God Bless Michelle Malkin For Saying What Needed To Be Said About Scott Walker


By Gary P Jackson

Conservatives thirst for a leader, someone they can rally around. Lacking a real leader, they manage to latch on to every “flavor of the month” that comes along, no matter how far from being an actual Conservative their latest heartthrob may actually be. And if the lamestream media attacks their latest love interest, oh boy, they cling to him even harder! It’s become very knee-jerk, with these Conservatives taking a media attack on their new love, as absolute proof that person is “THE ONE!” [The old adage “they attack who they fear the most” ~ which isn’t always true]

I like the fact that Scott Walker has taken on the violent Union Thugs™ in Wisconsin. I like that Wisconsin is now a Right-to-Work state. But fighting billion dollar unions isn’t a Conservative thing, it’s simply a human rights thing.

The fact is, on the issues that matter most to Conservatives: stopping amnesty for illegal aliens and reforming education, Scott Walker sucks!

Scott Walker has been OFFICIALLY pushing amnesty for these criminal invaders for over a decade. And by “officially” I mean in his capacity as an elected official. As I have stated many times, amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens is an act of TREASON against the United States and the American people. PERIOD.

Walker claims to have “shifted” his position on amnesty, but if you read his statement he only disagrees with HOW Obama is handling amnesty, not amnesty itself. Like all “progressive” Republicans, it’s not about actually stopping an evil deed, but simply claiming they can manage that evil better than the other guys.

Walker is also on the wrong side of the Common Core debate. He is all for the nationalization of schools that first began under Jimmy Carter. [and Ronald Reagan had promised to end] We’ve seen the quality of education fall off the proverbial cliff since Washington, and not local school boards, have been in control of education. It’s one of the greatest evils the federal government has ever done to the American people.

Recently in Iowa, Walker showed he is also subservient to Big Ethanol, another great evil the government has created. I could go on for days about the evils of ethanol, and the cost of taxpayer subsidies, but if you are reading this, you already know what an evil scheme ethanol is, and the damage it’s done to the environment as well as our national fleet.

We love Michelle Malkin because of her no-bullshit attitude. She never puts party over principle. She is a fearless warrior, which is what we need if America is to survive. In an exclusive interview with Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle, Malkin reminds readers that on every issue we, as conservatives, care about, Scott Walker is in lock-step with Jeb Bush and other left-wing Republican scum-bags.

From the article:

Nationally syndicated conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, founder of the website Twitchy, tells Breitbart News that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker—a potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate—needs to be vetted. She also says Walker’s “problems” run much deeper than the decision to hire—then quickly let go of—pro-amnesty communications aide Liz Mair, who had taken shots at Iowa.

Scott Walker has much bigger problems than the ill-considered hiring and firing of one D.C. operative,” Malkin said in an email:

What does he really stand for and is he fully equipped to bear the slings and arrows of his enemies on a national and global scale? Yes, he fought Big Labor and has managed his state well. But grass-roots activists in his state have long been warning me of his ideological gymnastics on core issues: immigration and education.

He has been on the same side as the progressive Left and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Right: pro-amnesty, pro-massive legal immigration expansionist, and pro-Common Core. He’s been left, right, center, and all over the map.

She added that Washington-based GOP establishment forces are good at backing up establishment politicians, as they seemed to have tried to do to defend Walker and Mair.

The D.C. consultant class and Capitol Hill GOP operators are adept at swooping in to ‘rescue’ the campaigns of neophytes and molding them into Beltway barnacle tools,” Malkin said. “They did it with Spencer Abraham and Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. Face it: Many of the D.C. messaging ‘experts’ and ‘communicators’ DO have their own policy agenda and it is naive or stupid to believe they have no sway or influence on ambitious, outside the Beltway seekers of higher public office with no fixed principles.”

Malkin also stood up for the few reporters willing to pressure Walker to answer legitimate questions about Mair, and about his positions on issues like immigration and education.

I believe conservative journalists should not be mocked for asking GOP candidates or their staffers unorthodox, ‘rude,’ and uncomfortable questions,” Malkin said. “That’s called vetting.

This is a great article and a must read. There is much more here.

We thank Matthew Boyle, as well as Michelle Malkin, for standing up to those who are trying to pull one over on actual Conservatives who care about our nation. We MUST vet everyone who we consider for election to ANY office. This is something Sarah Palin has been preaching for years! Blindly following anyone who remotely sounds “conservative” is idiotic, as is following the crowd.

Michelle tweeted this a few days ago to drive that point home:

I absolutely agree with her! Groupthink is dangerous. Fuck groupthink!

As Conservatives, we’re supposed to have the intelligence to look past the bullshit and hype and figure things out. Let the other guys be sheep and play “follow the leader“!

The real and honest truth is, as Conservatives, we really don’t have a champion going into 2016. There truly is no one on the so-called “deep bench” of candidates that are champions of not only Conservatism, but Liberty and Freedom as well.

We are screwed, well and good.

And don’t give me, or anyone else, any of that “Reagan’s 11th Commandment” bullshit. Ronald Reagan famously ripped on Republicans who cared more about power than the American people. He ripped left wing Republicans a new one. And yes, I KNOW Reagan said that someone who agrees with you 80% isn’t 20% your enemy, and I agree with that. BUT when the 80% we agree on is inconsequential, and the 20% will destroy the very fabric of our society, then yes, that person is not just 20% my enemy, he [or she] is 100% my enemy.

Compromise is NOT a dirty word, and frankly, I think if we got partisan politics [and groupthink] out of the picture MORE than 80% of the nation [the entire nation] could sit down and agree on almost everything. BUT, there are some things that are not negotiable. One simply cannot compromise on core principles. If you are ready to throw away your core principles in the name of compromise, you are no better, and maybe even worse, than those who, if left unchecked, would destroy civilization, forthwith.

It’s funny, you NEVER see a democrat stray from their core principles, as evil as they may be, EVER. In fact, among democrats groupthink is mandatory and independent thought discouraged, and often punished.

I’m very disappointed that Scott Walker isn’t the “conservative savior” so many want him to be, but life’s hard. I suggest you wear a helmet!

Scott Walker, if elected president, would be an unmitigated disaster, just as would Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, or any of the other corrupt, pro-amnesty, Big Government crapweasels. If you are for amnesty, you are an enemy of the American people. Period.

2016 is going to be a tough election. The Republican Party “leadership” has been stabbing the American people, who gave them an unprecedented mandate to stop Obama, in the back [and the front] If we don’t get control of the party, and find a Pro-AMERICAN candidate, we’ll not only lose the White House, but Congress as well. And as evil as Barack Obama is, and as much irreversible damage as he has done, any democrat who would replace him, WILL be worse.

Vet every candidate, then re-vet them. Don’t be a sheep. The life of our nation is at stake. Act like it!

¡Sí, Se Puede! ~ Yes We Can! [hold EVERY politician accountable]



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71 responses to “God Bless Michelle Malkin For Saying What Needed To Be Said About Scott Walker

  1. Jim Thompson

    Very well written, Gary! Thanks.

    I Stand with Sarah Palin!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Me too!

    • Jim Bouchard

      Take away for “true conservatives/tea partiers”:
      No GOP backed candidate,
      no inexperienced candidate,
      no candidate not completedly vetted on every issue twice (is that enough? and inexperience automatically equals lack of vetting);
      Not Walker,
      not Cruz,
      not Rubio,
      not Bush,
      not Christie,
      not Ryan,
      not Mitt,
      not Perry,
      not Pence,
      not Santorum,
      not Huckabee,
      not Jindal,
      not Palin,
      not Paul (nor Peter nor Mary, for that matter),
      certainly not McDonnell or the abysmally inexperienced Carson,
      not a corporate candidate, but not a “poor man’s” version of a GOP/candidate …

      in fact WE ARE TOO SUPERIOR TO HAVE ANY ONE PERSON REPRESENT OUR AWESOMENESS!! But we can’t keep letting those liberals beat us, because then they look awesome. We better do something to get ready for 2024 (then 2032, then 2040 … knowing that we will still be so awesome and above representation by any imperfect person).

      So, watch the decline of America through your lens and feel superior in knowing that no imperfect candidate represented you in this mess. Christ himself couldn’t meet this vetting standard. Oooh, how about that thought? Christ as a basis? Hmmm, so in considering the imperfections of each candidate we look behind the “imperfection” to understand what guided/guides them and also know that humans are not static. If you find an unchanging politician, you can bet he/she is handsomely paid for appearing unchanging.

      • Jim Bouchard

        [Dear Moderator, while my comment hangs in limbo, could you correct my embarrassing misspelling of completely. Also, if I need to cite one disqualification (as per the “voice” of the author of the article) for each of the potential candidates I named, I will do so to support a decision to kindly post my comment – I certainly don’t want my comment to be read as mere vitriolic hyperbole.]

      • Gary P Jackson

        Sorry it was left in limbo so long. We try to get comments up as fast as possible.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Wow, great rant, but you are absolutely wrong about Sarah Palin, especially when you call her “inexperienced” Governor Palin has TWO DECADES of Chief executive experience and is the ONLY candidate with real life experience as Commander-in-Chief of a front line military unit. Governor Palin’s duties as Commander-in-Chief of the ONLY National Guard [land sea and air] that is permanently deployed is WELL documented, as is the level of routine national security briefings she received.

        Palin, if anything, by today’s standards is way OVERQUALIFIED to be President.

        I agree with you that we should NEVER be “ruled” by one person, which is the entire point of the United States to start with! We need someone who doesn’t just talk a good line of bullshit, but will actually fight for Liberty and freedom on a daily basis.

        Sarah Palin has a proven record of doing this, and doing it successfully. Hell, she helped put a whole bunch of corrupt GOP lawmakers in prison up in Alaska!

        As our founders noted, if men were angels, they wouldn’t need a government. Sadly, there are no angels among men [or women] Our best hope is to elect those who understand the second part of that thought.

      • Carson’s inexperience as a politician is a PLUS!! His experience in running a surgical dept of medical hospital is better for presidential candidate to have!

      • Gary P Jackson

        I like Ben Carson, but he has foot in mouth disease BIG TIME. Ego and PAID political consultants are driving him now. He could run for Senator out of Maryland and almost be guaranteed a win. He has ZERO chance of being president, EVER. You don’t run for president as your first job EVER in politics, unless you’re crazy.

  2. Thanks, Garry, for alerting us to Michelle Malkin’s “expose” of Scott Walker. To be honest, I’ve been very confused about this guy and, like others, was depending on him for his record of (1) beating back the unions and (2) winning elections. But I was still unsure of his Conservative bona fides. No longer!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Indeed. A LOT of folks fell in love with Walker because he fought the Union Thugs. We certainly supported him after Governor Palin went to Madison and stood up to the thugs herself!

      Amnesty is the most dangerous thing facing America today. It is an act of treason, and Walker is 100% for it. He would be a disaster as president. As bad as Jebbie would.

      • I agree that no one GOP candidate is the Lone Ranger riding in on the proverbial white horse but any one of the folks listed in Jim’s list has a better background of service to America, its constitution, and it heritage than the current administration. I say let them all run, let them all argue their cases befrore the people so we can see all the view points and maybe somewhere along the line one strong candidate will congeal. Put them all at a podium at the debates and let America hear what they want to say. Throw in Newt Gingrich as well.

      • Gary P Jackson

        God saves us from Newt! That idiot sat with Nancy Pelosi shilling for Al Gore’s “global warming” scam and was pushing for mandated health care insurance before Obama was even elected a state Senator! Screw him!

  3. Christopher Fromme

    In his book Dr Paul Kengor lays out in the book titled 11 Principals of a Reagan Conservative. After reading it, Sarah Palin is the only contender that would get an A+ in his college class at Grove City College

  4. I have said this for years about Walker. And I’m from Wisconsin and used to support him. No idea how he is *better than Jeb Bush* they are one and the same! Please google “Scott Walker, DNA” and “Scott Walker, toll roads” and “scott Walker, constitutional carry” he is NO conservative! He only signed right to work AFTER the legislature forced it down his throat because they were pissed about the Kenosha Casino deal that he trashed JUST because Iowa told him to trash it!

  5. As a conservative Wisconsinite, I can tell you that Malkin–and you–are100% right about Walker. He would be an unmitigated disaster, and would be owned by the corporate cronies. It makes me CRAZY that so many conservatives are falling for the “conservative” story that Walker and his buddy Reince Priebus are peddling about Walker. He’s the midwestern version of Jeb Bush–and perhaps worse, because at least Jeb Bush seems willing to tell the truth about his positions on immigration and education.

    • Gary P Jackson

      We get a LOT of this from folks who know!

      I think Walker did a great job with the Union Thugs, but that doesn’t not a Conservative make.

  6. Rated Republican Superstar

    Governor Scott Walker is a real conservative who has a history of doing in office the very things he said he would to get elected. Despite death threats on his family, despite being crucified in the media, despite having Obama’s national political war machine against him, Governor Walker is the ONLY Republican to defeat Obama 3 times in 4 years. Governor Walker is the Democrat Dragon Killer that the GOP needs to win in 2016 as well as get things done in office as President.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Walker is nothing but a poor man’s Jeb Bush. He is another Big Government establishment hack. He fought the Union Thugs, and ALL of us support that, but he is also for AMNESTY for illegal aliens, and THAT is an act of TREASON against the American people. If he runs we will make it our life’s work to defeat him.

    • Charlie Bersch

      Agreed–This attack on Walker and the little hits here and there—not buying it one bit. His history and reputation is enough for me.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Walker’s reputation is that of a Big Government LIBERAL and a treasonous amnesty shill. He’s FOR the federal government controlling your children’s education, even though that’s a PROVEN disaster. He pussied out when in Iowa and asked about ethanol, and has a LONG record of being anything BUT a Conservative.

        You’d think, by NOW, Conservatives would have learned you simply CANNOT trust an eastern Republican to be anything but a Big Government liberal. Walker would be just as dangerous in office as Jeb Bush.

        Wake up and do your OWN research.

        BTW, we’ve BACKED Walker [and Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefisch] against the union thugs and their death threats, but that doesn’t mean we will stand for him in the White House. EVER

  7. Amanda

    We don’t have a conservative going in to 2016? Where have you been? Ted Cruz is the whole package! He takes on the GOP establishment just as often as he takes on the Democrats and he does it with class! He is brilliant. He is also very good at taking on the left wing media. The man has talent which is why Sarah Palin endorsed him and will probably do so again.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I love Ted Cruz, he’s my Senator, for God’s sake, but he’s not ready to be President. He doesn’t have the experience needed. Yes, if he runs, I’d support him over any one else being mentioned, but he’s not the magic bullet we need.

      I’d rather see Ted as Senate Majority leader, or, in time, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

      • I am a big supporter of Ted Cruz as well but I think about his lack of experience as well. Unfortunately we have no one but Cruz or Palin and frankly I don’t think Palin could be elected, as much as I would like her to be. So if we go on the basis of putting a soft conservative in the White House at least, then it would have to be someone who could hold it together and take some steps in the other direction, create jobs and improve the economy. They would have to do this for eight years to pave the way for a more experienced Cruz. Out of the other choices we are left with I don’t see anyone who would not continue to follow progressive light policies. That leads me in a circle back to Mr. Cruz.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Sources say Ted will announce tomorrow. My only worry is that will probably keep Palin from announcing. Which is sad.

        As to Governor Palin, she STILL polls higher in the favorables, and lower in unfavorables than any other possible candidate, by a bunch. Palin’s favorables are in the 70s. That’s among Republicans and Republican leaning independents. Palin is an amazing retail politician. She has the ability to really get out among the people.

        Looking at what a pathetic group we have to go with, I’d be forced to support Cruz all the way, IF Palin doesn’t run. I trust Cruz. But he could use some seasoning.

        In an ideal world Palin-Cruz would be the ticket.

      • Agreed! Take a serious look at Dr. Ben Carson, his life from beginning to
        now! His wide appeal to all groups ! We need someone who will win! the
        election not just the primary!

      • Gary P Jackson

        I’ve looked at Ben I LIKE Ben, but he’s NOT qualified to be President of the United States. His stance on the 2nd amendment alone should disqualify him from holding ANY elected office.

  8. D Scarlett

    Sorry, but there absolutely is someone on the deep bench of candidates who champions conservatism, liberty and freedom. His name is Ted Cruz.

    • Gary P Jackson

      See my comment to Amanda.

    • I am not convinced that a senator with two years of experience and no results who asks us to ‘imagine’ what it would be like when and if he became president is the right man for the job. I am going with a 5 year governor with a proven record.

      These bogus ‘amnesty’ charges were started by Steve Dace in Iowa who is a Cruz supporter. Governor Walker is not for amnesty.When he became Governor he repealed instate tuition for illegals and if he supported Amnesty he would not have done that. Also interviews from at least early 2013 he opposed Amnesty. He has always been about securing the border first and foremost




      • Gary P Jackson

        You need to wise up! Scott Walker was pushing amnesty for illegals as far back as 2002. He’s STILL for amnesty, just against Obama. They are NOT “undocumented immigrants” either. There are not immigrants at all. They are criminal invaders. They have ZERO right to be in this country and those giving them aid and comfort are guilty of TREASON.

        Amnesty isn’t that only weasel’s problem. He’s for Common Core, the federal take-over of YOUR children, and one the worst “education” programs liberals have cooked up yet. Common Core teaches Islam is great and America, as well as Christianity is BAD. And don’t get m,e started on math and science.

        The Wisconsin legislature banned gay marriage, and when activist judges claimed the ban was “unconstitutional” Walker did NOTHING to fight this. Full disclosure, I have ZERO problem with gay marriage, but one hell of a problem with a few men in black robes overthrowing the will of the people! Marriage is a states rights issue, not a federal one.

        Oh, and Walker caved to the ethanol whores in Iowa. If he can’t stand up to something THAT bad, then he won’t stand up for anything. Yes, I know he took on the Union Thugs, and had a LOT of help, but that’s a human rights issue, not a “conservative” issue.

        We hare on record saying we will make it our life’s work to make sure Walker, or any other Big Government liberal, NEVER sets foot in the Oval Office.

  9. David L.

    Gary, with all due respect, Cruz IS the one.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Ted Cruz, but face it, he DOES NOT have the experience necessary to be an effective president. He has less experience than Obama did when elected. The ONLY thing Ted has going for him is his love for America, something the rest are lacking. Being an EFFECTIVE president takes serious skill. That’s why we USUALLY elect an effective GOVERNOR to that office.

      IF Ted is the nominee, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings, but I hope a more seasoned veteran throws her hat in the ring. We need someone who has, not only the ability to turn things around, but a proven record [decades long] of actually doing it.

      I’m very proud Ted is my Senator, and frankly, think he can better serve the country where he is.

  10. sphinkterboy

    article is bullshit. malkin backs Sabtorum.

    • Gary P Jackson

      No one backs Santorum, dumb ass. NO ONE.

      Obviously you are ignorant as to Walker’s actual record. Funny, people who actually KNOW him, back up what we and Michelle Malkin are saying.

      Walker is for amnesty. That’s an act of treason. End of story.

  11. How wonderfully refreshing it is to see positive comments about Sara Palin! Most of the time when her names come up people’s heads start to explode! I think she is fantastic and would support her completely if she was to run.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks! We have been long time Palin supporters here! I was excited about her LONG before she was chosen to run for VP. Started following her career not long after she took office as Governor. She is an amazing woman and an amazing leader. Her record speaks for itself. She gets results and is absolutely fearless.

      Glad you stopped by!

  12. David

    I’m your man but who am I? Look at my FB page google me I am a true conservative and the only true conservative I know that can stand on principle.

  13. M Roberts

    This is why we need to rally around a base conservative candidate. My favorite now is Cruz , but the one who would do the best as President is Perry; I just think the big donors like him and the one with the most money will win the primary. If the majority of the base donates $10 to one base candidate, who should it be, Cruz or Perry? Please don’t say Paul, he is a libertarian, one that has good conservative thinking such as control with spending, but that is it. He is weak with foreign policy, weak with military, supports abortion, and is anti-police, I.e municipal, sheriff, and state police, those who make up our thin blue line.

    • Gary P Jackson

      As a lifelong Texan, I can tell you that Rick Perry is nothing but a corrupt little weasel. There’s a REASON why Governor Palin called out Perry, SPECIFICALLY in her September 2011 Iowa speech on Crony Capitalism. I can tell you that not a single Texan, except Perry’s rich cronies, shed a tear when Perry vacated office!

      We’ve written extensively about his dirty dealings. He had more corrupt real estate deals than Obama and Rezko! Including one with international gun runner Alan Moffatt, out at Horseshoe Bay.

      Oh, and Perry, despite his words, has been the REASON Texas has been overrun with illegal aliens. He’s talked tough while running for office, but has created massive incentives for illegals to invade Texas. Texas are VERY pleased to have Greg Abbott as our Governor.

      I love Ted Cruz, but worry about his actual qualifications. He MAY be our only choice though.

      As for Rand Paul, that nut didn’t fall far from the tree, if you know what I mean. He’s just like his old man. A con-artist and egotistical maniac. He’s one of those, if nominated, that we’d work 24/7 to defeat. He, like Walker, or Jeb Bush, would be as dangerous as any democrat.

  14. Carol moorby

    Ben Carson is definitely a conservative who loves America and The Lord. We need godly wisdom here and he surely qualifies! he’s been misquoted on guncontrol .He is NOT for gun control or amnesty and he is totally against common core.The best thing is that he does hear from The Lord, has morals and values and believes in prayer. Check him out yourself. He has a tremendous testimony and following.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Ben Carson is NOT qualified to be President. He has ZERO executive experience. The fool is allowing the consultants, who will make a LOT of money off of him, to talk him into this crap. IF he really wanted to make a difference, he’s run for the Senate out of Maryland. It would be almost a gimme deal.

      And NO, Carson has NOT been “misquoted” on guns. He is an enemy of the 2nd Amendment, which makes him an enemy of the Constitution. We already have one of those on the White House.

  15. This makes at least two republican candidates getting exposed. Walker for stances on immigration and education and Senator Cruz for not being a natural born citizen. The former could talk his way out, the latter can do nothing except hope for an ignorant electorate.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Josh, try not to sound like an ignorant liberal. Senator Cruz IS a natural born citizen. His MOTHER is a natural born citizen. Born and raised in the USA of good Irish stock. Location of birth is meaningless. PARENTAGE is what determines “natural born” Always has, always will.

      All of this birther idiocy was started by Hillary Clinton and Phillip Berg back in 2008. Berg sued Obama AND McCain. McCain, who is damned sure “natural born” was born in PANAMA. I’m not a fan of McCain’s, in the least, but only an idiot, or political opportunist, would claim he wasn’t eligible to be president! He’s not qualified, of course, but he’s damned sure eligible. So is Ted Cruz.

      There is plenty of case law, going back over 100 years, to back this all up. Please educate yourself.

  16. Walker’s budget eliminates Smarter Balance testing in Wisconsin and prohibits the State superintendent from implementing those tests statewide. These are the tests that are commonly associated with Common Core.

    He has increased school choice and vouchers, is making it optional for districts to use the Cooperative Educational Services Associations (a state created NGO that monopolizes training and services to districts while charging them high prices), limited the use of Fund 80 (food and community services fund) which did not have a revenue limit and was being abused by districts, increased school to work programs to replenish skilled labor, and worked to create teaching assessments that came from the state and not on a national level.

  17. Devon G

    The right of association is a human right. People can hire who they chose. You look disingenuous by wearing the mantle of human rights in the fight against unions and not on the right of association that the immigration warriors seek to destroy. Energy is better spent dismantling the welfare state so that everyone who comes here does so only to work.

    • Gary P Jackson

      The Right to Work doesn’t outlaw unions, moron. It only gives people the right NOT to join one, just to have a job. Though we MUST ban public sector unions, because of the corruption and conflicts of interest, NO ONE is talking about banning PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS.

      Maybe you LOVE paying “tribute” to billionaire Union Thugs™ who then take your money, live it up, and fund politicians who work against everything you stand for. You still have the ability to fork over part of your paycheck to these billionaires!

      There’s a REASON why less than 7% of the American people are under the Union Thugs™ thumb’s. There’s also a reason why most states are Right to Work states, and why RtW states are the only ones that are creating jobs, growing their economies, and have a good quality of life.

      We ran unions out of Texas long ago. Our economy bloomed and we are now one of the largest economies in the world. We are on track to be the largest economy in the USA by the end of the decade We’re number 2 right now. That’s ALL after dumping the violent Union Thugs™.

      Give the billionaires your hard earned money, if you want to. MEANWHILE, the HUMAN RIGHT to work WITHOUT being forced to pay money to those billionaires has been upheld.

  18. @ Gary: I like what you have to say. Are you on Facebook?

  19. The REAL truth is the conservative 24/7 news monster is just devouring as the liberal MSM and their 24/7 newsmonster. The difference is the liberals rarely turn the monster on their own while conservatives do it all the time.

    • Gary P Jackson

      No, Conservatives actually hold people accountable. Democrats don’t care as long as they WIN. Democrats couldn’t care less if America lives or dies. To them it’s all about power and spreading their evil, poisonous ideology.

      Oh, and people like Walker, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul, and Mike Huckabee aren’t “one of us” They are all corrupt Big Government liberals, to one extent or the other. They do NOT represent the American people. They represent the GOP Establishment. They all put party over principle.

  20. Ken

    I think Michelle is a pretty woman who also fires the fuel of partisan politics. She is a major part of the problem, I can hear the gasps and people lighting the fire at the stake for me. She and many politicians keep small fires a blazing so the nation does not come together to fix the larger problems like Reagan did. Both sides bring a portion of the answer, but most of it lives in our history.

    • Gary P Jackson

      When Reagan was alive, the left hadn’t become so radical and vicious. There is absolutely ZERO compromise with them today. The only thing we can do now is defeat them once and for all. Or die.

  21. Scott

    Texas has a so called booming economy because of cheap immigrant labor you ignorant wretch.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Not quite, dumb fuck! Texas has a booming economy because of OIL and NATURAL GAS, as well as the high tech industry. No illegal aliens in that bunch! Certainly no “cheap labor”either! #Idiot

  22. Carol moorby

    I have read all these posts and they Are all mans opinions. We need a godly president with morals and values. If God tells BEN Carson to run then he is who should be elected. Most long time politicians are clueless and ignorant. it’s not about how long you are a politician but what you do,with the time you are given. BEN Carson does hear from God and God will advise him . Google http://www.RunBenRun.com and watch the video from the national prayer breakfast. Fantastic knowledge already. ” Blessed is the nation that trusts in the Lord.” AND ” When the righteous rule the people are happy.” Did you know that James Garfield was a preacher? And that 27 of the signers of the constitution, Bill of rights and Declaration of Independence held bible degrees ? And compromise IS BAD.It makes you give in to believes that you don’t agree with. God tells us…” I want you cold or hot…If you’re lukewarm I’ll vomit you out of my mouth. ” Liberal secular humanistic atheist have tried to ruin AMERICA and her people.” Let’s stand for something positive for a change.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Ben Carson isn’t qualified t be president. Past that he is anti-second amendment and has other issues that make him unfit for office.

      No one can argue Dr Carson isn’t a good man, but he simply isn’t fit to hold high office. Not with his notions on the Constitution.

      If he was serious about running for office and actually contributing, he’d run for the senate out of Maryland. He’d be a lock. Sadly his ego and the greed of those “advising” him, aka paid consultants, have trumped common sense.

  23. Josie

    Well then we have no candidate for 2016 so if not in 2016 there is no chance of ever getting a conservative in office. I can’t stand the thought of another 4+ years of this. There are so many promoting some candidates with no thought as to their eligibility and no matter how many times it’s listed that so-and-so is not eligible the get put on a list or poll again as potential candidates. They are driving and manipulating us and I know many are sick and tired of this crap.

  24. Reblogged this on America at War and commented:
    America at War salutes Michelle Malkin. She’s in the trenches every day for YOU!!!

  25. wayne dollar

    Obviously Republicans are going to be unable to settle on one candidate who can bring the unity required to beat Hillary. Sorry to see it end in the melee that its become. One issue voters will give us another lefty progressive. Is it possible for someone like Marco, who has changed his views on amnesty, to unify our party? His speech given when he announced his candidacy was one of the best statements of conservative principles I have ever heard.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Except that treasonous Rubio hasn’t changed ANY of his views.

      Ted Cruz personifies Conservatism as no one alive save Sarah Palin herself. Cruz is the real deal and has a PROVEN Conservative track record, as well as actual accomplishments that go back some time. Rubio is as corrupt as the day is long and has been pushing amnesty since he was in the Florida legislature. Wise up. Zebras don’t change their spots!

  26. Kameron

    I find it funny when “conservatives” say Rand is bad lol Ted Cruz voted for the patriot act, Rubio’s amendments that added defense spending without cuts which Paul proposed, and arming the syrian rebels. I am not saying that I hate Cruz, but saying you like Cruz because he is a “real conservative” then saying Rand is just another liberal is so dumb. Rand is literally the only one polling close to Hillary. Besides having a better voting record than Cruz in my opinion, he has done the work of talking to minority voters, reaching young people, and he dominates the independent vote. I agree that Paul and Cruz are the only ones that are looking to be conservative but buying the whole “rand is a nut” crap sucks man. He is about to propose the biggest tax cut in the history of the country.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I doubt anyone would call Rand a liberal, but he is definitely a hack and is as corrupt as the day is long.

      Let me tell you what a piece of crap Rand Paul is. Back when he had his filibuster, MILLIONS of us stood with him, INCLUDING Senator Ted Cruz. Ted actually read HUNDREDS of tweets from Americans who supported Rand, into the Senate record. He did this on live TV. After each tweet he repeated the slogan and hashtag Stand With Rand. No one in Congress showed Rand Paul that kind of support.

      So how did that dip-shit repay Senator Cruz? On the day he announced his Quixotic candidacy, he attacked Ted Cruz!

      Rand Paul is absolutely no different that his bat-shit crazy old man. He’s a con artist who has found his gravy train and will be running for president, and bilking dumb asses out of their hard earned dollars, for the next 40 years.

      Rand Paul supports amnesty for illegal aliens, which is an act of TREASON against the United States and her people. Amnesty shills belong in prison, or at the end of a rope.

      Rand Paul supports the Republican Establishment, which is just as evil and corrupt as any democrat that ever breathed. The Establishment would rather fight it’s own base of voters than the democrats and other enemies of the human race.

      Rand Paul will NEVER be the nominee for president. He can send up blimps and buy as many straw polls as his supporters will fund, but he ain’t fooling anyone. He’s already shown us who he REALLY is, and it’s a very ugly picture.

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