New Video Poll: Too Bold or Just Right?

By Isabel Matos

This is an important message that needs to be sent loud and clear: the Spanish Media is like the Lame Stream Media. Its bias is just not getting the attention it should. Language is not the barrier in programming we should worry about, agenda is. This video is captioned and narrated in Spanish and in English to get our conservative message out.  Vote (or add to) your opinion in the poll below.


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7 responses to “New Video Poll: Too Bold or Just Right?

  1. Greg Gorski

    I have a difficult time “wading” through the Spanish language on phone messages, anything I purchase in the store I have to rotate the item to find the English and everywhere else in public.
    IMO America is an English language country and pandering to another language only weakens our culture and fractures any effort to be a strong nation.

    • Isabel Matos


      English is the official language in Florida. It is my strongest language. It is the one I feel the most comfortable in; but you cannot force people to speak with their parents in a certain language or culture. We all have one thing in common and that is love of freedom and the will to fight for this country. The message is what is isolating Americans in their own country. It’s a reality. The fact that millions of bilinguals prefer their news in Spanish is what is undermining America politically because the venue is being used to push an agenda you are against. This problem is not going to disappear because we want it to.

      I look at my second language as a compliment to my first. Thanks to that I have been able to expose what is going on. There is no conservative message being delivered in Spanish. You want that to continue? I don’t. My family left Cuba because of one man’s opinions. If you didn’t agree with them you’d get shot, arrested or just persecuted. There is persecution to this day. His government determines what could say and do 24/7. I could easily forget that, live like many people do with blinders on; but instead I’m fighting for this country which is worth saving by sharing what I discovered recently. There’s no hidden agenda. It’s my gesture of gratitude. Maybe I should just sit down and shut up. ?

      By the way. It is an excellent point you started with regarding the press 2 for Spanish thing.. that’s in part to keep people isolated and misinformed. If you look at it that way we agree there, too. It’s annoying. I hate it.

      My comments are a breakthrough if you think about it. People are afraid to express conservatism down here where I live because names like Sarah Palin are dropped (still) as a joke. That’s because the media has had its way and we’re years behind what’s been going on nationally. Again, the problem is not language, it’s the agenda behind it. No secrets.

      Thanks so much for coming by and sharing your honesty. We’re on the same side fighting the same monster. Have a great day.


    • Gary P Jackson

      Listen to Isabel. She’s 100% correct, as always.

      There are 100s of languages spoken in America. I live in Texas where almost everyone at least UNDERSTANDS Spanish, if they don’t speak it. BUT, growing up in Central Texas it was CZECH that was spoken so often you had better learn at least SOME of it! I had eaten my weight in kolaches before I ever had my first donut! I knew what “jak se mas” meant and couldn’t wait until I was 18 so I could legally buy some pevo! Most of my mother’s friends were fluent in Czech, and my friend’s grandmother, who had came to America just as the Nazis were overrunning Europe, spoke only Czech, not a word of English!

      Frankly, I don’t like pushing 1 to hear something in English either. It SHOULD be the default language, but Have NO problem with telephone messages being also in Spanish or any other language. English is the universal language of business, world wide, but Spanish is spoken all over the world, as well.

      We have REAL problems. Serious problems. Having languages other than English being spoken is really, really far down the goddamned list!

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