Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving 2

By Gary P Jackson

We want to extend our sincerest wishes that everyone has a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day. In these times of turmoil and uncertainty, never forget that there are still so many things for all of us to be thankful for. Family, friends, and frankly, waking up on this side of the dirt in the morning, are all reason’s for celebration!

No matter how tough things seem, there is still more right than wrong with the world. Give thanks for the good in our lives, and thanks that we have the strength to fight against evil. Those are the real blessings we all share.

Oh, and save some room for pie!

May God bless you all,


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One response to “Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone

  1. Isabel Matos

    Thank you for your wise words and leadership. Happy Thanksgiving, Gary. 🙂

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