Governor Palin Interviews Penny Nance About the Horrors of Planned Parenthood

Beautiful Baby

By Gary P Jackson

Penny Nance is the President and CEO of Concerned Women for America, the largest pro women’s group in the country. She and Governor Palin discuss the horrors of abortion, Margaret Sanger and the progressive eugenics movement, which has led to Black Genocide [ethnic cleansing] and the slaughter of tens of millions of innocent black babies.



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2 responses to “Governor Palin Interviews Penny Nance About the Horrors of Planned Parenthood

  1. TG Crewe

    Let’s just be real here, hiding behind fake videos produced by a known affiliate of a terrorist organization while talking about the genocide of black babies and claiming to be being pro woman is a joke. Repeal Roe v Wade give control of the womb back to the Fed and God. Aamiright?

    • Gary P Jackson

      We’ve posted the videos IN FULL, the first is 3 hours long and UNEDITED.

      The only terrorist organization here is the sub-human animals at Planned Parenthood and the sub-human pigs that support the barbaric practice of abortion.

      These animals SLAUGHTER 1.5 MILLION innocent babies every goddamned year! 500,000 of those babies are BLACK, you filthy beast!

      HUMANS do not stand with evil. Only democrats do

      BTW, moron, Roe v Wade was about the “right to privacy” and nothing more.

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