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Trump: Sarah Palin Could Have Official Capacity In Administration-Trey Gowdy as Attorney General

Donald Trump makes a point as he walks with former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin in New York City as they make their way to a scheduled meeting Tuesday, May 31, 2010. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

Donald Trump makes a point as he walks with former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin in New York City as they make their way to a scheduled meeting Tuesday, May 31, 2010. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

I can tell you she’s just an amazing woman. She is given great credit, but she should be given even more credit because she is someone that people respect and admire. She speaks to so many people. I don’t even think she knows how important she is. And maybe that is part of the beauty of Sarah Palin, but I just see it all over. So many people revere her, so I think it’s great. I think she is terrific.

~ Donald Trump on Governor Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

I’m not a huge Trump fan. I’m not yet convinced he’s for real, or anything REMOTELY resembling a Conservative. He’s held some pretty left wing positions in the past, and has spent a LOT of time mingling with the Clintons and other democrat party scum-bags. He’s donated money to some of the sleaziest of the bunch.

Some have noted that Ronald Reagan, one of our greatest Presidents, ever, was also once a democrat. In fact, Reagan was not only a democrat, but a self-described “FDR -New Deal democrat” [which meant he was OK with hard-core socialism, at least at one time] Reagan was also a union leader. He was President of the Screen Actors Guild. It was in that capacity that he met Nancy, the great love of his life.

In comparing Reagan and Trump, it must be noted that AFTER Reagan proclaimed that “I didn’t leave the democrat party, it left me” and became a Republican, he spent over 20 years PROVING IT, before becoming President. That includes serving two terms as Governor of California.

I’m not saying Trump CAN’T change, or HASN’T changed, but in the sage advice of Reagan himself, I’m thinking “Trust but verify” wouldn’t be a bad policy!

We’ve seen other democrats turn Republican for strictly political gain, and power. Arlen Specter comes to mind. He was a democrat, turned Republican when the winds blew that way, then switched back, even telling voters it was all about keeping power! He, of course, lost his last election, after that stunt. Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist also comes to mind. He’s switched from GOP, to democrat, to “independent” in attempts to hold on to, and/or regain power. He’s failed.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry is another liberal democrat who switched parties. Perry held office as a democrat, but something happened in Texas over 20 years ago. People woke up and realized just exactly how evil democrats are, and how bad they had screwed up Texas. Voters simply said no más! Lt Governor Bob Bullock [a bit of a legend in the state] was the last democrat elected to statewide office. That was 1994. Bullock was really old by 1998 and ready to retire. Enter newly minted Republican Rick Perry. I could go on all day about the cronies and the corruption, and how Texas has blossomed into an incredible economic powerhouse IN SPITE OF, not because of Perry, but our longtime, loyal readers already know where we stand here! And besides, corruption in Texas politics ain’t nothing new!

My point? Not to trash Trump, but be totally honest with readers, and admit that I am not sold on the guy, even though he and Sarah Palin have a friendship that goes back a ways. In fact, in a recent spat between Trump and John McCain, Governor Palin was quick to come to Trump’s defense. We all know the Governor is loyal to a fault, and has great admiration and respect for McCain. She also said good things about McCain while defending Trump, but her statement supporting Trump was a shot across the bow to those who represent the old guard, and don’t have America’s best interest at heart.

Conservatives understand why Trump is making waves and leading most polls, we also understand why he’s doing INCREDIBLY WELL among Hispanics. In our last election in Texas, both our new Governor and Lt Governor were hard line against illegals. Lt Governor Dan Patrick promised everything short of boiling illegals in hot oil! He got 57% of the male Hispanic vote! Governor Abbott, whose wife is Mexican, and whose mother-in-law did TV ads, got 54% of the same vote.They both got record support from Hispanics, in total. That’s a SHARP difference from Rick Perry, who pandered to illegals for 14 years, and never even got the Hispanic support Governor George W Bush did!

People like a straight talker, which is why so many millions love Sarah Palin. Trump isn’t as eloquent as Governor Palin, he certainly isn’t as diplomatic, but like Palin [especially when she’s pissed off] Trump says EXACTLY what’s on his mind and like Palin, doesn’t focus group a damned word! You won’t see a bunch of political hack “consultants” hanging around either Trump OR Palin. The closest thing to a consultant you ever saw around Governor Palin [after she left office] was Reagan biographer Peter Schweizer, who has written numerous books on Reagan’s foreign policy, and helped Governor Palin polish and articulate her foreign policy.

I guess I’m at the wait and see on Trump. I DO know that Senator Ted Cruz has met with Trump. That leaves all kinds of room for speculation.

Our buddy Kevin Scholla, the host of Mama Grizzly Radio, interviewed Trump for the latest episode. Of course, they talk a LOT about Governor Palin, but they also talk about “climate change” and how China is laughing at the United States as we destroy businesses, which then relocate to China. Trump understands the global warming scam and also understands we’ve had far more severe weather in the past, than anything we’ve experienced this millennium.

Point Trump!

Trump is not a fan of China, neither is Governor Palin!

In September of 2009 Governor Palin gave a high profile speech in Hong Kong, and while she praised China’s growth, so far as a huge number of Chinese people have been taken out of poverty, she was highly critical of many of their policies.

In March of 2011 Governor Palin spoke in New Delhi, India at the India Today Conclave While she envisioned a world where the United States and India had a strong strategic partnership, she again expressed serious concerns about China. She and Trump would be simpatico here.

Trump and Kevin also talk about Planned Parenthood and the barbaric practices they engage in. Trump is in 100% agreement with Governor Palin. Shut it down!

The murder of our Marines at Chattanooga, and the disastrous Iran deal come up as well.

Now to the tape!

Donald Trump is on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla! Mr. Trump discusses his run for the White House, his thoughts on Sarah Palin, and how he plans to Make America Great Again! Plus, Governor Palin calls Trump a “hero”. Also, Palin demands the flag is lowered to honor our servicemen killed in Tennessee and she calls for a shutdown of the evil Planned Parenthood. A brand new segment of Liberty & Legacy with Tamara Colbert in Texas is featured, and Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman in Missouri is showcased. Mama Grizzly Radio is ON DEMAND and available for DOWNLOAD anytime. Mama Grizzly Radio…hear the roar!

Part One

Part Two:

This is a good, solid interview. One supporters of Governor Palin will certainly appreciate. Trump admires Palin and Palin has called Trump a “hero.”

One report is out there though, must be corrected. Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit who is generally unimpeachable with his reporting, told readers Trump would like to see Governor Palin in a cabinet position. Other major news outlets have picked this up. Though the idea of Palin being an adviser is highly likely in a Trump administration, nowhere in the interview is a cabinet position mentioned, though one could certainly hope an offer would be forthcoming, should Trump win. No one can blame Hoft for being so enthusiastic! We all are, if Governor Palin can be put to work helping restore America!

Energy Secretary would be a no-brainer position for the Governor, given her extensive experience, as the head of Alaska’s Oil and Gas Commission, a very powerful job, as well as being Chairman of the nation’s Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, a co-operative that includes all of the oil and gas producing states in the country. It’s an elected position that is held by a Governor of an Oil and Gas producing state. Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert is the current IOGCC Chairman. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin was just elected Chair for a new term that starts in 2016. She previously held the position after Governor Palin’s term expired.

Governor Palin was also unanimously elected by the other 49 state Governors as Chairman of the National Governors Association’s Natural Resources Committee.

That said, Governor Palin would make an excellent Secretary of State, and would be very busy undoing all the damage the current Secretary [John Kerry] and former Secretary [Hillary Clinton] have done to our relationships with allies around the world. This is a job she could sink her teeth into!

Hoft did include a tweet from The Donald, which does indicate Trey Gowdy, a well liked, no nonsense Congressman, is his choice for Attorney General. I always liked Mark Levin for the job, but Gowdy is an inspired [and inspiring] choice!

One response is right on, for sure:

Again, I’m not sold on Trump, yet, but can you imagine a ticket that somehow had Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy, AND Sarah Palin associated with it, and working in that administration!

I’m not sure we won’t see a Trump-Cruz ticket, if he wins the nomination. That makes sense, as would a Trump-Palin ticket.

One thing’s for sure, Trump will certainly gain new fans, if not supporters, by speaking well of Governor Palin.

Meanwhile, my colleague, Isabel Matos wonders out loud why Governor Palin doesn’t throw her hat in the ring for the Republican nomination for President.

Trump Palin 2

Take Isabel’s new Palin poll here.

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Was Potential GOP FLOTUS an Illegal?

jeb and columba
By Isabel Matos

We heard about an illegal immigrant lawyer this week who vowed to run for President (It’s true. He has a license to practice law without U.S. citizenship):

Cesar Vargas, 31, who lives on Staten Island, emigrated to the United States when he was five but has never obtained U.S. citizenship. He posted his ambitions on The Hill, writing, “I am neither a U.S citizen nor 35 years old, so an official candidacy is currently not possible. But Vargas added that he hopes that the constitutional amendment requiring presidents be natural-born citizens of the United States will be changed.

Vargas was recently arrested for trespassing in Iowa when he attended the Iowa Freedom Summit and asked New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie a question. Hilariously, as a non-citizen, he claimed that the U.S. Constitution protected his right to ask the question.

The New York court, ignoring the fact that Vargas has no U.S. citizenship, granted him a license to practice law, writing, “We find that the undocumented status of an individual applicant does not, alone, suggest that the applicant is not possessed of the qualities that enable attorneys to vigorously defend their client’s interests within the bounds of the law, nor does it suggest that the applicant cannot protect, as an officer of the court, the rule of law and the administration of justice.” Read the more of the story.

Well we’re not too far off from that scenario if you think about it. It’s vaguely close (as are these cases concerning legality sometimes). As we mock Jeb Bush or throw sticks and stones at him verbally for his comments in the past, he went on record this week telling José Díaz Balart on Noticiero Telemundo (owned by NBC), in an interview conducted completely in Spanish, that he was “hurt” by Donald Trump’s divisive comments about Mexicans, that his family was discriminated against growing up in Florida, that he vowed to enact comprehensive immigration reform in his first term as president and that deportation is not an American value. (English transcript). We don’t realize how much sense it all makes sense when you read the neatly embedded story within a story below:

Jeb Bush is married to Columba, whose relatives, including her father, entered the U.S. illegally to find work in Califronia according to the article below. Although I cannot confirm if laws didn’t exist after World War II to stop illegals from crossing the border and working without papers, he eventually became a legalized alien. In the article which is carefully crafted, Columba is depicted as a modern day Cinderella, the next possible Latina First Lady, but doesn’t come right out and say that she may have been illegal herself. It hints her family was. From The Washington Post (Highlights mine):

Last year, Jeb caught flak from conservatives in his own party when he said that many of those who cross the border illegally do so as an “act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family.”

His own father-in-law had made that journey, as did many of Columba’s relatives, walking across the border decades ago to get work in California.

Jose Maria Garnica Rodriguez, who died at 88 in 2013, grew up in Arperos, not far from this city famous for its leather boots and clothes. It is reachable by a hilly dirt road. He helped his family grow corn and avocados until he left for the United States, like so many other men and women did from his poor village.

After World War II, it was common to cross the border without proper papers, said Columba’s uncle, Antonio Garnica Rodriguez, who made the trek, too. “We just went across the border, worked, stayed there for a while and came back.”

He said his brother later joined the “bracero” program, which allowed manual laborers temporary legal entry to the United States. Jose Maria got his “resident alien” card on Feb. 4, 1960. It indicates that his point of entry was El Paso, Tex. He moved back to Mexico in the 1980s.

The card that legalized him is still in his brown leather wallet, in his widow’s home, along with his ID for the Laborers International Union of North America Local 300 in Los Angeles, and a black-and-white photo of Columba as a teen.

According to both sides of the family, Columba’s parents had a loveless, stormy relationship. Her mother, Josefina Gallo Esquivel, came from a wealthier family in León.

Their marriage formally dissolved in 1963, leaving their shy, deeply religious 10-year-old daughter feeling stigmatized and set apart from other children in a conservative Catholic city.

As a result,

Some of her father’s relatives say that Columba has kept her distance because she is embarrassed about her humble roots.  Read the rest of the story here.

I’ve set out to be nothing but amicable in the process of the GOP nomination this year. You know, to give the best possible chances of winning this election to Republicans. As much as I can’t stand Jeb Bush, I will to the best of my ability try to humanize him as much as possible (like Sarah Palin did on her Facebook wall the night he announced he was running), but it’s not possible to stomach his views politically.

I have gone to great lengths to explain to people why I say I’m a proud Cuban-American: to remind others that we came here legally. In sum, we reluctantly left a country we expected to go back to and considered ourselves temporary guests here. There has never been an attempt to subvert the system or change this country’s demographics. On the contrary, some of us are more patriotic and capitalist-loving than many Americans would even know. Jeb Bush knows that.

His family is in a prominent position and should know better than to depict illegality as acts of love. Maybe for his family after the War it was considered an act of love, a means to an end, but it has been perverted into a nasty game politician’s play for scoring votes.

I’m always open to reading about the nice things about the Bushes, but honestly, the more I look, the less I like, and the more I read, as shown above, the more questions I have. If laws didn’t exist back then to stop you from entering the country, why were the term illegality and that journey used in the excerpt. I don’t know. The way it was presented is what bothered me. It is vague. And why try to manipulate our emotions with the beginning and end of the story?

The message we must send to those who are running: How can we take our party back if those at the top are pushing illegality? I hope that even if we lose as Conservatives, that it is perfectly clear that we are the rule, not the exception in being against amnesty. I am sick to death of the preferential treatment for law breakers. So are 64% of Americans.

There is no case to be made in favor of any candidate who condones this. We need to be spoken to like adults, not children. And it should not be glossed over in the debates (which Telemundo is a part of). No one will, I hope.

No wonder the GOP is so weak-kneed to talk about the issue. I joke about the deep bench being mostly VP applicants for Jeb, but it’s important to respect the process as well.  Candidates who are doing so are probably afraid to bring it all up as they know leader-of-the-party Bush would not concur.

The goal for them should be to win the respect of the People (even if Jeb is the inevitable  nominee) by representing us and what we believe: that the laws that protect us as Americans should be respected! One family may have a Cinderella-type story to tell, but acts of love belong in the bedroom. Politics should not be in the love story business.

And amnesty should not be a love letter to one’s spouse at the expense of subverting the laws of the country you are trying to protect. It’s so screwed up! If something is wrong, it should be wrong no matter who you are or what position you have. Amnesty is wrong. Illegality is wrong. Our politicians are wrong to support either.

je bush's wedding picture

Jeb Bush Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife of 41 years, Columba. True story: This is the only picture from our wedding. The photographer, my brother Marvin, accidentally rerolled from a Frank Zappa concert. Thankfully, my mom took one photo with a Kodak. February 23 

H/T Pete DiGuadio for WaPo story lead.

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New Poll: Which GOP Candidate Would Welcome Palin in an Administration?

Sarah Palin  Tapp

By Isabel Matos

The first GOP presidential debate is just around the corner (only ten days from now). The ball is already rolling, so it would be curious to see how many of the candidate/s would offer Sarah Palin a cabinet position she would accept in their administration should he/she become POTUS? Your responses as vote results can be seen immediately and anonymously. Thank you for your participation.

white elephonat

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Why Doesn’t Sarah Just Declare a Run?

By Isabel Matos

On July 21st, 2015, Republican Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, declared a run for president (making a total of 16 GOP nominees!) I kind of joked about it on my wall saying most of the candidates are there to run for Jeb’s VP slot since he is the inevitable choice the RNC will back. But really, every politician except the one who should be in the race, is in the race.  So that begs the question: Why doesn’t Sarah Palin just declare a run?  What is keeping her from doing so?

Even Donald Trump, who I do not consider politically trustworthy, shares an opinion that could be considered unanimous by all Sarah Palin supporters: “I don’t even think she knows how important she is.” This is the full quote:

“I can tell you she’s just an amazing woman. She is given great credit, but she should be given even more credit because she is someone that people respect and admire. She speaks to so many people. I don’t even think she knows how important she is. And maybe that is part of the beauty of Sarah Palin, but I just see it all over. So many people revere her, so I think it’s great. I think she is terrific.”





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Video, Transcript: Loving Farewell to American Freedom Fighters (Bilingual)

Portraits George Washington (34) 
By Isabel Matos Revisiting the best one given in years if not the best ever, a full transcript and partial voice over of Governor Palin’s speech at CPAC earlier this year has been completed. As I have said before on this blog and elsewhere, language is not the barrier of communication in the media or among politicians, agenda is. Spanish is used to pander, not to share the principles this country was founded upon, to teach about the sacrifices that being a true American patriot entails, or to give lessons on its history. The message in the article and video below is for conservative Americans who happen to be bilingual. All material is Copyright © 2015 Isabel Matos. Enjoy.

Dakota Meyer

Introduction: Señoras y señores, denle la bienvenida al condecorado con la Medalla de Oro, el Sargento Dakota Meyer.

Dakota Meyer: Muchas gracias. Yo quisiera darle las gracias a todos nuestros veteranos y a los cónyugues de militares, también a las familias estrella de oro en el público hoy. Nuestra siguiente invitada no necesita una presentación formal. Pero quiero decir que me sentí muy honrado cuando la Gobernadora Palin me pidió que la presentara.

Yo quiero hablarles un poquito sobre la Gobernadora Palin que yo conozco, que no sólo sirve al público; pero que también es una madre, una esposa, y la madre de un miembro activo en el ejército. Y esto es importante porque hoy día, menos de medio porcentaje de la población – así es, el .5%, sirve en el ejército.

Y a pesar de eso, tenemos políticos en cada partido que se creen expertos en política exterior y quieren comprometer al ejército de EE.UU. cada vez que hay una pelea en el jardín de niños entre dos barones del petróleo en el Medio Oriente.

Y miren. Nosotros no le tenemos miedo a combatir, de ninguna manera. Confíen en mí en eso. Pero ¿por qué no nos dan una lucha que podríamos ganar? Una lucha.. Una lucha donde los políticos y los burócratas se quedan fuera de nuestro camino, porque nosotros lo haremos.

Ese .5% de la población está llevando la carga del 95.5% de este país. Hemos oído mucho hablar del 98% y del 2% en los medios por parte de estos políticos. Pero ¿saben qué? Están hablando de dinero, de lo rico o pobres que somos, del tamaño de refresco que podemos tomar, de quién ganó y quién perdió.

Pero ¿saben de lo que nadie está hablando? Del .5%. ¿Y saben qué? Está bien. Porque nosotros, el .5%, estamos orgullosos de servir. Porque gracias al servicio de tantos de los hombres y las mujeres de nuestro país, Washington tiene la libertad de discutir lo que Washington considera importante discutir.

Washington puede estar ahí y preocuparse de quién consiguió la asignación al comité, a quién lo invitaron a qué fiesta y a quién le dieron el desaire.. y a quién lo cogieron desprevenido por la cámara.

Pero aquellos de nosotros como Track Palin que sirvió en Irak, y como la Gobernadora Palin, una madre que se quedó desvelada muchas noches preocupándose por lo impensable – si su hijo regresaría a casa..

Pues, seguiremos sirviendo.

Y ahora muchos de ustedes estarán pensando ¿Adónde va esto? ¿Va a presentar a la Gobernadora Palin o no?

Pero digo todo esto para demostrar algo. La increíble mujer que estoy presentando, la Gobernadora Palin, sabe lo que los veteranos han estado pasando y lo que sus familias están pasando. Ella sabe que no somos unos casos de caridad, y que no queremos nada más que servir a nuestra gran nación.

Ella sabe que cuando la campana se toque de nuevo, nosotros estaremos listos. Estaremos presente.

Nosotros estaremos preparados para responder otra vez a las ordenes de la nación en un instante, y lo que sea necesario para defender nuestros derechos como americanos, pero también los menos afortunados que nosotros en el mundo.

Ella lo sabe porque lo ha vivido. Señoras y señores, por favor den la bienvenida a la Gobernadora Palin.

Governor Sarah Palin

Gracias. Estoy contenta de estar aquí. Muchísimas gracias. Me siento tan honrada de estar aquí..

Muchas gracias. Y me siento muy honrada de poder hablar sobre los mejores de los Estados Unidos, nuestros veteranos. A mí me pidieron que hablara sobre los veteranos. Y yo dije, absolutament!  Que tema tan cercano y querido a mi corazón.

Sargento Dakota Meyer, le agradezco muchísimo esa presentación. Su servicio desinteresado nos hace recordar ese amor, ese amor patriótico sobre el cual este país fue construido. Su servicio desinteresado nos inspira. Él y su generación de veteranos nos recuerda esa valentía que fundó este país.De hecho, quisiera hacerles un cuento de los primeros veteranos de América, y lo que el tocayo de la ciudad dijo acerca de ellos. 



Unos cuantos días después de que las últimas tropas británicas
dejaron nuestro suelo, y el padre de nuestro país, el
general George Washington, él reunió a sus
oficiales en una taberna en la ciudad de
Nueva York para despedirse de
ellos.  Estos hombres endurecidos
habían luchado por años contra el poder
militar más grande del mundo en aquel tiempo.
Contra toda esperanza, ellos ganaron libertad: libertad
para ellos mismos, y libertad para cada americano desde entonces.

Y parado frente a ellos, Washington se abrumó de emoción, ya que sabía los sacrificios que habían hecho.

Él dijo:
Con un corazón lleno de amor
y gratitud, me despido de ustedes
ahora. Es mi ferviente deseo que sus
últimos días sean tan prósperos y
alegres como los primeros
han sido gloriosos y

Ese fue el deseo para nuestros primeros veteranos y debería ser el nuestro para cada veterano que les ha seguido. Pero tenemos que preguntar si lo hemos honrado.


Desde entonces y hasta ahora, ha habido una larga lista de veteranos heroicos que han conectado nuestra historia, desde George Washington hasta, digamos, Chris Kyle. Millones como ellos.. Millones de americanos comunes, equipados para cosas extraordinarias, y se han presentado para servir, y para salvarle las vidas de americanos. ¿Cuántos han hecho más que esta generación en uniforme?

La guerra contra el terror es el compromiso militar más largo en la historia de los Estados Unidos. Muchos han servido en Irak y Afganistán. Decenas de miles de heridos. Más de 6,800 muertos. El peso sobre los militares y sus familias es enorme. Durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, el despliegue averaje en el teatro de operaciones era de seis meses. En la Guerra de Corea: nueve meses. Vietnam: trece meses. Para Irak y Afganistán, una primera misión era 45 meses. Los costes de estos despliegues han sido enormes, y no divulgados.

Mientras más tiempo están desplegados y luego re-desplegados, más son las probabilidades que ellos padecerán de PTSD, y acerca de medio millón de nuestros veteranos que regresan sufren de él en alguna forma. Sufren también de un número desproporcionado de desempleo. La tasa media de divorcio es de alrededor del 80%. Y peor todavía, amigos, la tasa de suicidio entre nuestros mejores y más brillantes es de 23 al día.

Mientras estamos aquí reunidos, estamos a salvo, nos sentimos seguros. La estamos pasando bién.. cuatro días juntos en una conferencia. En estos cuatro días, 92 de nuestros veteranos se habrán quitado la vida.

Entonces, ¿hemos honrado el deseo de Washington para nuestros veteranos? Yo no pregunto esto como política, como Dakota estaba sugeriendo. No. Yo lo pregunto como tantas madres de veteranos de combate. Cuando mi hijo se fue a la guerra por primera vez era todavía adolescente. Yo enfrenté la misma realidad que las demás mamás tienen que enfrentar. Y es cuando uno se da cuenta que: Contra, no iba a poder estar ahí para ayudar, para proteger. Las mamás no pueden estar ahí cuando están lastimados. Puedo rezar. Y lo hice. Y lo hago..

Pero hay pocas cosas mas difíciles que darle un besito a un hijo antes de mandarlo al camino del peligro, sabiendo que no vas a estar ahí para proteger. Esos primeros despliegues.. Ah. Ese es el momento cuando un padre deja de llamarlo ‘hijo’ y comienza a decirle ‘señor’.

América entrega sus hijos y sus hijas al servicio con la promesa que serán cuidados. A nuestras tropas les prometen: Nadie será abandonado en el campo de batalla. Les prometen que una nación agradecida no medirá gastos para enmendarlos, y sanarlos cuando están heridos. Y ahora. Regresan a casa heridos. Demasiados de ellos con sus cuerpos y espíritus quebrantados. Bueno pues, nosotros sus madres sus padres, sus esposos y sus esposas estamos aquí para exigir el cumplimiento de lo que se les ha prometido.

Nosotros no podemos esperar para que D.C. arregle sus meteduras de pata burócratas. Esta burocracía está matando a nuestros veteranos.  Ellos esperan meses y años para recibir tratamiento en el VA y están  perdiendo esperanza. Los errores del VA y esos encubrimientos han costado la vida de 500 veteranos sólo en los últimos cuatro años, y eso no incluye los que tomaron su propria vida.

Hemos sido testigos de la manera en la cual el gobierno corrupto trata a nuestros veteranos: el VA poniéndolos en esas listas de espera secretas, y engañando al Congreso.. espiando a los investigadores simplemente porque quieren llegar al fondo de eso.  Y no vayan a pensar que el problema esta resuelto sencillamente porque los medios ya no cubren los escándalos durante la sesión saliente.

El hecho que un tipo de arriba renunció, no significa que los problemas desaparecieron. El motivo por el cual no se oye hablar de ellos es porque nuestros veteranos no lloriquean. No les nace quejarse.Por eso esto ha estado bajo el radar por tanto tiempo.

Bueno, nuestra deuda de gratitud empieza el pago con tres soluciones sencillas que el gobierno puede y debería hacer ahora mismo, porque ya es hora de exigir soluciones.

  • Primero con el Cuidado de la Salud: Dar vales (‘vouchers’) para tratamiento fuera del VA (Departamento de Veteranos). Darle a nuestros veteranos la misma libertad que nos dieron a nosotros. Y en vez de premiar a extranjeros ilegales que se cuelan en la fila, recibiendo beneficios de EE.UU. que se les entrega.. ¡No, exigimos que los veteranos sean los primeros en la fila!
  • Segundo: permitirle a un veterano que está reintegrandose a la fuerza de trabajo civil, que utilise las técnicas que aprendió en el ejército. Hoy. Digamos, un veterano con capacidades excepcionales en la informática o con abilidades mecánicas, muchas veces tienen que ir hacia atrás, y volver a tomar cursos para poner un título o un papelito en la pared que dice que están certificados en un área que ya conocían. ¡Que se examinen y transfieran su certificación del ejército! Sentido comun.. ¡Sentido comun! (Yo sé que es una especie en peligro de extinción por aquí..)
  • Tercero: asegurar sus beneficios. En el Congreso aseguraron sus beneficios.  Sabían ustedes que el año pasado votaron para reducirle los beneficios de jubilación de los veteranos por 20%? Votaron ellos para reducir los suyos? No. Ellos solamente corrijen su rumbo cuando un número suficiente de nosotros se alza para protestar. ¿Votaron ellos para reducir los suyos? No. Ellos solamente corrijen su rumbo cuando un número suficiente de nosotros se alza para protestar. Entonces, quítenle el asunto a los políticos, después de pasar legislación que asegura beneficios permanentemente.

Ahora bien. El Cuidado de la Salud y los Beneficios.. esto es sólo parte de la equación. El deseo del general Washington para nuestros veteranos que sus acciones en la guerra fueran reconocidas como gloriosas y honorables. Y las han sido, no cabe duda.

Pero la cosa que esos veteranos de la guerra revolucionaria tuvieron las tropas de hoy no tienen es victoria. Y esa es la cosa que más aprecian. Ellos merecen saber que sus sacrificios no son en vano. ..saber que por lo que ellos lucharon y por lo que sus amigos murieron ¡valió la pena!

Dicen que los viejos declaran las guerras y luego mandan a los jóvenes a combatirlas. Entonces, es el deber del que los manda de estar seguro que podemos ganar esas guerras. Y es nuestro deber de elegir un comandante en jefe honorable que esté dispuesto a hacer los mismos sacrificios que manda a otros hacer.

Tenemos que proveerle a nuestras tropas la voluntad política para ganar, y las normas para entablar combate para ganar. Cuántos americanos han sido lastimados por las normas “políticamente correctas” para entablar combate, o por aquellos que están demasiados incomodos en darle a las tropas la confianza y herramientas que necesitan para ganar.

Eso nos lleva a una pregunta muy desagradable, y es una con la cual cada mamá estrella de oro y cada veterano vivirá para siempre. ¿Ganamos de verdad en Irak y Afganistán.. antes de ondear esa bandera blanca? Todavía no se sabe.

Pero cuando los malos terroristas islámicos están en marcha gritando “ala Akbar” desde Syria, hasta Irak, Libia, Yemen, y en las calles de Paris.. Bueno, no luce como victoria. El Medio Oriente es una caja de fósforos y se está cayendo a pedazos. Es un parque de recreos para un culto de muerte. ISIS se expande. Recupera terreno que acabamos de derramar sangre para asegurar. Un califato se extiende desde Baghdad hasta Damascus, hasta Jerusalén.

Sólo en Egipto, el Jihad está en retiro, y eso no es gracias a la administración de Obama. Recuerden, ellos apoyaron a la Hermandad Musulmana, que el pueblo al fin derrocó en uno de los levantamientos más grandes en la historia.

En el 2009 cuando Obama tomó cargo de la Guerra Contra el Terror, los Islámicos estaban en retiro, y Al Qaeda era una fuerza derrotada. Ahora controlan más territorios que nunca. Es donde entrenan y lanzan mas ataques contra nosotros y nuestros aliados. Y eso era predicible.

Los mandos militares nos avisaron: No se retiren de Irak sin una fuerza residual para mantener control sobre aquello y para retener el terreno que los buenos habian acabado de ganar. Amigos, la expansión de ISIS es el resultado directo de la denegación de este presidente de hacerle caso a ese aviso.

Y ahora donde quiera que miren los Islámicos están en marcha. Desde Boko Harem tomando niñas y vendiendolas como esclavas, a ISIS crucificando a cristianos y quemando a inocentes vivos en jaulas, y descabezando niños y bebitos.


Aparte de Dios Todopoderoso, ¿cuál es la única fuerza lo suficientemente potente que mantendrá esta marea barbárica alejada? Lo único que nos separa a nosotros de esos salvajes es El Rojo, Blanco y Azúl ¡Son los Militares de los Estados Unidos! 

Estamos en una lucha a largo plazo entre civilizaciones contra las fuerzas del mal. Y más vale que tomemos en serio la victoria. Las consecuencias de debilidad: retiro y derrota. En el pasado nuestros líderes enfrentaron el mal con claridad moral. Eliminanaron el fascismo y los Nazis. Ellos echaron el comunismo al cesto de basura de la historia.

Que no quepa duda, el islamismo radical es tan peligroso como esas ideologías. Y los Islamistas ahora juran que van a traer la lucha a nuestras costas. ISIS amenaza de subir su bandera negra sobre la Casa Blanca. Le dijeron al presidente Obama: Le cortaremos su cabeza en la Casa Blanca. Pero nuestro presidente que dirige por detrás piensa que podemos co-exisitir con estos matones genocidas. Él piensa que el Estado Islámico no es realmente islámico. Pretendiendo que no está ahí no lo hace desaparecer.

Llamándolo otra cosa no asegura que sea así.  Y dándole sermones a cristianos de bajerse de sus pedestales sobre el radicalismo islámico no detendrá a los islámicos de matar a cristianos.

Deje de echarle la culpa a la víctima y ¡despierte, Señor Presidente! Mientras los cristianos bajamos nuestras cabezas rezando por usted, los islámicos quieren cortar su cabeza.

El mundo que ellos quieren es un mundo que se someta. No nos someteremos jamás al mal! Nosotros echaremos el radicalismo islámico a las cenizas de la historia, igual que a los Nazis antes de ellos. Ay, el ingenuo departamento de estado de Obama.. ellos dicen que no podemos salir a matar para ganar la guerra.  ¿De verdad? Díganle eso a los Nazis. Ah. Esperen. No pueden porque están muertos. Los matamos.

La historia prueba que la destrucción del aparato militar de un enemigo – eso da victoria. Y de la victoria a la paz. Entonces no vamos a tolerar a políticos que desperdician las vidas preciosas de nuestros hijos e hijas en el campo de batalla, y luego, cuando vuelven a casa, los políticos se niegan cruelmente a respetar lo que le debemos.

Nuestros veteranos merecen mejor que eso, y lo exigimos. Porque amigos, si buscan las virtudes que distinguen a esta nación a la del enemigo, las encontrarán en los que están en uniforme que prometen pagar el precio por nuestra libertad.

Los Jihadis luchan porque tienen odio. Le tienen odio a los cristianos, a los judios, a las mujeres, a la diversidad y a la libertad. Nuestras tropas luchan por amor: el amor por la familia, la patria, y por la libertad.

Y si ustedes aman la libertad, ¡denle las gracias a un veterano! Yo les pido a aquellos que estan aquí hoy, cualquier veterano o miembro activo en servicio, honrennos, por favor, con ponerse de pie. Le queremos dar las gracias. Los saludamos. Les pedimos que se paren. ¡Nosotros los queremos! ¡Gracias!

Nosotros los amamos. Miren. Llamada a la acción. Acción conservadora. Esta es nuestra llamada la acción. Y no sólo aquí, pero donde quiera y todos los días. Encuentren a un veterano. Háblenles. Honrenlos. Denles las gracias y díganles que ustedes saben a quién darle las gracias por ella.

Portraits George Washington (28)Entonces, nosotros honraremos el deseo de George Washington, dicho con un corazón lleno de amor y gratitud para lograr victoria honorable y gloriosa en el campo de batalla, y para ayudar a nuestros luchadores por la libertad tener días civiles tan prósperos y alegres como su servicio fue valiente y sincero.

Entonces, con una voz digamos, ¡dque Dios bendiga los militares de los Estados Unidos! Les damos las gracias, veteranos y ¡que Dios bendiga los Estados Unidos de America! ..

Muchisimas gracias, y por supuesto, estoy contenta de tomar algunas preguntas que ustedes tengan para mi que el tiempo permita de contestar.

Moderador: Buenas noches. Bueno, Gobernadora, tenemos tiempo para hacer unas cuantas breves preguntas en una ronda relámpago. Cada respuesta será con una sola palabra.

Moderador: Barack Obama.

GSP:  Lo siento.

Moderador: Hillary Clinton.

GSP:  Lo siento.

Moderador: Margaret Thatcher.

GSP:   ¡Hierro!

Moderador: Y Gobernadora, tenemos muchos jóvenes aquí  en el publico hoy. Gobernadora Palin,  ¿cuáles son los asuntos mas importantes que deberían de estar presentes en sus mentes, ya que serán los líderes de la próxima generación?

GSP:  Bueno, ojalá a través del ósmosis parte del mensaje que yo envié hoy, pero yo sé que los que están en este salon entiendien lo que está pasando. Ellos tienen ese gran amor y honor para aquellos que darían todo en términos de servicio y en nombre de la libertad para nosotros.

Estos chicos tienen que entender como dijo Thomas Paine: Si hay problemas, que sea en mi día, para que mi hijo entonces tenga paz. Eso significa que tenemos que sacrificios hoy y no ser tan sumamente egoistas, los políticos en particular, que le dan a estos chicos, a sus hijos, y a sus hijos después, una deuda que los encadena y los restringe. Yo creo que lo que estamos haciendo hoy es immoral e injusto, y en mi opinión, esa deuda es ilegal.

Moderador: Una ultima pregunta. Cree Usted que la prensa trata diferentemente a una mujer política republicana a una mujer política democrata?

GSP: Sí.


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New Video Poll: Too Bold or Just Right?

By Isabel Matos

This is an important message that needs to be sent loud and clear: the Spanish Media is like the Lame Stream Media. Its bias is just not getting the attention it should. Language is not the barrier in programming we should worry about, agenda is. This video is captioned and narrated in Spanish and in English to get our conservative message out.  Vote (or add to) your opinion in the poll below.


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Palin Plan de Cinco Puntos Para Restaurar América 3/9/2011

By Isabel Matos

On October 5th, 2011, Sarah Palin announced she was not seeking the GOP nomination for president. Her last public speech was on September 3rd, 2011, before that announcement. In her speech, Sarah criticizes President Obama’s job plan. She contrasts her plan, which is based on reality to his which is based on fantasy, consisting of payoffs for his friends and supporters,  increasing the debt and taking hard-earned money from citizens to give it to special interests. She shares her plan, a real working-man’s plan which offers solutions that work in the real world, resulting in jobs for Americans. Below is the introduction and excerpt of the Five Point Plan translated from the original SarahPac transcript.

i1 (1)

Introducción: En octubre 5 del 2011, Sarah Palin anuncio que no iba a solicitar la nominación para presidente del partido republicano. El extracto más importante de su discurso del 3 de septiembre fue el plan de cinco puntos para restaurar América. Este fue su último discurso público antes de ese anuncio.  En su discurso Sarah critica el plan de empleos del presidente Obama donde las soluciones están basadas en fantasía, consistiendo de recompensa para sus amigos y partididarios, aumentando la deuda y tomando el dinero trabajado por los ciudadanos, dándoselo a los intereses creados. Ella ofrece su plan, un plan que favorece verdaderamente al trabajador, con soluciones que funcionan en el mundo real, resultando en empleo para Americanos.

Gobernadora Palin: En un plazo de cinco dias nuestro presidente nos premierá con un discurso más. En su próximo discurso él va a revelar su último nuevo super gran-plan de empleos. Tendrá más objetivos “nobles” y retórica más florida, más fantasías económicas ilógicas, y más culpas echadas y acusaciones continuadas, pero escuchen bien lo que dice. Todas sus soluciones van a girar en torno a más de lo mismo: más recompensas para sus amistades y partidarios. Su plan es el mismo de siempre: crecer más al gobierno,aumentar más la deuda, tomar y darle más de su dinero bien ganado a los intereses creados. Y es un gran problema; pero Uds saben cuáles son los problemas causados por el “status quo” en Washington. Podríamos continuar el día entero … El “status quo” para mi significa en latín “más del mismo lío en el cuál estamos metidos”. Ese “status quo” ya no funcionará más. Podríamos hablar el día entero de los problemas porque los viven a diario. Entonces hablemos de verdaderas soluciones. Quiero decirles cuál es mi plan.

Mi Plan

Mi plan consiste del empoderamiento de nuestros estados, el empoderamiento de nuestros empresarios, y más importantemente el empoderamiento de ustedes – nuestros invididuos trabajadores – porque tengo fe en ustedes, les tengo confianza y los respeto. El camino adelante no puede continuar a ser la política de siempre. Tenemos que parar la expansión de un gobierno fuera de control y desconectado del pueblo.

Primero. Todo el poder no especificamente delegado al gobierno federal por la Constitución está reservado a los estados y a nosotros, el pueblo.  Entonces, vamos a cumplir con la décima enmienda  y pasarle los poderes al gobierno local donde los fundadores intentaron que estuvieran.

Segundo.  ¿Qué pasó con todas esas promesas de quedar comprometidos a la derogación de la madre de todos los mandatos de gran gobierno no fundados? ¡Tenemos que revocar Obamacare! y mantener control estricto sobre las reglamentaciones onerosas que son una bota a nuestro cuello, echar a un lado el gobierno, y dejar que el sector privado respire y crezca. Esto le permitirá a los negocios la confianza necesaria para expandir y contratar a más personas.

Tercero. No más deuda excesiva. Tenemos que priorizar y reducir, cancelar fondos del estímulo no usados y tener ese momento sincero donde nosotros nos hacemos dueños de la deuda y del desafío que es la reforma de ayuda social. Miren. La realidad es que vamos a tener reforma de ayuda social.  Es solamente una cuestión de cómo lo vamos a lograr. O lo hacemos nosotros, o los mercados de capitales del mundo la meterán hasta la garganta, y la unica opción será de reformar nuestros programas de ayuda social. El “status quo” ya no es una opción.  La reforma de ayuda social es nuestro deber ahora. Tiene que hacerse de manera que honre nuestro compromiso a nuestros estimados ancianos hoy, mientras manteniendo fe con futuras generaciones.

Yo les voy a decir algo.  Yo no creo que nada ma haya molestado mas que esta bobería desde la Casa Blanca que a lo mejor no le van mandar los cheques a nuestros seniors. El dinero es de ellos!  Ellos han pagado su seguro social a través de su vida de trabajo, y para que el presidente diga, “Ah, a lo mejor no podemos hacerles sus cheques.” ¿Ah, bueno, y entonces donde se fué su dinero, políticos? Es como si el comandante en jefe estuviera dispuesto a embarcar a nuestro ejército, amenazándoles que sus cheques a lo mejor no van a llegar, pero los políticos seguirán recibiendo sus cheques y sus retiros asegurados, y el presidente seguirá recibiendo sus vacaciones extravagantes. ¿No están hartos ya de todas esas prioridades torcidas? Está todo al revés! A nuestros seniors, y a nuestros hombres y mujeres valientes en uniforme, los están usando como peones. Yo digo que es vergonzoso y basta ya. No más!

4. Cuarto. Ya es hora que América séa la super-potencia de energía. El estímulo verdadero que nosotros hemos estado anticipando es una producción de energía doméstica robusta y responsable. Tenemos los recursos. La energía segura y ecónomica es la clave a una economía próspera y tiene que ser nuestra fundación. Entonces, yo haria lo contrario de lo que esta haciendo Obama, manipulando las provisiones de energía de los Estados Unidos. Perforen aquí, perforen ahora . Que se construyan las refinerías y los oleoductos. No se dobleguen a los países extranjeros y a los dictadores, pidiéndoles que aumenten la producción y la industria para nosotros, prometiéndoles a ellos que seremos su mejor cliente.

No, no cuando tenemos los recursos aquí. Necesitamos aprovechar de nuestros recursos naturales dados por Dios. Yo les prometo que eso traer verdadero crecimiento de empleo, no esos trabajos verdes, falsos, de polvo de adas de los políticos, roceados con deseos y brillo.

No, una política de energía fuerte y comprehensiva que crece este lazo indestructible entre la energía hecha en America y nuestra prosperidad y seguridad. ¿Ustedes saben que hay suficientes projectos grandes, convencionales, de desarrollo de recursos naturales, esperando que el gobierno los apruebe, que podrían potencialmente crear mas de un millón de empleos altamente remunerados a través del país?

Esto es un verdadero estímulo. No le costaría al gobierno ni un real permitirle al sector privado hacerlos. En realidad, estos projectos generarán billones de dólares en ingreso. ¿Se pueden imaginar eso: un projecto de estímulo que nos saque de la deuda en vez de meternos más profundamente en ella? Y estos son los trabajos que pagan bien. Yo sé eso, por experiencia. Por años mi propia familia se mantuvo gracias a un buen trabajo que Todd tuvo en el sector de energía en el Norte de Alaska. La recuperación económica de América empieza con la recuperación de energía de América.

Quinto.  Podemos y haremos de América el país más atractivo del mundo para hacer negocio. Y así es como lo vamos hacer. En este momento tenemos el tipo impositivo de impuesto corporativo federal más alto del mundo industrializado. Ustedes sabían que nuestras tasas impositivas son más altas que las de China y de Cuba comunista?

Esto no genera tanto ingreso como ustedes se imaginarían, porque muchas grandes corporaciones se dan el lujo de evitar impuestos federales porque tienen amigos en D.C. que corrigen las reglas para el resto de nosotros. Esto nos hace menos competitivo y restringe nuestro motor de prosperidad. Contra, hay negocios que pasan más tiempo tratando de calcular cómo esconder sus gananzias que tratando de generar más gananzias para que puedan expandir y emplear a más de nosotros.

Entonces, para hacer de América el lugar mas atractivo y más competitivo para hacer negocio, para instalarse, y para emplear a personas aquí, para atraer el capital de todo el mundo que resultará en una explosión de crecimiento, en vez de caerle atrás a la industria en el exterior, yo  propongo eliminar la taza impositiva de ingreso corporativo federal. Y oiganme bien en esto, así es como nosotros vamos a crear millones de empleos altamente remunerados. Así es como aumentamos la oportunidad y la prosperidad para todos.

Pero aquí esta la mejor parte: para equilibrar cualquier perdida de ingreso federal de esta reducción de impuesto, nosotros eliminamos el bienestar corporativo y todas las lagunas, y eliminamos los recates financieros. Así es como le rompenos la espalda al capitalismo amiguista porque se alimenta del bienestar corporativo que viene siendo socialismo para los muy ricos.

Todo eso lo podemos cambiar. El mensaje entonces a la corporaciones que crean empleos es: Nosotros los desencadenamos del tipo impositivo de ingreso corporativo federal más grande del mundo pero ustedes tendrán que mantenerse de pied o caer como el resto de nosotros.  Miren. Cuando nosotros empoderamos a los creadores de empleo la economía se elevará y los Americanos regresarán a trabajar.

Este plan es un primer paso en una larga marcha hacia la restauración fundamental de una economía fuerte y de libre mercado. Y representa el tipo de reforma que necesitamos. Y amigos, tiene que venir de ustedes. Tiene que venir del pueblo americano. La verdadera esperanza está en ustedes.

Conclusión: Este plan es un primer paso en una larga marcha hacia la restaración fundamental de un mercado económico y libre. Y representa el tipo de reforma que necesitamos. Y amigos, tiene que venir de ustedes. Tiene que venir del pueblo americano. La verdadera esperanza está en ustedes. No es la “esperancita y cambio” que tanto oímos mencionar en el 2008. Esa lección la hemos aprendido todo. La verdadera esperanza no está en un solo individuo ni en un político ciertamente. Esa esperancita y cambio que le inculcaron al individuo cuando Barack Obama fue candidato.. Ella no creó un solo empleo en agosto. ¿No es cierto? Es la primera vez que esto ha ocurrido en los Estados Unidos desde la segunda guerra mundial. La verdadera esperanza viene de ustedes. Y ella viene de la realización que no hace falta un título para hacer una diferencia. Podemos volver a poner a este país en el camino correcto. Podemos lograrlo a través del empoderamiento del pueblo, dándonos cuenta que Dios ha bendecido con abundancia y riqueza natural a esta nación realmente excepcional, y luego hacemos algo al respeto de esa realización.

Copyright © Isabel Matos

In five days time, our President will gift us with yet another speech. In his next speech he’ll reveal his latest new super-duper “jobs plan.” It will have more lofty goals and flowery rhetoric, more illogical economic fantasies and more continued blame and finger-pointing. But listen closely to what he says. All of his “solutions” will revolve around more of the same – more payoffs for his friends and supporters. His “plan” is the same as it’s always been, and that’s grow more government, increase more debt, take and give more of your hard-earned money to special interests. And this is such a problem. But you know what the problems are. We could go on all day about the problems caused by the status quo in Washington. Status quo I think is Latin for “more of the same mess that we’re in.” That status quo won’t work any more. We could go on all day about the problems, but you know them because you live them everyday. So, let’s talk about real solutions. I want to tell you what my plan is. My plan is a bona-fide pro-working man’s plan, and it deals in reality. It deals in the way that the world really works because we must talk about what really works in order to get America back to work.

My plan is about empowerment: empowerment of our states, empowerment of our entrepreneurs, most importantly empowerment of you – our hardworking individuals – because I have faith, I have trust, I have respect for you.

The way forward is no more politics as usual. We must stop expanding an out-of-control and out-of-touch federal government.

This is first: All power not specifically delegated to the federal government by our Constitution is reserved for the states and for we the people. So, let’s enforce the 10th Amendment and devolve powers back locally where the Founders intended them to be.

Second, what happened to all those promises about staying committed to repealing the mother of all big government unfunded mandates? We must repeal Obamacare! And rein in burdensome regulations that are a boot on our neck. Get government out of the way. Let the private sector breathe and grow. This will allow the confidence that businesses need in order to expand and hire more people.

Third, no more run away debt. We must prioritize and cut. Cancel unused stimulus funds, and have that come to Jesus moment where we own up to the debt challenge that is entitlement reform. See, the reality is we will have entitlement reform; it’s just a matter of how we’re going to get there. We either do it ourselves or the world’s capital markets are going to shove it down our throats, and we’ll have no choice but to reform our entitlement programs. The status quo is no longer an option. Entitlement reform is our duty now, and it must be done in a way that honors our commitment to our esteemed elders today, while keeping faith with future generations. I don’t think anything has irked me more than this nonsense coming from the White House about maybe not sending our seniors their checks. It’s their money! They have paid into Social Security all of their working lives; and for the President to say, “ah, we may not be able to cut their checks,” ah, well, where did all their money go, politicians? It’s like the Commander-in-Chief being willing to throw our military under the bus by threatening that their paychecks may not arrive. But the politicians will still get their checks and their secure retirements, and he’ll still get his posh vacations. Aren’t you just sick to death of those skewed priorities? It’s all backwards. Our seniors and our brave men and women in uniform being used as pawns – I say it’s shameful, and enough is enough. No more.

Fourth, it is time for America to become the energy superpower. The real stimulus that we’ve been waiting for is robust and responsible domestic energy production. We have the resources. Affordable and secure energy is the key to any thriving economy, and it must be our foundation. So, I would do the opposite of Obama’s manipulation of U.S. supplies of energy. Drill here, drill now. Let the refineries and the pipelines be built. Stop kowtowing to foreign countries and dictators asking them to ramp up production and industry for us, promising them that we’ll be their greatest customer. No, not when we have the resources here. We need to move on tapping our own God-given natural resources. I promise you that this will bring real job growth, not the politicians’ phony “green jobs” fairy dust sprinkled with wishes and glitter… No, a hardcore all-of-the-above energy policy that builds this indestructible link between made-in-America energy and our prosperity and our security. You know, there are enough large conventional natural resource development projects waiting for government approval that could potentially create more than a million high-paying jobs all across the country. And this is true stimulus. It wouldn’t cost government a dime to allow the private sector to do these. In fact, these projects will generate billions of dollars in revenue. Can you imagine that: a stimulus project that actually helps dig us out of debt instead of digging us further into it! And these are good-paying jobs, and I know that from experience. For years my own family was supported (as Todd worked up on the North Slope) by a good energy sector job. America’s economic revival starts with America’s energy revival.

Fifth, we can and we will make America the most attractive country on earth to do business in. Here’s how we’re going to do this. Right now, we have the highest federal corporate income tax rate in the industrialized world. Did you know our rates are higher than China and communist Cuba? This doesn’t generate as much revenue as you would think, though, because many big corporations skirt federal taxes because they have the friends in D.C. who right the rules for the rest of us. This makes us less competitive and restrains our engine of prosperity. Heck, some businesses spend more time trying to figure out how to hide their profits than they do in generating more profits so that they can expand and hire more of us. So, to make America the most attractive and competitive place to do business, to set up shop here and hire people here, to attract capital from all over the globe that will lead to an explosion of growth, instead of chasing industry offshore, I propose to eliminate all federal corporate income tax. And hear me out on this. This is how we create millions of high-paying jobs. This is how we increase opportunity and prosperity for all.

But here’s the best part: To balance out any loss of federal revenue from this tax cut, we eliminate corporate welfare and all the loopholes and we eliminate bailouts. This is how we break the back of crony capitalism because it feeds off corporate welfare, which is just socialism for the very rich. We can change all of that. The message then to job-creating corporations is: We’ll unshackle you from the world’s highest federal corporate income tax rate, but you will stand or fall on your own, just like all the rest of us out on main street.

See, when we empower the job-creators, our economy will soar; Americans will get back to work.

This plan is a first step in a long march towards fundamental restoration of a strong and free market economy. And it represents the kind of real reform that we need. And, folks, it must come from you. It must come from the American people. Real hope is in you. It’s not that hopey-changey “stuff” that we heard about back in 2008. We’ve all learned that. And real hope isn’t in an individual. It’s not in a politician certainly. And that hopey-changey stuff that was put in an individual back when Barack Obama was a candidate – that hopey-changey stuff didn’t create one job in August, did it? That’s the first time that’s happened in the United States since World War II. Real hope comes from you. Real hope comes from realizing that we the people can make the difference. And you don’t need a title to make a difference. We can get this country back on the right track. We can do it by empowering the people and realizing that God has richly blessed this most exceptional nation, and then we do something about that realization.


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New SarahPAC Mailer Strongly Suggests Sarah Palin Will Mount A 2016 Presidential Bid

Sarah Palin at Reagan Ranch on Horseback

Governor Palin, horseback, at the Reagan Ranch in California

By Gary P Jackson

Many long time supporters of Governor Sarah Palin, those of us who have followed her career since early 2007, a year and a half before she was to be chosen as the Republican nominee for Vice President and became an international figure, have been wondering why the Governor has been silent now that several Republicans, including her good friend Ted Cruz, have announced they are officially in for 2016. Maybe, just maybe we have our answer.

Other than jabs at Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney in her Iowa speech, which prompted Rick Moran at PJ Media to say this ….

Palin sounds like a candidate to me. And she’s teeing off on Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, implying that their establishmentarianism is no better than the status quo — a potent theme that will resonate with the conservative base.
She also implies that Bush/Romney aren’t strong enough to get in the trenches with Hillary and the Clinton machine to duke it out. She certainly describes herself when she says she thinks the GOP candidate should be “considered a bit avante garde.” In fact, the way she describes the ideal candidate is like she’s looking in a mirror…

Palin may have other reasons for running, including denying Romney and Bush a cakewalk to the nomination. Her favorability ratings may be a liability, but her name recognition is far better than any other conservative candidate. Her entrance in the race would be a wild card that could peel off support from both establishment and conservative candidates alike.

I have one pick with Moran’s comments though. The last major poll that included Sarah Palin left her off as a potential candidate, but measured her favorables and unfavorables against a huge field of potential candidates. The 2014 poll had Palin’s favorability at 70%, among Republicans and Republican leaning independents. That’s UP from 67% in 2012 and considerably higher than anyone the pollster, Public Policy Polling, offered up as an actual candidate. Also, people shouldn’t dismiss lightly the fact that Governor Palin has been considered one of the Most Admired Women in the Word in Gallup’s annual survey since 2008, never being ranked lower than third on the list! Palin’s supposed unfavorability is more fantasy than fact!

Governor Palin has focused all of her energy, when it comes to 2016, on Hillary Clinton. She has hammered Hillary for not being able to multi-task, and use one phone for official government business, and one for personal use, going so far as to post a photo of herself, as Governor, holding her newborn son juxtaposed against Hillary’s claimed inability to figure it all out:

Sarah Palin Multi-tasking w Cellphones

In yet another scandal, Hillary was exposed as using her device for both personal and official State Department communications. A big no-no!

Earlier Governor Palin reminded Americans that while Hillary has erased her entire email history at the State Department, after using an illegal computer [something that would have anyone else already serving time in prison] Palin’s own e-mails were put under a microscope with the left wing Washington Post actually asking it’s readers to help scour through some 25,000 emails looking for the “juicy partsWaPo and it’s readers had hoped to find all kinds of incriminating evidence of SOMETHING, but instead found page after page of e-mails proving that not only was Governor Palin incredibly competent, but proved to be one of the hardest working public servants in the country. Something those of us who have followed Governor Plain for the better part of a decade already knew!

Sarah Palin email Truth

The Palin e-mails also put an end to the lie that she supported and took money for a “bridge to nowhere” when they revealed she wanted to give the money back, and earmark it for replacement of the I-35 Bridge that collapsed in Minnesota, killing and injuring many. Of course, as there was no legal way to do that, the money went to Alaska’s general fund. We have a link to many of Governor Palin’s official e-mails, as well as her outstanding record of accomplishments a Governor, here.

Several days ago Governor Palin posted this on Facebook:

America – ready for Hillary? Some of us are. Join us and begin here…

WATCH the Game-Changing New Video That Drops A Bomb On Hillary And Can Finish Her

A truth bomb of epic proportions …

She included a link to Western Journalism and the article America Rising Releases New Hillary Video: ‘Trustworthy?’

Governor Palin has consistently said she is “Ready for Hillary” and not in the way the former Secretary of State and world class criminal thinks!

Which brings us to a new mailer from SarahPAC that is making the rounds on Twitter. The letter is titled “I’m ready for Hillary. Are you? A second header proclaims “The First Shot: Clinton vs Palin” Along with the letter, is a copy of the front page of the Boston Herald, dated January 25, 2015 that screams MAKE WAY FOR SARAH and proclaims: GOP Strategists: A Palin ’16 bid is no joke

These mailers are sent to folks who support SarahPAC.

Here are a couple of the tweets, one showing the letter and the newspaper tear sheet, and one with just the newspaper:

The Boston Herald article is now hidden behind a pay-wall, but our friends at Conservatives4Palin archived it. Here’s the important part:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s announcement that she’s “seriously interested” in running for president in 2016 could shake up the GOP field, say strategists, who point to the former vice presidential hopeful’s strong base, fundraising ability and star power.

You’ve got to take her seriously because she can raise a lot of money, she has a big following and she has been through a national campaign, which is important to be competitive in a presidential primary,” Republican strategist Chris Brown told the Herald. “I think she really changes the field and she has the potential to hurt a lot of candidates — especially Tea Party conservatives.”


Former Alabama GOP Chairman Marty Connors said Palin “has built a career around being underestimated.
I would immediately put her in as a top- or mid-tier candidate if she decides to run,” Connors said.
[S]he has a built-in constituency and so she wouldn’t have to raise the money that some of the other candidates would and I think she’d be an exciting candidate that a lot of people would rally around.

As to raising money, I think Haley Barbour got it right when he said of Governor Palin a few years back: “She could raise enough money to burn a wet mule!” In case you don’t speak Mississippian, that means she can raise a hell of a lot of money! But I also agree with Connors, in that she is a known quantity and has not only a huge following, but the ability to attract the news media, who will follow her every move, like the second coming of Elvis!

Governor Palin’s media partner PassCodeCreative recently created a new video for SarahPAC Catch Me If You Can which reminds us about the big stir he bus trip caused a few years back!

Governor Palin and her family drove the media nuts, because she never gave them an itinerary, saying …. rightly so, her trip was about getting out and seeing America and talking to regular Americans, rather than a publicity stunt, like Hillary’s recent Scooby Do bus tour that was a complete and total flop! Governor Palin used this video to make fun of Hillary’s failed tour! And to poke the media again!

In the C4P article we mention above, Steve Flesher links to another Boston Herald article written around the same time by Adriana Cohen that explains the GOP needs a strong Conservative woman, if they intend to defeat Hillary Clinton [or Liz Warren, for that matter]

The GOP needs women on the ticket for many reasons, not least because it steals the Democratic Party’s thunder. They want to be the “first” at breaking cultural barriers and glass ceilings. With Hillary Clinton expected to be their front-runner in 2016, they’ll use her gender as a tactic to gin up support from their base — especially female voters.
I can already see Emily’s List pushing out emails nationwide saying, “Let’s make history by electing the first female president of the United States.”

Cohen goes on to say this about Hillary [and how Sarah is better]: [emphasis mine]

If you’re a female leader on the Democratic ticket, you’re a “hero” regardless of how many times you put your foot in your mouth, embarrass yourself or worse.

We haven’t forgotten Hillary Clinton saying that we should empathize with our enemies or that businesses and corporations don’t really create jobs. Both absurd statements that should disqualify any candidate — male or female — from any race, never mind the top slot.

But if you’re a female conservative? Watch out! Liberals will pounce and do everything they can to marginalize a conservative woman who runs for office no matter how educated, or talented, or accomplished she is. Liberals only “tolerate” others if they agree with them and follow their agenda.


The reality is Sarah Palin draws huge crowds at speaking engagements, has millions of social media followers and just as many supporters across the nation.

Hillary Clinton has been giving speeches to half-filled rooms.

Look, we have absolutely no idea what Governor Palin is going to do, but after she considered a 2012 run, for a long, long time, and then didn’t, causing a lot of disappointment among supporters, it’s hard to fathom she would do that again, especially as aggressive as this latest mailer is.

One of our longtime readers, Joy, made an interesting point a few days ago. If you remember, on September 3, 2011 Governor Palin made a powerful speech, to a massive crowd in Indianola, Iowa, which our Stacy Drake recorded.

While Governor Palin spoke of Liberty and Freedom, the main focus was crony capitalism.

Governor Palin has been going after in corruption in government for over 20 years, ever since her earliest days as the junior member of the Wasilla city council! She famously took down the entire Republican Party machine, in Alaska, which rivaled Chicago, and it’s thug politics, in it’s depths of corruption!

Just a few months after Governor Palin’s well received speech, Peter Schweizer’s brand new book: Throw Them All Out: How Politicians and Their Friends Get Rich Off Insider Stock Tips, Land Deals, and Cronyism That Would Send the Rest of Us to Prison was released.

The book caused a massive stir, as well as top billing on 60 Minutes. Congress passed a law [though later it was quietly neutered] banning lawmakers from insider trading. Both former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi [D-California] and current Speaker John Boehner [R-Ohio] have made tens of millions of dollars using secret insider information.

Joy noted that Peter’s new book: Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich which has caused the Clinton’s to loose their minds and their friends in the media a lot of sleepless nights trying to figure out how to protect Hill and Bill, just happens to be coming out at a time Governor Palin has been relentlessly hammering Hillary!

Peter’s new book, which is set for release May 5, 2015 is already a Number One Best Seller at Amazon!

I’m not sure Joy is off base here at all.

Most people know this, but Peter Schweizer served as Governor Palin’s foreign policy adviser after she left office and created SarahPAC. Peter literally wrote the books [plural] on President Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy, which Governor Palin had adopted as the basis for her own, adding new lessons learned.

What is interesting to me, is after serving under Palin, Peter has written exclusively about corruption in government. Clinton Cash will be his third Best Seller in a row on the subject.

Again, we have no idea what Governor Palin is up, but we have it from sources close to the family that her decision not to run in 2012 came down to strong opposition from her mother and her oldest son, Track.

That said, Governor Palin posted this on Facebook January 22, three days before the Boston Herald article was published:

Ha! Believe it or not I received this from… my mom!“:

Sarah Palin Hitchhiking

Take from that what you will!

Is it too early to say Palin-Cruz 2016?!? [or Palin-Jindal]

What exactly is “That woman” thinking about?

Sarah Palin in Western Wear Reflective Pose


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Sarah Palin: Human-Caused Global Warming? What a racket!


By Gary P Jackson

Yesterday was “Earth Day” and [not coincidentally] Communist terror leader Vladimir Lenin’s birthday. We spent the day talking about the scam of “global warming” and quoting actual conservationists and climate experts, who debunk the notion and rightly understand the “climate change” movement has more to with their hero, birthday boy Lenin, and his insane philosophy, than actual science.

There was another birthday this week. A one we are more than happy to celebrate: Trig Palin’s! [4/21] Governor Palin took to Facebook to post some photos of her son enjoying the day [and the fresh snow!] as well as to blast the fascist thugs who are pushing the global warming scam:

Celebrating the boys’ birthdays – in new snow on 4/20! Trig takes another lap on his restored ’88 Élan (thank you, Garret and Ellie!) while enjoying this “climate change” (also known as “seasons“).

100% Human-Caused Global Warming? What a racket. A money-making, politically-driven tool that ignores history to enable control freaks’ mandates that fundamentally transform your lifestyle and stall American progress.

Well, happy birthday, sons; may you and your generation never cave to Al Gore and his liberal idiotic ilk as elitists pretend to play God, claiming they control Mother Nature. They can’t predict this afternoon’s weather but foolishly demand trust in their supernatural power to predict it 5000 years from now. Stay strong, boys! We need men like you to un-do what’s been done to our country under liberal control. Meanwhile, enjoy the snow!

– Sarah Palin

Trig Palin Birthday 2015-1

Trig Palin Birthday 2015-God Bless America

Trig Palin Birthday 2015-2

Trig Palin Birthday 2015-3


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Dramatic Video: Senator Ted Cruz Announces His Bid for the Presidency


Your fight is my fight!

By Gary P Jackson

Texas’s Favorite Son, Senator Ted Cruz announces his candidacy for President in a powerful and dramatic video:

Cruz hits all the right notes, for sure. By being the first to officially announce his candidacy, he gets a leg up on fundraising, as well as media coverage …. both good and bad.

Of course, we are huge fans of Senator Cruz, and supported his campaign to defeat the Republican Establishment here in Texas, which despite what you may think, is just as bad as it is in Washington. In fact our GOP Speaker of the House bows to the whims of the democrats just like John Boehner does in DC! [and democrats are almost non-existent in the Texas legislature!]

Although Senator Cruz is short of executive experience, something that should be of some concern, he is no GOP version of Barack Obama. Senator Cruz has a very impressive resume:

Cruz was high school Valedictorian. Graduated Princeton: BA cum laud, and Harvard Law: Juris Doctor magna cum laud.

Cruz clerked for two Supreme Court justices. Was the first Hispanic to clerk for a Chief Justice [Rehnquist] in the United States

Cruz was the youngest and longest serving Solicitor General in Texas history. Ted was hand picked by Attorney General, now Governor, Greg Abbott.

As Solicitor General of Texas achieved an unprecedented series of landmark national victories, including successfully defending:

• U.S. sovereignty against the UN and the World Court in Medellin v. Texas;
• The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms;
• The constitutionality of the Texas Ten Commandments monument;
• The constitutionality of the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance;
• The constitutionality of the Texas Sexually Violent Predator Civil Commitment law; and
• The Texas congressional redistricting plan.

The National Law Journal has called Ted a key voice” to whom “the [U.S. Supreme Court] Justices listen.” Ted has been named by American Lawyer magazine as one of the 50 Best Litigators under 45 in America, by the National Law Journal as one of the 50 Most Influential Minority Lawyers in America, and by Texas Lawyer as one of the 25 Greatest Texas Lawyers of the Past Quarter Century.

Jose Ernesto Medellin was an illegal alien from Mexico convicted of gang raping and murdering two Houston, Texas girls: Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Peñ. Medellin was one of five illegal aliens who were convicted of raping and killing the girls, after they accidentally stumbled upon a gang initiation ritual in Houston. The gang was known as the “Black and Whites

When he was sentenced to death, it caused an international incident, with Mexico claiming Texas didn’t have the right to execute Medellin. Texas, on the other hand, said oh hell yes we do! It was Solicitor General Cruz who successfully argued that case before the United States Supreme Court. A case that also involved the United Nations and the World Court.

Medellin has since been executed according to Texas law.

Ted Cruz is an amazing speaker and a proven world class debater. He is amazing in person as a speaker. There’s a reason why Governor Sarah Palin not only endorsed Cruz for the Senate, but came to Texas to campaign for him.

We are reserving an endorsement at this time, but out of the potential candidates we know of, Cruz is the only one we can believe in. The only one we can trust. We’ll just have to see if anyone else, with a better record, as an executive, AND a Conservative, throws his [or her] hat into the ring.

Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz

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