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Primary Wins for Palin-Endorsed SASSE US Senate RICKETTS Governor


(100% precincts reporting 1:45 a.m.)

RICKETTS  26.48%  BRUNING 25.49% 

BEN SASSE 49.36% SID DINSDALE 22.39% OSBORN 21.06%

“Eight months ago, I askedyou all to join my campaign. Tonight, I’m asking you to join it once more,” Ricketts said.  “Join this campaign, and we can move Nebraska forward together.”

The winner of the Republican primary will emerge as a heavy favorite in the November general election.  Read more


Ricketts 26.27 % Bruning 25.57% (85.79% precincts reporting at 12:35 a.m.)

Slight lead Ricketts 26.11% – 25.71% Bruning at 11:46 p.m.




Nebraska PrimaryNebraska_Governor_Primary

sasse debate

By Isabel Matos

Sarah Palin tweeted and posted a reminder for us on her Facebook Timeline todayBen Sasse is the sharpest, most energetic and prepared candidate in this extremely important race. Ben provides THE conservative voice with sensible, successful ideas in the #nesen race. It’s so admirable that this good man has run a positive campaign. How refreshing that he’s not running against anyone, but running for something – and it’s the “thing” Nebraska and all of America needs and deserves! Ben is the worthy candidate with solid conservative principles forming his platform to defend you, the good people of Nebraska. He’s got the guts and the smarts to take back power from Washington and restore it to We the People. Please get friends, family, and all concerned voters to join you tomorrow, May 13th, to send Ben Sasse to serve our exceptional nation as your next U.S. Senator! America will be so grateful.  – Sarah Palin 

Sarah Palin endorsed him on March 13th which Ben posted on his timeline.

A lot of pundits and newspapers have been downplaying or dismissing Sarah’s influence in the surge we see in each of the candidates’ races where she has made endorsements. What’s new. At the end of the day it will be undeniable she chose among the candidates out there the ones she thought would best represent us best and GOP will have claimed few victories. Ben Sasse has a comfortable lead of 14 points on the eve of the primary. To help Ben BenforNebraska.com 


Here is Ben in his own words:

Ben Sasse and Part 1 of Pete Ricketts with Kevin Scholla

From the Cornhusker state, Senatorial candidate Ben Sasse joins Kevin Scholla from MamaGrizzRadio (new outlet) on this Network, like Mama Grizzly Radio on Facebook and Mama Grizzly Radio on Twitter. I have transcribed most, not every word of what was said:

Scholla: You (Sasse) are known as the “ObamaCare Nemesis”…

Sasse:  ObamaCare is an unconstitutional world view. He he was on the cover of Nebraska Review who used that term and says “we’re going to keep fighting”.

Scholla: People say the ship has sailed. Ted Cruz has been left hung out to dry by so many on the Republican side. You believe it can be turned around.

Sasse: It’s fundamentally an unimplementable law. You can’t take over 18% of GDP by writing a 2300 page piece of legislation that they passed without reading, and then adding over 22,000 pages of implementing regulations. They say don’t you people see this is a “set of laws”? But this is a law that has been rewritten 13 times in the executive branch to directly contradict the written text of the legislation. There is no such thing as ObamaCare. There’s a constantly moving target that the Obama Administration makes up as they go along so we have to repeal it.


Scholla:  Governor Palin got behind your campaign early. She has campaigned for you.

Sasse: It was wonderful for Governor Palin to be with us in our recent rally in North Platte, cattle country in Southwestern Nebraska. It was the biggest political event they had since 1987 when President Reagan was there. Governor Kay Orr of Nebraska hosted the rally. Governor Palin Senator Lee and Ted Cruz all came to rally with us. It was a 60 degree day in the Spring. Ranchers took time off. It was great. 1000 people showed up at a midday, midweek rally which shows the great momentum we have right now.

Scholla: Gov. Palin calls you a proven problem solver. She highlights how you turned things around at Midland University. How would you use those skills in D.C.?

Sasse: Midland was 130 year old college that has been changing kids’ lives but forgot how to pay bills and was looking at bankruptcy 5 years ago. Two-part strategy: tell the truth when something’s not working. That was almost everything. We had 45 majors and minors at the time with 84% students majoring in 7 departments, so 38 departments that were academically not viable. Number two, we put in place a four year graduation guarantee. The average time to graduate was 5 1/2 years. Parents were getting charged extra for tion. We rebuilt the school.

Scholla: You call out Republicans who are failing. It’s not just about party but about country.

Sasse:  We have too many Republicans who want our government to be in charge. Our crisis in Washington isn’t just Democrats wanting Washington to be in charge but we have too many Republicans who want Washington to be in charge. Lobbyists. Having kids makes him want to sacrifice to have them the chances that he had. He is pro-life. For religious liberty and pro-second amendment. The interview with Pete Ricketts Part 2 is at the bottom of the page.

sasse for nebraska with sarah


pete ricketts

This was Sarah’s post today on her timeline.Hello, Nebraska! The choice tomorrow in the #negov race is clear – more politics as usual or new growth resulting from successful conservative action! All over America hard workers realize the status quo has got to go. Please elect new energy for your spectacular state! Pete Ricketts has my support because he’s a man of good character and intelligence with such admirable commitment to Nebraskans. Pete will bring real world solutions, strong business acumen, and a passion for all corners of the Cornhusker state with him to serve you in Lincoln. He will be a great governor as Nebraska shows the rest of the country how commonsense conservatism WORKS to empower the people as it lifts everyone up! Please vote tomorrow – Tuesday, May 13th – and encourage others to also vote for Pete Ricketts for Governor!  – Sarah Palin

This was Ted Cruz’s post on May 9th Kevin Scholla makes a good point about Sarah Palin endorsing Pete Ricketts for Governor. She’s been there. She knows what it takes. Ricketts is thrilled to have her endorsement and says he and his family are enjoying the campaign very much.  To help out, go to www.petericketts.com

Pete Ricketts with Kevin Scholla Part 2



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GOPe is TOO BIG TO FAIL and Has A “Democrat-Republican” in Line to Take On Winning Palin Endorsee Ben SASSE

ben Sasse

By Isabel Matos

Remember how Curt Clawson won the primary in Florida – by donating to Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul and the Kentucky Republican Party? He was the phony crony and conservative who bought the endorsement of the Tea Rino Express.

The following day several local tea party groups endorsed him. It was spread in the news and the meme was planted that Clawson was the candidate the “Tea Party” had endorsed and the “outsider” who would bring needed change to D.C.  As huge as her status and influence are, by the time Sarah Palin endorsed Lizbeth Benacquisto, the media which had in part been bought by Clawson, too, had already done the damage by spreading the false impression of Clawson.

Now we have another money man inserting himself in the Nebraska primary which BEN SASSE has been winning since Sarah Palin endorsed him.

His name is Sid DINSDALE and he’s not even a Republican!

facebook dinsdale

As you may recall, Mitch McConnell had openly targeted Sasse in November 2013, after the Senate Conservatives Fund endorsed him in the open primary. The SCF was started by current president of The Heritage Foundation, Jim DeMint. Its executive, Matt Hoskins, has been “working to elect McConnell’s challenger”. This fueled McConnell’s anger which he directed at Sasse who became “collateral damage” in the struggle between the NRSC, his PAC and SCF.est 3

According to National Review, on November 12, “Sasse walked into Mitch McConnell’s office to clear the air” and let him know he never intended to oppose McConnell’s leadership, but McConnell was having none of it. The outlet notes that McConnell’s incident with Sasse in his war with SCF is “notable” because “it involves an attractive, promising candidate in an open primary as collateral damage in the intramural fight.” (the full article here)

The good news is RINOS are FEARING us. The bad news – they are desperate enough to resort to unimaginable tactics like getting a Democrat to run as a Republican against us in a primary we are earnestly winning.

Waiting in the wings, with Osborn fully understanding what is happening, is Sid Dinsdale. Dinsdale is extremely rich, has a lot of money to burn at the end of the race, has benefited from sitting on the sidelines above the fray, and is a Democrat. But Dinsdale joined the race as a Republican.

..His family has married into Warren Buffet’s family. After the Corn Husker Kickback and Ben Nelson’s vote for Obamacare, Sid Dinsdale gave him money through his bank’s PAC. Dinsdale is on record saying he would “always” vote to raise the debt limit.

Before the campaign began, Republicans in Washington were under the impression he would be the Democrat in the race. Rumor was that he was meeting with Democrat consultants. … now, at the end of a bitterly fought race in Nebraska, Dinsdale might win.

Erick Erickson says Osborn has destroyed his last bit of credibility and driven his own negatives so high that he can’t win. With Sasse in the lead, he says, and Osborn and McConnell’s PAC attacking him, Dinsdale is beginning to spend major money. He urges Conservatives to act fast and help Ben Sasse.

Whatever you think of Erickson (I have my reservations about him regarding Sarah Palin), all of this should tell you everything there is to know about how despicable the GOPe is. McConnell would first lose our party and even our country before relinquishing any of his power to us (the Tea Party).

McConnell has led every ill-conceived move to undermine our efforts in the Senate, including doing ZILCH to defund ObamaCare. If re-elected, this nemesis of ours would only be emboldened. (I think his time to fail will come soon as there are many cracks in his RINO ivory tower starting to show.. more to come.)




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Sarah, Ben, Ted, Mike and Kay at Ben Sasse Rally in Buffalo Ranch, Nebraska 4/25/2014 B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. Pictures


By Isabel Matos

Ben Sasse for Nebraska Rally is over.

See the amazing timeline of events and speeches here. See these image from Buffalo Ranch updated there. Enjoy! Ban’s wall post.










bs sarah



bssarah 3





bs sarah 2






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Sarah, Ted, Mike, Kay, Ben SASSE Nebraska 4/25 (Updates complete)

scout's rest

By Isabel Matos

Ben Sasse Honored to host Gov. Kay Orr, Sen. Mike Lee, Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Ted Cruz in North Platte today at Scout’s Rest Ranch. 18 days until election day — we have the momentum!

2 New Videos and Beautiful NEW Pictures HERE

(H/T David N. Dankerburg for Sarah clip: “not complete but good!”)

Ben Sasse: Great coverage from yesterday’s rally in North Platte. We are grateful for the 1,000 Nebraskans who traveled from across the state to join us at Scout’s Rest Ranch.

celebrities in north platte

Jayme Smith, cosmetologist for Studio 54, and Sarah Palin, former vice-presidential candidate, stand outside La Quinta Inn and Suites on Friday. 

Smith, cosmetologist for Studio 54, had the honor to be recruited to style Palin’s hair.

“I was a little nervous but more excited,” Smith said. “I had researched her past hair styles, but she kind of told me what she was looking for. She was awesome. A real nice lady. She autographed my product bag.”

Smith was asked on April 17 if she would do the job. She was recommended by Barb Fear, manager of La Quinta Inn and Suites, where Palin was staying.

“I was pretty ecstatic,” Smith said of the request.

She went to the hotel so Palin wouldn’t have to be in the salon. The styling process took about an hour, during which time Palin practiced her speech and asked questions about Nebraska.

“She thought it was neat that Kool-Aid got its start here,” Smith said. “And we talked about beef. Steak is a big thing in Alaska. They eat a lot of caribou.”

Smith is excited to have the story to pass on to her kids and grandkids someday.

“The whole thing was very fun,” Smith said. “I’m glad I got to do it.”  Omaha.com

kay orr

Sarah Palin:  Governor Kay Orr and Governor Sarah Palin at a rally for U.S. Senate candidate Ben Sasse in North Platte, Nebraska. Governor Palin is holding a ticket from the event Governor Orr hosted for President Reagan in North Platte back in 1987 at the Buffalo Bill Historical State Park. –in North Platte, NE. : nebraska

Governor Sarah Palin, Governor Kay Orr, Senator Ted Cruz, and Senator Mike Lee at a rally for U.S. Senate candidate Ben Sasse in North Platte, Nebraska, on April 25, 2014. –in North Platte, NE.

More pictures .. these from Pastor Reeves (H/T David N. Dankerburg). RT them all from here!

Latest on Sasse Rally (Miscellaneous from Various Blogs, Twitter and Facebook) Thanks to all who have shared!

sasse-palin_zpsdf2eb326Picture from North Platte telegraph via US4Palin (for more on the event).

est 1est

By Isabel  Matos

ted cruz in picture

April 18th Sarah Palin announces Rally: Looking forward to joining with friends Senator Mike Lee and Governor Kay Orr next week in Nebraska to support conservative U.S. Senate candidate Ben Sasse. I am so glad Ben chose to hold this event in the heart of the heartland — North Platte, NE — at Scout’s Rest on the property of Buffalo Bill’s Ranch. This is the same venue Governor Orr chose to host President Reagan at in 1987. At this historic heartland venue we will rally for Ben on Friday and get the message out that Ben Sasse is the clear conservative choice in Nebraska’s U.S. Senate race! This event will kick off the final 19 days of this primary campaign. Let’s keep the grassroots momentum going and send Ben to Washington! Hope to see you there. You can find out more details here: http://sign.sassefornebraska.com/scouts-rest-event/ 

ted antidote to gopApril 23rd: Ted Cruz confirms joining Sarah, Mike Lee, Kay Orr at Rally for his second Senate endorsee, Ben Sasse: 

I’m excited to announce my endorsement of strong conservative Ben Sasse for U.S. Senate in Nebraska. Ben is a fighter and we need him in the U.S. Senate. 

He’s exceptionally knowledgeable about Obamacare and is a relentless opponent of the destructive law — Ben will be a powerful ally to repeal it.

In addition, Ben has a strong record of promoting job growth and opportunity. He’ll work closely with conservatives in the Senate to cut reckless spending, limit the size of government and defend the Constitution. Sasse for Senat Cruz EndorsementNow, more than ever, we need conservative reinforcements in the U.S. Senate like Ben to help stop President Obama’s agenda and restore liberty. Ben will help lead the charge for a full repeal of Obamacare and turn back President Obama’s job-killing regulations. It’s time to end business-as-usual and Make DC Listen.  Will you join me, Governor Sarah Palin, Senator Mike Lee and many other conservatives in supporting Ben for U.S. Senate?

For Liberty, Ted Cruz.


est 3

According to the PPP that appeared in Clear Politics in February, Nebraska Senate primary Ben Sasse was 9 points behind 3/12 (35% to 24%). A recent Rasmussen Poll, however, showed that both Ben and Osborn are leading the Democrat by big margins in the General election, but Ben does better with 52%-27% against the Democrat, while Osborn has a 48%-27% against the Democrat.anti tea party mcconnellRINO go home muck


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Video: Sarah Palin’s Endorsements. She Is Roaring! So Just Roar Back!


 katie difrancesco 1

by Isabel Matos

I was thrilled that I had my draft ready to post a video here on March 24th, but Sarah has been on such a roll I didn’t have time to write a proper introduction for it! So it was passed around. Then I updated it after she endorsed Joni Ernst, but since then she has endorsed three additional candidates we did not know about before. It’s a great problem! I’m so excited. Please click on the candidates’ names below the clip for their campaign information on each candidate’s race.

I’m so sick of bad news. Here’s hope you can rely on.  It was fun making it and I hope you share it with friends and those you know on Facebook, Twitter or Conservative groups you meet with. Rather than tape a message that will take forever to edit, I will write what I intended to say after the clip. Because it’s a rant. Like tough love. The brand new clip has been updated. It is awesome!

These are the primaries in chronological order. Please watch the video to see who the opponents are and more.. If you click on the candidate’s name you will be directed to their page or campaign link.  So check this out and make a plan. Do it. Then share it with us and let us know how you did. NONE of these have to be from your state. None.

April 22nd

May 13th:  

May 20th

June 3rd: 

June 10th

  • Tim Scott

June 24th

August 12th 

November 4th

Tim Scott was re-endorsed January 22nd.tim scott

Recent endorsements have had people doing crazy things. As a reminder, these elections are if national concern, not just local anymore. What happened in Iowa, for example, does NOT just affect Iowans. It affects us all. People who were supporting OTHER candidates who Sarah did not support, and who are digging their heels in a very sore-loser fashion rather than getting on board with who could be the winner are not helping us. Sarah Palin would never encourage this, neither would any responsible candidate who loses a primary or her endorsement.

There should be a gracious concession and support for the winner as any good sport would do. Everyone knows that! It is plain and simple SOUR GRAPES to ask for help for a candidate nationally, get it, and then if or when they lose, complain your candidate did not get a fair shake. I will not mention who the candidate is, but I will say this. NO one has had to endure more knocks and bruises than Sarah Palin, and yet, she is gracious, whether she wins races or not. Why? Because she thinks like a winner.  She doesn’t let one loss affect her focus on the greater goal.  She does not encourage selfishness, but rather selfless patriotism which she has exemplified in every instance I can recall. That is what makes her great. If someone doesn’t succeed, she doesn’t give up. She stays positive. She’s optimistic. And above all, she keeps edifying her vision and keeps inspiring to follow her. That is who she is.

We had two similar examples of voters choosing to stay home because of a Primary situation. The first was in Indiana in 2012. The primary was between six-term incumbent Richard Lugar, as Establishment as it gets, and Richard Mourdock, the Tea Party favorite and Sarah endorsee. Mourdock defeated Lugar. So what did Lugar’s supporters do? The Hoosiers stubbornly did not accept the primary win by Richard Mourdock and out of pride and just sheer arrogance and stupidity (there is a fine line), they stayed home to protest how unfair the race was and the Democrats won a new seat in the Senate: Joe Connelly. (We lost a Senate seat because of sore losers!)

The second example was with Todd Akin. This one was just as (if not more) infuriating. The Democrats went to the polls to vote for Akin. That is who incumbent Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill thought would be a sure loser to run against.  Sarah Steelman, by all accounts, was the clear winner among the three who were vying to win the primary, according to polls before the votes took place. After voting for Akin in the primary (by that time it was too late to change perceptions or choice), Missourians ignored a solution offered by Sarah after the primary.

Todd Akin won the primary but she made an impassioned plea for his resignation. He had no chance of winning, and she clearly explained how the left manipulated the primary. This fell on deaf ears, but I have not forgotten it.

I had never seen Sarah so fired up about what she called not putting self aside for the greater good (because she walked that walk herself) than I did on that day she appeared on Greta to complain about his thinking he could win. She even mentioned we’d start a third party if we had to she was so mad. But again, Todd ignored the advice.

As if anyone was surprised, Todd Akin makes a stupid comment during an interview and says it is rare for someone to become pregnant from rape: “The female body has ways to try and shut that whole thing down. Making political hay of that is an understatement.  The comment alienated, of course, the socially conservative phobic establishment, including Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney who called him out.

Missourians insisted they knew what was right for their state and rationalized that the Republican establishment was against Akin because he was a social conservative. They took it personally instead of seriously that he needed to withdraw from the race. They tried to make lemonade with their lemon but of course, the lemon lost. It was beyond frustrating. We warned him and Missourians it would happen.  Is Akin achy we lost?

I said “we” lost. Not just Missouri. They allowed the left’s manipulation of choosing the candidate (first), then ignored our national cries. Even Sarah Palin “supporters” would not heed her advice. He had two deadlines and chose 15 minutes of fame instead. He got a whole lot of attention from July to election day. Again, where is he?

I hope the race in IOWA (Primary June 3rd) is not a repeat of either one of the two scenarios above (more like the first than the second). Get ON BOARD Iowans! In particular, I hope the supporters who spent time working on behalf of their candidates do what needs to be done.. Reload, not retreat and host pity-parties of one. Get ON BOARD Iowans! Please support Joni Ernst, for goodness sake! So much is at stake.

THINK of the rest of us who are working hard to have a majority in the Senate and more Conservatives in the House. If you support Sarah then you support the candidates she endorses, whether your guy or gal gets her endorsement or not. She obviously selects exciting, fresh, principled candidates who are willing to stand up to the establishment, each one with a special mindset to take on the corruption that is ruining our party and our country.

The time to talk is over. It’s time to walk. We can also do both always. I will help one of these candidates.  I will stop squatting on Facebook or Twitter, and dedicate at least 2 hours of my time (at least) per week if possible, or whatever my schedule permits, and sacrifice for the cause. Nothing worth winning comes easy.  There are only so many posts, so many tweets you can send to be effective IT’S TIME TO A.C.T.

I don’t want to hear any complaints from Sarah Palin supporters who want her to RUN IN 2016 as they sit on the sidelines doing nothing to help the candidates she has endorsed. Again, it’s not just local anymore. The Rinos are being hosted and financially supported by the likes of Soros and other enemies of ours in ritzy hotels, and making not-so-hidden deals to crush us.  Let’s push back. And hard. As hard as we have ever pushed back.

It’s not sexy, fun or exciting to make calls, but they have to be made. Maybe you have money. If you don’t, try finding someone who does. If you don’t like calling, then walk to put signs on people’s yards. Or call to have one up in your yard. The least you could do is pass along this information. Conservatives are horrible at getting the message out in an efficient manner. That will have to change but we’re going to have lose a few battles to become wiser or gain experience at improving ourselves, with practice. My rant is almost over.

I am mad because after all is said and done, more is always said than done. So let’s get busy and roar like Sarah! Rrrrrrrr. No excuses. Everyone has a job to do.kristi honas

Thank you.


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