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While Cruz, Sessions Thwart Boehner’s Bill, Warn: Massive Amnesty for 5 Mill, Rinos Advance Democratic Border Bill!

Immigration Presser

By Isabel Matos

This is to recap John Boehner’s loss tonight (July 31st). On the House Border Bill (according to his aide), Boehner’s plan was to:

make it easier to deport Central American minors who have entered the United States illegally, provide $659 million to federal agencies through the end of the fiscal year, and change a 2008 anti-trafficking law. The funding would be significantly less than the $3.7 billion that President Obama has requested from Congress and less than the $1.5 billion initially floated by Boehner and his allies earlier this month — a figure that was cut due to conservative opposition.

In his attempt to win over conservatives,

Boehner shrank the border crisis bill to the point where the appropriations provided were being presented as a stop-gap solution for the remainder of this fiscal year ending Sept. 30—not the rest of calendar 2014.

It did not get far, thank goodness!


Senator Cruz played a crucial role in preventing Boehner’s border bill form passing. He

praised House Republicans for scrapping a vote on their plan that many in the GOP had hoped would give them cover on a volatile issue. He pinned the blame back on the White House for the logjam. And Cruz defended holding a Wednesday night meeting in his office with about a dozen House conservatives, saying he simply reiterated the same message he’s been saying in recent weeks: That any border package must take aim at a program delaying deportation proceedings for certain undocumented immigrants brought to the country illegally as children.  Read more

Jeff Sessions had joined Ted Cruz in his effort to stop the provision that has allowed the President Obama to grant Amnesty to illegals, which they believe will be as massive as five million if he is not stopped. But it was on Wednesday when Senators Cruz and Sessions met with House Republicans that they exerted enough influence to thwart the dopey bill John Boehner was trying to pass as it granted Obama most of what he wanted, including out-of-control amnesty.

Sessions had ripped the House’s border bill as “surrender” to Obama’s plans to reportedly grant deportation relief and work permits to as many as five million more people in the country illegally. And Cruz rallied Republicans to back his legislation aimed at “stopping President Obama’s amnesty.”

Cruz and Sessions met with:

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) were at Cruz’s closed-press session, as well as more than a dozen other House Republicans. Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.), a member of the House GOP’s working group on the border, is also planning to attend. Cruz wanted House Republicans to defund Obama’s Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) program, a suggestion Boehner had resisted. Cruz asked House Republicans on Wednesday to tell Boehner to include this in his plan or risk.

Cruz was scapegoated by Peter King who said Cruz was trying to “hijack” the Republican Party (chuckle..). Boehner’s aide had declined comment on Cruz’s actions on Wednesday. What a surprise. The delay today was reason (for us) to celebrate but an embarrassment for Boehner. On the Senate front; however, trouble is brewing. It is not enough to put out this fire, now we still have to worry about the next one:

A total 11 Senate Republicans—including Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)—crossed the aisle to vote to advance Senate Democrats’ border spending bill.

The 11 Republicans who voted with almost all the Democrats are: Rubio and Sens. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), Susan Collins (R-ME), Bob Corker (R-TN), John Cornyn (R-TX), Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Dean Heller (R-NV), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Johnny Isakson (R-GA), and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).

That will require an entirely new article. In the meantime, please do not MISS THIS clip of Ted Cruz on Greta Van Susteren. It is important legislation Senator Cruz wants to pass. His explanations are always very clear, based on facts and reasonable arguments.

Ted blames both parties for failing to secure the border.  They should have done their basic job a long time ago.

What’s happening at the border right now, the direct approximate cause of it is President Obama’s Amnesty triggered in 2012 when the President unilaterally granted Amnesty, or the executive order which …

If you look at the facts: In 2011 there were roughly 6,000 unaccompanied children apprehended trying to come across into this country. Then in June of 2012 the  President signed an order that granted amnesty to some 800,000 people who had entered illegally as kids. What it said is even though you broke our laws and even though you’re not entitled to be here, we’re going to allow you to stay and we are give you a permit to work. It was deliberately and directly targeted at people who had entered as kids. The predicted consequence of that is that it created an enormous incentive for more kids to come in.  If you are granting amnesty to people to come as kids, others kids will come It’s gone now from to 6,000 children in 2011 to an expected 90,000 children this year. and 145,000 next year. They are coming because they believe they are going to get Obama’s Amnesty.

How do you eliminate the promise to amnesty?  Ted Cruz introduced 2-page (short) legislation.  It says The President Obama does not have the authority to grant Amnesty to any new immigrants who come into this country.  One very disturbing thing is just a few months ago President Obama asked his Secretary of Homeland Security to prepare a plan for how President Obama could grant amnesty to 5 or 6 million more people here illegally. Ted Cruz thinks the President intends to do it just a few months before the election just like he did in 2012.   If we pass into law an explicit provision that the President can’t do this it goes a long way to eliminating the promise of amnesty which is why these kids are coming.

The rest of the clip is about the House passing a resolution for John Boehner to have the power and the authority to sue the President.


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BOEHNER Loses Border Bill Vote. Weeps for Cantor Who Steps Down

boehner 12

By Isabel Matos

Update: The title was changed. I was having fun but it was too confusing for readers to make the connection. A lot is at stake and it’s best to be clear and direct. This was the catchy title but not explicit enough: His Sniffer-ship Weeps Again. This Time for Eric Cantor N.o.b.o.d.y. does it better.

I find John Boehner fascinating. Okay, I’m lying, of course (sort of). He is always in the news but is never making good news for us.  He said that impeachment was a scam and a White House stunt. (Now that’s a scam!) He has no plans to Defund Obama’s Unconstitutional Acts. He filed a pointless lawsuit which got a well-deserved snark from the President: “Sue Me!” His half-baked response to Obama’s massive 2.7 billion immigration fix didn’t garner the votes needed, so recess is postponed until a new measure is passed. When it comes to failed acts of courage in D.C., nobody does it (the same yes, but not) better than Boehner.

Today Eric Cantor, the first sitting House leader to lose reelection in more than a hundred years, stepped down from his position as Majority Whip.

This of course made John Boehner “dab his eyes with a handkerchief”.

W.h.y.?  Cantor will continue to sit until his term runs out in January 2015.  The mood in the Chamber was even described as “macabre”.  Like we care.


Here’s a little FLASHBACK from those of us who have been calling for John Boehner’s removal since 2011: 

Boehner could have been replaced last year but we’re stuck with him so we may as well go down memory lane and have a little fun at his expense. Here is his address to the 113th Congress on the day his Speaker-ship was renewed: Jan 3rd, 2013. If you recall, he had resorted to bribing representatives with favors and committee positions at the last minute to keep his position as he did not have the votes to win.  Here they are throughout this speech: Rino crocodile tears. Aww..

Ready? :01 Public service was never meant to be an easy living. Extraordinary challenges demand extraordinary leadership. So if you’ve come here to see your name in the lights or to pass off a political victory as some accomplishment, you’ve come to the wrong place. The door’s right behind you. Verklempt :20 – :24 If you’ve come here pause 25 humbled :26 by the opportunity to serve :27.. If you’ve come here to be the determined voice of the people .. gets choked up :35 – :36, if you’ve come here to carry the standard of leadership demanded not by our constituents but by the times then you’ve come to the right place. Sniff :46, applause :47 hanky :48 applause ends :57. There is a time for every purpose under Heaven and for the 113th Congress sniff 1:02  it is a time to rise.

It’s his party and he’ll cry if he wants to… but you should cry, too. It’s your party and he’s not only been against you, he hasn’t even acknowledged you.

boehner crying

You will find all sorts of weepy shot collectionsFacebook pages and lists dedicated to John Boehner crying.. Included are best caption contests, videos and hundreds of jokes in thousands of pages about this man’s tears. I’m sick of it.

bc 131weep watch

2boehnercries2-cropped-proto-custom_1_original4857109sniffsafe_imagelistening to irish musicjust cryingcrying2010chasing the american dreamcapitol dome 12-2013john boehnerAP is reporting that Boehner has been informed that he is a republican!boehnerBarack Obama, Enda Kenny, John Boehner

Good grielf!! If Sarah Palin or any woman in politics especially a Conservative one even shed one tear over the kinds of events John Boehner has been moved to tears over. Above his emotion was captured during an Irish song at a Saint Patrick’s Day Luncheon at the Capitol. If any woman on our side was caught doing this, we would not hear the end of it. It’s not that politicians SHOULD be emotionless it’s that Our GOPe is sick. John Boehner I have said before is not well.  As politicians they make it all about “them”, but it’s about “us”, which is the contrast between the GOPe style of governing and the ONE that is to come.

Notice Boehner never thanks the Tea Party, nor the woman behind the surge that took him to the power which he has squandered, but that’s okay.. we’ll tweak what he said earlier and use his own words for inspiration:

There is a time for every purpose under Heaven and for US, We-the-People (no sniffing – weeping- no hanky) it is a time to rise.


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