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New SarahPAC Mailer Strongly Suggests Sarah Palin Will Mount A 2016 Presidential Bid

Sarah Palin at Reagan Ranch on Horseback

Governor Palin, horseback, at the Reagan Ranch in California

By Gary P Jackson

Many long time supporters of Governor Sarah Palin, those of us who have followed her career since early 2007, a year and a half before she was to be chosen as the Republican nominee for Vice President and became an international figure, have been wondering why the Governor has been silent now that several Republicans, including her good friend Ted Cruz, have announced they are officially in for 2016. Maybe, just maybe we have our answer.

Other than jabs at Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney in her Iowa speech, which prompted Rick Moran at PJ Media to say this ….

Palin sounds like a candidate to me. And she’s teeing off on Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, implying that their establishmentarianism is no better than the status quo — a potent theme that will resonate with the conservative base.
She also implies that Bush/Romney aren’t strong enough to get in the trenches with Hillary and the Clinton machine to duke it out. She certainly describes herself when she says she thinks the GOP candidate should be “considered a bit avante garde.” In fact, the way she describes the ideal candidate is like she’s looking in a mirror…

Palin may have other reasons for running, including denying Romney and Bush a cakewalk to the nomination. Her favorability ratings may be a liability, but her name recognition is far better than any other conservative candidate. Her entrance in the race would be a wild card that could peel off support from both establishment and conservative candidates alike.

I have one pick with Moran’s comments though. The last major poll that included Sarah Palin left her off as a potential candidate, but measured her favorables and unfavorables against a huge field of potential candidates. The 2014 poll had Palin’s favorability at 70%, among Republicans and Republican leaning independents. That’s UP from 67% in 2012 and considerably higher than anyone the pollster, Public Policy Polling, offered up as an actual candidate. Also, people shouldn’t dismiss lightly the fact that Governor Palin has been considered one of the Most Admired Women in the Word in Gallup’s annual survey since 2008, never being ranked lower than third on the list! Palin’s supposed unfavorability is more fantasy than fact!

Governor Palin has focused all of her energy, when it comes to 2016, on Hillary Clinton. She has hammered Hillary for not being able to multi-task, and use one phone for official government business, and one for personal use, going so far as to post a photo of herself, as Governor, holding her newborn son juxtaposed against Hillary’s claimed inability to figure it all out:

Sarah Palin Multi-tasking w Cellphones

In yet another scandal, Hillary was exposed as using her device for both personal and official State Department communications. A big no-no!

Earlier Governor Palin reminded Americans that while Hillary has erased her entire email history at the State Department, after using an illegal computer [something that would have anyone else already serving time in prison] Palin’s own e-mails were put under a microscope with the left wing Washington Post actually asking it’s readers to help scour through some 25,000 emails looking for the “juicy partsWaPo and it’s readers had hoped to find all kinds of incriminating evidence of SOMETHING, but instead found page after page of e-mails proving that not only was Governor Palin incredibly competent, but proved to be one of the hardest working public servants in the country. Something those of us who have followed Governor Plain for the better part of a decade already knew!

Sarah Palin email Truth

The Palin e-mails also put an end to the lie that she supported and took money for a “bridge to nowhere” when they revealed she wanted to give the money back, and earmark it for replacement of the I-35 Bridge that collapsed in Minnesota, killing and injuring many. Of course, as there was no legal way to do that, the money went to Alaska’s general fund. We have a link to many of Governor Palin’s official e-mails, as well as her outstanding record of accomplishments a Governor, here.

Several days ago Governor Palin posted this on Facebook:

America – ready for Hillary? Some of us are. Join us and begin here…

WATCH the Game-Changing New Video That Drops A Bomb On Hillary And Can Finish Her

A truth bomb of epic proportions …

She included a link to Western Journalism and the article America Rising Releases New Hillary Video: ‘Trustworthy?’

Governor Palin has consistently said she is “Ready for Hillary” and not in the way the former Secretary of State and world class criminal thinks!

Which brings us to a new mailer from SarahPAC that is making the rounds on Twitter. The letter is titled “I’m ready for Hillary. Are you? A second header proclaims “The First Shot: Clinton vs Palin” Along with the letter, is a copy of the front page of the Boston Herald, dated January 25, 2015 that screams MAKE WAY FOR SARAH and proclaims: GOP Strategists: A Palin ’16 bid is no joke

These mailers are sent to folks who support SarahPAC.

Here are a couple of the tweets, one showing the letter and the newspaper tear sheet, and one with just the newspaper:

The Boston Herald article is now hidden behind a pay-wall, but our friends at Conservatives4Palin archived it. Here’s the important part:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s announcement that she’s “seriously interested” in running for president in 2016 could shake up the GOP field, say strategists, who point to the former vice presidential hopeful’s strong base, fundraising ability and star power.

You’ve got to take her seriously because she can raise a lot of money, she has a big following and she has been through a national campaign, which is important to be competitive in a presidential primary,” Republican strategist Chris Brown told the Herald. “I think she really changes the field and she has the potential to hurt a lot of candidates — especially Tea Party conservatives.”


Former Alabama GOP Chairman Marty Connors said Palin “has built a career around being underestimated.
I would immediately put her in as a top- or mid-tier candidate if she decides to run,” Connors said.
[S]he has a built-in constituency and so she wouldn’t have to raise the money that some of the other candidates would and I think she’d be an exciting candidate that a lot of people would rally around.

As to raising money, I think Haley Barbour got it right when he said of Governor Palin a few years back: “She could raise enough money to burn a wet mule!” In case you don’t speak Mississippian, that means she can raise a hell of a lot of money! But I also agree with Connors, in that she is a known quantity and has not only a huge following, but the ability to attract the news media, who will follow her every move, like the second coming of Elvis!

Governor Palin’s media partner PassCodeCreative recently created a new video for SarahPAC Catch Me If You Can which reminds us about the big stir he bus trip caused a few years back!

Governor Palin and her family drove the media nuts, because she never gave them an itinerary, saying …. rightly so, her trip was about getting out and seeing America and talking to regular Americans, rather than a publicity stunt, like Hillary’s recent Scooby Do bus tour that was a complete and total flop! Governor Palin used this video to make fun of Hillary’s failed tour! And to poke the media again!

In the C4P article we mention above, Steve Flesher links to another Boston Herald article written around the same time by Adriana Cohen that explains the GOP needs a strong Conservative woman, if they intend to defeat Hillary Clinton [or Liz Warren, for that matter]

The GOP needs women on the ticket for many reasons, not least because it steals the Democratic Party’s thunder. They want to be the “first” at breaking cultural barriers and glass ceilings. With Hillary Clinton expected to be their front-runner in 2016, they’ll use her gender as a tactic to gin up support from their base — especially female voters.
I can already see Emily’s List pushing out emails nationwide saying, “Let’s make history by electing the first female president of the United States.”

Cohen goes on to say this about Hillary [and how Sarah is better]: [emphasis mine]

If you’re a female leader on the Democratic ticket, you’re a “hero” regardless of how many times you put your foot in your mouth, embarrass yourself or worse.

We haven’t forgotten Hillary Clinton saying that we should empathize with our enemies or that businesses and corporations don’t really create jobs. Both absurd statements that should disqualify any candidate — male or female — from any race, never mind the top slot.

But if you’re a female conservative? Watch out! Liberals will pounce and do everything they can to marginalize a conservative woman who runs for office no matter how educated, or talented, or accomplished she is. Liberals only “tolerate” others if they agree with them and follow their agenda.


The reality is Sarah Palin draws huge crowds at speaking engagements, has millions of social media followers and just as many supporters across the nation.

Hillary Clinton has been giving speeches to half-filled rooms.

Look, we have absolutely no idea what Governor Palin is going to do, but after she considered a 2012 run, for a long, long time, and then didn’t, causing a lot of disappointment among supporters, it’s hard to fathom she would do that again, especially as aggressive as this latest mailer is.

One of our longtime readers, Joy, made an interesting point a few days ago. If you remember, on September 3, 2011 Governor Palin made a powerful speech, to a massive crowd in Indianola, Iowa, which our Stacy Drake recorded.

While Governor Palin spoke of Liberty and Freedom, the main focus was crony capitalism.

Governor Palin has been going after in corruption in government for over 20 years, ever since her earliest days as the junior member of the Wasilla city council! She famously took down the entire Republican Party machine, in Alaska, which rivaled Chicago, and it’s thug politics, in it’s depths of corruption!

Just a few months after Governor Palin’s well received speech, Peter Schweizer’s brand new book: Throw Them All Out: How Politicians and Their Friends Get Rich Off Insider Stock Tips, Land Deals, and Cronyism That Would Send the Rest of Us to Prison was released.

The book caused a massive stir, as well as top billing on 60 Minutes. Congress passed a law [though later it was quietly neutered] banning lawmakers from insider trading. Both former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi [D-California] and current Speaker John Boehner [R-Ohio] have made tens of millions of dollars using secret insider information.

Joy noted that Peter’s new book: Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich which has caused the Clinton’s to loose their minds and their friends in the media a lot of sleepless nights trying to figure out how to protect Hill and Bill, just happens to be coming out at a time Governor Palin has been relentlessly hammering Hillary!

Peter’s new book, which is set for release May 5, 2015 is already a Number One Best Seller at Amazon!

I’m not sure Joy is off base here at all.

Most people know this, but Peter Schweizer served as Governor Palin’s foreign policy adviser after she left office and created SarahPAC. Peter literally wrote the books [plural] on President Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy, which Governor Palin had adopted as the basis for her own, adding new lessons learned.

What is interesting to me, is after serving under Palin, Peter has written exclusively about corruption in government. Clinton Cash will be his third Best Seller in a row on the subject.

Again, we have no idea what Governor Palin is up, but we have it from sources close to the family that her decision not to run in 2012 came down to strong opposition from her mother and her oldest son, Track.

That said, Governor Palin posted this on Facebook January 22, three days before the Boston Herald article was published:

Ha! Believe it or not I received this from… my mom!“:

Sarah Palin Hitchhiking

Take from that what you will!

Is it too early to say Palin-Cruz 2016?!? [or Palin-Jindal]

What exactly is “That woman” thinking about?

Sarah Palin in Western Wear Reflective Pose


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Sarah Palin: Human-Caused Global Warming? What a racket!


By Gary P Jackson

Yesterday was “Earth Day” and [not coincidentally] Communist terror leader Vladimir Lenin’s birthday. We spent the day talking about the scam of “global warming” and quoting actual conservationists and climate experts, who debunk the notion and rightly understand the “climate change” movement has more to with their hero, birthday boy Lenin, and his insane philosophy, than actual science.

There was another birthday this week. A one we are more than happy to celebrate: Trig Palin’s! [4/21] Governor Palin took to Facebook to post some photos of her son enjoying the day [and the fresh snow!] as well as to blast the fascist thugs who are pushing the global warming scam:

Celebrating the boys’ birthdays – in new snow on 4/20! Trig takes another lap on his restored ’88 Élan (thank you, Garret and Ellie!) while enjoying this “climate change” (also known as “seasons“).

100% Human-Caused Global Warming? What a racket. A money-making, politically-driven tool that ignores history to enable control freaks’ mandates that fundamentally transform your lifestyle and stall American progress.

Well, happy birthday, sons; may you and your generation never cave to Al Gore and his liberal idiotic ilk as elitists pretend to play God, claiming they control Mother Nature. They can’t predict this afternoon’s weather but foolishly demand trust in their supernatural power to predict it 5000 years from now. Stay strong, boys! We need men like you to un-do what’s been done to our country under liberal control. Meanwhile, enjoy the snow!

– Sarah Palin

Trig Palin Birthday 2015-1

Trig Palin Birthday 2015-God Bless America

Trig Palin Birthday 2015-2

Trig Palin Birthday 2015-3


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Dramatic Video: Senator Ted Cruz Announces His Bid for the Presidency


Your fight is my fight!

By Gary P Jackson

Texas’s Favorite Son, Senator Ted Cruz announces his candidacy for President in a powerful and dramatic video:

Cruz hits all the right notes, for sure. By being the first to officially announce his candidacy, he gets a leg up on fundraising, as well as media coverage …. both good and bad.

Of course, we are huge fans of Senator Cruz, and supported his campaign to defeat the Republican Establishment here in Texas, which despite what you may think, is just as bad as it is in Washington. In fact our GOP Speaker of the House bows to the whims of the democrats just like John Boehner does in DC! [and democrats are almost non-existent in the Texas legislature!]

Although Senator Cruz is short of executive experience, something that should be of some concern, he is no GOP version of Barack Obama. Senator Cruz has a very impressive resume:

Cruz was high school Valedictorian. Graduated Princeton: BA cum laud, and Harvard Law: Juris Doctor magna cum laud.

Cruz clerked for two Supreme Court justices. Was the first Hispanic to clerk for a Chief Justice [Rehnquist] in the United States

Cruz was the youngest and longest serving Solicitor General in Texas history. Ted was hand picked by Attorney General, now Governor, Greg Abbott.

As Solicitor General of Texas achieved an unprecedented series of landmark national victories, including successfully defending:

• U.S. sovereignty against the UN and the World Court in Medellin v. Texas;
• The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms;
• The constitutionality of the Texas Ten Commandments monument;
• The constitutionality of the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance;
• The constitutionality of the Texas Sexually Violent Predator Civil Commitment law; and
• The Texas congressional redistricting plan.

The National Law Journal has called Ted a key voice” to whom “the [U.S. Supreme Court] Justices listen.” Ted has been named by American Lawyer magazine as one of the 50 Best Litigators under 45 in America, by the National Law Journal as one of the 50 Most Influential Minority Lawyers in America, and by Texas Lawyer as one of the 25 Greatest Texas Lawyers of the Past Quarter Century.

Jose Ernesto Medellin was an illegal alien from Mexico convicted of gang raping and murdering two Houston, Texas girls: Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Peñ. Medellin was one of five illegal aliens who were convicted of raping and killing the girls, after they accidentally stumbled upon a gang initiation ritual in Houston. The gang was known as the “Black and Whites

When he was sentenced to death, it caused an international incident, with Mexico claiming Texas didn’t have the right to execute Medellin. Texas, on the other hand, said oh hell yes we do! It was Solicitor General Cruz who successfully argued that case before the United States Supreme Court. A case that also involved the United Nations and the World Court.

Medellin has since been executed according to Texas law.

Ted Cruz is an amazing speaker and a proven world class debater. He is amazing in person as a speaker. There’s a reason why Governor Sarah Palin not only endorsed Cruz for the Senate, but came to Texas to campaign for him.

We are reserving an endorsement at this time, but out of the potential candidates we know of, Cruz is the only one we can believe in. The only one we can trust. We’ll just have to see if anyone else, with a better record, as an executive, AND a Conservative, throws his [or her] hat into the ring.

Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz

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God Bless Michelle Malkin For Saying What Needed To Be Said About Scott Walker


By Gary P Jackson

Conservatives thirst for a leader, someone they can rally around. Lacking a real leader, they manage to latch on to every “flavor of the month” that comes along, no matter how far from being an actual Conservative their latest heartthrob may actually be. And if the lamestream media attacks their latest love interest, oh boy, they cling to him even harder! It’s become very knee-jerk, with these Conservatives taking a media attack on their new love, as absolute proof that person is “THE ONE!” [The old adage “they attack who they fear the most” ~ which isn’t always true]

I like the fact that Scott Walker has taken on the violent Union Thugs™ in Wisconsin. I like that Wisconsin is now a Right-to-Work state. But fighting billion dollar unions isn’t a Conservative thing, it’s simply a human rights thing.

The fact is, on the issues that matter most to Conservatives: stopping amnesty for illegal aliens and reforming education, Scott Walker sucks!

Scott Walker has been OFFICIALLY pushing amnesty for these criminal invaders for over a decade. And by “officially” I mean in his capacity as an elected official. As I have stated many times, amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens is an act of TREASON against the United States and the American people. PERIOD.

Walker claims to have “shifted” his position on amnesty, but if you read his statement he only disagrees with HOW Obama is handling amnesty, not amnesty itself. Like all “progressive” Republicans, it’s not about actually stopping an evil deed, but simply claiming they can manage that evil better than the other guys.

Walker is also on the wrong side of the Common Core debate. He is all for the nationalization of schools that first began under Jimmy Carter. [and Ronald Reagan had promised to end] We’ve seen the quality of education fall off the proverbial cliff since Washington, and not local school boards, have been in control of education. It’s one of the greatest evils the federal government has ever done to the American people.

Recently in Iowa, Walker showed he is also subservient to Big Ethanol, another great evil the government has created. I could go on for days about the evils of ethanol, and the cost of taxpayer subsidies, but if you are reading this, you already know what an evil scheme ethanol is, and the damage it’s done to the environment as well as our national fleet.

We love Michelle Malkin because of her no-bullshit attitude. She never puts party over principle. She is a fearless warrior, which is what we need if America is to survive. In an exclusive interview with Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle, Malkin reminds readers that on every issue we, as conservatives, care about, Scott Walker is in lock-step with Jeb Bush and other left-wing Republican scum-bags.

From the article:

Nationally syndicated conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, founder of the website Twitchy, tells Breitbart News that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker—a potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate—needs to be vetted. She also says Walker’s “problems” run much deeper than the decision to hire—then quickly let go of—pro-amnesty communications aide Liz Mair, who had taken shots at Iowa.

Scott Walker has much bigger problems than the ill-considered hiring and firing of one D.C. operative,” Malkin said in an email:

What does he really stand for and is he fully equipped to bear the slings and arrows of his enemies on a national and global scale? Yes, he fought Big Labor and has managed his state well. But grass-roots activists in his state have long been warning me of his ideological gymnastics on core issues: immigration and education.

He has been on the same side as the progressive Left and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Right: pro-amnesty, pro-massive legal immigration expansionist, and pro-Common Core. He’s been left, right, center, and all over the map.

She added that Washington-based GOP establishment forces are good at backing up establishment politicians, as they seemed to have tried to do to defend Walker and Mair.

The D.C. consultant class and Capitol Hill GOP operators are adept at swooping in to ‘rescue’ the campaigns of neophytes and molding them into Beltway barnacle tools,” Malkin said. “They did it with Spencer Abraham and Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. Face it: Many of the D.C. messaging ‘experts’ and ‘communicators’ DO have their own policy agenda and it is naive or stupid to believe they have no sway or influence on ambitious, outside the Beltway seekers of higher public office with no fixed principles.”

Malkin also stood up for the few reporters willing to pressure Walker to answer legitimate questions about Mair, and about his positions on issues like immigration and education.

I believe conservative journalists should not be mocked for asking GOP candidates or their staffers unorthodox, ‘rude,’ and uncomfortable questions,” Malkin said. “That’s called vetting.

This is a great article and a must read. There is much more here.

We thank Matthew Boyle, as well as Michelle Malkin, for standing up to those who are trying to pull one over on actual Conservatives who care about our nation. We MUST vet everyone who we consider for election to ANY office. This is something Sarah Palin has been preaching for years! Blindly following anyone who remotely sounds “conservative” is idiotic, as is following the crowd.

Michelle tweeted this a few days ago to drive that point home:

I absolutely agree with her! Groupthink is dangerous. Fuck groupthink!

As Conservatives, we’re supposed to have the intelligence to look past the bullshit and hype and figure things out. Let the other guys be sheep and play “follow the leader“!

The real and honest truth is, as Conservatives, we really don’t have a champion going into 2016. There truly is no one on the so-called “deep bench” of candidates that are champions of not only Conservatism, but Liberty and Freedom as well.

We are screwed, well and good.

And don’t give me, or anyone else, any of that “Reagan’s 11th Commandment” bullshit. Ronald Reagan famously ripped on Republicans who cared more about power than the American people. He ripped left wing Republicans a new one. And yes, I KNOW Reagan said that someone who agrees with you 80% isn’t 20% your enemy, and I agree with that. BUT when the 80% we agree on is inconsequential, and the 20% will destroy the very fabric of our society, then yes, that person is not just 20% my enemy, he [or she] is 100% my enemy.

Compromise is NOT a dirty word, and frankly, I think if we got partisan politics [and groupthink] out of the picture MORE than 80% of the nation [the entire nation] could sit down and agree on almost everything. BUT, there are some things that are not negotiable. One simply cannot compromise on core principles. If you are ready to throw away your core principles in the name of compromise, you are no better, and maybe even worse, than those who, if left unchecked, would destroy civilization, forthwith.

It’s funny, you NEVER see a democrat stray from their core principles, as evil as they may be, EVER. In fact, among democrats groupthink is mandatory and independent thought discouraged, and often punished.

I’m very disappointed that Scott Walker isn’t the “conservative savior” so many want him to be, but life’s hard. I suggest you wear a helmet!

Scott Walker, if elected president, would be an unmitigated disaster, just as would Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, or any of the other corrupt, pro-amnesty, Big Government crapweasels. If you are for amnesty, you are an enemy of the American people. Period.

2016 is going to be a tough election. The Republican Party “leadership” has been stabbing the American people, who gave them an unprecedented mandate to stop Obama, in the back [and the front] If we don’t get control of the party, and find a Pro-AMERICAN candidate, we’ll not only lose the White House, but Congress as well. And as evil as Barack Obama is, and as much irreversible damage as he has done, any democrat who would replace him, WILL be worse.

Vet every candidate, then re-vet them. Don’t be a sheep. The life of our nation is at stake. Act like it!

¡Sí, Se Puede! ~ Yes We Can! [hold EVERY politician accountable]


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Republican Party “Leadership”: More Useless Than Tits on a Boar Hog

Boehner And McConnell Address The Media At The Capitol

Pictured Above: Two of the most useless things known to man

By Gary P Jackson

Consider the much maligned male hog. A very useful animal whose inclusion of mammalian glands has been the subject of ridicule, and Southern slang, for generations. It’s become accepted fact that nothing on earth is more useless than “tits on a boar hog.” Friends, I’m hear to tell you, that after generations of learned discussions and scientific study, we have, in fact, found something that is not only more useless than said mammary glands on a male pig [generally considered them most useless things on earth] but to also dispel the notion that “tits on a boar hog” are, in fact, useless in any way.

First lets talk about pigs, then males, period [all of which are endowed with mammary glands]

Far from useless, pig farmers actually rely on the mammary glands of the domesticated pig to accurately predict the number of offspring that will be produced after mating said pig to a female pig. In fact, the number of teats on a male hog is said to be THE most important thing in hog production. The more teats the better! You see, it’s a very accurate predictor of how many babies will be produced after a mating. 14 seems to be the minimum number of teats desired, and it’s a 1:1 ratio of teats on the male hog to babies produced. [14 teats = 14 little piglets!] In fact the only useless males hogs, to breeders anyhow, are the ones with fewer than 14! Again, the more the merrier!

But lets consider the male mammal in general. Why would a guy need a mammary gland and what we are really talking about?: Nipples. Some would say “ appearance ,” which is true enough, but the real answer is timing.

According to scientists, in the mother’s womb all babies start out as female, and minus the male chromosomes, things stay that way. But it’s even simpler than that. You see, it’s a matter of timing. After the embryo is fertilized, and production on the baby is started, it takes a bit of time for all things to come together and determine what sex the baby will be. Meanwhile, the baby’s body, or “outer shell” if you will, is already developing, out of necessity. It’s simply easier for a baby, in the early stages of production, to be “fitted” in a manner which could accommodate a male or female, thus nipples on the male. There are other, more graphic similarities in early production, but you can go read a book to learn that!

BTW, automobile manufacturers use the same sort of production techniques!

Many autos, especially those with numerous options, are built to accommodate any and all varieties of a certain model, using block-off plates or having possibly unused brackets, as it’s cheaper and more efficient to build a car that can accommodate any option, from the outset, rather than having to add various brackets or have different fascias and such, for different models. Note this applies to less expensive models more than high-end luxo-barges.

Nowhere in automotive manufacturing is this seen than on your dashboard. Especially if you buy economy models that offer an upscale version. If you really cheaped-out and bought the “econo-maxx” version of whatever soul sucking appliance that sits in your driveway, you’ll find numerous block-off plates on your dashboard, or areas that can be punched-out to install more accessories. These serve two important functions, beyond not forcing the manufacturer to create numerous dashboards for each car line, thus making each car more expensive. These block-off plates keep you from having a bunch of holes in your dash, and serve to remind you what a cheap bastard you are!

The bottom line though is dashboards with block-off plates, like males with mammary glands, and most especially male swine, are VERY useful. Far more useful than ….

…. the Republican Party “leadership” [pictured below]

GOP clown-car

In fact, the GOP is so useless we should change the old saying “useless as tits on a boar hog” to “useless as the GOP” and do it now! In fact, while conventional wisdom says the pig and his predicament is the most useless, we can, with great confidence, say to you, absolutely NOTHING on earth is, or has ever been, more useless than the Republican Party “leadership.”

This isn’t a new thing, by any stretch of the imagination, and there isn’t enough bandwidth in all of computerdom to list the various ways the GOP “ leadership ” is completely useless, but here are some highlights [lowlights, actually] of GOP uselessness.

One only has to look to the 2014 elections, and it’s aftermath, to see what a complete failure the GOP “leadership,” and it’s consultant class, is.

The American people spoke loud and clear in 2014! Not only did the tell the GOP they wanted them to fight Obama and his vile Anti-American democrats tooth and nail, giving them a historic majority in Congress, they also gave Republicans across the nation, even in deep blue states, resounding victories. For the first time in modern history Republicans control the majority of statehouses nationwide. They have controlled the majority of Governorships for some time now, with that number growing in 2014.

The American people could not have spoken more clearly.

The results of this historic majority for Republicans? Complete and total capitulation to Obama and his democrats. Absolute unconditional surrender.


There were two HUGE things driving voters to give the GOP an overwhelming majority nationwide: ObamaCare and amnesty for illegal invaders. Every single Republican, including crapweasels John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, ran on a total 100% repeal of ObamaCare. Where are we? Nowhere. Many of these GOP clowns are now talking about keeping the “good parts” of ObamaCare, parts that, of course, do not exist. So much for serving the American people. The majority of Americans opposed ObamaCare from the start. Opposition was so strong it helped fuel the creation of the Tea Party. Opposition has only grown much stronger since. ObamaCare was “deemed passed” in the middle of the night, using an illegal parliamentary procedure, without a single Republican vote, and few if any, democrats even read the damned bill.

The GOP took the Obama regime to court, but never used the argument that “deeming” legislation passed, without an actual, lawful vote, is … in fact … illegal. This allowed the Supreme Court, thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts, to save Obama and his democrats, by simply declaring ObamaCare a tax, something Obama’s own lawyers had strenuously argued it was NOT.

BTW, had far left “republican” Olympia Snowe not voted for cloture, so as not to “stand in the way of history” it’s unlikely ObamaCare would even exist today. Satan, undoubtedly, has a very warm place reserved for Maine’s curse on the American people, when she finally leaves for the after-life.

So, as much as we blame Obama and his viciously Anti-American democrats, it was the actions of a beloved member of the Republican Establishment who is actually responsible for ObamaCare. Far more useless to Liberty and Freedom than tits on a boar hog!

BTW, if you aren’t up on ancient GOP history, when the socialists under FDR created Social Security, a good idea in theory, but fatally flawed in execution, the democrats again argued it wasn’t a tax, only to see the High Court not only proclaim it a tax, but contend it was a tax that could go into the general fund, and NOT in some sort of “lock box” only to be used for Social Security contributions and distributions. This in fact, turned Social Security, a noble idea as far as it goes, into the greatest Ponzi Scheme ever created.

Before you start the name calling, consider this:

In 1940, when benefits were low, and most people didn’t live very long after retiring, there were 42 workers paying into Social Security for every one retiree drawing benefits. By 1960, there were only 4.9 workers paying in, for every retiree taking out.

Houston, we have a problem!

As of 2012, there were no more than 2.8 workers paying in for every one retiree taking out, all this according to the Congressional Budget Office. Oh, and unlike 1940, when people routinely died at age 65, if not a little sooner, people now routinely live beyond the age of 80.

With all of the illegal aliens that both Obama and the bought and paid for GOP “leadership” are falling over themselves to give free stuff to [without these criminal invaders having paid in a dime!] were are rapidly approaching a turning point where more people will be taking money FROM Social Security than are paying in! This will, of course, mean the collapse of the entire American economy, something democrat extremists like Saul Alinsky and professors Cloward and Piven theorized would end the United States as founded, and lead to a new “ Utopian ” socialist regime. Obama has been following their playbooks to the letter, while the Republican Party “leadership” sits silent and cowers in fear.

Bernie Madoff is rotting in prison, serving a 150 year sentence, for a Ponzi Scheme a hell of a lot less evil and destructive than Social Security, as created by the democrat party, and allowed to continue by the feckless Republican Party “leadership.”

Now mind you, I think the idea of social security is valid, in a modern, vibrant society, even if some CITIZENS of said society may take out more than they pay in, due to disability and so on. It’s the WAY Social Security was created that is evil, as were the outright lies the democrat party told the American people [the same template used to “sell” ObamaCare] and of course, by allowing this evil, without a fight, the GOP shares the blame.


This man is far less evil than the democrats who created the Social Security Ponzi Scheme, and the Republicans who failed to stop it.

Now lets look at the other top concern of The American people: The 20-40 MILLION illegal aliens [not a single SOB knows the exact number] that are in our country. The Republicans have failed the people of the United States, and themselves, in numerous ways. The most egregious misstep is allowing the democrats to frame this as a debate on immigration, and not only allowing the democrats to use the term “immigration reform” but adopting the terminology themselves.

Lets get something straight right now. The question of illegal aliens has absolutely NOTHING to do with immigration.

Illegal aliens are NOT “immigrants” in any way shape or form. They are trespassers, criminal invaders. We have laws against this invasion, many laws. Of course, no one, IN EITHER PARTY is willing to actually enforce them. They’d rather play politics on the backs of these illegals.

Now it should go without saying, that illegals ARE people, and we wouldn’t be humans if we didn’t at least feel for them, on a basic level. BUT the law is the law. We have a LONG ESTABLISHED system for LEGAL immigration, as does every civilized nation on earth. The United States in the only nation on earth, thanks to corrupt, sleaze-bag politicians in BOTH parties, that would tolerate any measurable level of illegal alien invasion, let alone the tens of millions who live freely among us, with zero repercussions.

Of course, it’s worse than that. Thanks to the Anti-American democrats and the Bought and Paid for Republican Establishment™ illegals are now a protected class, who are actually treated better than actual U.S. Citizens, most especially military veterans, as evidenced by the VA scandals. While liberal extremists in both parties cry about “those in the shadows” and call those of us who want illegals removed from our country and our borders secured “racists and “xenophobes” illegals OPENLY protest, wear Obama shirts, and scream about the “Reconquista of the United States, the “retaking” of land they claim was “stolen” from them. Something they advocate by using violence if necessary, though they are accomplishing it, with the aid of democrats, by hurting our economy, and draining our welfare dollars.

Of course, using the logic of racist Hispanic supremacy groups like La Raza [literally, The Race] that would mean Mexico needs to give IT’S land back to Spain, who THEY “stole‘ it from, and then Spain would then be forced to dig up the Aztecs, and so on! That terrorist groups like La Raza are allowed to preach this BS, is a black eye on BOTH parties who bow at these groups’ feet. Of course, Obama and his kind actively work with the Muslim Brotherhood [al Qaeda] and other terrorist groups, without Republican “leadership” protest. And don’t forget, Republicans also refuse to address New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s LONG STANDING dirty ties to Hamas terrorists, choosing to attack and ridicule those who point them out, instead.

Sadly, as much as it seems so, the democrats don’t have a monopoly when it comes to siding with evil, over the American people, or decent human beings world wide. Liberals in BOTH parties are equally evil, with liberalism, not party, being the problem. Though, it must be noted the democrats purged absolutely everyone who WASN’T a far-left extremist, long ago. If only Republican voters could muster the energy and wherewithal to purge liberals from THEIR party! [which would mean removing the entire GOP “leadership“]

Allowing democrats to call illegal aliens “immigrants“, “ undocumented workers” and other such nonsense, is only the least evil thing the GOP has done.

You see, while the democrats are on the take from Wall Street, and those hoping to steal billions of dollars from tax payers, via various “green energy” schemes, Republicans are in the pocket of groups like the United States Chamber of Commerce, who want cheap labor, and never met an illegal invader they wouldn’t embrace. Who cares about the American people whose lives have been destroyed. Which is why the Republican Party “leadership” as well as every single prospective 2016 candidate, including the newest “conservative heartthrob” Scott Walker, have supported amnesty for a decade or more.

With nearly 93 MILLION Americans out of work, Americans who WANT to work, this amnesty the dirt bags in BOTH PARTIES support is nothing less than an act of treason against the United States and her people.Those supporting amnesty, in any way, should be dealt with accordingly. Sadly, all of this boils down to crony capitalism, something the Republican Establishment excels in!

It’s NOT just jobs though. It’s the human suffering. Illegals are often victimized by those who smuggle them here, though nowadays, it’s not hard to just cross over by ones self, as absolutely NOTHING will happen to you, if you do. The slave trade THRIVES because of our open borders, and the Republican Party’s co-conspiracy with the democrats.

But it’s even worse. IMMIGRANTS are subject to health screenings, and other routine checks. Illegals though, are not. Even all of those illegal children who invaded last Summer, many of them sick with exotic diseases, were secretly moved to cities all over the country, with little or no health screening. It’s no coincidence that we are seeing an alarming rise in diseases that were once considered completely wiped out in the United States and the rest of the civilized world. Deadly diseases that have claimed AMERICAN victims [all innocent AMERICAN children] in recent months. We can all, as humans, feel for the plight of the illegal alien, but it is BEYOND evil to subject the American people to potential disease, and even death, let alone lost jobs, to score political points. And the Republican party “leadership” is guilty as hell in this.

The amnesty shills, in BOTH parties claim we can’t deport the illegals, using the notion of not only how “inhumane” it would be to send the poor illegal back home, but the logistics of it all. Of course, it’s complete bullshit! The United States has carried out mass deportations before. When President Dwight Eisenhower took office, one of his first acts was to have officials track down and start deporting illegal aliens, en masse. These illegals weren’t taken to the border and given a pat on the ass, either! Many were placed on chartered ships. Hot, nasty steam ships, that took them to the State of Veracruz, near the southern tip of Mexico. Others were placed on equally hot and rough riding buses [this was the 1950s, after-all] and taken to Central Mexico. Nearly 2 million were deported, but the truth is, as word of these long trips got back to the rest of the illegals remaining, as well as renewed enforcement of the laws against hiring illegals, and so on, most illegals chose to self-deport. There’s no reason to think a similar program to Eisenhower’s wouldn’t yield similar results.

The Republican Party “leadership” joins the democrat party in calling those who simply want the Rule of Law to prevail, “racists.” In 2012 Texas Governor Rick Perry killed his presidential aspirations by calling those opposed to amnesty “heartless” Perry, a former democrat [who became a Republican at a time democrats became persona non grata in statewide Texas politics] has a LONG history of offering incentives to illegal aliens, never mind his tough talk when running for office. Jeb Bush, the darling of the GOP Establishment, has called illegally entering the United States an “act of love” by the aliens. Screw what it does to the people of the United States.

Of course, the useless Republican party “leadership” couldn’t be more wrong about the politics of it all. More worried about their invites to DC cocktail parties, and good ink in the New York Times than the integrity of the United States, they actually believe they MUST coddle the illegal aliens in order to gain Hispanic votes. Never mind that LEGAL immigrants, no matter the race or creed, are more angry about these illegal invaders than natural born citizens! This of course, is understandable, as LEGAL immigrants jump through hoops to come to America and WANT to be Americans. History tells us these LEGAL immigrants often become the very best among us! They often understand the American Dream better than we do!

Don’t believe me? Look at the 2014 vote in Texas.

We have a huge Hispanic population in Texas. And why not? Many Mexicans fought in the Texas Revolution, and wanted Freedom from Mexico’s version of Barack Obama [Santa Anna] as much as the Anglos! Winning two elections as Governor, George W Bush had set the high water mark for getting Hispanic votes at 39% overall. Rick Perry, for all of his pandering, Dream Act giving, in-state tuition hand outs to illegals, and so on, never got anywhere near the Hispanic support Bush, who neither pandered or got particularly tough on illegals, did. Of course, Republicans don’t exactly need their support, as Texans haven’t elected a democrat to statewide office in over 20 years. Candidates for statewide office generally win by 20 point plus margins. In effect, the GOP primary IS the general election.

That said, both Greg Abbott, our new Governor, and Dan Patrick, our new Lt Governor ran on a hard core, anti-illegal platform. It didn’t hurt that Abbott is married to a beautiful Mexican woman, Cecilia, and his Mexican mother-in-law appeared in ads telling Texans how much we were going to love having Greg as our Governor! None-the-less, Abbott ran on “no quarter,” if the federal government wont do it, we WILL, stance on illegals. He got 52% of the male Hispanic vote.

Dan Patrick, for his part, promised to do everything short of boiling illegals in hot oil! [Hell, even I cringed at some of his rhetoric!] He got 56% of the male Hispanic vote, a record. And Patrick ran against a female Hispanic democrat!

So much for the Republican Party “leadership’s” notions on Hispanics.

As I said at the start, the betrayals and ineffectiveness of the Republican Party “leadership” is almost as old as the Grand Old Party itself.

Democrats stand together, no matter what! Serial adulterers [Bill Clinton, every male Kennedy, etc] are heroes of the party. Want to get drunk, run your car off a bridge, and let your secretary/mistress drown, dying a horrible death, while you go home and sleep it all off? Have the last name Kennedy, and all is forgiven, and anyone who takes you to task and calls you a murderer, will be viciously attacked by democrats AND their allies in the media! Child molesters, traitors, and general dirt bags are all protected to the fullest extent by democrats. The ONLY sin for a democrat is to stray off the reservation and have an original thought. For this you will be viciously attacked by your fellow democrats!

Republican Party “leaders,” however, refuse to stand up and be counted when one of their own is viciously attacked, almost always with lies and distortions. And God help you if you’re an actual Conservative, because these Republicans “leaders“will join the attacks!

Case in point, the shooting of democrat Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords, and others, that left 6 dead and more, including Giffords, critically wounded.

While the victims lay bleeding, waiting on EMS, the usual suspects were already blaming Governor Sarah Palin and the Tea Party and their “violent rhetoric ” for the shootings. Marcos Moulitsas, publisher of the democrat party hate site Daily Kos was quick to blame Governor Palin for the “gunsights” she had placed on Giffords and other democrats “targeted” for defeat in the 2010 election. [a practice LONG used by democrats] As we reported at the time, in 2008, Moulitsas himself had a “hit list” of so-called “blue dog” democrats who didn’t tow the radical democrat party extremist agenda line 100% of the time. On Moulitis’ list with a BULL’S-EYE, no less, was Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords, who he “targeted” as a “sell-out.” By the next day this was a key element to getting at the truth of who the shooter REALLY was, and his motivation.

Also before the bodies got cold, another actor, someone who very much has blood on his hands in all of this, came out attacking the Tea Party, blaming them for the shooting: Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, a democrat. This vile attack really becomes stomach turning once you know the facts of HIS involvement in it all.

For their part, the Republican Establishment, in unison, hid, at first, then either attacked Governor Palin, or at the very least, her way of doing things, a common theme amongst these completely useless losers, to this day.

Of course, by the next day the actual FACTS surrounding the shooting, and the shooter, radical DEMOCRAT Jared Lee Loughner came to light. You see, Loughner, a typical democrat extremist, was motivated by the rhetoric of the DEMOCRAT PARTY leadership, that says no independent thought is allowed! While MOST democrat extremists DO NOT go out and murder on a routine basis, it should be noted that almost every single mass shooting in recent history has been carried out by a democrat, and blamed on the GOP, whose leadership cowered in fear, rather than fight back against the lies and hate.

The facts about Congresswoman Giffords’ assassin are thus: Loughner was a DEMOCRAT who had stalked Congresswoman Giffords, in person and writing, since 2007, long before all but the most politically astute among us even knew whom the hell Sarah Palin was, and, of course, before the Tea Party was even formed! So in no way was Loughner “inspired” by Palin OR the Tea Party! Oh, and the good Sheriff Dupnik? It seems Congresswoman Giffords had numerous restraining orders against Loughner, none of which were being enforced, and there were findings that Loughner needed to be locked up, for long term mental evaluation and treatment BEFORE the shootings.

Now no one can know for sure EXACTLY why Sheriff Dupnik refused to do anything about a known menace to society, and potential assassin, but we do know for a fact, that during this time, Loughner’s aunt worked for the Sheriff’s Department. You draw your own conclusions. At the very least, Dupnik is a degenerate liar, a common democrat trait, who KNEW the truth and chose to attack the Tea Party, and is culpable in the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords, and the deaths of six human beings, through gross negligence and dereliction of duty.

When the truth came out, Governor Palin did what she always does, and called out the lying bastards herself, calling the attack on her and the Tea Party EXACTLY what is was, a blood libel. The GOP “leadership” did what it always does when Palin defends herself and fellow patriots. They started attacking HER!

Again, all of the facts were known the day after the shootings, thanks to hard working Conservative bloggers. The Republican Party “leadership,” however failed to speak up and call out the democrat party for it’s hate and lies. As the GOP hates both Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, with a passion, it’s not hard to understand why these useless bastards said nothing. The problem is, of course, this allowed the democrats to paint the ENTIRE Republican Party as “extremist” and so on. The GOP would rather attack it’s own, siding with democrats, rather than defend fellow Republicans and protect the Republican brand. To this day, idiot democrats STILL blame Governor Palin AND Republicans for the shooting. Giffords’ husband is also allowed to continue the lie, without a single word from anyone in the GOP.

Now we all understand why the Republican Establishment fear and loath Governor Sarah Palin. The Governor is a proven reformer, something that dates back to her earliest days on the Wasilla City Council, when she took on her mentor [a fellow Republican who convinced her (actually begged her) to get into politics and running for office] over what she perceived as a conflict of interest. Of course once Palin became Mayor and was then term limited out, she was appointed to the powerful position as Chairman of Alaska’s oil and gas commission. It was here she uncovered massive corruption on several levels by numerous Republicans, including the Governor, Attorney General, and very powerful GOP Party Chair of Alaska. It was also here that she was threatened by all of the above, after taking her concerns to the Governor. Amid threats, Governor Palin famously resigned her high paying gig, teamed up with democrat Eric Croft, and as a private citizen, without any title whatsoever, saw to it the entire Republican Party Establishment in Alaska went down!

This of course would lead to Palin winning a landslide election for Governor, with the FBI still perp-walking Republicans off to prison months after she took office! In office, Palin passed massive reforms. This is why the GOP Establishment hates Palin to this day, and also cheered [some in private, some loudly in public] when Obama’s hand picked thugs in Alaska started carrying out their jihad against the Governor after the 2008 election. A jihad that was costing the state of Alaska millions of dollars, and led Governor Palin to do the only honorable, and intelligent thing to do, for the good of the state: Resign.

Republican “leaders” are very fearful of a potential Palin presidency, and it’s a certainty she would insisted on reforming Washington, and would have ZERO problem with taking out corrupt Republicans. People who put principle over party are the absolute enemy of the Ruling Class.

But what of the Tea Party? Yes, we know there are a number of angry former democrats involved, what we used to call “Reagan democrats ” and of course a whole bunch of independents, but by any measure, the Tea Party is the BASE of the Republican Party. The people the GOP absolutely MUST have on board if it ever plans to win major national elections. The Republican Party may be the only political party in human history to be stupid enough to consistently attack it’s own political base, more viciously, and regularly, than the opposition. The GOP is at outright war with Conservatives, and has no problem saying it.

But never mind the stupidity of the GOP “leadership” what of the Republican brand, as a whole? Most Americans don’t spend their days immersed in politics. Most get a few minutes of news a day. By NOT defending Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party, by allowing these patriotic Americans, whose only goal is a better America for all, to be attacked by the democrats, and labeled “dangerous” they are allowing the entire GOP to be labeled the same. It’s counter-productive.

Useless, stupid, or just so goddamned corrupt they’d rather remain the minority party, with their gravy trains intact, than actually stand for something, the results are the same: The GOP “leadership” is a real problem.

It’s not just with Governor Palin, the Tea Party, or the base, in which the Republican Party “leadership” proves itself to be totally and complete useless.

Lets Go back to the founding of the Republican Party.

As we know, the democrats were pro-slavery. The other main party, the Whigs, were very much like today’s weak-ass GOP. They gave lip service to the abolitionists, and other constituents, without doing much of anything at all. The Republican Party was, indeed, a third party that grew, and replaced the Whigs. [Some of us wouldn’t be upset if History repeated itself, as the GOP is now the modern day equivalent of the Whigs]

We all know the story. Abraham Lincoln became President, the first REPUBLICAN President, the democrats in the South seceded from the Union, and the bloodiest war in United States history was on. Lincoln Freed the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation, and democrats have been trying to rewrite the circumstances of that ever since! What many forget is, after victory in the Civil War, President Lincoln had a rather comprehensive Civil Rights bill he wanted to push through Congress. John Wilkes Booth took care of that, as did Lincoln’s successor: democrat Andrew Johnson, who immediately placed Lincoln’s Civil Rights bill in the old circular file.

Civil Rights were dead, elements of the democrat party created the KKK, a domestic terror unit tasked with attacking and killing Republicans, and it would take almost 100 years until action on Civil Rights saw the light of day again.

Meanwhile, progessivism [what we now call liberalism] and it’s notion of eugenics and “white supremacy” took hold.

The KKK, which wasn’t necessarily anti-Negro, unless they were Republicans of course, had been mostly wiped out, only to be reborn as white supremacists by “progressives” like democrat Woodrow Wilson, whose favorite film was Birth of a Nation, basically a KKK recruiting film, which portrayed blacks as savages and the newly named White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan as the saviors of humanity. Wilson showed this film to guests in the White House. It was under Wilson that the military, which had been mostly desegregated, was re-segregated. Wilson also had black federal workers fired, replacing them with white workers.

It wasn’t until after WWII Civil Rights was back on the agenda of an American President. We all know after a fight with the democrat governor of Arkansas, over the Supreme Court ruling in Brown vs The Board of Education, Republican President Dwight Eisenhower sent the military to Little Rock, enabling black children to finally go to the same schools as white children.

Eisenhower also introduced the Civil Rights Act of 1957, which set the democrat party on fire with opposition.

Supposed “champions” of Civil Rights, Senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Baines Johnson both voted against Civil Rights. Johnson also fought to stop the Voting Rights Act of 1960, another Eisenhower initiative.

While LBJ and the democrats now get credit for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the fact is, it was first championed by Republicans, while a majority of democrats were viciously opposed. Without almost 100% Republican support, it would have never passed.

Johnson only got on board after realizing a political opportunity to gain a voting block, the same reason Obama and his democrats want to legalize 40 million illegals [and all of the relatives they will bring in] today. There are several reported notorious quotes from Johnson on his Civil Rights support in 1964. Famously he reportedly said “I’ll have the ‘nigras’ voting democrat for the next 200 years.” He also reportedly said, of Civil Rights and other issues: “ Give the ‘nigras’ enough to shut em up, but not enough to actually make a difference” Which, of course, is EXACTLY what the democrat party has done for the last 50 years. LBJ also reportedly explained to a staffer on the occasion of appointing Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court: “Son, when I appoint a ‘nigra’ to the Court, I want everyone to know he’s a ‘nigra’!” Knowing how democrats today call Black Conservatives “Uncle Toms,” “Aunt Jemimahs” and “House Niggers” for having independent thought and rejecting the evils put forth by the democrat party, it’s not difficult to believe the alleged quotes attributed to Johnson are real.

We all know, with unemployment among blacks twice the rate of any one else, and poverty levels equally unequal, that democrats have successful exploited blacks for 50 years, on the strength of supposedly being the “champions” of Civil Rights, even though the truth of the matter is the exact opposite. Sadly, blacks are about to learn what happens, the hard way, when democrats find themselves a better group to exploit, with illegal aliens, soon to be allowed to vote … legally …. being the new “black“!

What does this walk through the vile and racist history of the democrat party have to do with the feckless Republican Party “leadership“?

Easy, from the beginning, the very passage of the Civil Rights Bill of 1964, Republicans allowed democrats, including racists like Robert C Byrd [a top leader in the KKK who remained in the US Senate, as a democrat, until his death in 2010] who fought Civil Rights tooth and nail, along with Albert Gore, Sr, father of noted global warming scam artist Albert Gore, Jr, to claim they support Civil Rights.

Weak, spineless Republicans allowed democrats to OWN the whole shebang, and have allowed them to rewrite history completely, including the outright bullshit myth of a party swap” that occurred [depending on which lying-ass democrat is telling it] in the late 1950’s, early 1960’s, or because of Nixon’s “Southern Strategy™” in 1968. [Because thanks to socialist LBJ the economy was in the crapper and even racists will vote with their pocketbook on occasion!]

With Nixon it was “the economy, stupid” as well as the democrats’ total mishandling of the Vietnam war, that gave him a landslide victory. [not that Nixon, a liberal, was worth a damn on either, himself] According to the myth, the people in both parties just somehow COMPLETELY swapped, with the Republicans becoming democrats and the racist, hate spewing, KKK loving democrats ALL becoming Republicans. Of course, it makes perfect sense that racist democrats, who opposed Civil Rights, to the point of violence and bloodshed, would suddenly become Republicans within weeks of the ACTUAL Republicans championing and PASSING the Civil Rights Act of 1964! It makes sense in the fantasy world democrats live in, anyway!

Now it’s one thing that the useless Republican Party “leadership” has allowed the democrats, the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, and Margaret Sanger, to proclaim themselves virtuous champions of Civil Rights, while claiming Republicans racists who want to bring back slavery, but the GOP Establishment doesn’t stop there. Oh no, when facing certain defeat from a Conservative in a primary, these clowns will JOIN the democrats in calling fellow Republicans racist! The latest example of this was 2014 Mississippi where Alzheimer poster boy Thad Cochran not only joined the democrats in calling his fine Tea Party opponent a racist, compete with accusations of being a member of the KKK, but also facilitated a massive illegal vote by democrats, who had already voted in the state’s democrat party primary. It’s illegal, universally, to try and vote in more than one party’s primary, during the same election cycle.

What this GOP does is allow ALL Republicans to be reliably labeled as racists. Never mind these same useless bastards are themselves labeled racist. These Republicans have proven over and over they’d rather fight Conservatives, the actual voters they MUST have to win national elections, than the democrats, who are hellbent on destroying the United States and all she stands for!

And speaking of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and a “progressive” white supremacist, who called blacks “human weeds that must be eliminated,” is a bonafied democrat party icon. Every year democrats give each other “Margaret Sanger Awards,” evidently based on who helped slaughter the most innocent children at their abortion mills, that year. Hillary Clinton, upon receiving the Sanger Award in 2009, called the racist white supremacist her “HERO” Nary a peep out of the Republic Party “leadership“!

Contrast this with former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, a Republican, and former Dixiecrat Strom Thurmond, who saw the evils of his ways, reformed, became a Republican, and spent the rest of his life making up for his wrong-headed democrat thinking.

On the occasion of Thurmond’s 100th birthday, a milestone in anyone’s life, Lott made the rather innocent remark that Thurmond, who once ran for President as a segregationist, would have made a fine president. That didn’t mean either man was racist, or that Lott wished a return to segregation. It was just something nice to say to an old man who was greatly admired by colleagues in BOTH parties, who was not going to be around a lot longer. Of course, the democrats made quick hay of this, calling Lott and the Republicans “racists who want to bring back Jim Crow and slavery” their old stand-by talking points, never mind BOTH Jim Crow and slavery were democrat party programs.

How did the Republican Party “leadership” react to this vile, vicious, totally untrue assault on Senator Lott and the GOP, as a whole?

They did what they always do, they cowered and fear and threw Lott so far under the bus it wasn’t funny! The GOP “leadership” quickly forced Lott to resign, and it wasn’t long before he was out of the Senate for good. Forever labeled a racist, by both parties. It was, and is, evil.

Hillary Clinton, who called a woman who dedicated her life to eliminating the Negro Race, her HERO, faced not a single question or condemnation from the GOP, and despite the current e-mail scandal, and possible criminal prosecution, remains the front runner for the democrat nomination in 2016!

I could go on and on, but I think you get the general idea. When it comes to defending the Republican Party, the Conservative base, or the United States herself, and her people, from the evils the democrats and their moonbat base intend to visit on America, the Republican Party “leadership” is useless. More useless than tits on a boar hog!

And while it may seem a bit cavalier to compare the uselessness of the Republican Party Establishment, to an old bit of Southern slang, the cold hard truth is that by enabling evil, The GOPe is itself, evil.

The Republican Party “leadership” has consistently failed to protect the United States, her people, and even their own brand, from assault by lying, corrupt, Anti-American democrats.

So what is the remedy?

Either the Republican party “leadership” must go, or the entire Republican party must go, and go the way of the Whigs, destined to the ash heap of history, for if America is to survive, we MUST send liberalism, and the democrat party, to the deepest bowels of oblivion, or America as we know it, America as our Founding Fathers fought a bloody Revolution to create, will cease to exist, forever.

And you know what? When America dies, it will be the Republican Party “leadership’s” fault.

The United States Constitution and the Rule of Law is under direct assault and rather than doing it’s job, and fighting for America, the Republican Party “leadership” chooses to attack those who WILL defend America at any cost.

More useless than anything ever conceived, or just pure evil?

What say you, gentle readers?


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Video: Cameron Gray’s Exclusive Interview With Governor Sarah Palin at CPAC

Sarah Palin Bear Practice Sarah Palin's Alaska

By Gary P Jackson

Cameron Gray, with NRA News, scored an exclusive interview with Governor Sarah Palin at CPAC, where they speak about the importance of the NRA, protecting the Second Amendment and our God given human rights, as well as Governor Palin’s show “Amazing America on the Sportsman Channel.

Check out NRA News for more information and Cameron Gray is a MUST FOLLOW on Twitter. [So do it!]

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CPAC-American Encore-Twitter Straw Poll: Sarah Palin 58%, Ted Cruz 21%, Scott Walker 13%

Sarah Palin in Western Wear Reflective Pose

By Gary P Jackson

With the start of CPAC, an online CPAC-American Encore-Twitter straw poll went live. Over the course of the event voters were given a list of 16 candidates to choose from. The way the poll worked is every time someone hit the link to tweet support for their choice for President in 2016, a vote was counted. The tweet included the hashtag CPAC2015 along with the candidate’s name.

The top results from the straw poll are as follows:

Sarah Palin 58%

Ted Cruz 21%

Scott Walker 13%

Rand Paul 8%

As with any straw poll, this is NOT scientific, and merely reflects the sentiments of those who took time to vote. [just like the live in-person vote that took place at CPAC]

A very strong and consistent showing for Governor Palin in this poll, which was live well before she had given her outstanding speech. We don’t know if Governor Palin will actually run in 2016. She has not ruled it out. And as her show on the Sportsman Channel is still in first run, don’t look for anything until the Summer, after the new season wraps, at the earliest.

Follow American Encore on Twitter.

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The Night We All Were Vets and Witnessed Commander-in-Chief To Be


By Isabel Matos

I can’t express how amazing this woman is, just like Medal of Honor recipient, Sgt. Dakota Meyer said in his introduction which was strong and heartfelt.  It was such an impressive gesture (aside from the flawless delivery) to dedicate the entire speech to just veterans in such an appropriate and genuine tribute which we were so much more informed by. Who could have guessed this was what she was going to talk about and yet, it made perfect sense. She was serious. She showed command of foreign policy and personalized for us what vets and their families have gone through. We were all vets last night. Sarah shined and will continue to shine in God’s grace as well (I’m not an openly prayerful writer but..) who can deny it, or explain how she does it. How does she keep topping herself each time? What a treasure, America. What a future ahead.  This was done the way she likes things done-get the tough message across but without being disagreeable, nasty or assigning blame except to those who are putting us in harm’s way: corrupt government, Obama and his naively dangerous policies. I love you, Sarah. We love you, vets.  ~ IM   

intro dakota

Sgt. Dakota Meyer Introduces Gov. Sarah Palin 

“I want to give a special thank you to veterans and military spouses, along with gold star families in the audience.

“Our next guest needs no introduction, so I was truly honored Gov. Palin asked me to introduce her. I want to talk about the Gov. Palin I know, who’s not only in public service but who’s a mother, a wife, and a mother of a service member. This is important because today, .5%, serves in the military. And yet we have politicians from both parties who feel they’re experts in foreign policy who want to commit the U.S. military every time there is a playground fight between two oil barons in the Middle East. And look.. We’re not afraid to fight by no means, trust me on that, but how about give us a fight we can win? APPLAUSE. A fight where politicians and bureaucrats stay out of our way, because we’ll get it done. APPLAUSE.

That .5% is carrying the burden of the 95.5 percent of this country. We’ve heard a lot about the 98% and 2% in the media from these politicians. But you know what? They are talking about money, about how rich or how poor we are, about how large of a soft drink we can drink, about who’s up and who’s down. That’s what this town spends its days on. But you know what no one is talking about? The .5%. That’s okay. Because we, the .5%, we are proud to serve. Because of the service of so many of our country’s men and women in Washington is free to talk about what Washington feels it is important to talk about.. Washington can sit and worry about who got the committee assignment and who was invited to what party, who got snubbed or who got caught off guard on camera. But those of us like Track Palin who served in Iraq and like Governor Palin, a mother, who stayed up nights worrying about the unthinkable if her child would make it home. Well, we’ll continue to serve.

Now a lot of you are probably thinking, where is he going? Is he going to introduce Governor Palin or not? (laughter). I say all of this to make a point. The amazing woman that I’m introducing knows what veterans have gone through. She knows that we’re not charity cases and that we want nothing more than to serve our great nation. She knows that when the bell is rung again, that we will be ready. We will be there. We will be ready to do the nation’s bidding at a moment’s notice again, and whatever is necessary to defend our rights as Americans but also those across the globe who are less fortunate than us. She knows, because she’s lived it. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Governor Palin.

heartfelt speech at cpac

Governor Sarah Palin’s speech at CPAC 2015.

Thank you so much. I am so honored to get to be here. Thank you. I’m glad to be here. And I am so honored to be able to speak about America’s finest, our veterans. I was asked to speak about veterans and I said absolutely. Talk about near and dear to my heart, this subject. Sgt. Dakota Meyer, I thank you so much for that introduction. Applause. His selfless service reminds us of that love, that patriotic love that our country was built upon and his selfless service inspires us. He and his generation of vets remind us of that courage that founded this country. In fact, I’d like to tell you a story about America’s first veterans and what this city’s namesake said about them.

1783. It was just days after the last British troop left our soil and the father of our country General George Washington. He gathered his officers in a New York City tavern to bid them farewell. These hardened men they had fought for years they fought against the greatest military might in the world at that time. Against all odds they won freedom, freedom for themselves and freedom for every American since.

Standing before them Washington was overcome with emotion knowing the sacrifices that they had made. He said with a heart full of love and gratitude I now take leave of you. I most devoutly wish that your latter days be as prosperous and happy as your former ones have been glorious and honorable. That was the wish for our first veterans and it should be ours for every veteran that’s followed. But we must ask, have we lived up to that?

From then until now, there’s been a long line of heroic vets and they connect our history, from George Washington to Chris Kyle. Millions like them. APPLAUSE. Millions like them, ordinary Americans, equipped for extraordinary things because they have come forward to serve and to save Americans’ lives. How many have done more than this generation in uniform, though?

The war on terror is the longest military engagement in U.S. history. So many have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tens of thousands wounded. More than 6800 dead. The strain of military and their families is enormous.

During WWII the average deployment in combat theater it was 6 months. Korean war, 9 months. Vietnam, 13 months. For Iraq and Afghanistan, an initial enlistment was 45 months. These deployment costs, they are huge and they are hidden.

The longer someone’s deployed and then re-deployed, the more likely they will suffer PTSD. Half a million of our returning vets suffer some form of it.

And they suffer a disproportionate unemployment rate. The average divorce rate is around 80%. And worse, and worse the suicide rate among our best and our brightest, is 23 a day. As we gather here today we think we’re secure, we’re having fun. Four days together in a conference, in these four days 92 of our veterans will have taken their lives.

So have we lived up to Washington’s wish for our vets?

I don’t ask this as a politician, as Dakota was suggesting there. No. I ask this as one of so many mothers of a combat vet. When my son went off to war the first time as a teenager, I was confronted with the same reality that all the other moms have to face- that’s realizing that, man, I wasn’t going to be there to help, to protect. Moms can’t be there when they hurt. I can pray and I did, and I do. But few things are more difficult than to kiss a child goodbye into harms way knowing that you’re not going to be there to protect. Those first deployments, that is when a parent goes from calling them son to calling them sir.

America hands over her sons and her daughters in service with the promise that they will be taken care of. Our troops are promised that no one will be left behind on the battlefield. Their promise that a grateful nation will spare no expense to patch them up and bring them back to health when wounded. And now, they come wounded too many broken in body and spirit. Well, we, their mothers and their fathers and their husbands and their wives, we’re here to collect on their promises made. We can’t wait for DC to fix their bureaucratic blunders.

This bureaucracy is killing our vets. APPLAUSE. They wait for months. They wait for years to get treatment at the VA and they’re losing hope. The VA’s mistakes and cover-ups? They have lost the lives of 500 vets in just the last four years and that doesn’t account for those who took their own lives in despair.

We’ve witnessed the way corrupt government treats our vets, the VA putting them on secret waiting lists and deceiving Congress, and spying on investigators who are just trying to get to the bottom of it. And don’t be fooled into thinking the problem’s resolved simply the media doesn’t cover lame duck scandals anymore. Just because one guy at the top resigned, the problems didn’t resigned. The reason that you don’t hear about them is that our vets don’t whine. They’re not wired to complain. That’s why this ran under the radar for so long. APPLAUSE.

Our debt of gratitude starts payment with 3 simple solutions that government can and should do right now because it is time to demand solutions.


1st – with Health Care. Give vouchers for treatment outside the VA. Give our VETS the same freedom that they gave us, and Instead of illegal aliens cutting in line being rewarded with a handout of U.S. Benefits, that we demand that U.S. vets are first in line!! BIG APPLAUSE….Cheers, standing.

2nd – Allow vets who are re-entering the civilian work force.. let them use the skills that they learned in military. Today, say a vet with superb computer or mechanical skills often they have to go backward go back and take classes to get a paper degree or paper certificate to slap on the wall that says okay now I’m certified in a field that they already knew. Let them test out and their military certification transfer over. Common sense. Yeah. APPLAUSE. Common sense is a think I know is an endangered species in these parts.

3rd – Secure their Benefits. Congress secured t.h.e.i.r. benefits. Did you know that LAST year Congress actually voted to cut vets’ retirement benefits by 20 percent. Did they vote to cut their own? No. They only reverse course when enough of us rose up in protest. Take the issue away from the politicians or after legislation to secure benefits permanently.

Health Care and Benefits, this is just part of the equation. General Washington wished for our veterans that their deeds in war would be recognized as glorious and honorable. But the thing that those vets from the revolutionary war had that today’s troops don’t.. is VICTORY. And that is the thing they cherish most. They deserve to know that their sacrifices are not in vain, to know that what they fought for and that what their friends died for was worth it. APPLAUSE.

commander in chief

It is said that old men declare wars and they send the young ones to fight them. So it’s the duty of he who sends them to actually make sure that we can win those wars.. And it’s our duty to elect an honorable commander in chief who is willing to make the same sacrifices he sends others away to make. BIG APPLAUSE.

We must provide our troops with the political will to win and the rules of engagement to win. How many Americans are harmed today because politically correct rules of engagement are imposed by those who are too uncomfortable to give troops the tools and the trust that they need to win. That leads to a very unpleasant question. And it is one that every gold star mom and every veteran will live with forever.

“Did we actually win in Iraq and Afghanistan before we waved the white flag?” The jury is still out.


But when evil Islamic terrorists is on the march screaming Allahu Akbar from Syria to Iraq, Libya and Yemen, in the streets of Paris.. Well it doesn’t look like victory. The Middle East is a tinderbox, and it’s coming apart at the seams. It’s a death cult’s playground. ISIS expands. It takes back land that we just built on blood to secure, when their ultimate goal is the caliphate that extends from Baghdad to Damascus to Jerusalem itself. Only in Egypt is Jihad in retreat and that is no thanks to Obama’s administration. Remember, they supported the Muslim Brotherhood, which was finally toppled by the people in one of the largest popular revolts in history.  APPLAUSE.

Now in 09 when Obama took over the war on terror, Islamists were in retreat and Al-Qaeda was a broken force. Now Islamists, they control more territory than ever. It’s where they train and launch more attacks on us and our allies, and that was predictable. Military brass warned the left, do not pull out without allowing a residual force to remain, to keep a lid on it, and to retain the ground that the good guys just gained.

Friends, the rise of ISIS.. it is the direct result of this administration’s refusal to heed that warning. APPLAUSE.

Boko Haram

And now everywhere you look Islamists are on the march from Boko Haram selling school girls as slaves and ISIS crucifying Christians and burning the innocent alive in cages and beheading children, babies. Aside from God almighty what is the only force strong enough to keep this barbaric rolling tide at bay. The only thing standing between us and savages, it’s the red white and blue, which is the United States military!! LOUD APPLAUSE, CHEERS.

We are in a long-term civilizational struggle against the forces of evil. And if we intend to beat them, we better get serious about victory. The consequences of weakness is retreat and defeat. In the past our leaders confronted evil with moral clarity, eliminated fascists and the Nazis. They confined communism to the dustbin of history.

Make no mistake. Radical Islamists are just as dangerous as those ideologies. And Islamists now swear they’re going to bring the fight to our shores. ISIS threatens to raise the white flag over our White House. They told president Obama. We will cut off your head in the White House. But our lead-from-behind president thinks that we can co-exist with these genocidal thugs. He thinks the Islamic State isn’t really Islamic?! Pretending it’s not there doesn’t make it go away. Calling it something else won’t make it so, and lecturing Christians to get off our high horse about calling them radical Islamists won’t stop the Islamists from killing Christians. APPLAUSE.


Stop blaming the victim and wake up, Mr. President. While Christians bow our heads to pray for you, radical Islamists want to cut off your head. The world that they want is a world that would submit.  We will never submit to evil. APPLAUSE.. We will consign radical Islam to the ash-heap of history just like the Nazis before them. Oh, the naive Obama State Department. They say we can’t kill our way out of war. Really? Tell that to the Nazis. Oh, wait. You can’t because they’re dead. We killed them.

History proves the destruction of the enemy’s military apparatus. That leads to victory. And from victory to peace. So we will not tolerate politicians who squander the precious lives of our sons and our daughters on the battlefield and then when they come home politicians callously refusing to respect and repay them. Our vets deserve better.

And we demand better. Because friends, if you want look for the virtues that set our nation apart from the enemy, you will find them in those who wear the uniform, who take the oath, who pay the price for our freedom. The Jihadists fight out of hatred of Jews, Christians and women and diversity and freedom. Our troops they fight out of love. Love of family and country and freedom. And if you love freedom, thank a vet! And I would ask any veteran here today or active duty military, honor us by please standing. APPLAUSE.. We want to thank you. We salute you. We ask you to stand. We love you. STANDING APPLAUSE … Thank you. Sarah applauds. We love you.

Points to sign. Look, conservative action starts here, okay? Here’s our call to action and not just here but everywhere every day find a vet. Thank them and honor them and tell them yes, you love your freedom and you know who it is that needs to be thanked. So we will honor General Washington’s wish said with heart full of love and gratitude to achieve glorious and honorable victory on the battlefield and help our freedom fighters’ civilian days be as prosperous and happy as their service to us was brave and true. So with one voice, let us say, God Bless the United States Military. We thank you veterans and God bless the United States of America.


Thank you so much and of course I’m happy to take some questions that you all would have for me as much as time permits.

Moderator: We will do a lightning round of one-word answers for the following:

Barack Obama –

Gov. Palin: Sorry

Moderator: Hillary RodhamClinton –

Gov. Palin: I’m sorry. .

Moderator: Lady Margaret Thatcher –

Gov. Palin:  Iron

Moderator: We have a lot of young people here tonight in the audience, what do you think are the issues of concern for them today as the next generation of leaders:

Gov. Palin: Hopefully some of the message I just delivered will be received. I know that the folks in this room get it. They have that great love and I know they understand they have to sacrifice all in terms of service. These kids need to understand, like Thomas Paine said: ‘If there be trouble let it be in my day that my child will have peace’, meaning we need to make sacrifices today and not be so doggone selfish they they would give these kids and their kids after that so in debt that they are so constrained and confined that they are shackled. I think it’s illegal.

Is there a double standard in the way women running for president are treated as opposed to men in the media?

Gov. Palin: Yes.

sarah palin cpac 2015

The transcription was made the old-fashioned way. By listening and writing what I heard. IM

Just wanted to remind new readers that Governor Palin served as Command-in-Chief of the only permanently deployed National Guard unit in America. She also shared Strategic Command of the 49th Missile Battalion, our nation’s first line of defense from ballistic missile attack.

~ Gary


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Video: Governor Sarah Palin Reprises Her Commander-in-Chief Role, Honors Veterans at CPAC2015

Governor Sarah Palin at CPAC 2015

By Gary P Jackson

Introduced by Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, Governor Sarah Palin gave a powerful speech in support of our nation’s military. Alaska’s former Commander-in-Chief spoke, not as a politician, but as the proud mother of a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghan wars.

Governor Palin talks about the horrific treatment our veterans suffer at the hands of the federal government, and what must be done to fix things. She talks about the need to put our veterans “first in line” when it comes to health care benefits and other services, and notes illegal aliens receive far better, more preferential treatment.

The Governor also talks about the need for better opportunities for veterans returning to civilian life, and the absurdity of having to go to school to “get a piece of paper” to certify they know how to do a job they were already well trained for in the military. After all, one of the military’s selling points is you can learn skills that translate to jobs in the civilian world! [Which is true]

Almost every sentence is quotable, so instead of boring you …. here’s her full speech, courtesy of of our friends at SarahNet:


Governor Palin, who got many standing ovations, was the one speaker folks wouldn’t let leave the stage without getting a handshake from and the obligatory selfie with!

Like this one from Keira Lyn:

and this one: has a collection of tweets about and user generated images of Governor Palin here.

BTW, since the “legitimate media” seems to focus on what Governor Palin wears as much, or more than what she says, let me just say what a great outfit she had on. Loved the skirt and the shoes! That would be a great outfit to have her official White House photo made in!


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“Irrelevant” Sarah Palin Steals the Headlines at SNL’s 40th Anniversary Bash

Politics is downstream from pop culture.

~ Andrew Breitbart

Sarah Palin definitely gets pop culture. She has a transcendent pop culture factor.

~ Andrew Breitbart

By Gary P Jackson

On Sunday night Lorne Michaels and his team put on an excellent tribute to 40 years of Saturday Night Live. It was a well done stroll down memory lane, and the entire cast deserves accolades. That said, it’s the little hockey mom from Wasilla, Alaska who grabbed all the headlines.

From the dress she wore on the red carpet [and who may have worn it before] to who she was seen with: Alec Baldwin, Al Sharpton, and Taylor Swift; to her skit with Jerry Seinfeld, tongues are wagging and the media is spinning.

First the dress! Governor Palin, who turned 51 a couple of days ago, was absolutely stunning in her white dress and trademark Kawasaki glasses.


Sarah Palin SNL 40 1

Sarah Palin SNL 40 2

What had lips flappin’ though, is the dress is the same one Bristol Palin wore to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in 2011.

While the lamestream media was doing it’s thing, haters gotta hate, Michelle Malkin and others noted women often share clothes with their daughters.

In the real world, women wear dresses more than once! Shocker, I know.

This is where I feel obligated to remind readers that, as Governor, one of the first things Palin did was get rid of the Executive Chef at the Governor’s Mansion in Juneau, looking to save the state money, while saying she didn’t want to “spoil” her kids. She also famously put the jet Governor Murkowski bought on eBay. [later selling it through a broker, when eBay created the buzz, but no buyer] A jet that worked well when Murkowski wanted to go live it up with his cronies in Washington, but useless for traveling in most of Alaska, a state that has more pilots per-capita than any other state, but with most airfields considered primitive, at best, and unsuitable for jet use.

As most know, with Juneau, the state capitol, being so remote and inaccessible, much of the state’s business is done in Anchorage, and there is a Governor’s office there. When working out of Anchorage, Governor Palin would drive herself to work, a sixty mile trip, one way, in her own car, without a security detail. Governor Palin cut spending in her office by a cool million dollars annually vs the previous two governors; Republican Frank Murkowski and democrat Tony Knowels. Borrowing Bristol’s dress, rather than spending money on a new one, is typical of Governor Palin’s fiscal ethics, and just another reason millions would support her if she runs for President.

Others have more to say about this:

And of course ….

Me too!

Governor Palin showed up on the red carpet with Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria in tow.

You gotta love it when Sarah tells Baldwin she still loves his brother even more! As the story goes, Palin and Baldwin actually hit it off when she appeared on SNL in 2008. Like Lorne Michaels, Baldwin was said to be impressed with Palin, the person. Something most people who meet Palin, even those who disagree with her politics, have said.

One of the bits during the show included a question and answer session with Jerry Seinfeld. This is a bit that was popular on SNL years ago. Governor Palin stood up to ask a question, and Seinfeld pretended to confuse her with Tina Fey. Palin corrects Seinfeld, then asks how much Lorne [Michaels] would pay her to run for president in 2016, a nod to how much mileage Tina Fey got out of portraying the Governor. The whole bit is hilarious, Palin’s part is at the end:

The media made a big deal about who the Governor sat with in the audience, Taylor Swift …. who was seated next to Steven Spielberg. Our friends a Twitchy said it best: 2 women who know how to Shake It Off

Then there was this:

Of course, noted tax cheat and race bater Sharpton tweeted:

…. and, while Governor Palin showed nothing but class, Rev Al tweeted this:

Many responded to Sharpton’s tweet by reminding the racist pig to pay his taxes! [He owes some $4.5 MILLION in back taxes -local, state, and federal]

I find it interesting how much heat a supposedly “irrelevant” woman can bring!

The great Andrew Breitbart often said politics were simply downstream of pop culture. He knew the only way to win the culture wars, as well as the political wars, was to be among them. To take part, instead of just set back and bitch about it. He also noted Governor Palin was one of the few that “got it,” having high praise for her ability to connect with people using pop culture.

I think this tweet from Stephen Miller says it all:

The entire show was great, but as usual, it’s Sarah Palin who garnered the lion’s share of the attention.


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