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Daily Kos:”Ann Romney thinks she’s suffered? Let’s make her suffer”

By Gary P Jackson

The people who write for the Daily Kos [as well as their readers] have always been sewer dwellers, gutter trash. But Kos is still one of the leading democrat websites, and democrats still flock the the annual “Kos Klan Rally” known as Netroots Nation.

Remember, it was Kos founder Marcos Moulitsas who targeted Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords as a “sell-out” and put a bull’s-eye on her before the Tuscon massacre in 2011, and Kos writer “Blu Boy” declared “CongressWOMAN Giffords Voted Against Nancy Pelosi! And Is Now DEAD To Me!” a mere 48 hours before left-wing nut job Jarred Lee Loughner’s assault on Giffords.

So it should come as no surprise that the vile and disgusting animals at Kos are now attacking Ann Romney, a cancer survivor who also suffers from MS. Writer Kaili Joy Gray has penned a particularly hateful screed in which she wants to make Ann Romney suffer more, and they are raising money to do it:

Hell to Pay: Ann Romney thinks she’s suffered? Let’s make her suffer (metaphorically)

.Welcome to this week’s extra special edition of Hell to Pay. We’re raising money for Daily Kos-endorsed women candidates for the House and Senate, because it’s time to send more, better women to Congress to kick some ass, take some names, fight back against the Republican War on Women—and maybe even shrink some penises with their feminism.

So far, we’ve raised $9,559. But come on, folks, that’s not even one Mitt bet! We’re not done yet. So we’re just going to let Ann Romney, Mitt’s official chief adviser on lady things, keep on talking. Because when it comes to women, she’s had an awful lot to say. And we’re going to make her pay for it.

[ …. ]

Feel sorry for her yet? Because it’s been tough for Mitt too, turning down all those $30-million-a-year job offers

[ …. ]

Are you tired of hearing about how hard it is to be Ann Romney, even though she “loves” how hard life is for you?

Then it’s payback time. Let’s make her pay. Let’s make them pay. Name your favorite anti-woman bill Republicans tried to pass since they took over. Name your favorite quotes. Name your favorites offenses. And open up those wallets. Because now, it’s payback time. And payback? It’s one hell of an unladylike, penis-shrinking bitch.

And it’s time to shrink their numbers in Congress. Women are 51 percent of the country, but only 17 percent of Congress. So it’s time to step up and show that we’re the majority, we’re mad as hell, and we’re ready to make them pay for it.

Nice talk huh? You have to laugh at these poor pathetic loons, but not too much, because we must never forget how dangerous these people are. The hate just drips off the page as you read this tripe. The writer purposely chose the word suffer while attacking a someone who has suffered. Disgusting and quite evil.

I’m particularly interested in Gray’s obsession of the male genitalia which is mentioned several times in the piece. Rush used to called these specimens of the female persuasion “femanazis,” with good reason. Again, these creatures seem to exist on nothing but hate.

It’s funny that Gray thinks Mitt Romney has multiple $30 million a year job offers coming at him. These people have absolutely zero concept of reality, or how the world actually works. If ignorance is bliss, then they are in true nirvana. But ignorant people can be just as dangerous as anyone else when their efforts are geared toward evil.

I’ve come to realize that liberalism isn’t just an ideology of hate and destruction, it’s an ideology that simply isn’t compatible with civilized society. The goals of liberalism are certainly not compatible with America’s founding principles. We defeated the Nazis and the Soviet Union. We must defeat liberalism as well. It’s the only way America will survive.


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Ann Romney and the Corporate Wife

By Gary P Jackson

No further comment necessary.


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Jedediah Bila On Ann Romney and Chris Christie’s Speeches

By Gary P Jackson

Just a short video where Jedediah Bila shares her thoughts on Ann Romney and Chris Christie:

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Ann Romney’s Horse Comes in Third in Olympic Qualifying Event

By Gary P Jackson

I love this photo of Ann Romney! You can see just how happy she is. Ann took up horseback riding as therapy. Ann suffers from MS, a horrible thing. Riding has helped her tremendously.

ABC’s Shushannah Walshe reports that Ann’s horse, Rafalca, ridden by Ann’s dressage trainer Jan Ebeling, came in third at an Olympic qualifying event in New Jersey:

Ann Romney’s dressage trainer Jan Ebeling and the horse they co-own, Rafalca, came in third this weekend at the United States Equestrian Federation National Dressage Championships in Gladstone, N.J. This competition, which will continue next weekend, also serves as an Olympics qualifying event for the U.S. Dressage Team for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Romney is avidly involved in the expensive world of dressage, sometimes known as “horse ballet,” and credits horseback riding for almost eliminating her symptoms from multiple sclerosis, which she was diagnosed with in 1998.

According to a USEF press release, Ebeling was the first to go, scoring 71.489 percent. The release said the “comfort level” between Rafalca and Ebeling was “evident in the ring.” Ebeling has been riding Rafalca for six years.

The same release says the wife of the presumptive GOP nominee was on hand to watch Rafalca and Ebeling.

I was really happy that they could all make it,” said Ebeling. “I think it is wonderful for our sport to have that visibility.”

Last week on a three-day campaign swing of Florida, Ann Romney visited a therapeutic horse riding facility and told patients and staff there she was “not able to get out of bed” or even walk at one point her MS symptoms were that severe. But the “excitement of getting on a horse” helped her.

Horses are amazing teachers,” said Romney, who visited with other patients who like her use riding as therapy. “I love these wonderful, sweet companions that teach us so much.

In a Los Angeles Times story last month, Robin Abcarian reported that despite Romney’s relatively late start in dressage Romney won silver and gold medals in 2005 and 2006 at the highest level of competition from the U.S. Dressage Federation and she credits Ebeling with her success in the top tier of amateur dressage.

The Romneys are planning on attending the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. Mitt Romney’s role overseeing the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics is an important selling point for his campaign on the trail. He consistently stresses on the stump how he was able to save the games from scandal and financial disarray, citing it as an example of his turn around skills and management experience.

Monday, Ann Romney will attend a fundraiser in Spartanburg, S.C., with GOP bundler and investment fund executive Barry Wynn, according to a Romney aide. Wynn stopped supporting Rick Perry during the GOP primary and went to the Romney camp in January when Perry started attacking Romney’s record at Bain Capital.

Say what you will about Mitt Romney, but it going to be a real joy having Ann as our first lady. She’s an accomplished woman, and has bravely battled cancer as well as MS, and has thrived. She will be a true inspiration to those who have tough fights to fight.

To learn more about the sport of dressage, click here.


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Michelle Obama Spends 10 Million Tax Payer Dollars on Vacations But LA Times Covers Ann Romney’s “Expensive” Horse Hobby

You know, let me tell you, the one thing I believe is that families are off-limits

~ Michelle Obama

By Gary P Jackson

Barack Obama has many mega-wealthy supporters, especially in Hollywood, and his wife has spent a reported $10 million in tax payer money to go on extravagant vacations around the world, and yet, the Los Angeles Times has decided Ann Romney’s love of horses is just too expensive and makes her out of touch with America.

For those that don’t know the back story, Ann Romney has MS, and riding provides her great therapeutic benefit. The Times goes out of it’s way to say only the wealthiest among us participate in the sport of dressage, but that’s not exactly true. A lot of kids scrimp and save, and their parents sacrifice just so they can enjoy horses.

Still, we get this:

Dressage is not for the faint of wallet; it requires healthy outlays of cash for upkeep, training, transportation and veterinary care. It attracts some of the world’s richest people — the daughter of billionaire New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg competes. Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang and his wife own dressage horses.

Funny, those mentioned are democrats and Obama supporters. That seems to be lost on the Times.

When John Kennedy was President, Caroline’s pony called Macaroni freely roamed the White House grounds. The media swooned and called it “Camelot.”

No matter, what Ann Romney does, she does it with her own money, not the tax payers.

On the other hand, as the UK’s Daily Mail reports, Michelle Obama’s extravagant vacations have cost the American tax payer $10 million dollars:

The Obamas’ summer break on Martha’s Vineyard has already been branded a PR disaster after the couple arrived four hours apart on separate government jets.

But according to new reports, this is the least of their extravagances.

White House sources today claimed that the First Lady has spent $10million of U.S. taxpayers’ money on vacations alone in the past year.

Branding her ‘disgusting‘ and ‘a vacation junkie‘, they say the 47-year-old mother-of-two has been indulging in five-star hotels, where she splashes out on expensive massages and alcohol.

The ‘top source‘ told the National Enquirer: ‘It’s disgusting. Michelle is taking advantage of her privileged position while the most hardworking Americans can barely afford a week or two off work.

When it’s all added up, she’s spent more than $10million in taxpayers’ money on her vacations.’

The First Lady is believed to have taken 42 days of holiday in the past year, including a $375,000 break in Spain and a four-day ski trip to Vail, Colorado, where she spent $2,000 a night on a suite at the Sebastian hotel.

And the first family’s nine-day stay in Martha’s Vineyard is also proving costly, with rental of the Blue Heron Farm property alone costing an estimated $50,000 a week.

The source continued: ‘Michelle also enjoys drinking expensive booze during her trips. She favours martinis with top-shelf vodka and has a taste for rich sparking wines.

The vacations are totally Michelle’s idea. She’s like a junkie. She can’t schedule enough getaways, and she lives from one to the next – all the while sticking it to hardworking Americans.

For all of the figures, click here.

This article, written late 2011 doesn’t include this year’s spring break trip for Obama’s two girls to Mexico, that included 12 of the daughters’ friends and 25 Secret Service agents. No telling what that cost you and me.

Maybe President Barack Obama just doesn’t like horses [or maybe he likes them too much] after all, he signed legislation late last year allowing for the slaughter of horses for food. I hear they go well with dog meat.

Either way, the sycophantic media is certainly trying to help out their buddy Obama any way they can. It used to be in America that we celebrated success. Hell, we all strived for it ourselves. In the land of Obama only liberals are allowed to be successful. Anyone else is considered evil and must be destroyed.

While the Times is wasting space with this non-story, it should be noted they still haven’t released the Khalidi tape that reportedly shows Obama celebrating with Palestinian terrorist Rashid Khalidi. Terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn were also said to be in attendance.

That’s something the American people need to see. But the Los Angeles Times refuses to release it.

As for Ann Romney, I’m happy for anyone who has found something they enjoy. Ann is a cancer survivor and suffers MS. If riding horses makes her feel better, then more power to her.


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Mitt’s Secret Weapon? Ann Romney Wows Florida Hispanic Crowd

By Gary P Jackson

Mit Romney and Newt Gingrich may have been the headliners at the Hispanic Leadership Network event, but it was Ann Romney who stole the show.

I don’t care what you think of Mitt, Ann is a truly inspirational person.

I first learned of Ann Romney during the 2008 election. I was moved by her personal story. Ann suffers from MS and is also a cancer survivor. My favorite cousin suffers from MS, has since she was in her teens. I know how tough this disease is on someone.

I admire anyone who can face MS with courage and determination.

It says something that Ann, not Mitt or Newt was the headline story from the event. She may end up being Mitt’s secret weapon as the campaign moves forward.

Here’s a report of the event from the Palm Beach Post:

DORAL – Before Feliciano Ramirez heard Mitt Romney speak today, he was all-but certain he was going to vote for Newt Gingrich.

He can really debate Obama on all of the issues because he’s a Washington insider,” Ramirez said, echoing the sentiments of many recent converts to the Gingrich camp.

However, after hearing the two candidates deliver back-to-back speeches at the Hispanic Leadership Network, Ramirez’s vote in Tuesday’s GOP primary wasn’t so certain.

I’m going to have to pray on it,” he said with a laugh after the Massachusetts governor gave a rousing speech to roughly 500 Latin American leaders.

And, he said, it wasn’t just Romney’s enthusiastic rhetoric or Gingrich’s more professorial speech. Ramirez said he was impressed with the candidate’s wife, Ann.

Romney was introduced to the crowd in Spanish by the couple’s youngest son, who spent several years in Chile. After a quick “Ola!” from one of their 16 grandkids, Ann Romney delivered what appeared to be a heartfelt, funny and down home assessment of the rigors of being a candidate’s wife and raising five children while her husband traveled on business and why she agreed, once again, to join him on the campaign trail.

Four years ago, I was definite about one thing: I would never do it again,” she said of her husband’s failed 2008 campaign. “Mitt said, you say that after every pregnancy. All the women out there know what I’m talking about.”

When he broached the subject again, she said she was reluctant. Before she was going to endure another campaign, she asked him to answer one question: “Can you fix it?” When he answered yes, she was in.

He has the ability to find the core of the problem and then figure out how to fix it,” said Ann Romney, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998 and is a breast cancer survivor.

Ramirez was impressed with her moxie. “His wife pulled it off,” he said.

Gingrich, who speaks what he calls “pigeon Spanish” but didn’t try it out on the Hispanic audience, was also accompanied by his wife, Callista. She didn’t speak, but stood by his side, smiling, clapping and nodding her support.

Here’s what Ann, their son Parker, and Mitt had to say:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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