Dean blames Longview voters for $76.8 million debt


On Wednesday, January 20, 2016, conservative candidate David Watts pointed out that Tyler, the city, Jay Dean, during his 10 years as mayor of Longview, sought to out shine, had zero debt. However, Longview was left with $76.8 million dollars in debt following Dean’s tenure.

In response, Dean said the Longview voters wanted the debt. They voted for it! He didn’t.

As mayor, Dean told the Republican Women of Longview that he only voted if there was a tie.

As a former resident of Longview, during Dean’s term, I am offended by Dean’s assertion and lack of accountability.

Jay Dean repeatedly says he has a record. Which record is that, Dean? The $76.8 MILLION DOLLARS in debt left on the backs of the Longview tax payers?

Check out the graphic by Jay Dean’s opponent, David Watts. Apparently, Mr. Dean DID vote as Mayor.

cannot afford dean


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One response to “Dean blames Longview voters for $76.8 million debt

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