in a very small precinct … she said she saw something going on … the bailiff kept going out making phone calls … people about ten feet behind me… [bailiff] describing how to use these red vouchers… instructing them [voters] how to cash in these vouchers … witnessed at the end of the day… buying votes… 80, maybe 90 votes [overall] were cast there that day… (interviewer: what do you mean by buying votes) well, no, that is just what she felt had [possibly] gone on … bailiff was handing them some kind of vouchers….” This is merely an allegation of suspicious behavior, but by a specific person working in a specific precinct; it might turn out to be legit, or might be very illegal, only further testimony can tell us.

    There are three separate vote-buying allegations, in three widely-separated counties (geographically speaking), of people who saw what looked suspiciously like vote-buying to them. The discovery phase of the election-challenge-lawsuit will tell us more: exactly how many people were on the team Cochran payroll, and exactly how many dollars did each of them get, during June? Ditto for affiliated PACs funded by pro-Cochran groups. With that information, we can determine whether or not there was vote-buying; if thousands of people were paid 15 or 25 or 100 bucks each, for a one-time bit of “campaign work”, then vote-buying occurred. If not: great. But if so… it does not matter how many of the 3500+2300+9300 votes were illegal, because vote-buying by the thousands ought to overturn the election-result, even if only a handful of votes were fraudulently purchased. Intent to defraud the electorate, is not a basis on which a republic can be built. Whether this *is* what happened, or not, is something only judge McGehee can tell us.

    The courtcase is scheduled to hear motions on 8/28, and to hear testimony starting 9/16, with a decision on the verdict by 10/6 or sooner. There is a possibility of appeal to the MS supreme court (election-challenges don’t go through the MS court of appeals). There is also the slim possibility that the federal courts might get involved, either as a delaying-tactic by the team Cochran lawyers, or as a final form of appeal by the team McDaniel lawyers. However, rumor has it, that even if the final verdict happens AFTER the 11/4 general election, that McDaniel would still be entitled to a redo-runoff (McDaniel v Cochran), followed by a redo-general-election (McDaniel v Childers). Judge McGehee says he is going to try and get to a solid verdict in time for getting things resolved before the general election, but time is tight.

    If you have the cash, or if you live in MS and can volunteer to help, see the website to donate money or time. The legal challenge will be difficult, but more importantly, if McDaniel does beat the odds and win the legal challenge, there will immediately be an election to win, with not much time for getting organized and funded. Better to have everything in place, well in advance, if at all possible. Thanks for reading, sorry about the length.

    • Gary P Jackson

      So after all of that, you’re basically saying it’s better to allow a racist piece of shit, a senile old bastard, who can’t even find his way around the Capitol building anymore, STEAL an election, because … politics.

      You are a despicable human being. Weasels like you are why we have an out of control government that has it’s boot on the neck of every American citizen.

      I have no patience for assholes like you. YOU are the enemy of the American people just as much as any of those in power who are destroying the nation.

      There’s an especially warm place reserved in Hell for those who allow evil to proceed because of expedience.

      I hope the goddamned DEMOCRAT wins the Mississippi Senate race. It will serve the GOP right for the evil shit they pulled there. I’ll be glad when the party goes the way of the Whigs!

      Good day to you.

  4. Karen Hudes

    We immediately must start working through the Mississippi Legislature to recall Thad Cochran. This recall will pass easily, and Chris will be appointed as interum Senator until new elections can be arranged in 2015.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I’m almost certain the plan has always been for Cochran to retire at some point and Barbour will be appointed to his seat. I know if Cochran is recalled [almost impossible to do to a Senator] McDaniel won’t be the one who replaces him.

      • Karen Hudes

        Defeatism is premature surrender. Chris is acting as a winner, and we should support the winner even at the darkest hour. It may have been a mistake to go to the lamestream judicial system anyway. A system of common law juries exists in every state of the US.

        Here is a link to the National Liberty Alliance. They can indict Cochran in a citizens grand jury and remove him from the ballot before the election.

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