Governor Sarah Palin on Barry’s Latest World-Wide Disaster: Obama Impotent, Pulled out Early

Palin and Patriots United We Stand evernt

By Gary P Jackson

Governor Palin spoke at the 960 Patriot’s United We Stand event Wednesday night and delivered a scathing appraisal of Obama’s handling of events on the world stage!

From Ron Devito and US4Palin:

Obama Impotent, Sarah Palin said last night in a scathing speech at 960 The Patriot’s United We Stand Event. “He pulled out early,” she said likely speaking of leaving Iraq. The former Alaska Governor said she respects the office, but not Obama. Gov. Palin did not mince words as she unloaded a barrage of one-liners against the feckless occupant of the White House. Obama Impotent was clearly the take-away.

Obama Impotent, she said from his non-handling of ISIS, the Second Amendment, PC, illegal immigrants, and our Marine left behind in Mexico. She called Obama Impotent for his addiction to other people’s money.

Obama knew about ISIS for over a year, but did nothing. He still has no strategy and thinks ISIS can be managed. This is why Gov. Palin called Obama Impotent.

Here are some blow-by-blow accounts of the event, via Twitter:

More here.



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3 responses to “Governor Sarah Palin on Barry’s Latest World-Wide Disaster: Obama Impotent, Pulled out Early

  1. Report

    Facebook wouldn’t let me like . They say it has been removed so I like .

  2. bsfurg

    Its to bad the ppl are to stupid when it comes to voting… to vote for a man just because he was Black was one of the most stupid thing the American voters have ever done .. they not only did it once they did it twice knowing Obama was not working for the USA> Now we are all suffereing from Obama act of dishonesty of the WH.. He cant tell the truth…

  3. iizthatiiz

    very nice recap .. thank you !

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