Another Rino Wins A Primary: Lamar Alexander from TENNESSEE


By Isabel Matos

From US4Palin Joe Carr lost his U.S. Senate bid to incumbent Lamar Alexander according to the Tennessee Secretary of State unofficial election results posted tonight. Alexander got 51% of the vote and Carr got 38%. When Gov. Palin endorsed him a week ago, Carr was down by 29 points. He closed the gap to 13 points.  End article here for Governor Palin’s Endorsement success.

Great article by CHQ  to amplify why Lamar had to lie to win, like all Rinos do.

“Lamar Alexander’s support of amnesty paved the way for our current border crisis and is a direct attack on America’s workers,” said Carr.  “Tennessee’s working families have a right to know whether Lamar Alexander will continue his support of amnesty.  It is unacceptable for Tennessee’s senior Senator to remain silent on this growing national crisis that his support of amnesty helped cause. Lamar needs to come out of hiding and explain himself.”

Finally, for us, I needed to add Senator Rand Paul’s photo because he endorsed him.  He did a cameo in one of his ads for his campaign which was published here.  He has been on the wrong side of just about every race except North Carolina.

We have a problem.  It’s the Primary stupid! They want to cut us off at the primary level and Reince was talking about terminating open primaries altogether.  It’s not good what we are seeing, EVEN IF some are saying and counting on Real Clear Politics polling that we may pick up 7 seats. It’s late. We will talk more tomorrow.




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7 responses to “Another Rino Wins A Primary: Lamar Alexander from TENNESSEE

  1. Publius Huldah

    The problem with so many of these “tea-party” challengers is that they are as ignorant of the Constitution as the RINOS they seek to replace. They babble about how they support the Constitution – but they have no idea what it says about anything. “Enumerated powers? What’s that?” They don’t know the Principles of our Founding and they don’t know our two Founding documents: The Declaration of Independence and our federal Constitution. They want to do what THEY think is a good idea. Which usually ends up with going with the flow.

  2. ...a...

    Isabel, your painting Rand as having endorsed Lamar is wrong. Rand did visit the state in 2014, and was seen at a press-conference w/ Lamar, which the picture you posted comes from. It was some kind of meeting in Memphis about repealing Obamacare, which is a national issue of course.

    The year before, Rand also worked in TN with Lamar on deregulating the fishing-related-rules that the Army Corp of Engineers was attempting to impose; the TVA (system of hydropower dams) runs down through Tennesee, up through Kentucky, then back down the Mississippi River, so this was more of a regional issue (albeit the TVA funding is mostly federal).

    Lamar, of course, wanting some of that tea-party-magic to rub off on him (amongst low-information voters at least) was running plenty of campaign adverts, which tried to IMPLY that in fact Lamar was endorsed by Rand.

    Now, I would not call you a low-information-voter, but Lamar did trick you here pretty good: you think Rand endorsed Lamar, and did not endorse Joe Carr, but only the latter one is actually true.

    So the question becomes this: if a liberTea-repub like Rand Paul shows up at a public event with RandomEstabSenator (aka Lamar), does that make Rand evil… because Lamar did bad things in TN? Similarly, if a tea-repub like Ted Cruz becomes grassroots director for the NRSC, and puts his face on their EstabRepubWebsite to help them seek donations, does that make Cruz evil… because the NRSC did bad things in MS? None of Rand’s votes were bad. None of Rand’s statements were bad. (Ditto for Cruz.) Rand & Joe Carr support 95% the same stances. Rand & Lamar support about 65% the same stances. Palin didn’t endorse Joe Carr until near the end; Joe Carr did not have funding from national tea-groups, at any point. Without the money to increase his name-recognition, Joe was extremely unlikely to win. He *did* keep Lamar down though, and just like in Kansas, the vote was foolishly split among a bunch of Constitutionalists (see also NC where the exact same thing happened).

    But the key here is that *NONE* of the sitting tea-repubs in the Senate, endorsed the challenger in any primary-contest against any incumbent repub. Why not? Well, not being a sitting Senator, obviously I cannot tell you for sure, but the writing on the wall is that, if Cruz/Rand/Lee/etc were to start endorsing tea-primary-challengers in 2014, the rest of the repubs in the senate, the estab-repubs who outnumber Rand/Cruz/Lee by more than five to one, would cut them from committees in the short term (2015 and up), plus attack their allies in the long term (2016 and up).

    Sure, there is no way the Cruz will be bumped off in TX, or Rand in KY, or even Lee in UT … unless possibly challenged by Mitt himself. But what about Ron Johnson in WI, and Pat Toomey in PA, and even sometime-mild-tea-Rubio in FL? Those people are up for re-election in 2016, and they will have a hard HARD time retaining their seats. Without support from estab-repubs, that’s two or three tea-party-senators who will be knocked out of commission, if the estab-repubs decide to play dirty. What about in 2014? You notice that estab-repubs did not lift a finger to help Tim Scott R-SC, or Jim Rische R-ID … but they also did nothing to oppose them, either. Estab-repubs *did* attempt to knock off Justin Amash and Kerry Bentivolio in the primaries, and succeeded in the latter case (but Ralph Hall and Dave Brat paid that debt back in some ways).

    Anyways, you are free to say bad things about Rand that he has actually done (there are a few), but please check your facts before putting up a big picture of Rand with Lamar, and then asserting wrongly that Rand endorsed the guy. That is not true. Yes, Rand did visit Lamar, and a photo-op was part of the deal. Yes, Rand did let Lamar use his visage in teevee commercials. But Rand is trying to make a name for himself nationally; and if Rand wants to do that, AND also save the butts of Pat Toomey and Ron Johnson, he had to stay out of the primary-battles in 2014. (North Carolina was the exception, because Tillis was not the incumbent.)

    If your standard is that, endorsing any RINOs is an evil thing, then Rand is guilty: he endorsed Susan Collins of Maine, the biggest RINO repub in the senate. Why? Because she had no challenger, and among high-info-voters, people paying attention to the reasons behind these kind of endorsements, it should not have hurt Rand’s reputation: his voting record, and his rhetoric, are still stellar across the board, after all, right? He endorsed Collins, but he sure doesn’t vote like her, nor talk ilke her. But Rand was very careful not to endorse Lamar back in 2013, since Lamar might have gotten a challenger (which he did), and Rand refused to endorse Lamar again in 2014, by which time Lamar did have a serious-but-woefully-underfunded challenger, in Joe Carr. To me, that was not the wrong strategy for Rand to pursue, as far as the 2014 race.

    Now, having seen the Mississippi contest of 2014, where John McCain and two dozen other sitting Senators personally funded team Cochran, plus personally campaigned for Cochran in the state, it begins to seem like the tea-repubs in the Senate got a very raw deal. Rand & Cruz “cannot” campaign for McDaniel, per secret deal with the estab-repubs, but McCain & McConnell can (and do!) help Cochran with all their might? That is nuts. If the estab-repubs fail to support Pat Toomey’16 and Ron Johnson’16 with just as much fervor as they supported Thad Cochran’14, then we will know that making “deals” with estab-repubs in the Senate is not just pointless, but actually harmful.

    Anyways, hope my small novel was helpful. If your eyes glazed over, the point in a nutshell, is that Rand didn’t endorse Lamar (your article got that bit incorrect), and there is a good reason Rand didn’t endorse Joe Carr (saving the butts of Toomey’16 and Johnson’16). Whether those decisions by Rand turn *out* to be tactically foolish, will not be seen until the winter of Dec’15/Jan’16, when we find out whether estab-repubs are going to try and oust the sitting allies of Rand/Cruz/Lee in the primaries of PA & WI, attempting to replace them with squishes like Arlen Specter & Paul Ryan.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Rand Paul is a left wing loon. He ENDORSED Lamar Alexander, who votes with the democrats 100% of the time on the issues that matter. Lamar is, like Rand Paul, a treasonous amnesty shill, and also thinks global warming is real.

      Rand Paul is exactly like his bat-shit crazy father. He’s a political opportunist, and a con artist. He has absolutely no core principles, or honor. He has proven he will team up with those who mean to destroy America, without hesitation.

      Rand Paul is scum. I hope a REAL America loving Conservative primaries him the next time he is up for election.

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