Translation, Please! Marco Rubio “Explains” Flip on Immigration Stance.

By Isabel Matos

This was part of a conversation in a thread shared in our group which I found amusing.  I think as most people had this reaction when they saw Rubio try explain his flip to Chris, but evaded the question instead. If I explain it too much it takes away the funny.

H:  What, did, this, guy, say? Please, translate?

L:  I was hoping you would know? 🙂

H:  Ha, L! 😉

I:   Omg. I didn’t understand him LMAO.

L:  I watched this again this morning and thought…what a smug little bastard!

I:   It’s not even funny. Last year I’d post about him and would get tons of attention. No longer. He gets less views than even Jeb. Rubio fell on the sword for him. Hope he’s happy.

F:   His answers sounded like Paul Ryan’s answers, when he was asked similar questions.

Chris Wallace Grills Marco Rubio on Immigration: If Not Political, Why Did You Flip Fox News Sunday

Chris Wallace GRILLS Marco Rubio For flipping On Immigration. Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace grilled Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) Sunday morning over the lawmaker’s shifting immigration policies after his shepherding of comprehensive immigration reform last year cost him mightily among conservative voters.

When I got involved in the issue I knew how difficult is was politically,” Rubio replied. “But I ran for office to make a difference. …I don’t know what it means politically for me or anybody else, but that’s not my job. I didn’t get elected to maintain good poll numbers nationally.”

But if it’s not political, why have you flipped?” Wallace asked, noting that Rubio’s bill had included a path to citizenship along with increased border security, but that Rubio now believes reform should be implemented in stages, with a path to citizenship coming last.

We’re not debating what to do, we’re debating how to do it,” Rubio said. “I’m just telling you, we will never have the votes necessary to pass, in one bill, all of those things. It just won’t happen. So our choices are, we can either continue to beat out head against the wall and try a process for which we’ll never have support, or we can try another way we can make progress on.”

H/T Lisa for Video


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2 responses to “Translation, Please! Marco Rubio “Explains” Flip on Immigration Stance.

  1. Political humor… making light of a convoluted flip-flopper?? I am grateful that we have TED CRUZ to listen to, and to encourage. Ted Cruz (unlike Rubio and Ryan) is one who speaks with STRAIGHTFORWARD CLARITY.

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