Ted Cruz para Presidente [ Campaign Video en Español]

By Gary P Jackson

My Spanish is not good, but one thing is for sure, unlike Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and the other little crapweasels who say one thing in English and the exact opposite in Spanish, Ted Cruz is giving the Spanish speaking audience the exact same message he is giving the rest of us. Liberty and Freedom for all!


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5 responses to “Ted Cruz para Presidente [ Campaign Video en Español]

  1. Jim Thompson

    So, It’s official. Ted Cruz is now shall we say ‘The Flavor of The Month?’ Let us see how long this will last. Oh, Thank you very much Ms Michelle Malkin for showing us the real light on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Cruz is the real deal. As a Texan I can tell you that Ted is damned impressive. Looking at the options on the table, so far, he’s the only one worth supporting. Everyone knows we’d love to see Sarah Palin run, but the truth is, she and Ted are good friends. His entering the race may have her saying he meets her notion of a good candidate who would be good for the country.

      We’ll just have to see how it goes.

  2. Thinking the same thing, Gary. I think with Ted’s super-duper Ivy League education and brilliant speaking abilities, he’s damn hard to ridicule – as hard as the regressives are already trying to do. I think since it was Palin who was probably the most responsible for his winning that Senate seat (despite the idiot Left’s insistence that it was one of the dreaded Koch Brothers!, she’s already given her blessing and sees Ted as the perfect vessel for her solid Constitutional Conservative worldview. And as much as all of us Palinistas would love to see her run, the reality is that – at this point in time – Cruz is more likely to unify the center and right of the GOP (i.e., the majority of our splintered party) than anyone else, including Walker & Paul. And just to see Cruz wipe the floor with Jeb Bush would be worth the price of admission! If Conservatives prevail, Palin will be an even stronger force in the Conservative Movement; in fact, she can step out of the shadows and ally herself with Cruz, thus uniting our Movement behind the truly Conservative candidate. Her own self-confidence is not fettered by an out-of-control ego. Just as Reagan once famously said, “One shouldn’t worry who gets credit for the right move – just as long as the right move has been made!” (or words to that effect) And I think in her heart-of-hearts, the last thing she really wants for her family – especially the children, no matter what their age! – is the anal obsession of the enemedia and libturd world in trying to bring her down. The politics of personal destruction would once again be aimed squarely at her and her precious family. The cruelty & mendacity of the Left absolutely knows no bounds! So, to partially foil them, let their pathetic efforts be aimed at the unflappable Sen. Cruz – the next “Teflon” POTUS!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Cruz can speak, AT LENGTH with no notes and no teleprompter. His is an amazing debater. Alan Dershwitz said he was the smartest student he ever had.

      I wish he had executive experience, but he’s my choice IF Palin doesn’t jump in.

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