Sarah Palin is Not a Victim. She Shines.

Sarah on Varney and Company

By Isabel Matos

I don’t consider Sarah Palin a VICTIM of attacks. She is the OBJECT of hatred but she is not a victim by any stretch of the imagination. Sarah Palin is a leader. She is a very hands-on politician who is as tough as nails but as compassionate and loyal a friend as anyone I’ve seen in politics. Defending her does not mean (to me) accepting her as a victim. She’s better than that. Self-empowered, powerful and effective. That is not the definition of victim. Her appearance on Stuart Varney and Company following the one on Greta where she called Obama incompetent proves it yet again. (But do those of us who believe her need any proof?) 🙂

• Sarah Palin Warns Libs .. “I’m Gonna Bug The Crap Out Of Them” • Hints at Future Run • 10/28/14 •


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5 responses to “Sarah Palin is Not a Victim. She Shines.

  1. She can’t be a victim – that would make her a progressive Democrat. I’m voting for Sarah Palin.

  2. Jim Thompson

    Hey, What doesn’t kill her, makes her stronger. In addition, If I may please. Since Sarah Palin is getting all of this attention, unprovoked at times, The Sixth Law Of Power From Robert Greene’s book ‘The 48 Laws Of Power.’ The Sixth Law is ‘Court Attention At All Cost.’

    I Stand with Sarah Palin!!!

    • Isabel Matos

      All the adversity she has faced will have made her even greater. I can’t wait to see the excitement generated.

      Thanks for chiming in.

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