An Open Letter and Urgent Plea To All Republican Delegates Headed to Cleveland


By Gary P Jackson

Congratulations! You have been selected by your community peers to represent them at the Republican National Convention this coming July in Cleveland, Ohio. You have been trusted by the members of your community to represent not only their best interests, and the best interests of the Republican Party, but most importantly, you have been trusted with looking out for the best interest of the nation. It is most important to remember that your duty to God and Country supersedes any other loyalties, real or perceived.

This is an awesome responsibility you have been trusted with. One that can shape history, and the future of the party, the nation, and the world. Many men and women have come before you, and on several notable occasions, they have made tough, but correct, decisions that have altered history, and made America, and the world, better for it. It is with that note that I hope to remind you just how serious your responsibility as duly elected delegates to the convention is. You hold the future, not only of the party, but the United States of America, and even the world, in the palm of your hand.

Noting this seriousness, and the dire circumstances you, the party, and the nation find ourselves in, I must have a serious talk with each and every one of you. This I shall attempt through this open letter and urgent plea.

It should come as no surprise that the Republican Party is seriously divided, and many are in open revolt over the so-called “presumptive nominee” Donald Trump. The shouts of “Never Trump!” are very real, and very serious. Many who have held their nose and placed party over principle in order to “win” an election are simply not willing to support such a vile, repugnant, and totally unacceptable [and COMPLETELY UNQUALIFIED] candidate as Trump.

Much has already been written about the fact than many, if not most, of the delegates headed to Cleveland are loyal to Ted Cruz, and were elected by their peers as “Cruz delegates” even in instances where the state party would claim those delegates are “bound” to Donald Trump, at least on the first ballot. It’s no secret that while Trump was doing his Vaudeville Act as “Trump the Insult Comic Politician” Cruz and his team were out there among the American people developing, and cultivating, a solid ground game to not only serve him in the primaries, but the general election, as well. This is a very important matter that I will discuss with you a little more at length before we are done.

I should tell you, once you start reading, this letter and plea may seem a little long winded, but I assure you that’s because I need to pass on legal and historical facts, as well as information you and your fellow delegates need to make a wise and considered decision, once you get to Cleveland.

Most of the latest talk about Cruz delegates dominating the convention, of course, surrounds a possible floor fight over the very platform of the Republican Party, since Donald Trump and his Pro-Planned Parenthood, pro-single-payer heath care, and pro-raising the minimum wage [among other things] stances are hardly compatible with the Republican Party! Many pundits, party officials, and “thought leaders” assume the battle is lost and Trump’s nomination is a fait accompli, so in their mind, you are their last defense, and your only real role, is to at least salvage the party platform and whatever dignity the GOP may have left!

Well, I’m here to tell you that you a much bigger role to play, should you choose it. A role that others before you have taken, when history and circumstances demanded it. You have a true opportunity to not only save the party, but possibly save the nation, and the greater world beyond our borders. Yes, my friends, this election and your decisions are that serious, and that important.

If you truly understand just how unacceptable and disastrous Donald Trump would be as the Republican Party nominee for President, then you have only one course of action: Refuse to place Donald Trump’s name in nomination as the Republican candidate. Barring your ability to effect that refusal and Trump’s name is somehow placed in nomination and seconded, refuse, and rally others to refuse to vote in affirmation of such a nomination, and deny Trump the required 1237 delegate votes [50% + 1] that are required for him to be the nominee. This is a course of action you are duly elected to take, should you choose to take it. History supports you on this.

You may have some questions and concerns. Let me try to answer those concerns by addressing questions you may have, starting with:

*** “But I am ‘bound’ to Donald Trump on the first ballot, and must vote for him, even if my conscience says otherwise.

Uh, not so much.

The fact is, only once in the entire history of the party have Republican delegates been bound by convention rules to vote for the winner of a state primary or caucus, or for that matter, follow the results of those primaries and caucuses in any manner whatsoever.

The year was 1976 and Ronald Reagan mounted a serious campaign to defeat the sitting Republican President, Gerald Ford. After pardoning Richard Nixon, post Watergate, Ford wasn’t exactly America’s most popular elected official! Though pardoning Nixon was the right thing to do, to move the country forward, many resented it, and Conservatives understood it would hurt him in the general election, most likely to the point of no return. [which it did] The establishment stood by him though, and at the convention, the rules committee amended the traditional rules, so that, for the first time in GOP history, Republican delegates were “bound” by the results of the elections. Had this not been the case, a real floor fight would have occurred, and Reagan may have well been the Republican nominee for 1976, and who knows how history would have been altered, mostly for the better. It should be noted that the rule binding delegates to the results of state elections was REMOVED at the 1980 Republican convention, and the rules have not changed since.

According to Curly Haugland a delegate-at-large, and senior member of the rules committee, all Republican delegates to the 2016 convention are, in fact, “Super Delegates.” He goes on to say:

Super delegates at the GOP convention are afforded the privilege of choosing which candidate they can cast their ballot for in the first round of voting, unlike regular delegates from states with binding primaries who must adhere to their state contests’ results, until the second round of balloting.

Haugland has, of course, been challenged on this, by more than a few, but cites rulings by the United States Supreme Court that affirm political parties are PRIVATE organizations and have the ability to set the rules regarding how delegates may or may not vote. These rules, of course, are set by the delegates themselves, at the convention, and these rules supersede any state party rules. Again, no Republican delegate has been bound to a candidate before OR SINCE 1976!

From the article:

Haugland responded to an accusation that his claim is wrong from a legal stand point and the RNC rules are not the relevant rules guiding the issue of binding delegates to their primary election result, but that different state statutes are the primary authority.

The United States Supreme Court has held several times that political parties enjoy protection from both the First and Fourteenth Amendments as they pursue their political objectives. The Republican Party is free to choose whether or not they want to be governed by state laws,” Haugland argued in a written statement.

He writes, “The case in point is the 1976 Republican National Convention that voted to bind the delegates to cast their convention votes according to the results of binding primaries. (State laws)The 1980 Republican National Convention voted to rescind the 1976 action based on testimony, stated in part, ‘The Supreme Court has spoken to this…they stated that party rules are supreme over state law.’ (Transcript of 1980 Convention Rules Committee, Page 67)”

He adds, “The Rules of the Republican Party prohibiting the binding of delegates have not been changed since the 1980 convention.”

You can read much more here.

Kerry Picket at The Daily Caller adds:

Haugland noted that the RNC’s Counsel’s Office Tom Josefiak cited current Rule 38, also known as Unit Rule, to RNC Rules Committee members on January 19, 2006, during an orientation session for Rules Committee members :

One of the important rules changes over the last 50 years has been the unit rule prohibited…that change was made so that an individual delegate can vote his or her conscience.

Josefiak was a panelist with other convention rules experts that included RNC lawyer Ben Ginsberg, then RNC Chairman Mike Duncan, and Rules Committee member Morton Blackwell. David Norcross, chairman of the RNC Rules Committee, oversaw the meeting.

How did members react to Haugland’s claim? The North Dakota Republican told TheDC, “Not a single word challenging either the past history or the present facts, nor even a single negative comment,” he said.

Haugland sent quotes to The Daily Caller from RNC members who responded to him.

You don’t think delegates are bound on the first ballot?

Fascinating! Can I publish your letter?

1976 battle was my first taste of politics…Can I post on my blog?

Thank you, Curly. That is insightful.

This is very revealing. Watch the establishment attempt to handle this with the Convention Rules Committee.”

Nice work, Curly

Very good.

Thanks, Curly. I just don’t know what to think about all this.


Haugland said of the various reactions, “I guess I am not surprised about the lack of negative comments. As has been said by many before me, ‘Facts are stubborn things.

This is something Curly has held for a long time. This is nothing new in terms of his interpretation to the rule…frankly I’m intrigued because 2006 wasn’t an election year. Curly has been advocating this position for a long time, but it’s up to the delegates…Tom Josefiak was a lawyer in 2006. That wasn’t a convention ruling,” RNC Spokesman Sean Spicer told The Daily Caller.

He added, “As Curly points out the 1976 thing he speaks about was during a convention. So what the lawyer said in 2006 was not at the committee…what one lawyer says in a panel is a lot different than what delegates decide. That doesn’t change any rule. That’s a decision that gets made by the delegates. The delegates would decide how that’s interpreted, ‘Oh we’re doing that again or we’re not.’ When they go to rewrite those rules, that’s something that they could discuss.

Read more here and a copy of the letter Haugland sent to his fellow rules committee members here.

On Wednesday, Jennifer Rubin, writing for the Washington Post noted that Donald Trump has, himself, created the grounds for a contested convention, no matter how many delegates he has “bound” to him, coming into the convention. Trump has consistently refused to release his tax information. Though it’s not unprecedented for a candidate to refuse, it’s highly unusual, and speaks to Trump’s character and credibility, especially since, at the start of his campaign, he promised voters he would release the tax returns, then almost immediately had excuse, after excuse, after excuse as to why he would not be doing so. Now he says he’ll release them after November. Uh huh.

Ruben speculates as to why he refuses to release them, and also points out how this can, and likely will be used to contest Trump’s standing as a potential nominee for the presidency on the Republican Party ticket. This is well worth your time to read and understand fully!

I’ll add my notion that Trump might not want his less than intelligent or inquisitive supporters to learn of his long, deep, multi-hundred-million dollar ties to his business partner: George Soros, the Nazi, and self-proclaimed owner of the democrat party! [Trump’s ties to Soros are public record for those that know how to use Bing or Google] Though it pains me to say that my former colleagues, who are now Level V Trump cultists, men who have written extensively about the evils of George Soros, now vigorously DEFEND Trump’s involvement, and are shocked … shocked … anyone would deny an “American businessman” his “constitutional right” to do business with whomever he wanted! Those were, in fact, their exact words! Sad and scary words, my friends!

*** “But what about the ‘will of the people’?!? They chose Trump!!!!

About that. If I hear “will of the people” one more time, I swear to God in Heaven I’m going to strangle someone!

The fact is, only 20% of Registered Republicans voted for Donald Trump. Twenty. Percent. Now, of course, that doesn’t take into consideration that some states, like Texas, which Ted Cruz won in a landslide, do not require voters to register by political party. At any rate, if you are in fact, as Registered Republican, chances are pretty good Donald Trump is not your candidate! Moreover, Trump still has only around 40% of the total votes cast in the primaries and caucuses. Most voters chose someone else. Put another way, the “will of the people” seems to be, if not #NeverTrump, at the very least anybody BUT Trump!

*** “Even so, to deny Donald Trump the nomination would be unprecedented and cause great upheaval

Yeah, not so much!

The fact is, should you chose to do the right thing, and deny Trump the nomination, you wouldn’t be the first, or even the second delegation in history, to a Republican National Convention, to ignore the “will of the people” or take matters into your own hands!

The year was 1860. History tells us this was a turbulent time in America. The democrat party, which had it’s convention before the GOP, adjourned it’s first attempt at that year’s national convention, because they failed to nominate a candidate! For the GOP’s part, this was only their second convention ever, and the first after the virtual collapse of the Whig Party.

Former New York Governor, and United States Senator William Henry Seward was considered a shoe-in, and the presumptive nominee. He should have been, too, because unlike Trump today, Seward, who had previously been elected as a Whig, was a good fit for the new Republican Party, a party that was founded on the sole purpose of abolishing slavery once and for all. Seward had a good record of not only opposing slavery, but actively helping Negro slaves. A funny thing happened on the way to the forum though. It seems Seward angered many in the party for his support of immigrants and Catholics [some stupidity never changes] then he angered his long time supporters with that time honored Republican tradition [Hell, he may have started it!] of “moving to the center“! He should have waited, like modern Republicans do, until after he got the nomination to “pivot“! He also had ties to the infamous political fixer Thurlow Weed, which seemed to sour everyone.

At any rate, the delegates, sensing a political disaster [never mind that democrats were imploding, with Seward, the GOP would likely lose the entire Western USA] chose another path, but not before all kinds of wheeling and dealing that included offering up cabinet posts and other such nonsense. After two days of this, and multiple ballots, the Republicans chose an old country lawyer, and former U.S. Congressman from Illinois, by the name of Abraham Lincoln. I don’t think I need to quote the resume of the man many consider one of our greatest presidents of all time!

It should be noted the Lincoln refused to participate in any backroom dealings, or handing over of patronages to delegates for their support!

One of the more interesting conventions happened in 1920. There had been eight candidates running for the nomination. By the time the convention rolled around, things were still wide open, with General Leonard Wood, Illinois Governor Frank Lowden, and California Senator Hiram Johnson all considered potential “presumptive nominees“! Ohio Senator Warren G. Harding had been a front-runner, at one point, but as often happens, his campaign played out and lost favor with the voters.

Much like we’ve heard for what seems like a million times this election season, the talking heads all predicted a “dark horse,” or “white knight,” as we’ve heard then called this 2016 season … would actually be nominated. [The more things change, the more they stay the same!] Pennsylvania Governor William Cameron Sproul, Pennsylvania Senator Philander C. Knox, Kansas Governor Henry Justin Allen, Massachusetts Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, or 1916 nominee Charles Evan Hughes were all “Golden Boys” to some! Sproul was emerging as the leader of this “dark horse/white knight“crew though.

Long story short, the 1920 convention was lively, to say the least! After all kinds of back and forth, two days, and nine, count em, nine ballots, Mr. “No Chance in Hell” Warren G Harding finally jumped into the lead. On the tenth ballot, Harding finally secured the required number of delegates needed to be declared the nominee. It was a nasty fight mainly because another candidate, Senator Hiram Johnson, who pretty much hated Harding [The feeling was reportedly mutual] refused to release his delegates! It’s been said, that in the end, Harding’s nomination was engineered by party bosses in a “smoke filled room” but at any rate, it was the delegates who chose Harding over the hollowed and sacred “will of the people“!

So as you see, as a delegate to the Republican National Convention, you indeed hold the party and the nation’s future in your hands. You and your fellow delegates have the ability, and duty, to exercise your judgement, even if it goes against the “will of the people.” Often delegates have a better sense of things than an angry, irrational mob, such as what we have today in the guise of Trump supporters.

*** “But Gary, if we DO go against the ‘will of the people’ the GOP will be in disarray and we will lose to Hillary because Trump voters will be pissed off!

Trump voters are cultists, so who knows what they might do! Trump and his fixer: Roger Stone, Jr. have threatened violence against delegates and riots in the streets should Trump’s nomination be “stolen” from him! That alone should tell you that neither you, nor I, want this man anywhere within a 100 miles the Oval Office, not even as part of the tourist tour of the White House!

I can tell you that politics in 1860 and 1920, most especially 1920, were just as nasty as they are today! They didn’t have the social media we have, but corrupt, dishonest, muckraking journalists, only happy to rile voters up, were a dime a dozen then, just as they are today!

In 1860 Abraham Lincoln defeated the “southern” democrat, John C. Breckinridge 180 electors to 72. A pretty decent landslide! Two other candidates got 39 and 12 electors respectively. It’s notable that the “official” democrat Stephen A. Douglas [As in the Lincoln-Douglass debates] got the 12 votes! Add all three of Lincoln’s opponents together and he still wins in a landslide!

The 1920 election, after what was the most contentious [some might even say, figuratively, the “bloodiest“] Republican convention in history, Warren G Harding defeated Ohio democrat James Cox in an absolute BLOWOUT 404 electors to 127! That translates to 60.3% of the popular vote for Harding to Cox’s 34.2%!

So, dear delegate, the last worry on your mind should be how your much considered decision of whether or not to deny Trump the nomination, will effect the outcome of the general election in November. History says, if you pick a man of honor and principle, things will be just fine.

*** “But what about my loyalty to the Republican Party?

Your loyalty, as an American, is to God and Country. Please don’t forget that you are not bound to any candidate, despite what your state party may claim, and you have multiple rulings by the United States Supreme Court, based on the 1st and 14th Amendments to the Constitution, to back you up!

*** “But Trump will get mad, run as a ‘third party’ candidate and screw us all!

Not to worry. So-called sore loser laws in many states, including the must wins ones, all prohibit such a thing. Once Trump ran as a candidate for the nomination of a political party, these laws prohibit him, or any other losing candidate, from moving further along. This would, any many cases, also prohibit any sort of write-in campaign, though you can bet a few die hard Trumpsters would do it anyway. You shouldn’t let a 3rd party or write -in effort be of any concern in your decision making.

BTW, getting back to your notion of loyalty to the RNC. It was the leadership of the Republican Party that allowed Trump and his circus act to gain steam in the first place! We all remember that Trump proclaimed that if everyone didn’t sign a “loyalty pledge” to support the eventual nominee, he would bolt and run 3rd party, something he could have done, since the voting hadn’t yet started. Trump, of course, seemed to be free of any obligation, himself, and continually threatened to “go rogue” should he be treated “unfairly” by the GOP, any candidate, or the voices in his head!

Trump was allowed to bash, not only fellow candidates, with absolute and ridiculous lies, but the party itself, with absolutely no repercussions!

The Republican leadership [such that it is] cowered in fear of this orange buffoon, when they should have told him to take a hike! They should have told him that his nonsense was not going to be tolerated, and he could take his candidacy elsewhere!

You may or may not know this, but Donald Trump has been running for President off and on since 1987! Trump was, in fact, the Reform Party candidate for President in 2000. He received just a taste over 15,000 votes nationwide. Knowing this, Trump didn’t pose much of a threat as an independent candidate, and no way in hell would Trump have spent his own money in 2016, when it’s generally accepted one needs close to a BILLION DOLLARS to mount a competitive presidential campaign.

Trump would have most certainly done better, as an independent, than he did in 2000, simply because the media loves circus acts and train-wrecks, and Trump would have provided a double shot of both, almost daily! [At least for the short term] The fact is, though, the media would have quickly settled in on the serious contenders for both party nominations and the general election.

*** “So, who do we nominate in Trump’s place?

As we both know Ted Cruz has the second best showing in delegates won through the election process, and it’s not even close. Past that, most delegates that are “bound” to Trump, were actually elected at their state conventions, by their fellow citizens, as Cruz delegates. [Or loyalists, if you prefer] At any rate, it’s no shock to anyone, that many, if not a strong majority, of the delegates going to Cleveland, in fact, support Ted Cruz.

You may not be able to give Cruz the nomination on the first ballot, as more than a few delegates may have doubts about voting conscience over the glorious “will of the people,” but you certainly have more than enough to deny Trump the nomination, on the first ballot, which means his bid would be over.

A floor fight won’t be a piece of cake, but the alternative, having a DEMOCRAT as the nominee for President on the Republican Party ticket, is just too hateful to contemplate!

*** “But Trump will WIN! He will take it to Hillary like he did to his Republican opponents.

Sure he will!

Regular readers of our blog know that I hate conspiracy theories with a passion. I go out of my way to debunk them, when I can!

One of the things that disgusts me, and millions more, is Trump’s embrace of such things, including accusing Ted Cruz’s father of somehow being mixed up in the murder of a beloved United States President! And don’t get me started on the birther nonsense that he threw out there directed not only at Cruz, but Marco Rubio as well. Trump’s raving lunatic supporters, of course, embraced all of this, with more than a few nuts claiming to have personally come in contact with Rafael Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald together in New Orleans. Never mind that these young Trumpsters were likely not yet born at that time! And never mind that while Oswald was PRO-Castro, the elder Cruz was ANTI-Castro by that time!

Anyhow, I’ll give you my two cents on Trump and his actual desire to win the presidency. I’d say the chances that Trump ever had any intention of being our next President are slim, and none. And while I have no hard evidence to back my conspiracy theory up, I certainly have plenty of circumstantial evidence, starting with the fact that Trump has been one of Hillary Clinton’s top money men, supporting her every run for office, including giving her [and her PACS] some $200,000 in support of her 2008 presidential campaign. Trump is also a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation, and all of this, including donations to Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and a whole cast of democrats, are far above the “just doing business, because Trump is … you know … a businessman” rate!

Let’s not forget Trump verbal support for Hillary either. After Benghazi, and all the lies, standing in front of those flag draped coffins, Trump praised Hillary as “one of the greatest Secretaries of State in history.”

Here’s the thing, since day one, Trump hasn’t run as a Republican, and most certainly hasn’t run as a Conservative. Trump has run as the caricature that democrats have been trying to portray Republicans as. Trump has shown himself to be racist, sexist [big time] irrational, and irresponsible. Of course, Trump has also flip-flopped on any number of serious issues, often not only in the same day, but the same interview or speech! If one didn’t think Trump’s entire candidacy was a goof [which I and many more do] the only other explanation is the man is too mentally unstable to be President!

Trump flip-flopped so many times on Planned Parenthood, and the murder of innocent children at their hands, he managed to piss of BOTH SIDES of the debate, at the same time! Trump still says Planned Parenthood “does good things” and uses the language of a far left wing extremist while doing it! But he also claims he’ll cut off funding, and even suggested jailing those who participate in abortions! Even hard core pro-life advocates were appalled at that last “<i>promise</i>”!

Go back and look at Trump’s campaign, his actions, his events, the fact that he was actively re-tweeting numerous white supremacists, on almost a daily basis … for months, and we have a problem. The “white pride” Jew-hating wing of the Trump movement is quite strong [Or completely made up, as somewhere near 80% of these accounts Trump was re-tweeting appeared to be bogus! That’s another very long discussion we can go into at another time.] Either way, Trump has no problem with this trailer trash.

Frankly, it appears to me, and many more, that Trump’s real goal was to embarrass and discredit the Republican Party by reinforcing all of the stereotypes democrats have been pushing about us for decades, then ripping the GOP apart [Mission Accomplished] all in an effort to help his long time best old gal pal Hillary win in November!

Not sure how anyone would think that?

Well …

Trump and The Clintons

Does this look like a bunch that is about to go to war with one another?

Of course, this is only speculation based on observation and knowing Trump’s longtime history of trashing Republicans, especially Conservatives, while giving democrats, and their vile Anti-American agendas, his full-throated support!

If you want more substantial proof that Trump isn’t serious about beating Hillary, here’s a few tidbits to consider:

After Trashing every single Republican opponent with the kind of vile, nasty hate that only a democrat can do well, including accusing Ted Cruz of extra-marital affairs, via his good buddy who runs the National Enquirer, and accusing Cruz’s father of essentially murdering JFK, Trump has announced he may not run any negative ads against Hillary!

Michael Patrick Tracy’s response wasn’t much different than mine [though I threw in some “I told ya” so’s!

Trump told the Associated Press that instead of building a national ground game, you know, the essential door knockers and get out the vote people that one must have to win, that he will instead rely on free TV coverage and big political rallies! Because God knows that strategy worked well in the primaries! It worked so well, in fact that in states where 100% of the delegates are “bound” to Trump, these delegates are, in fact, Cruz delegates, duly elected, simply because Ted Cruz had one of the best ground games we’ve seen in a long time, while Trump failed to even participate! This includes Colorado!

Trump’s campaign people freely admitted they simply didn’t even bother to compete for votes in Colorado. When Trump lost big time, allowing Cruz to get dangerously close, Trump went on an insane rampage screaming about cancelled elections and stolen votes. Never mind that the people of Colorado voted on March 1st in 2917 separate local caucuses designed to pick delegates to the state convention, delegates, who in turn would chose the candidate to represent Colorado. [Ted Cruz] One man even claimed to have been bared from participating because he supported Trump, even tearing up his card on video tape. Turns out the guy was elected locally but failed to even attempt to follow the required procedures all delegates must, in fact, follow to participate at the state convention. We’ll just charitably call him dumb.

Of course, the raving lunatics that support Trump were digging this Lie-O-Rama and breathless repeated every outrageous lie Trump was telling!

There’s more, of course, and it’s substantial, past his erratic behavior.

Trump has now come out in favor of raising the minimum wage, saying we must have a “living wage” a phrase taken right out of Karl Marx’s Little Red Book, and I’m sure, the democrat party-social justice handbook! He’s trashed his own tax plan, and back-tracked on other issues, with more to come, I’m sure. Of course, Trump supports allowing grown men to use the same bathrooms as your young daughters.

I know this is a long read, but this is a dangerous time in America and you and your fellow delegates are the only thing that stands between America and total disaster. You are the front line soldiers in the battle for America’s future!

You have between now and July to investigate all of this for yourself. You have between now and July to talk with your fellow delegates and consider it all. You even have between now and July to look into the law yourself and verify what I have told you about your right as a Republican delegate to the National Convention to vote your conscience rather than the party line.

You can and should verify, not only the Supreme Court rulings, but the historical fact that only once in the history of the Republican Party have delegates been “bound” to any state vote, and that it was a dirty trick by the establishment to keep a solid Conservative, Ronald Reagan, from being our nominee. Something Reagan would rectify four years later, in 1980!

Ted Cruz is worth of your consideration as the Republican Nominee for President.

Never mind that Cruz polled much better against Hillary in key states than Trump does anywhere. Never mind that with Trump, even deep red states are now in danger of being lost to Hillary. There are other serious considerations at work here.

We’ve mentioned Cruz’s incredible ground game. There is no way in hell anyone will ever be President if they don’t have an incredible ground game. Democrats are useless as elected officials, and human beings, but they have the ground game, the election day get out the vote operations, and so on, down to a science, and work it, nationwide, with the precision of a Swiss watch! Trump isn’t even interested in HAVING a ground game!

But there is more. Cruz has a sold record of Conservatism, and doing what is right. He has a life time record of doing what he says he will. Be it his time as a Director at the Federal Trade Commission, or as the longest serving Solicitor General in Texas history, Cruz has looked after the best interests of the American people, and has vigorously [and successfully] defended Liberty and Freedom, as well as American sovereignty, and the Constitution.

The people of Texas sent Ted Cruz to Washington to do a specific job, and he made a promise to do it. He has kept his word to us. That’s already more than 90% of politicians will ever do!

Ted Cruz is a class act and a serious man. He has successfully argued landmark cases before the United States Supreme Court. Ted Cruz won’t look like a blithering idiot on stage as he debates Hillary Clinton!

In the end, let me leave you with just this: Your duty is to yourself, your God, and your Country. You simply cannot put party over principle … EVER. Now more than at any time in your life, integrity and principles are far more important than party bosses or the wild eyed ramblings of a mob that is running at a fever pitch, fueled by genuine anger at the direction our country is headed, and a Republican Party full of elected officials that promise one thing, then do nothing once elected, or worse, bow down to the democrats and give up the farm! It is your job, as duly elected delegates, to see past the fevered rants and the cult of personality surrounding Trump and make a wiser, more considered choice.

May I go further to suggest, that if you are confused by the fever I speak of, as well as the desperation Trump supporters genuinely feel, no matter how misguided and dangerous their support for Trump is, that you watch the 1961 film “Judgement at Nuremberg.” This Academy Award winning film, which features powerful and compelling performances throughout, deals with the aftermath of a nation whose otherwise good and decent people got caught up in a fever, and chose to support someone, who like Trump, had no regard for the Republic’s constitution, or rule of law. All they saw was someone who could “save them,” much as Trump supporters see him today. And like those Germans, Trump supporters don’t seem to care what Trump does, what laws he might violate, including military law and the Geneva Conventions, what basic human rights, like Free speech, Freedom of the Press, or even Religious Liberty [the cornerstone of America] that Trump has intimated he would trample, so long as he wins and America is “saved“!

This of course, is all not only ludicrous, but dangerous. More dangerous than any person or thing America has ever faced. And that, my fellow Americans, is the real heart of the matter. Not only is Trump unfit to be the Republican nominee for President, let alone President, he and the fevered mob he has created are a real and clear danger to the very fabric of our country. Trump may be playing us all for fools, and looking to help his buddy Hillary win [something I and many more truly believe] but the fevered mob he has created is real, and it it your job, your duty, in fact, to cool them down by sending them, and their candidate into a “time out,” while the rest of the nation gets on with nominating and then electing a new REPUBLICAN President!

No pressure, but don’t screw this up!

Sincerely and Kindest Regards,

Gary Signature

Gary P Jackson



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      • You’re a disgrace to the Republican Party.. and humanity.. NOT a Conservative, but a vile Globalist with no morals or ethics.. Pound Sand Moron

      • Gary P Jackson

        Funny, considering your orange god-king is the one who chose the PRESIDENT of the Council on Foreign Relations [the GLOBALISTS, the New World Order guys] as his top foreign policy adviser!

        What you Trumptards are is CULTISTS. Mindless zombie cultists. You are incredibly and dangerously stupid.

      • Juli Betz

        Excellent read! Thanks from deep in my heart for writing this, and I pray delegates will read it and takee it to heart!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Thank you so much, Juli!

      • I dropped my favorite coffee cup on the floor and smashed it after ready this. You just can not rest tell we lose and Hillary is in office. I am so angry with you and your friends in the RNC. YOU WOULD RATHER LOSE AND HAVE HILLARY THAT HAVE DONALD TRUMP. YOU WANT TO KICK THE VOTERS IN THE TEETH BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT RICH YALE GRADUATES LIKE MITT ROMNEY. If you pull this crap off you might as will let Obama use executive orders and make crooked Hillary are next president. Than you can spare your fight at the convention and save some money. MITT LOST AND TRUMP GOT MORE VOTES WE ARE TIRED OF YOUR CRAP.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Trump is the one who loses to Hillary in a landslide, you raving lunatic! Trump isn’t even setting up a national ground game. Look, how he is STILL attacking REPUBLICANS while basically ignoring Hillary!

        We want To DESTROY Hillary and that ain’t going to happen with her best buddy and biggest financier [Donald Trump] as the Republican nominee!

        Trump MUST be stopped and MUST NOT be allowed to drag the country into the deepest depths of Hell, by helping his buddy Hillary win. You raving lunatics are DANGEROUS and cannot be allowed to destroy America.

        The fact is AMERICA IS TIRED OF YOUR CRAP!

    • Chris Mills

      I’ll keep this nice and short then.
      You are semi-literate and easily fooled.

    • You lost because I read it! Dumb Trumpsters never read!

    • Where did you get that diploma worth $3.76, in a Cracker Jack box?

    • I read it. In fact I wrote many of the same things on my blog and a friends site over the last week. It’s all obvious to someone that does the research and I’m an Australian. Trump even has delegate seats at the convention he still can’t fill. To fill the seat for some states the supporter must be a resident voter in the district and a republican. None of his supporters in some districts open primary states fit that rule. The RNC is going to have to find someone for those vacancies.
      To get to 1237 trump needs 1 unpledged delegate. There are 60. Cruz has 26, 10 are never Trump,15 – 30 indicated that Trump would lose them if he changed his policies again and he then did. Some have showed up on nevertrump social media. He may have already lost without a single pledged delegate moving but 8 have already talked about it and at least 3 that I know about are so powerful that no one can ever punish them for switching.

    • Anything longer than a punchline is too long for those who struggle with reading comprehension, like Trumpettes

    • That is the Problem. You Choose NOT to Actually See what could very well SHOW You What Trump is!!
      I took time to Read it, because It IS Important. It tells us Why TRUMP IS Bad for America… Just Like HITLER Was Bad For Germany..

      But Hey,,, Apparently You, like those in Germany Don’t Care,, Not until it’s Too Late!!!

      • Gary P Jackson

        So right Angela!

        I tell everyone who wants to understand the fever that has gripped America and has them wanting Trump, because he will “save” America, to watch the movie Judgement at Nuremberg which deals with the fever that gripped Germany and saw them throw out their constitution, rule of law, and basic human decency, because they thought Hitler would “save” Germany. Looking at the mess Germany was in, it’s not hard to see how people could be taken in by a charismatic devil like Hitler. The REAL radical stuff didn’t come out until after he was in power.

        What I don’t get, is Trump is a buffoon, an Orange-hired circus act, a clown with a big red nose and floppy shoes! How anyone with a working brain could fall for his act is beyond me!

      • Jill Hamilton

        Gary, just thought I would drop a line to you. I am #CruzCrew. It will go out my friend. And I will forward it to the one I know from Indiana as well. Thank you for writing this. I thought the whole world had gone mad. So it was nice to take the time to read some clarity for a change. May God bless the United States of America.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Thanks Jill!

  2. Ken Miller

    I read it, and I passed it on to my friends and contacts. I came across it because someone else, the founder of the Constitutional Freedom Party, read it and posted the link. I have great respect for her judgment, so I read the entire article. In my email passing it along, I urged everyone who kows a delegate or knows how to get in touch with one or more, to ask them to read it. Thank you, Mr. Jackson. This is a very thorough and well-reasoned article.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks Ken. I appreciate your comments as well as your efforts to help us save our nation from disaster.

      • Betty Saber

        I gave up my spot on our congressional slate to be a delegate because I couldn’t stomach being at a Trump fest and being forced to vote for him. I regret that now because I would fight and get people to ban together and run for the rules committee if I had this info sooner! I will pass along to all our Cruz delegates from Washington state!!! I hope they will be fighters like Ted!!! Some say if they re-write the rules and stole nomination BACK from Trump and gave it to Cruz that people would not vote for Cruz in anger that Trump would stir up! Trump is a ruthless liar! People are afraid of him! Even the party elites and GOP state leaders don’t want to make waves against him! He has bullied our entire party!!!

      • Gary P Jackson

        I’m sorry you did too. There are a lot of party leaders, as well as rules committee members who, in fact are looking to stop Trump in Cleveland. Remember, it’s a senior member of the rules committee who gave us the history lesson on delegates and their ability to vote their conscience, even on the first ballot.

        There are other efforts going on, that will be far more disastrous than denying Trump the nomination. Currently Mitt Romney is trying to recruit John Kasich and Ben Sasse to run as independents. Kasich is totally unacceptable, and only stayed in the race to keep Cruz from stopping Trump from winning the nomination, in the first place.

        You are so right though, Trump is a ruthless liar, which is another reason why he must be stopped.

        Take care and God bless!

    • Tony Gator

      You failed to mention the down ballot disaster that Trump would deliver to the process. NeverTrumpers will ;largely stay home, but certainly feel little allegiance to the GOP after a Trump nomination! Also note that many Trump voters in primaries are Hillary voters in November. Few of the others will actually work to elect GOP (including DT), instead threaten on Twitter & FB

      • Gary P Jackson

        Yup! In open primaries many Hillary supporters voted for Trump knowing he would be the easiest to beat. This is nothing new as democrats have been helping pick GOP candidates for years. If ANYTHING good comes out of Trump, it may be that FINALLY, the RNC will demand primaries be open to Registered Republicans ONLY!

        We’ve been asking those who will never support Trump to, at least, show up and vote down ballot. I don’t have much confidence in that. Don’t forget about statehouses either. Trump is a disaster on an industrial scale!

      • Emily McBurney

        NeverTrumpers will NOT stay home. All the ones I know(and I read almost all their comments)are eagerly awaiting the chance to vote. They are die hard Americans anxious to take advantage of our cherished right to vote. Never Trump

  3. JR GrayThunder

    It does take time, but well worth the read. Thanks much for sharing! Those professing to be die hard Cruz supporters must arm themselves with this kind of information, in addition to our respective faiths. Like King David, we must “Encourage ourselves in the Lord.” Please don’t forget to encourage one another, as well. NOW IS NOT the TIME TO GIVE UP. MAKE YOUR STAND. FIGHT FOR EVERY INCH OF GROUND and ADVANCE WHEN POSSIBLE. When it’s NOT possible, HOLD THE GROUND GAINED and DEFEND IT. REFUSE TO BE MOVED! by emotions, images, negative media reports or comments (including and especially those of well meaning ‘friends’). There’s no shortage of distractions in lulls between the battles. Remember: COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS. SO IS FEAR. Scripture cautions us in advance: “GUARD YOUR HEART.” What WE choose to think upon shapes the ultimate actions WE take. Panic Over Nothing. Pray About Everything. Do your part and be Comforted in the Knowledge that God ALWAYS does HIS. Never despair over that which appears impossible. “For there is NOTHING Impossible WITH GOD.” (: Thank Him for the Unseen Victory. Then Carry On, Patriot. Carry On.

  4. Judy

    This is the most well laid out case, I’ve seen. So how do we make sure all the delegates see it? Where else have you forwarded this?

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thank you! I have a strong presence on Twitter, and have shared this with colleagues and followers there, but can certainly use our readers help! If you are a member of the Republican Party, know any delegates, or know people who know delegates, please share. This is up to all of us to help save America from Trump, and of course, his buddy Hillary.

      Thank you again~ Gary

      • Gerrick Busl


        Thank you so much for this incredibly important open letter, clearly it is a labor of love, love this once great and exceptional country of ours! Thank you for telling the Truth about Donald Trump, so few people are willing to do that today and fewer still seem willing to listen to the truth about The Donald. He has millions of fans, like the TV star that he is, and darn few real supporters which are what he needs to win, and even more needs to govern effectively.

        If there is ANYTHING at all that I can do to help you in this righteously indignant campaign to stop the Candidacy for President of Donald Trump, please let me know. I will do all that I can physically and financially to try to save America from this Malignant Narcissist and the epitome of an RINO, for heaven’s sake he was a Democrat a year and a half ago, he still supports the DNC Platform more than a Conservative Republican one.

        I am FORMERLY a Gold Card member of the RNC, but I have been an Independent since the John McCain disaster, They continually ask me why I left the Party, and I repeatedly tell them that I did NOT leave the party, but that the PARTY LEFT ME! I am still right where I always was in my conservative beliefs and if the party ever comes back to where I have always been, I will rejoin and begin contributing again, but until then, I am fiercely Independent and decidedly anti-RNC!

        Don’t give up, keep up the good fight!

        God bless you and yours, and God bless the USA,

        Gerrick Reed Busl
        Port Saint Lucie Florida

      • Gary P Jackson

        Thank you, and God bless.

      • Jill Hamilton

        Gary – I am #CruzCrew – also on FB. Will help get it in front of delegates. Thank you and God bless the U.S.

      • Ann

        Thank you so much for your letter and your devotion to doing what’s right! I don’t know about all states, but some states’ Republican parties have released lists of delegate names. That might be a starting point to finding delegates’ contact info., but I don’t know how to figure out which ones to send it to. The target audience would be delegates considered bound to Trump who would personally prefer Cruz on principle or are anti-Trump enough to be convinced to support Cruz as the only alternative, right? Some pro-Rubio delegates might be convinced to vote for Cruz, but I don’t think Kasich delegates would. I didn’t see any mention of this in your article, but Curly Haugland said it’s a secret ballot, so technically no one should be able to tell who any individual delegate votes for. Also, have you considered trying to get people on board to raise money to help pro-Cruz delegates get to the convention, since delegates have to pay their own way and some have dealt with threats from Trump supporters? If the grassroots raised a large amount to help delegates (and maybe to hire private security if they nominate Cruz and there’s a backlash?), that would certainly send a message.

  5. Thank you Gary! God bless you! I will reblog & distribute on my social media. The liberty movement continues.

  6. Chris Mills

    Commented, followed, shared and re-blogged! Well done!

  7. The part you’re missing, is that by opposing Trump, you are opposing THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE! This is wrong, and a disaster waiting to happen. We the people, consverative voters, have chosen Trump. You have to accept and live with that in a democracy!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Last time I looked 20% of the vote doesn’t represent the “will of the people”. Delegates have FREE WILL to chose whomever they please, and twice in history have made a FAR BETTER choice than the “will of the people”. Both times the delegates have overrode the “will of the people” THEIR choice won by a landslide in the general election. That’s historical FACT. Not that you Koolaide drinking cultists want to hear facts.

      BTW, Trumptard The United States is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, not a “democracy.” Lunatic fringe MOBS like you Trumptards are exactly WHY our Founding Fathers chose to make America a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC rather than a “democracy.”

      Donald Trump is a national embarrassment and GUARANTEES that Hillary is our next president, something many of us feel was his plan all along. He simply cannot allowed to be the nominee. It would be the end of our country as we know it.

      • carol Jones

        Your entire process here is despicable. The ignorance in trying to push this on the delegates. I doubt any of these people will check your “facts”, for if they did, they would find that many of your ‘facts’ are taken out of context, are exaggerated, and most are very misleading. You can call me all the names that you have mentioned, but it will not change how you are trying to manipulate these people. You are dead wrong about the “will of the people”. I don’t know the statistics, but Republicans are not the only United States citizens that count. Trump is getting most of the Republican votes, Independent votes, women votes, men’s votes, and minority votes. He will get a lot of Democrat’s votes also. So, are you truly saying that he is not getting the majority of votes or Not getting the majority of Republican Votes?
        Poor savages that we ‘Trumpsters’ are. Most of us are the hardworking folks that have put the food on your tables, that gave you your desk jobs, your 9-5 jobs. You don’t know what hard work is. If you did get out there and do any physical labor, you might find out that we savages have a lot of sense after all.
        Good luck with your endeavor.

      • Gary P Jackson

        My “process” has been in place since the Republican Party was founded! Like most Trumptards you’re either too stupid, or so fully invested in Trump’s vile cult that you refuse to accept reality.

        As for “most votes” Well, Trump only received 20% of the Registered Republican vote. TWENTY PERCENT. That ain’t a majority or even a blip on the radar, even if you use Common Core math! Past that, less then 40% of ALL votes cast in the GOP race were for Trump. Most GOP primary voters chose someone else. That is REALITY. Deal with it, or don’t.

      • Juli Betz

        Gary, where’s your “love it” button? It’s obvious this mental midget didn’t read it, or he’d know trumpsters are in a considerable minority!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Intelligence isn’t Trumpsters’ strong suit!

    • Cheryl

      1. We don’t live under a democracy. Democracies are too subject to mob rule. We are a republic.
      2. The Republican Party is a private organization, not a branch of government. As a private organization they can choose leaders in the way that they see fit. People who don’t like how they choose their nominee are free to leave and and join another party or start their own.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Indeed! There are DOZENS of political parties in the USA. Most field a presidential candidate every two years. Only TWO [the Republican Party and democrats] allow any meaningful voter participation, and that is more about team building and marketing than anything else!

        Trump, who has been running for POTUS since 1987, was the Reform Party candidate in 2000. Not a single primary voter got a say in that! Not a single one! #rigged #Unfair #Trumptardlogic

    • MnCori- The part you’re missing is that this nation is not a democracy! It is a representative republic. We don’t directly vote on our federal laws. We have the two houses of Congress to do that for us. We don’t elect our President directly with the popular vote, it is decided by the Electoral College. We also don’t vote for our Supreme Court justices.They are nominated by the President, and confirmed or rejected by the Senate. Accordingly, our Republican Party, in keeping with, well, being republican, chose to have our party’s nominee selected by the delegates that we choose to trust with this weighty decision, instead of employing “mob rule”, also known as direct democracy. Our primary votes either elect the delegates, who then go to conventions where they interact with candidates who then select the ones they want should they win any, or serve as a preference poll to “advise” the delegates, also referred to as a “beauty contest”. They do not bind anyone. I’m sorry that neither you nor your candidate understood this sooner, but that’s the way it is. Read “The Federalist Papers”, it makes this all very clear. And please try to remember, he’s only won somewhere between 30 and 40% of the “will of the people”. And that’s counting all of the crossover Democrats who helped out.

  8. This is FALSE logic! Simply because people feel that Trump can save America, and because Germans saw Hitler as someone who could “save” Germany, is absolutely ZERO reason to connect Trump & Hitler! By that logic, you could see any successful & strong leader as dangerous, which is absurd.
    Also, you talk about voting your conscience. That would mean doing “the right thing”, rather than “what you think you can get away with”. Trump won a huge majority of the votes, he is absolutely the winner. Deciding one should try to use the system to circumvent that is morally wrong!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Actually, the comparisons to the Germans who backed Hitler, and the raving lunatics who back Trump, are spot on. The Germans abandoned their Constitution, Rule of Law, and every value they had because they saw Hitler as their “savior.” They stood by as men who wouldn’t join the Nazi Party were declared “feeble-minded” and forcibly sterilized. They stood by as other dissenters, and members of the press were MURDERED, simply because they disagreed with Nazism. They stood by as 6 million Jews were slaughtered, and felt OK about because that was what was needed to “save” Germany. This sort of evil is what happens when you chose a MAN over your country and the principles that have guided it for, in the case of the USA 240 years!

      The same is happening today with Trump. So-called “conservatives” have abandoned every single principle they claim to hold dear, simply because they drank this imbecile Trump’s Koolaide! Trump has threatened to abandon the most of the Constitution, including Freedom of the press, to which his lunatic fringe cultists cheer as a matter of “getting even,” which is EXACTLY what the Germans did, with predictable results. Trump has talked about banning an entire religion, which not only violates the 1st Amendment protections ALL religions are GUARANTEED, it violates the very reason America was settle in the first place. Trump and his chief “rat-fucker” Roger Stone, Jr have threaten the lives of delegates and party officials all over the country. Many public officials have received death threats from Trump’s brown-shirts. Stone and Trump have threatened riots in the streets as well as threatened the lives of delegates in Cleveland. In essence, Trump and the filthy mob that supports him want to reenact the Munich Beer Hall Putsch of 1923! This is evil and not what America is about, but Trumptards have cheered this bullshit as “getting even”!

      Oh, and anyone who doesn’t support that filthy, corrupt ORANGE DEMOCRAT, Trump, is called a “traitor” by Trumptards. We don’t elect Kings or “Dear Leaders” We are a nation of LAWS, not men! My allegiance is to my God and My Country, not some filthy democrat con-artist, who is no more acceptable than a case of gonorrhea!

      Trump has said he would order our military to commit war crimes, violating not only the Geneva Conventions, but all manner of basic common human decency. Trump has said the military would follow his orders, or else. As we know, no soldier is required to follow the orders of a mad-man. Instead of recoiling in horror, you cultists CHEERED Trump’s willingness to commit war crimes, because Trump!

      George Soros is universally recognized as one of the most evil men that has ever taken a breath. He is a genuine WWII NAZI! A Jew, who along with his father, sold out his fellow Jews to Hitler, for money! He has spent his entire adult life destroying nations, making billions off of destroying those nations, and using his money to spread socialism and totalitarianism around the world. He has funded revolutions that have ousted free and democratically elected governments and replaced them with dictators. He is an absolute enemy of America and the American people. Soros is also the self-proclaimed owner of the democrat party.

      Many so-called “conservatives” have written literally millions of words exposing and decrying the evils of Soros to the world. Of course, now that millions of us are exposing Trump’s long time multi-hundred-million dollar ties to Soros, and how Soros funded John Kasich’s campaign, only to stop Cruz from defeating Trump, all of a sudden WE are being attacked for objecting to Trump’s ties to this goddamned Anti-America NAZI! We are being attacked by the same so-called “conservatives” who have written about the evils of Soros for years! Once again, all principles, all semblance of common human decency have gone out the window because to you raving lunatics, Trump is your god, your daddy, your savior, and he is above the rules of the rest of us, because only he can “save America” and we must put up with any and all manners of evil, simply because it’s Trump!

      No thanks! I don’t support evil, of any kind.

      I could go on, but you’re obviously a Level V Trump cultist, so nothing matters to you but bowing to your Orange god!

      The fact is, political parties are PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS. The Supreme Court has affirmed this through numerous rulings. The FACT is, only once in the entire history of the Republican Party [1976] have delegates EVER been bound to any vote, other than the ones they take at the convention. And the 1976 “binding” was an attempt, a successful attempt, by the Republican Party establishment to stop Ronald Reagan and conservatism. They won, America lost.

      Trump is NOT the nominee. NO ONE is the nominee until their name is placed in nomination at the convention, that nomination is seconded, and a MINIMUM of 1237 delegates [50% + 1] vote in the affirmative of that nomination. No other vote matters. No other vote has ever mattered.

      Trump simply cannot be allowed to destroy our party and our nation, because a bunch of fevered morons have thrown out common sense and everything America stands for, because they think they must to “save” us! It’s idiotic and dangerous. No, it’s pure evil, and we will not stand for it!

      • Gary, I HAVE to Share this Comment of yours With this story.. This is So Spot on.. Great Writing, and putting it into such Clear perspective…

      • Gary P Jackson

        Thank you very much Angela!

      • Trump will be the Nominee and that is a fact. Cruz will never be President of this country; not today, not tomorrow, not one year from now, and not ten years from now. Cruz is a diabolical narcissist infected with self-love and phony sincerity.

      • Gary P Jackson

        “a diabolical narcissist infected with self-love and phony sincerity.”

        You just described your Orange god-king [Trump] perfectly, though you left off sociopath! I love how you mindless zombie Trump cultists love to project your evils and the evils of your “dear leader’ on others!

    • Gramma G

      What Gary said plus, if you’re not aware, Melania has told about a book of Hitler’s speeches Trump keeps on his bed table and reads often. It’s a prized possession.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Evidently Trump very much likes Mein Kamph. [My Struggle in English, the book Hitler wrote while in Prison]

  9. i’ll get to work sharing all over twitter, facebook, and whatever other forum i can find relevance to post it in! thanks! long article but soooo worth the read.

  10. Thank you very much Gary. I read it all and will post it on my fb wall and pass along to my groups.

  11. Rachel Cook

    I read the letter and the comments and just shook my head. While factually correct regarding the delegate process, the rest is where Christians give Jesus a black eye; it is the vile, hateful, degrading, name-calling comments that destroy our witness for Christ. It affects the causes we embrace and the people we support at all levels of government. It does not matter what anyone else is saying about us or our causes or our preferred candidate, we are to rise above it, love our enemies, extend grace and mercy and continue with good works. We are to shed light on truth and be truth. Instead, we helped create division and derision; we got distracted and got off course. Yes, we the voters, are part of the problem. Although the delegates can now do the right thing at the Convention, to discount (and insult) the vast number of people who support Trump demonstrates a serious lack of good judgment. As you mentioned, only 20% of REGISTERED Republicans voted for Trump and that not all states require a voter to register to a party. But you downplayed the fact that while some states require you affiliate with a party for primary voting, that is not the case for the general election…you can vote for whomever you want, regardless of party affiliation. Also downplayed is the number of votes that Trump has garnered. 10,000,000 and counting. Just in the primaries. Like it or not, Cruz is going to need a lot of those votes to win against Hillary or Bernie. There are too many people, even Christians, that do not like Cruz or are uncertain about Cruz and would simply abstain from voting, which is what happened in 2012, or worse, vote Democrat in order to demonstrate their frustration with the RNC. (And Carly was not/is not a great VP pick and came across as not a legitimate pick, but a ploy to pander to the female vote.) As you mentioned, the RNC has handled this election season terribly. Paul Ryan’s actions as Speaker has not helped either in addition to the inexcusable inaction and apathy of our elected representatives over the last seven years. All of these factors, not just the RNC, has made a Trump nomination possible, yet this has not been sincerely acknowledged or correctly addressed on how this would change with any semblance of truth, reality or maturity on a consistent basis by anyone. There has been no consistent message from Cruz or the RNC except #NeverTrump. Trump supporters are not stupid, they are not morons, they are not trailer trash (a recent study has shown they are actually highly educated, generally white collar and middle class, employed and not receiving welfare, SNAP, etc.). They too, are masterpieces created by God, and they are frustrated (as you noted) and desperate(as we all are). They too, see that America is on the precipice of total collapse and there must be radical change. They fear for their children’s futures. I have seen and experienced first hand the disastrous results of unchecked illegal immigration and the soft line stance that has been accepted (yes!) by all of the Republicans. I have watched over the last seven years how Obama and his cronies have violated the Constitution and outright broke laws and otherwise engaged in illegal activity over and over again with my self-proclaimed conservative, Republican (and Christian) representatives making only the feeblest of attempts to block or just rolling over and doing nothing-absolutely nothing. Seriously, is this even the same party that impeached Bill Clinton on charges much less serious that what Obama has done?? The RNC, and Republicans in general, have become fearful people. And why? Because they do not want to offend voters. Simply put, they do not want to lose their cushy, lucrative positions. So, they are not bold to critique or bold to call a spade a spade and mount a loud, proud, unmovable charge against bad policies and legal action against wrongdoing because they are afraid of being called a racist. They are afraid of being accused of not caring about women’s health. They are afraid to be called homophobic. They are afraid of being called a Bible-thumper. They are afraid of being unattractive to non-Christians. Maybe they are afraid because they have also participated in wrongdoing. Trump is, sadly, attractive because, while his views can change (and have) and his stance can soften, his campaign has overwhelmingly been about ONE thing…to “Make America Great Again” by any means necessary. Cruz has been outspoken on multiple occasions (admittedly could have been more eloquent and graceful) but where was his backup? Where is the consistency? Exactly. I will vote for the Republican candidate (even if I have to hold my nose to do it) because most assuredly that person will be who will even marginally align with my Scriputre-based principles, but there are countless others who won’t due to sheer disgust or defeat. It never had to be like this. John Adams tried to block the formations of parties. He predicted that the formation of political parties would result in the representatives ceasing to represent the people and doing what was right for the nation and would instead serve themselves. Who knew it would be such a prophetic statement.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Wow, you wasted a whole lot of bandwidth to say absolutely nothing! BTW, playing the “Christianity card” is a despicable act of desperation used by losers who have nothing to stand on. We see you democrats pull this all the time, and aren’t impressed in the least!

      Let me just say this and be done with you. Ted Cruz has been a consistent Constitutional Conservative all his adult life. Cruz has served the nation as a Director at the Federal Trade Commission, where it has been said that he created [or helped create] as many as 30 jobs for every one job Trump has created! Ted Cruz worked hard to protect small businesses from Big Government.

      Ted Cruz was the youngest, and longest serving Solicitor General of Texas. He was hand-picked by our Attorney General to defend Liberty and Freedom at the Supreme Court. Ted Cruz, in this position, served Texas, and the nation brilliantly. He argued and won numerous landmark cases before the Court. Notably, he took on the Bush administration, the World Court, the United Nations, and the Republic of Mexico while defending American sovereignty at the Supreme Court. This was a landmark case, that will forever define and strengthen United States sovereignty.

      Another landmark case was Heller. Ted Cruz put together a coalition of 31 states’ Attorneys General to stand with him, as he defended the 2nd Amendment. It should be forever noted that while Cruz was LITERALLY saving the 2nd Amendment at the Supreme Court, Donald Trump was funding and supporting those who wanted to TAKE AWAY your basic human right of self-protection and self-preservation that is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

      Texans sent Cruz to defend Texas in the United States Senate. He has done exactly what he promised he would do, and we are proud of him.

      Donald Trump is a POSEUR. He has no core values, except enriching and glorifying Donald Trump! He doesn’t care about you. He isn’t your daddy, or your savior. “Make America Great” is nothing but a meaningless slogan spewed by a con-artist! It’s not even original. The Great Ronald Reagan used this, but added a very key word “Let’s” make America great. Reagan knew it was all about We, the People. Trump is all about Trump. He is a bigger narcissistic sociopath than Obama.

      The bottom line, Ted Cruz has fearlessly defended America and the Constitution for DECADES. Trump is one of the lying, corrupt, crapweasels who has been, along with his fellow democrats, attacking the Constitution and everything America stands for!

      #NeverTrump means #NeverEVERTrump

      • Leon

        Gary thanks for the insight. Going to share the hell out of this. Does anybody know if Ted Cruz is on board or even going to the Convention?

      • Gary P Jackson

        Ted Cruz is indeed going to the convention.

      • Jackson, I liked your article, but you lost me in the comments section. Rachel Cook nailed you and most commentators on these AOL sites. All discussion is abandoned in favor of viscous, vile name calling. When you descended to that level you lost me. Willis – WWII/Korean veteran

      • Gary P Jackson

        We’re dealing with vile, vicious, Trumptards here. Not going to apologize for not tolerating Anti-American garbage.

    • Lawan

      I don’t have to hold my nose to vote for that idiot Trump because I am writing in Ted Cruz he is our only clear choice. Trump will not beat Hillary he is to stupid and all he knows to say is make America great. She is going to slaughter him.. I can not as a Christian vote for tRUMP.. It’s not over yet. We’re going to Cleveland a million of us if possible!! tRUMP WILL CONTINUE to hang himself every time he speaks. He has no clear plans he just spits and sputters as he goes. This country can not stand and will not rise from another four years of crazy!! Vote Ted Cruz in the primary!!

    • We will NOT Stand and Unify Behind a LIAR, A NARCISSISTIC EGOTISTICAL MANIAC!!

      HE and HILLARY ARE the SAME!
      They Stand For Many of the Same Issues!
      And I will NEVER Vote for Someone that Referred to: TED CRUZ as
      “Lyin Ted”…
      I will Not Forget that REINCE PRIEBUS did NOTHING to Stop TRUMP From Calling another Candidate by Something than Their Given Name!!
      That was Abhorrent!

      TED CRUZ has Never Strayed from HIS Stance on Any of the Issues, while Trump Flip Flops on a DAILY basis on HOW HE FEELS Or What Crowd he is Talking to…
      We call That “APPEASEMENT” LYING!!!

      I also Demand that DONALD TRUMP turn Over HIS Tax Returns.
      I want to See WHO he Donated to.
      Did he Donate to a Known (Pal of his) JEFFREY EPSTEIN (child molester)
      Did he Donate to HILLARY This year, Last year???



      TRUMP has NOT Reached the 1237. Let’s Keep That from Happening!

      Let’s Go Always with #TEDCRUZ2016 he is Still on the Ballots and also Still has Many Delegates For him!!

      Let’s VOTE #TEDCRUZ2016

      • Gary P Jackson


        The final straw for me was when Trump accused, and continues to accuse Ted Cruz’s FATHER of being involved in the murdered of a beloved United States President!

        When Trumptards tell me we “must” united behind that Orange Buffoon my answer to them is always a resounding BURN IN HELL!

    • MK

      I find it hypocritical that those who despise Trump for his name-calling do the very thing they dislike, and with such hatred! Cruz is a Christian (or so he says). I wonder how Cruz would feel about Gary Jackson representing him with such vile language.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Don’t pretend to be offended, we know you filthy pigs are incapable of those sort of human emotions.

        Now go on, shoo!

  12. Alan Hoffer

    Well writen.

  13. Barbara

    I heartily agree with Mr. G. Jackson’s reply to R. Cook, ESPECIALLY paragraph six beginning with “Donald Trump”, as well as Mr. Hoffler’s reply “Well written”. NEVER, EVER DONALD TRUMP!

  14. VA

    Cruz is not a natural-born citizen…end of story.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Sorry stupid, but Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen by virtue of his mother’s status as a natural born citizen. Even that piece of shit Trump admits Cruz is natural born, and only threw that birther nonsense out there because Cruz was kicking his ass! Trump knew stupid people like you would eat that shit up! Trump also played the birther card on Marco Rubio, who, obviously, was born in the United States. Some Trumptards have also claimed Bobby Jindal, who was also born in the USA isn’t natural born. You can’t fix stupid!

      From Harvard Law on Natural Born:

      From Dr William Jacobson, a Constitutional law expert:

      BTW, retards have challenged Cruz’s natural born status in numerous court cases this year. Every one of those idiots was laughed out of court by the judges!

      No go be stupid on someone else’s time!

  15. I shared and thank you so much for such a clear concise blog that is 100% accurate!

  16. susiepuma

    What a piece of crap & you have the nerver to claim you & the fraud Cruz are so much holier than thou…… Cruz is a phony & has played all of you followers like a violin……how sad

    • Gary P Jackson

      You misspelled “Donald Trump”, idiot!

      You Trump cultists are the ones who have been played by a DEMOCRAT con-man!

  17. You are sick like all the ones in congress we voted for to STOP Obama
    and look what they have done. It’s people like you we want out. We’ve spoken. You had your chance and look where our great country is today.!!!!!
    Men in womens restrooms, God out of our country, 19,000,000,000.00 in dept, we are no longer a great country, ISIS out of control, ILLIGALS now taking over, Obama letting prisoners out like crazy, AMERICA laughed at all over the world, Obama care, a joke, no good paying jobs, collages allowed to teach anti AMERICA , liberal judges, same sex marriage, families no more, no maurals in this country, no love for you neighbors, DO UNTO ME AS I WANT YOU TO, our own GOD, hate cops, hate each other, and you want CRUZ, 45 years old knows constitution, senator since 2012, running for president since 2013, now what on earth do you think he has done to make AMERICA great again??????????
    Lord God forgive us for taking you out af this country and drive out all evil in this country in JESUS name Amen.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Peggy, Ted Cruz has been one of the few in Congress who HAS tried to stop Obama and his thug government. Meanwhile, while Donald Trump was FUNDING every evil son-of-a-bitch in Congress, including the GOP turds while CRUZ was FIGHTING THEM! Cruz stood up and called out McConnell and others for the LIARS that they are. Trump has sucked up to McConnell and of course his fellow Orange despot John Boehner!

      I will NEVER forget that your god-king-daddy Trump FUNDED Mitch McConnell’s rather successful 2014 effort to DESTROY the Tea Party and the Conservative movement. Trump is on the side of the Devil, and always has been.

      Ted Cruz is far more than his time in the Senate. Cruz has a LONG history, and successful record of defending Liberty and Freedom against some of the most evil people on earth. Cruz has a resume most would kill for.

      Trump’s ONLY contribution to mankind is his support and funding of pure evil. That piece trailer trash doesn’t care about YOU or anyone else. He is all about Trump. As others have stated, he is Obama with a bad comb-over! Both are malignant, narcissistic sociopaths.

      Not ONCE has Donald Trump ever talked about Liberty or Freedom, or about REDUCING the size of government. On the contrary, Trump is a BIG GOVERNMENT liberal, like every other democrat on earth. Trump’s default mode is FASCISM and authoritarianism. He is more dangerous than anyone who ever ran for President on a major party ticket. The very essence of everything that is not only wrong with politics, but mankind in general.

      It is our duty as Americans to stop Trump from being the Republican Party nominee, and his best old gal pal Hillary from being President! We will NEVER stand for either one of these lying, corrupt, evil shitweasels!

    • What has Trump done to “make America great again?”
      He’s hired H1B workers for Mars A Lago rather than Americans from Florida. I guess there’s no unemployment for Americans in Florida?
      He’s backed Democrats for decades-including Clinton, DiBlasio, Schumer and Pelosi. He gave $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation which is basically a fund that supports Hillary.

      He’s gone bankrupt four times-which contrary to his own dialog is NOT a normal part of doing business. In doing so he left all his suppliers stuck with the debt for supplies and services his company used which in turn meant they had to cut expenses, lay off workers and close their doors. What is worse, the casino bankruptcy was during a time when industry wide casinos were doing quite well. This speaks to mismanagement.

      Trump has been involved in a number of shady deals including various large building and vacation facilities which demanded huge up front deposits and were never built. From Florida to California, Trump’s name is associated with fraud.

      Trump University bilked people desperate to better their lives promising them training and insight on the real estate market. Instead they were taken for on average $35,000 for training they did not receive. This is now a three state Federal class action lawsuit involving hundreds of people. What is especially damning is that Trump on Fox News Sunday claimed “those people didn’t lost much money” in regards to this. I don’t know about you, but $35K is a lot of money to middle class families like mine.

      Trump has indulged in a litany of attacks against other candidates and their families using tabloid journalism to do so. In fact now that we know Trump has a history of using his “Mr. Barron” persona to plant stories beneficial to himself, I think we should learn the “two unnamed sources” for the Ben Carson story in Iowa. How come the Trump campaign was the only one not to retweet the story? Was it because they knew it was planted? Why was a Trump friendly CNN reporter taken off air the following week with no explanation? Connect the dots!

      Since last week Trump has said that The Wall was “just a suggestion”, that he wants higher minimum wages, that he won’t self-fund. He said he won’t release his tax returns which has been a normal move for all candidates since 1976. If Trump won’t abide by that 1976 tradition, then why should delegates be bound by a 1976 tradition that was rescinded in 1980? Use your good brain and make a rational decision beyond the slogan jingoism of Trump.

  18. Cheri' Lee

    Thx, Gary. I very much enjoyed reading this awesomely informative way to go forward to help save our country.
    I’ll do all that I can to help get this information out wherever I am. Including, handing out printouts of it when I get back to my home state this Wednesday.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks Cheri’! I know America can always count on you to have our back! You’ve always worked hard, now it’s time to go into overdrive!

  19. TJ

    Thank you, Mr. Jackson! This should be required reading by all delegates. They truly are the firewall that can stop The Fraud known as tRump. I will tweet this every day if necessary.

  20. Tom Coyne

    You have written a fantastic piece. Thanks. I have a shorter one that I hope you will think is useful:

    Donald Trump will be a disaster for the GOP and for America if he becomes the Republican nominee. If elected President, Trump will be a catastrophe.

    Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist and a pathological liar. Trump has no principles aside from self-aggrandizement and personal wealth-seeking. Trump is profoundly amoral. Trump does not understand history, political philosophy or economics. He knows little about current affairs. He has never participated in policy formation or public administration.

    Donald Trump is utterly unsuitable for the Presidency due to his categorically abnormal psychology, his markedly poor character and his near-total lack of relevant knowledge and experience.

    By nominating Donald Trump the GOP will be abandoning its platform and its traditions and instead it will be identifying itself solely with a plainly unworthy man.

    There is no rational defense of Donald Trump’s candidacy nor is there any credible way to run as a Republican down-ballot from Trump without denouncing him unreservedly. Donald Trump’s presence on the ballot would weaken every other Republican running for office.

    The only way the Republican Party can avoid grievously wounding itself and our nation is for the delegates to the GOP National Convention to refuse to nominate Donald Trump.

    The justification for this action is straightforward and it survives any criticism of whatever process is used: Donald Trump is uniquely and entirely unqualified to be President of the United States.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks Tom@! I agree, you say it very well!

      Donald Trump is uniquely and entirely unqualified to be President of the United States.

      I couldn’t have said it better!

  21. Nancy Clark

    Outstandingly accurate and beautifully precise.
    But I am concerned no one mentions that Trump and Hillary are actually cousins, descended from King Edward III. This should be exposed as this lineage is a Rothschild Illuminati lineage. Trump is also descended from King Richard III. Plus Trump graduated from a Jesuit college. These are all warning signs of danger ahead.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I had to laugh, it’s usually the Trumptards who bring up the wild-assed conspiracy theories! I’m far less worried about the Illuminati and family ties than Trump’s actual financial ties to Hillary and her fellow democrats! Trump deep ties to George Soros, an an ACTUAL WWII Nazi, are far more troubling than the Freemasons!

      BTW, almost every white Anglo-Saxon America has ties to historic English figures. Hell, Sarah Palin is related to Princess Dianna, and even Obama has ties to British aristocracy!

      At any rate, trump is dangerous.

      • You are so misleading. Rafael (Ted) Cruz met his NAU via the CFR wife Heidi while working for the NWO Bush Administration. How dare you put out LIES. #NeverNWONAUCanadianCruz

      • Gary P Jackson

        OK, retard. Heidi Cruz NEVER worked for the Council on Foreign Relations EVER.

        Heidi’s ONLY ties to the CFR is a WHITE PAPER she wrote DENOUNCING the notion of a “North American Union” similar to the European Union. Heidi was TOTALLY AGAINST IT, warned of what a disaster it would be [just like the EU is] and instead supported free trade.

        The only liar here is YOU and your fellow Trump sucking, Alex Jones loving retards who continue to spread this bullshit!

        You PIGS are what’s wrong with this country and why you and garbage like Donald trump MUST be not only defeated, but knocked completely on your asses forever!

        No go be stupid elsewhere.

  22. Linda Guy

    Gary I just shared a link to your excellent article on Ted Cruz’s official Facebook page. Thanks!

  23. TRUMP 2016! The ONLY one who will TAKE DOWN the NWO psychos and puppets in the District of Criminals! #NeverNWOCanadianCubanCruz

  24. Your comment is awaiting moderation. I guess you do not like our 1st Amendment.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I suggest you read our Comment Policy

      Oh, and Trumptard, the 1st Amendment was written to prevent the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT from censoring your speech. This is NOT the federal government!

      Now, understand THIS, moron, we moderate our comments. We DO NOT sit at the computer 24/7 waiting to see if someone comments so we can approve, or disapprove them! We publish some 95% of all comments presented to us, even ridiculously stupid ones, such as the ones your dumb ass offered up previously!

      As per our Comment Policy:

      We also reserve the right to ridicule, castigate, denigrate, and otherwise make fun of those who make ridiculous statements that are just begging for it.

  25. I will share this with my fellow Oregon Republicans. Our primary is this Tuesday and state convention is in June. A clear eyed understanding of the rules is crucial and I appreciate your thoroughness, it is helpful as I make my decision on running for a delegate slot.

  26. GLisehora

    Thank you for posting this open letter. I have posted the link on Twitter and strongly recommend all, especially delegates, take the time to read it. I have watched Ted Cruz closely since January 2013 and researched his history over time and find your description of him matches exactly what I have found. I have never seen him lie or waver. He is the rock solid constitutionalist with the mental clarity, vision and acumen to lead us in turning this country around. With 2 months to go and Donald Trump being given more rope with which I expect he will further expose his incompetence, I have real hope that a majority of delegates will come to agree with the arguments you provide in this letter. The delegates have been elected as representatives of the rest of us. They will be in the crucible of pressure, charged with the task of choosing what is best for the USA and likewise for the Republican Party. Their goal should be to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Donald Trump would ignore and trample the Constitution. Ted Cruz will revere and restore to rightful prominence the Constitution. He will do so with the same honesty and integrity that he has demonstrated throughout his life. I join you in encouraging them to nominate Ted Cruz. He is the best choice for president in 2016.

  27. Diane Fryling

    I dont agree with many of your points and the trump campaign threatened a protest not violence.. You and the cruz followers are going to tear the party apart and hand over the election to a lying corrupt clinton.. Hope you are prepared for the same ol shit we have endured for the last 8 long racist divided years

    • Gary P Jackson

      The only ones tearing the GOP and the country apart are you idiots who support Trump! He is more vile and divisive than Obama. And YES, many of us have received death threats. Decent humans will NEVER support Trump, ever.

  28. Tony Gator

    You might also note that Trump’s impending nomination has empowered Congressional leadership to suppress & threaten conservatives in the caucus. McConnell has become emboldened to defeat potential opponents with large campaign expenditures. (Note Young in INSEN.) Likely the same thing is happening in the HR.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Indeed! As I may have noted earlier Donald Trump FUNDED Mitch McConnell’s successful 2014 effort to attack and destroy the Tea Party and the Conservative Movement during the mid-term elections. He is an enemy of all that is great and good about America.

  29. You are long winded losers. Trump people at the convention will bash you to pieces. He was nominated fair and square. The reason you lost is because majority of the electorate know that our GOPe have been sold out to the liberals for decades now. Ryan looks like a Muslim and acts like a Muslim. Worse than Obama. And you’re worried about Trump? Haha. Every excuse you give against Trump are exactly the very reasons we reject the entire GOP senate & House. You had your chance and you votes for mass Muslim immigration, you have bomb to Iran, you depleted our military. You funded Obama Care, you failed to close borders or export those who flooded in. You allowed sanitary cities to infect our nation. You have liberals every thing they wanted. You sided with Obama to expand our debt by trillions and trillions. You invade our state rights, you fail to protect the religion of Christionity while you favor Islam. You give more money to illegals than citizens. You allow criminal al illegals to commit crime and let them go but you prosecute us to the full extent of the law for the most minor infraction. You think you will be able to take the nomination from Trump? Over our dead bodies. You liars, cheaters, fake conservatives who stand for full destruction of our country and open borders. And destruction of our safety, economy, and our nation itself. YOU, and all of you like Ryan, Boehner, Romney, Cruz, Kasich, Bush, Little Marco, Graham, McCain are all traitors to party, to the nation and should be hung for reason alongside your soul mates, Hillary and Obama. Get the F outta the way, cuz we are taking our country back.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks for proving our point, you violent, raving lunatic! Insane people like you are EXACTLY why we reject Trump and everything he stands for!

      BTW, idiot TRUMP is the one who funded Reid and Pelosi and made ObamaCare possible! Trump is one of the reasons everything you claim to hate in politics exists! He has SUPPORTED the very ideology and politicians you claim caused all your problems!

      As for me, I have been fighting for Liberty and Freedom, and against filthy hate spewing mobs, all my life! You and your fellow Trump cultists represent every evil that decent human beings have fought against throughout time!

      But thanks for playing!

    • Trump is more conservative than both Bushes, Dole, McCain, and Romney, but I’m sure the Never Trumpers had no problem voting for these RINOs when they were the nominee. They aren’t fooling anyone and would prefer the evil witch Hillary over a true patriot like Trump.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Trump can’t even SPELL ‘conservative” let alone BE one! If we are calling people RINOs, well, hell, Trump is the KING RINO!

        Many of us held our noses and voted for Dole, McCain, and Romney because they were, at least, REPUBLICANS. Trump is a filthy, lying corrupt DEMOCRAT who has absolutely NOTHING in common with any Conservative or, for that matter, any decent human being. He is no patriot, and that’s for damned sure!

        Hillary is evil, but Trump [who has been one of her biggest supporters and financiers] is JUST AS EVIL. And let me tell you, when the choice is between the “lesser of two evils” the proper choice is to reject BOTH of them! The lesser of two evils is STILL pure evil!

        Never Trump means exactly what it says: Never EVER Trump.

        We warned every one of you cultists what would happen if you hitched your wagon to this lying corrupt DEMOCRAT, and it’s happening! You created this disaster, now OWN IT!

  30. Snappie

    My Goodness people…Sarah Palin is a complete disgrace to the Republican Party just like Trump…..Heck I Don t even think the Devil Dems would want either of them. They are show bots… Little Robots that wish to spout their mouths off with their LIES and empty garbage nonsense…..Good bye~~~~so long……

    • Gary P Jackson

      I’ve spent the better part of a decade supporting Sarah Palin, setting the record straight, and along with our team, helping her. I didn’t bother me when she endorsed Trump. But when she started attacking Ted Cruz, a true friend to her, with hate in lies, in order to push Trump, I along with many more, was done.

  31. As a Conservative of 48years I have no interest in voting for Trump. He’s radioactive and a lifelong Liberal. This is unbelievable that delegates would even consider nominating a Liberal to lead the conservative party. #nevertrump. I’m dedicated to whatever can be done to totally humiliate Trump and nominate real conservative.

  32. Rebecca Britton

    This is a dumb move.
    As long as your candidate wins the rules are fine. If delegates do as you suggest the party will implode.
    Texas convention was poorly attended and as long as the party changes the rules every time they in a minority they will not raise money, will have low voter turn out and a new party will be formed.

    • Gary P Jackson

      The Texas convention was WELL attended and guess what, every single attendee was holding a “Thank You Ted Cruz” sign! I love how you Trumptards lie when the truth would work better!

      IF the delegates end up being “bound” to Trump it will BE because, as you put it, the PARTY somehow changes the rules. Currently the rule is NO delegate is bound to any candidate and all delegates are allowed to vote their conscience. PERIOD. Obviously you didn’t actually read the article, or you would know the delegates have only been bound to state votes ONCE in GOP history, and THAT was a result of, as YOU put it, the PARTY changing the rules.

      The reason why there is so much push-back on Trump is because he is completely unacceptable as a human being, let alone as a presidential candidate. He is a sure loser in November. As such the DELEGATES have to make a decision, be rubber stamps for a bunch of angry, mindless cultists, who have abandoned the American Constitution, and American values for their “messiah” who they think will “save” them, or use their brains and duty to God and Country and chose a suitable candidate to represent the Republican Party in November.

      It’s no more difficult than that.

  33. Zem Gual

    Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds as God and Truth are incomprehensible and dogma and ideology are idolatry which detracts from evidence based realism. The feudal casuistry of scrupulosity hides truth at all costs through the high priests of academia and media.

  34. Dee Healey

    Scanned your letter. Why are you intiminidated by Donald Trump. Your opinion is based on emotion. Ted Cruz had made serious wrong turns. Lied on many issues. Caused his wife to have a near breakdown.
    Trump’s speaking without PC can be intimidating for some men. Trump has the skill to fix our issues. Cruz is career politician and is detached from us.
    Please research the critical situation we are in and know we cannot not all be wrong. Vote for Trump

    • Gary P Jackson

      Intimidated by Trump? No, just repulsed! Trump is a pig. Trump is a corrupt, DEMOCRAT pig! He is the KING of cronyism, and not fit to hold ANY elected office.

      The only liars are Trump and the raving lunatics, like you, who support him. How pathetic is it that you idiots get your “news” from the National Enquirer, a rag run by one of your Orange god-king’s best friends! You and that pig Trump have told so many lies about Ted Cruz and his wife. Trump even accused Ted Cruz’s father of playing a part in the MURDER of one of our most beloved President. If it was me, and MY father had been accused of that by Trump, I would STILL be beating the shit out of Trump! You wouldn’t be able to pull me off him! Trump’s accusations, are beyond anything a decent human would do. Pure garbage. Of course, the trailer trash that supports him, lapped it all up!

      You idiots think being “non-PC” equals a license to be a complete and total asshole! It doesn’t! You want a bully and a fascist to carry your banner. Normal, decent human beings do not.

      As for being a career politician, TRUMP has been running for President since 1987! He was the Reform Party candidate in 2000! His career as a politician is FAR longer than Ted Cruz’s! Trump is this generation’s Pat Paulson!

      BTW, stupid, MOST of Ted Cruz’s career has been as a consumer advocate, he served as a Director of the Consumer Division at the Federal Trade Commission, where he performed brilliantly, or as an attorney. Ted Cruz was the youngest, and longest serving Solicitor General of Texas. His job was to defend Liberty and Freedom at the United States Supreme Court, again, something he did BRILLIANTLY, winning numerous high-profile, landmark cases, cases that will forever define Liberty and Freedom, and strengthen our basic human rights.

      It should be further noted that while Ted Cruz was LITERALLY saving the 2nd Amendment, our basic human right to keep and bear arms, at the United States Supreme Court, after putting together a coalition of 31 states’ Attorneys General, your boy Donald Trump was funding and supporting the very people who want to take your basic human rights, GUARANTEED by the 2nd Amendment, AWAY FROM YOU!

      Yes, Trump is a pig. A liar, a pig, and an enemy of the Constitution, the Republic, and basic human decency.

      Never Trump MEANS Never EVER Trump. PERIOD!

  35. Gary Jackson,

    You are your kind are a endangered political species soon to be extinct. Trump will win the presidency, despite efforts from the NeverTrump movement (which is shrinking every day) to derail him and act as a fifth column to elect the treacherous witch Hillary. You people aren’t fooling anyone when you say you are against the traitor as your throw away votes for a no win independent only aids the witch. Too bad for you there aren’t enough Never Trumpers to get her elected.

    • Gary P Jackson

      We’re not advocating a third party, or independent run, you blithering idiot! We are advocating that the Republican delegates exercise their duly elected RIGHT to REJECT Trump as the nominee and pick a better, and winning candidate, like Ted Cruz.

      Next time you should try reading the articles before commenting, or have someone read them [and explain them] to you!

      • empty pockets

        Excellent article, Gary. I’ve read pretty much all the same things elsewhere (like RedState, etc.) but yours is a very good summation. Thank you.

        I entertained for a brief time the possibility of voting for Trump if he became the nominee–at the very beginning when I thought certainly the odds of that were nil and none. But his position on my “list” never made it above #17. Then, as he began to gain real supporters (as opposed to paid ones) I started researching him and he fell right off the bottom of my list. Even so, I didn’t really think he’d stick it out and I certainly never foresaw the $2 billion in free adverts for him by MSM as they studiously, purposefully ignored Ted Cruz as hard as they could I was and remain solidly for Cruz). When they HAD to cover him, it was grudging and as negative as they could manage. The media arm of the status quo “establishment” decided to choose our candidate to run against their “precious”. They’d covered him for decades and knew he’d likely lose but if he did win, they could work with that because he would “deal” and no matter what idiocy he did (and he WOULD do dangerously idiotic things), the ratings would be enormous for them.

        I’m still torn between believing he means to stay in and win–by any means possible–and believing he’s a shill for his long time good friend Hillary, intending to throw it to her one way or another.

        I agree that some of his supporters are the sorts of creatures most kindly referred to as scum. Unfortunately, many others are good people who have been willfully conned. They are those who pay little to no attention on any regular basis to politics, being kept busy trying to work and take care of themselves and their families. What they do know they get from facebook or network “news” or even cable “news” plus a few places online–though they trusted many they should have not. Due to Obama’s intentional destruction of our economy and Constitution and his lawless intrusion into virtually every nook and cranny of our lives, they finally felt the pain…and reacted in anger. But many decades of dumbing down in the progressive indoctrination system we call “education” and the politically correct “evolution” of far too many faiths to accommodate the progressive attacks on our values and culture they were adrift.

        Then there was this loudmouthed “reality TV” actor, who echoed their own anger, lashed out–finally–at the media (who’ve richly deserved it for a very long time) and told them “I’ll FIX it all. Believe me.”

        So they did. It was easier which is what they’ve been conditioned to do–follow orders. I hate what they’re doing to us all in their willful ignorance but I don’t hate THEM. Once they made their decision, they stick with it in spite of all else because they are suffering from what Aldous Huxley called “vincible ignorance”. “They don’t know because they don’t want to know.” They’ve been conditioned to be sheep–“sheeple”.

        But as you point out, all the true believers and the good but willfully ignorant of his supporters are a minority of a minority Party. More disturbing are those jumping on the Trump train NOW. They know who and what he is and are still lining up behind him. That’s a level of premeditated denial and willful support of anti-American values/culture that is as bad as the evil it enables.

        I still hold out hope the delegates will do their job as Americans first(God and country), Party second. But if they fail and that orange clown with the dead animal on his head becomes the R nominee, I will vote another Party (hopefully Austin Peterson will get the Libertarian nomination. Matalin has come out endorsing him) or I’ll leave the top blank. I refuse to enable either the unindicted career criminal or her decades long co-conspirator in crime. If one is elected it will be without any assistance from me. (side note–I think she would be less likely to start WWIII and more likely to get opposition from whatever GOP survive the down ballot bloodbath but I still could never vote for Monica Lewinski’s ex-boyfriend’s wife, Haganella)

        I’ve played the bat-the-shit back at the dingbats on some sites with the Trumpists–vicious and sane. In doing so, I’ve distilled my final argument down quite a bit. I’d like to share it with you…I hope you don’t mind:

        We are to trust Donald, believe him. How? Every single thing he says he has also said the opposite, in the same sentence sometimes. On the bad “deal” (Iran or TPP) he gave 7 different answers in 30 seconds to Baier. Which one should I believe? He began with “Yes…but no…” then verbally wandered around incoherently. He quite seriously attacked the brother of one former president and son of another former president by accusing his brother of participating in 9/11..on national TV in a GOP debate tens of millions just in the US watched. Should I believe as he does on that? He’s spouted many conspiracy theories and even created a new one. He’s lied nearly constantly, then lied about lying even when he’s shown video of him lying. Then he lies again and whines or lashes out at the one who “caught” him. He’s told us all his “promises” and boastful plans are merely suggestions. He’s assured us that “everything is negotiable”. (NO, it is NOT. Facts, for instance, are not negotiable.) He’s assured us (if that could be believed) that he always wins though that is provably false. But it is true that many times HE wins even when HE is the cause of many others losing everything. Yet I should trust he’ll not do that to me?

        Yet we’re being told, bullied into trusting him with the most powerful office in the world, access to a nuclear arsenal, is what will save this nation. We’re told to forget his fascist bent, his extreme narcissism, his impulsive and repulsive behavior, his attachment to every conspiracy theory, his choices of “best people” who are “best” only at douchebaggery or showing off their sublime ignorance, his admission he surrounds himself with less successful people so they’ll listen to his stories and respect him (which I find repugnantly pathetic), his further whine that “I can be anybody I need to be” (though there is zero evidence he could or could hold that “pose” long enough to keep from sparking WWIII)…

        See, that’s a great deal of Trust I’m being urged and prodded into giving a slate filled with incoherent babblings. He speaks in complete sentences when others write them for him. He assures us he is “smart”, he “has good words” and a “good brain”…using the language of a child–either because that’s the best he can do now or that’s the best his cultists can understand…or both. He is completely incurious about learning anything, believing he already knows all. A true, rich eiitist.

        We are being pushed to sign a 4 year contract, binding only on US–not him, the specifics of which we are not allowed to know (just like the Iran “deal”, the TPP, Obamacare and other uber evil crap). The only thing he has said with certainty, with no backing away or change of mind or evolution is…”everything is negotiable”, said by a creature who has, does and always will put his own interests above all else.

        I do not sign contracts I cannot read that would only be binding on me. I don’t sign blank checks, either. Voting for the Great Pumpkin would be doing both. #NeverEverTrump, #NeverHillary


      • Gary P Jackson

        Thank you for your well written response. I very much agree: #AlwaysConstitutionFirst Many blessings ~ Gary

  36. Emily McBurney

    You underestimate us Never Trumprers. We are never going to vote for Trump for all the reasons you pointed out about how bad he would be for America. We’re not angry or stupid enough to stay home. We’re as determined as you that we get this right. Please don’t label us as ones who don’t care about the down ballot. It’s insulting. Hey, we’re all in this together. Reserve your negative comments for Trumpers not us. 😊

    • Gary P Jackson

      Wait a minute here! I’ve been advocating that NO ONE stay home and that EVERYONE vote down ballot! I’ve been saying that since day one!!

  37. Trump is the only man in this country that can repair the damage done by the current administration and our current Congress!
    I wish the Cruz followers would research and find the issues that caused Cruz to drop out…such as.
    Article II, Section 1, Clause 5…Natural Born Citizen
    1.Born ON US Soil.
    2.Mother must be a US citizen when child is born…? dud she have British or Canadian citizenship
    3. Father must be US citizen or Naturalized…Rafael did not become an American citizen until 2005.
    There is much to investigate about Rafael.
    Ted Cruz’ parents did not obtain “naturalization” papers upon their return from Canada…if he had the papers, he would not have his and his parents documents SEALED. FOIA efforts have been denied. Therefore…

    • Gary P Jackson

      Hey stupid, Ted Cruz was BORN a United States citizen by virtue of his MOTHER. That makes him NATURAL BORN. IF he had needed to be “naturalized” after birth, he would NOT be “natural born”! You stupid Trumpers need to give the birther nonsense a rest. Even your orange god-king has admitted he only uses this nonsense to attack Cruz because Ted was kicking his ass!

      BTW, moron, several federal courts have already ruled on Cruz’s eligibility. They say YES.

      As for Trump, he’s one of the biggest financiers of the most evil of democrats, the ones who CAUSED the mess we are in now. It takes a very special kind of stupid to think he is now the one to fix things!

  38. Pingback: I Was A PUMA Then, And I’m A PUMA Now *Open Thread* | Rabblerouserruminations's Weblog


  40. Joel P.

    “Funny, considering your orange god-king is the one who chose the PRESIDENT of the Council on Foreign Relations [the GLOBALISTS, the New World Order guys] as his top foreign policy adviser!”

    Ted Cruz’s own wife worked for the CFR. She endorsed their North American Union agenda. Cruz’s own foreign policy team was full of big name neocons and war-mongering globalists. Your attacks Trump are even more relevant to Cruz. Your argument discredits itself.

    “What you Trumptards are is CULTISTS. Mindless zombie cultists. You are incredibly and dangerously stupid.”

    You project. The cultists are the ones who are still denying reality. Tilt at all the windmills you like, but Trump will get the nomination. Get used to it.

    The cultists are the fools who think Cruz is some kind of Constitutionalist conservative outsider when the evidence shows he’s the opposite.

    Enjoy your delusion.

    • Gary P Jackson

      “Ted Cruz’s own wife worked for the CFR. She endorsed their North American Union agenda.”

      A complete and total FUCKING LIE! Of course, we wouldn’t expect any less from you morons who think National Enquirer and Prison Planet are legit news sources!

      The fact is Heidi Cruz’s ONLY connection to the Council on Foreign Relations was a ONE PARAGRAPH white paper she wrote DENOUNCING the idea of a “North American Union” or any kind of consolidation of governments, such as the European Union. She, instead, favored strong trade relations, and PRIVATE SECTOR funding, that were, and still are, benefiting everyone involved. Heidi was never employed by the CFR or any group related to them, dumb ass.

      HERE is what SHE wrote, moron:

      We must emphasize the imperative that economic investment be led and perpetuated by the private sector. There is no force proven like the market for aligning incentives, sourcing capital, and producing results like financial markets and profit-making businesses. This is simply necessary to sustain a higher living standard for the poorest among us — truly the measure of our success. As such, investment funds and financing mechanisms should be deemed attractive instruments by those committing the capital and should only be developed in conjunction with market participants.

      BTW, the so-called “North American Union” paper itself was benign and didn’t actually suggest such a thing as a “North American Union,” you moron!

      HERE is what the paper actually starts out saying, you blithering goddamned IDIOT:

      “North America is different from other regions of the world and must find its own cooperative route forward. A new North American community should rely more on the market and less on bureaucracy, more on pragmatic solutions to shared problems than on grand schemes of confederation or union, such as those in Europe. We must maintain respect for each other’s national sovereignty.”

      This whole LIE was started by David Dewhurst, the former Texas Lt Governor, and an absolute piece of shit, who has ties to the Clintons [like your boy Trump] and John Podesta, a Clinton crony and a COMMUNIST. The retards at the John Birch Society, and that filthy liar Alex Jones helped push this bullshit along! Cruz kicked the shit out of Dewhurst and his filthy Washington Insiders when he won the Senate.

      BTW, moron, you need to learn what a “neo-con” is, it certainly isn’t Ted or Heidi Cruz! You retards continually use words and concepts you don’t understand! You’re actually stupider than the average democrat, something I once thought physically and scientifically impossible! You cultists defy all logic.

      You Trumptards need to find other news sources than National Enquirer and Alex Jones! The amount of stupid you idiots have generated, if it could be turned into usable energy, could power the entire world, for at least a year. I mean there is stupid, then there is the industrial strength stupid you clowns possess! And you wonder why decent SANE human beings laugh their asses off at all of you!

      The fact is, like your orange god-king, you pigs lie when the truth would work better. It’s pathological and a trait all democrats seem to possess.

      Now take your clown-show elsewhere, idiot. You are nothing but a liar and a fool. Enjoy your globalist, Anti-American freak-show that Trump is, and represents.

      Not my circus, not my clowns!

      • empty pockets

        Awesome rant. Must have felt really good. Sadly, when dealing with such obstinately willful ignorance, your time might be more productively spent explaining a card trick to a chicken…but that wouldn’t vent nearly as much of our justifiably accumulated frustration at the eagerness of so many Americans to repeat the same damned mistake made–TWICE–in electing the current tyrant wannabe.

        The Heidi Cruz one is a favorite of the orange comb-over king’s T[rue] B[eliever] zombies.

        We’re in shit up to our eyeballs if these creatures prevail.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Thanks! You know, I really did used to think there was nothing on earth stupider than a democrat. [or any kind of liberal/progressive/socialist] Trump and his cult has proven, conclusively, that I was 100% wrong! Trumpers make democrats look intelligent by comparison. Again, all one has to do is look to history, to understand how people who THINK they are desperate, with no hope, can allow their anger and frustration to overrule their brain. The German people did this in 1933 with disastrous results.

        The problem, of course, is too many people are looking for a “messiah” or “savior.” They want someone ELSE to make it all better. This is ALWAYS a recipe for disaster of biblical proportions! There is a reason why our founders created a Constitutional Republic, rather than some other form of government. We are a nation of laws, not man. When you invest yourself so fully in one man [or woman] rather than your country, and the principles on which it was founded, you are literally begging for disaster!

        I’m so saddened by what has happened to our country words aren’t sufficient enough to describe it. All I know is we MUST prevail, and we MUST stop this cult that has built up around Trump. This is just too dangerous for words!

        Again, thank you for you wonderful response. It brought a smile to my face!

  41. Lisa M

    Thank you Gary!! I will be sending this message out to as many as possible in hopes for a Cruz victory. God Bless!!

  42. Only the delegates can rescue America now!

    “In 2008, the RNC Legal Counsel legally interpreted the RNC rules and concluded that all delegates, regardless of state party rules, could vote for whomever he or she chooses at the Republican National Convention.

    “The significance of this legal interpretation by the RNC lawyers is that all delegates are free to vote for any candidate regardless of any such “binding.” Because the RNC was the organization that conducted this legal examination, their ruling trumps all state GOP rules.

    “In the past, ‘bound’ delegates have attempted to vote for a candidate they were not ‘bound’ to and not once have they been disallowed. Not only is there credible legal interpretation of this scenario, it has been found that there has never been a ‘bounded’ delegate forced upon his or her will to vote for a ‘designated’ candidate by his or her state GOP party.”

    The RNC legal counsel, in 2008: “The RNC does NOT recognize a state’s binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose.”

  43. Dana Ford

    Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders. Two symbols of how far off the course America has gone. I’m not anti-Trump, but unlike nearly all of his supporters, I see him for what he’s always been (note to Trumpsters, check out all his actions prior to when you first watched him on TV) a manipulative deal-maker who will do anything and deal with anyone to come out on top. The only hope for America is electing and supporting people like Cruz. Honest people that love the country more than themselves. This could very well be the last real election this nation has regardless of the outcome. We ARE that close to the brink. Chose wisely people, don’t go with the maniacal hordes or lying media, search the truth for yourselves.

    Gary, thanks for writing such a great history lesson! Too many people refuse to look at the wins and losses of the past for guidance and follow what the masses say. We need more like you out there in the trenches!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks Dana! And you are so right, Trump and Sanders are two sides of the same insane coin!

      I’m 100% Anti-Trump and what I am seeing out there is getting quite scary! Trump will never be President for many reasons, including several misguided 3rd party efforts by “name brand” Republicans. That’s why I see the effort to reject Trump in Cleveland as America’s only true hope.

      As you know, I spent over 30 years in the retail automobile business. That training gave me the ability to spot a con-man a mile away! I had Trump and his circus act pegged years ago! I don’t understand why others don’t get it. I mean it’s an obvious con.

      I’ll have a lot more in the coming days. Thanks for stopping by! Hope all is well your way!

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