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“Republican” Steve Schmidt Joins Slobbering Bill Clinton Lovefest on MSNBC

I wish to God, as a Republican, we had someone on our side who had the ability to do that. We don’t.

~ Steve Schmidt on Bill Cliton’s speech in Charlotte

By Gary P Jackson

The only thing missing in this deal is Bill Clinton with a cigar and Steve Schmidt in a blue dress:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Emphasis mine]

RACHEL MADDOW: I want to bring in my colleagues here on the set, in terms of the response to this speech. Steve Schmidt, as a political professional who was on the other side of this for the Republicans in 2008, how was this speech?

STEVE SCHMIDT: Well, it was extraordinary. It’s a virtuoso political performance. There’s no other politician in America in the last generation person that could hold the attention of a crowd, have them yelling and screaming, speaking for three-quarters of an hour. I mean, I wish to God, as a Republican, we had someone on our side who had the ability to do that. We don’t. It would be great if we did. Just an amazing performance – struck by the political – almost genius of how he embraced the Bush family and George W. Bush for the purposes of marginalizing House Republicans and pushing them to the extreme. It was a devastating critique, but it was delivered with an absence of malice or anger – a smile on his face, logic – aimed squarely at the middle of the electorate, where he’s so popular. Very powerful endorsement for President Obama; another good night for them.

Affable, effective – as a Democrat, it doesn’t get any better. I’m sitting here – I’m giddy. I mean, this is exactly what Barack Obama needed – mending fences, bringing people together, and understanding the facts. And I like the way that President Clinton talked about the alternative universe that the Republicans have painted President Obama in, that they’re not in reality. They’re not in the real world. He even used the word hate, and I’m glad he addressed this tonight….Gosh, I just think President Clinton just did Barack Obama the biggest favor he could have ever done, and I think this is going to give him the bounce.

What’s remarkable is that Steve Schmidt is taken seriously in Republican circles. Notice how he sounds as in love with Clinton as Ed Schultz, who is certifiably insane?

If you missed the 49 minute 57 second speech that drones on and on:

Even the Washington Post, when posting the transcript of the speech, writes:

Former President Bill Clinton often went off his script and went over scheduled time in addressing the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., Wednesday night.

Charles Krauthammer has a different take on the speech, calling it a “swing and a miss” and a missed opportunity to actually endorse President Obama, rather than make it about himself:

I think it was a giant swing and a miss,” Krauthammer said. “Mighty Casey — and Bill Clinton is a natural — he struck out on this. I don’t think it would move the needle whatsoever. Look, it had all the classic Clinton elements — it was engaging, it was humorous. In some cases, it was generous: I think there were more mentions of the Bushes than I heard in three days in Tampa. But on the other hand it was also vintage Clinton in that it was sprawling, undisciplined and truly self-indulgent.

This is one of the strangest nomination speeches, I think, ever given,” he continued. “It was a kind of an amalgam between a State of the Union address, a policy wonk seminar and what sounded to me like a campaign speech for a third Clinton term. Obama was sort of incidental. He’d be shoved in every once in a while in the speech as a way to say, ‘well, he thinks as I do.’

Krauthammer noted the long-windedness of Clinton’s 50-minute speech and suggested Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan could have covered the same subject matter in a fraction of the time.

One last point: It is true that he made a lot of detailed rebuttals — that he is sort of the rebutter-in-chief on most of the stuff heard in Tampa,” Krauthammer said. “But Paul Ryan could handle all of that in 10 minutes in his debate. So I think it was a wasted opportunity of what could have been a great, stirring, rousing endorsement of Obama.”

We all know Steve Schmidt is a liar and a sell-out, but I’m amazed by the ease that he can set there and not only praise Bill Clinton, but dismiss the entire Republican Party, a party that he has used to earn a living from for years.

I’m not saying Clinton’s speech was horrible, but there are folks who could have done better. If Steve hadn’t spent all of his time lying about Sarah Palin, he might have noticed that no one can give a better speech, or hold a crowd as spellbound, as she can.

Stacy Drake has more Steve Schmidt’s Palin bashing nonsense here.

There was a reason why only around half as many people watched Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech as did Sarah’s in 2008.

How about a little test? We have Clinton’s speech, let’s bounce it off these as a comparison:

From HER convention speech. A few minutes shorter with a lot more substance:

Here she is in Madison, Wisconsin … in freezing weather … she and the Tea Party members surrounded by violent union thugs:

Powerful speech with plenty of memorable and often quoted lines. [You can bet no one will remember what Bill Clinton said in Charlotte, or much care a week from now]

And let’s not forget the incredible energy surrounding Sarah Palin’s speech over Labor day weekend 2011 in Indianola, Iowa:

Very memorable stuff.

Seen enough? Oh … what the hell … how about her speech from CPAC 2012, a standing room only deal that forced organizers to set up TV monitors in other rooms to accommodate everyone who wanted to hear what Sarah Palin had to say:

We must give Bill Clinton his due, he is, after all, the best the democrats can do. Thankfully, we have much better, we have Sarah Palin.

Meanwhile Steve Schmidt’s fortunes have sunk so low he’s forced to work for a racist TV network that has to lie to their viewers as they carry Barack Obama’s water.

The next time someone quotes Steve Schmidt when discussing Sarah Palin, or well, anything, remember that he’s nothing more than a hired gun, a political prostitute, as you laugh in their faces!

The O’Jays had guys like Steve Schmidt pegged long ago:


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Flashback: Wall Street Journal 2008: Compared to Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin is an Executive Giant


By Gary P Jackson

We published Stacy Drake and Whitney Pitcher’s great summary of Governor Sarah Palin’s Incredible Executive Accomplishments last week. While formatting the article for our website, I checked out one of the few articles about the Governor I had missed over the years.

The Wall Street Journal noted that Sarah Palin, as Governor of Alaska, sat in one of the most powerful state offices in the nation. Stacy referenced this in her summation, noting that Governor Palin had sweeping powers that most Governors do not, and are shared by only a handful of others.

The Alaskan people, when writing their constitution, wanted their Governor to be a true CEO. They wanted the buck to stop at the Governor’s desk. We know by looking over Governor Palin’s record, that she used her Executive powers wisely.

Those of us who were following Governor Palin’s career well before she was chosen to be John McCain’s running mate knew, that she had more control than California or Texas’ executive, and that she had a bigger budget and was responsible for more state employees than the previous democrat president. The Journal reinforces that here: [emphasis mine]

One rap on Sarah Palin’s qualifications to be Vice President is that she governs one of our least populated states, with a budget of “only” $12 billion and 16,000 full-time state employees. On the other hand, it turns out that the Governor’s office in Alaska is one of the country’s most powerful.

For more than two decades Thad Beyle, a political scientist at the University of North Carolina, has maintained an index of “institutional powers” in state offices. He rates governorships on potential length of service, budgetary and appointment authority, veto power and other factors. Mr. Beyle’s findings for 2008 rate Alaska at 4.1 on a scale of 5. The national average is 3.5.

Only four other states — Maryland, New Jersey, New York and West Virginia — concentrate as much power in the Governor’s office as Alaska does, and only one state (Massachusetts) concentrates more. California may be the nation’s most populous state, but its Governor rates as below-average (3.2) in executive authority. This may account in part for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s poor legislative track record. The lowest rating goes to Vermont (2.5), where the Governor (remember Howard Dean) is a figurehead compared to Mrs. Palin.

In Alaska, the Governor has line-item veto power over the budget and can only be overridden by a three-quarters majority of the Legislature. In 1992, the year Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton was elected President, his state budget was $2 billion and among the smallest in the country. Compared to that, Sarah Palin is an executive giant.

This isn’t a put-down of Bill Clinton, as Governor or President, just a statement of fact. Clinton has actually had a lot of very nice things to say about Sarah, and he’s said them to the democrat media, something that has likely caused many a case of heartburn.

Sarah Palin, with John and Cindy McCain, meets Bill Clinton

From ABC News:

In the Republican primaries she’s very popular with the conservative base.  She gets more people to come out,” he told me. “And she hasn’t won all of her endorsements, but she’s won most of them.  And you know, she’s a compelling, attractive figure.”

[ …. ]

I asked Clinton to react to Halperin’s take on the former Alaska governor that “Most of all, she is like Bill Clinton: what doesn’t kill Sarah Palin makes her stronger.”Clinton laughed and then offered his own observations.

I do think she’s a resilient character. And we may be entering a sort of period in politics that’s sort of fact free, where the experience in government is a negative,” he told me.

I think she’s clearly a public figure who is, who speaks well and persuasively to the people who listen to her.  And she’s somebody to be reckoned with,” he said. “And she’s tough.”

Clinton recalled when “people were making fun of her” he read about Palin’s husband finishing the last 500 miles of Alaska’s Iron Dog race with a broken arm.

Now, where I come from people like that. They think that’s pretty good,” he said.

Lately [as in daily for the past few months] the liberal media, as well as Establishment Republicans™ [especially those surrounding the Romney campaign] have been peddling the outright lie that Sarah Palin cost John McCain the election, and wasn’t prepared to be President, or for that matter, Vice President. Never mind the fact that she was vetted, and recommended, by former Reagan adviser A.B. Culvahouse who has successfully vetted both V.P. Candidates and potential Supreme Court nominees for years.

We all know why McCain lost, and it had nothing to do with Sarah Palin, unless you want to count the fact that McCain’s incompetent campaign manager Steve Schmidt and co-conspirator Nicole Wallace, mishandled the Governor and wouldn’t allow her to do HER job, and help vet, then Senator, Barack Obama. Schmidt and Wallace committed one of the most extreme cases of political malpractice in our nation’s history.

Bill Clinton, whether he knew it or not, explained exactly why democrats, and the GOP Elites, fear Sarah Palin. She speaks well, has a clear message, and is an influencer and persuader. And she’s as tough as they come.

Stacy just published an article ripping The Fiscal Times a liberal rag that has today’s contribution to the meme that Governor Palin has screwed it up for all women, for all time.

Evidently, by the sheer volume of these articles over the past few months, someone must be worried that Mitt Romney might actually get a clue and realize Sarah Palin should be his running mate! A whole lot of bandwidth is being sacrificed to convince him, and the American people otherwise.

Check out Stacy’s article here. She has an incredible amount of resources linked that should kill these lies forever.

Frankly, I don’t care if someone likes Sarah Palin or not. Most of us do, and respect what she has done as a real leader. But even if you don’t care for her, every American should be alarmed by the nation’s dishonest media, and the liars in both the democrat and Republican parties. These corrupt bastards have the ability to harm anyone who will stand in their way. There are some decent human beings in both parties, but there are also some rotten bastards in both parties, and they are the ones in power. They are the ones who control both political parties.

These corrupt bastards want to stop Sarah Palin, and everyone like her. They understand that she wants to put them out of business.

The corrupt bastards in both parties know that she turned the Republican Party of Alaska on it’s ass. She found massive corruption, and when she was through, she defeated a sitting Republican Governor, forced the corrupt Republican Attorney General to resign, and saw the corrupt Alaska GOP party chairman pay the largest civil fine in Alaska’s history. These corrupt bastards know that Sarah would like to bring her brand of corruption busting to Washington.

Me, I’m just sick of the lies. I’m sick of the corruption. I’m sick of the politicians and Courts stealing my Liberty and Freedom, while lining their pockets and their friends’ pockets!

I stand with Sarah Palin, because I know she stands for all of us.


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November 13, 1979

By Gary P Jackson

Lot of the anti-Palin forces are losing their minds today, as the phony deadline they have created for Sarah Palin’s presidential bid is upon us. These same people have been proclaiming it’s “too late” for Sarah Palin to enter the race for months now.

It’s nonsense, of course, but they keep shouting it anyhow.

Oddly enough, these same people are cheering on the likes of Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee and want them in.

It’s not too late for a couple of back benchers, but it’s too late for a former Mayor, Governor, and vice presidential candidate who enjoys almost 100% name recognition, and who’s record is unmatched by any candidate currently in the race?

How stupid do these people think we are?

Sarah Palin has thousands of supporters who have spent the better part of a year setting up networks in the early states, and will be ready to put things in high gear the moment she announces her candidacy. Her network rivals anything any candidate has, and it’s all organic and independent of Sarah herself.

The folks at Organize4Palin have done all of this on spec, because they believe in Sarah Palin’s message, and they believe in Sarah Palin. They believe she is the one who can put her message into action. This is like nothing in modern history.

As I sit back and laugh at fools like Erick Erickson over at Red State, who is going berserk trashing Sarah Palin on his website and on Twitter, even claiming that “Reagan didn’t get in late,” I thought it a good idea to not only remind people that Reagan did, indeed get in late, November 13, 1979 to be exact, others have waited as well.

The left wing media is actually celebrating the 20th anniversary of Bill Clinton’s announcement this weekend! That’s right, Clinton announced in October. For those too young to remember, John F Kennedy didn’t announce his candidacy until January 2, 1960, the year of the election.

These three late comers all became President of the United States.

Sarah Palin waiting to announce at the time of her choosing in not unprecedented in any way.

It’s only a recent thing that presidential hopefuls feel the need to get in almost a year before the first primary elections. These early birds usually enjoy some success in the polls, but peak too early, and fade away.

Look, no one but Sarah Palin knows for sure what she’s going to do. That said, she’s not going to let a bunch of Establishment™ hacks intimidate her one bit. Sarah will do this on her timetable, and no one else’s.

I continue to think she will run. She knows of the herculean efforts of those Organize4Palin volunteers, and has been asked repeatedly since July [by the media] if she wanted to tell these hard working supporters to stand down. Her response has always been to encourage then to work harder.

Having followed Sarah Palin’s career since early 2007, I feel she is a person of good character, and simply wouldn’t allow people to continually spend their own time and money on a campaign that would never happen. That would take an incredibly cold-hearted person to pull that off. That’s not Sarah Palin.

I think what amazes me most about the anti-Palin crowd is how worried they are about her announcement. Their actions betray their fear.

Palin supporters only care that she announces. The date is inconsequential.

Instead of pissing and moaning like the GOP elite, how about we sit back and enjoy the great Ronald Reagan’s historic presidential campaign announcement, November 13, 1979, instead:

Ronald Reagan’s announcement for Presidential Candidacy


Good evening. I am here tonight to announce my intention to seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

I’m sure that each of us has seen our country from a number of viewpoints depending on where we’ve lived and what we’ve done. For me it has been as a boy growing up in several small towns in Illinois. As a young man in Iowa trying to get a start in the years of the great depression and later in California for most of my adult life.

I’ve seen America from the stadium press box as a sportscaster, as an actor, officer of my labor union, soldier, officeholder and as both Democrat and Republican. I’ve lived in an America where those who often had too little to eat outnumbered those who had enough. There have been four wars in my lifetime and I’ve seen our country face financial ruin in depression. I have also seen the great strength of this nation as it pulled itself up from that ruin to become the dominant force in the world.

To me our country is a living, breathing presence, unimpressed by what others say is impossible, proud of its own success, generous, yes and naïve, sometimes wrong, never mean and always impatient to provide a better life for its people in a framework of a basic fairness and freedom.

Someone once said that the difference between an American and any other kind of person is that an American lives in anticipation of the future because he knows it will be a great place. Other people fear the future as just a repetition of past failures. There’s a lot of truth in that. If there is one thing we are sure of it is that history need not be relived; that nothing is impossible, and that man is capable of improving his circumstances beyond what we are told is fact.

There are those in our land today, however, who would have us believe that the United States, like other great civilizations of the past, has reached the zenith of its power; that we are weak and fearful, reduced to bickering with each other and no longer possessed of the will to cope with our problems.

Much of this talk has come from leaders who claim that our problems are too difficult to handle. We are supposed to meekly accept their failures as the most which humanly can be done. They tell us we must learn to live with less, and teach our children that their lives will be less full and prosperous than ours have been; that the America of the coming years will be a place where – because of our past excesses – it will be impossible to dream and make those dreams come true.

I don’t believe that. And, I don’t believe you do either. That is why I am seeking the presidency. I cannot and will not stand by and see this great country destroy itself. Our leaders attempt to blame their failures on circumstances beyond their control, on false estimates by unknown, unidentifiable experts who rewrite modern history in an attempt to convince us our high standard of living, the result of thrift and hard work, is somehow selfish extravagance which we must renounce as we join in sharing scarcity. I don’t agree that our nation must resign itself to inevitable decline, yielding its proud position to other hands. I am totally unwilling to see this country fail in its obligation to itself and to the other free peoples of the world.

The crisis we face is not the result of any failure of the American spirit; it is a failure of our leaders to establish rational goals and give our people something to order their lives by. If I am elected, I shall regard my election as proof that the people of the United States have decided to set a new agenda and have recognized that the human spirit thrives best when goals are set and progress can be measured in their achievement.

During the next year I shall discuss in detail a wide variety of problems which a new administration must address. Tonight I shall mention only a few.

No problem that we face today can compare with the need to restore the health of the American economy and the strength of the American dollar. Double-digit inflation has robbed you and your family of the ability to plan. It has destroyed the confidence to buy and it threatens the very structure of family life itself as more and more wives are forced to work in order to help meet the ever-increasing cost of living. At the same time, the lack of year growth in the economy has introduced the justifiable fear in the minds of working men and women who are already over extended that soon there will be fewer jobs and no money to pay for even the necessities of life. And tragically as the cost of living keeps going up, the standard of living which has been our great pride keeps going down.

The people have not created this disaster in our economy; the federal government has. It has overspent, overestimated, and over regulated. It has failed to deliver services within the revenues it should be allowed to raise from taxes. In the thirty-four years since the end of World War II, it has spent 448 billion dollars more than it has collection in taxes – 448 billion dollars of printing press money, which has made every dollar you earn worth less and less. At the same time, the federal government has cynically told us that high taxes on business will in some way “solve” the problem and allow the average taxpayer to pay less. Well, business is not a taxpayer it is a tax collector. Business has to pass its tax burden on to the customer as part of the cost of doing business. You and I pay the taxes imposed on business every time we go to the store. Only people pay taxes and it is political demagoguery or economic illiteracy to try and tell us otherwise.

The key to restoring the health of the economy lies in cutting taxes. At the same time, we need to get the waste out of federal spending. This does not mean sacrificing essential services, nor do we need to destroy the system of benefits which flow to the poor, the elderly, the sick and the handicapped. We have long since committed ourselves, as a people, to help those among us who cannot take care of themselves. But the federal government has proven to be the costliest and most inefficient provider of such help we could possibly have.

We must put an end to the arrogance of a federal establishment which accepts no blame for our condition, cannot be relied upon to give us a fair estimate of our situation and utterly refuses to live within its means. I will not accept the supposed “wisdom” which has it that the federal bureaucracy has become so powerful that it can no longer be changed or controlled by any administration. As President I would use every power at my command to make the federal establishment respond to the will and the collective wishes of the people.

We must force the entire federal bureaucracy to live in the real world of reduced spending, streamlined functions and accountability to the people it serves. We must review the functions of the federal government to determine which of those are the proper province of levels of government closer to the people.

The 10th article of the Bill of Rights is explicit in pointing out that the federal government should do only those things specifically called for in the Constitution. All others shall remain with the states or the people. We haven’t been observing that 10th article of late. The federal government has taken on functions it was never intended to perform and which it does not perform well. There should be a planned, orderly transfer of such functions to states and communities and a transfer with them of the sources of taxation to pay for them.

The savings in administrative would be considerable and certainly there would be increased efficiency and less bureaucracy.

By reducing federal tax rates where they discourage individual initiative – especially personal income tax rates – we can restore incentives, invite greater economic growth and at the same time help give us better government instead of bigger government. Proposals such as the Kemp-Roth bill would bring about this kind of realistic reductions in tax rates.

In short, a punitive tax system must be replaced by one that restores incentive for the worker and for industry; a system that rewards initiative and effort and encourages thrift.

All these things are possible; none of them will be easy. But the choice is clear. We can go on letting the country slip over the brink to financial ruin with the disaster that it means for the individual or we can find the will to work together to restore confidence in ourselves and to regain the confidence of the world. I have lived through one depression. I carry with me the memory of a Christmas Eve when my brother and I and our parents exchanged modest gifts – there was no lighted tree as there had been on Christmases past.

I remember watching my father open what he thought was a greeting from his employer. We all watched and yes, we were hoping for a bonus check. It was notice that he no longer had a job. And in those days the government ran radio announcements telling workers not to leave home looking for jobs – there were no jobs. I’ll carry with me always the memory of my father sitting there holding that envelope, unable to look at us. I cannot and will not stand by while inflation and joblessness destroy the dignity of our people.

Another serious problem which must be discussed tonight is our energy situation. Our country was built on cheap energy. Today, energy is not cheap and we face the prospect that some forms of energy may soon not be available at all.

Last summer you probably spent hours sitting in gasoline lines. This winter, some will be without heat and everyone will be paying much more simply to keep home and family warm. If you ever had any doubt of the government’s inability to provide for the needs of the people, just look at the utter fiasco we now call “the energy crisis.” Not one straight answer nor any realistic hope of relief has come from the present administration in almost three years of federal treatment of the problem. As gas lines grew, the administration again panicked and now has proposed to put the country on a wartime footing; but for this “war” there is no victory in sight. And, as always, when the federal bureaucracy fails, all it can suggest is more of the same. This time it’s another bureau to untangle the mess made by the ones we already have.

But, this just won’t work. Solving the energy crisis will not be easy, but it can be done. First we must decide that “less” is not enough. Next we must remove government obstacles to energy production. And, we must make use of those technological advantages we still possess.

It is no program simply to say “use less energy.” Of course waste must be eliminated and efficiency promoted, but not an energy policy. At best it means we will run out of energy a little more slowly. But a day will come when the lights will dim and the wheels of industry will turn more slowly and finally stop. As President I will not endorse any course which has this as its principle objective.

We need more energy and that means diversifying our sources of supply away from the OPEC countries. Yes, it means more efficient automobiles. But it also means more exploration and development of oil and natural gas here in our own country. The only way to free ourselves from the monopoly pricing power of OPEC is to be less dependent on outside sources of fuel.

The answer obvious to anyone except those in the administration, it seems, is more domestic production of oil and gas. We must also have wider use of nuclear power within strict safety rules, of course. There must be more spending by the energy industries on research and development of substitutes for fossil fuels.

In years to come solar energy may provide much of the answer but for the next two or three decades we must do such things as master the chemistry of coal. Putting the market system to work for these objectives is an essential first step for their achievement. Additional multi-billion dollar federal bureaus and programs are not the answer.

In recent weeks there has been much talk about “excess” oil company profits. I don’t believe we’ve been given all the information we need to make a judgement about this. We should have that information. Government exists to protect us from each other. It is not government’s function to allocate fuel or impose unnecessary restrictions on the marketplace. It is government’s function to determine whether we are being unfairly exploited and if so to take immediate and appropriate action. As President I would do exactly that.

On the foreign front, the decade of the 1980’s will place severe pressures upon the United States and its allies. We can expect to be tested in ways calculated to try our patience, to confound our resolve and to erode our belief in ourselves. During a time when the Soviet Union may enjoy nuclear superiority over this country, we must never waiver in our commitment to our allies nor accept any negotiation which is not clearly in the national interest. We must judge carefully. Though we should leave no initiative untried in our pursuit of peace, we must be clear voiced in our resolve to resist any unpeaceful act wherever it may occur. Negotiations with the Soviet Union must never become appeasement.

For the most of the last forty years, we have been preoccupied with the global struggle – the competition – with the Soviet Union and with our responsibilities to our allies. But too often in recent times we have just drifted along with events, responding as if we thought of ourselves as a nation in decline. To our allies we seem to appear to be a nation unable to make decisions in its own interests, let alone in the common interest. Since the Second World War we have spent large amounts of money and much of our time protecting and defending freedom all over the world. We must continue this, for if we do not accept the responsibilities of leadership, who will? And if no one will, how will we survive?

The 1970’s have taught us the foolhardiness of not having a long-range diplomatic strategy of our own. The world has become a place where, in order to survive, our country needs more than just allies – it needs real friends. Yet, in recent times we often seem not to have recognized who our friends are. This must change. It is now time to take stock of our own house and to resupply its strength.

Part of that process involves taking stock of our relationship with Puerto Rico. I favor statehood for Puerto Rico and if the people of Puerto Rico vote for statehood in their coming referendum I would, as President, initiate the enabling legislation to make this a reality.

We live on a continent whose three countries possess the assets to make it the strongest, most prosperous and self-sufficient area on earth. Within the borders of this North American continent are the food, resources, technology and undeveloped territory which, properly managed, could dramatically improve the quality of life of all its inhabitants.

It is no accident that this unmatched potential for progress and prosperity exists in three countries with such long-standing heritages of free government. A developing closeness among Canada, Mexico and the United States – a North American accord – would permit achievement of that potential in each country beyond that which I believe any of them – strong as they are – could accomplish in the absence of such cooperation. In fact, the key to our own future security may lie in both Mexico and Canada becoming much stronger countries than they are today.

No one can say at this point what form future cooperation among our three countries will take. But if I am elected President, I would be willing to invite each of our neighbors to send a special representative to our government to sit in on high level planning sessions with us, as partners, mutually concerned about the future of our Continent. First, I would immediately seek the views and ideas of Canadian and Mexican leaders on this issue, and work tirelessly with them to develop closer ties among our peoples. It is time we stopped thinking of our nearest neighbors as foreigners.

By developing methods of working closely together, we will lay the foundations for future cooperation on a broader and more significant scale. We will also put to rest any doubts of those cynical enough to believe that the United States would seek to dominate any relationship among our three countries, or foolish enough to think that the governments and peoples of Canada and Mexico would ever permit such domination to occur. I, for one, am confident that we can show the world by example that the nations of North America are ready, within the context of an unswerving commitment to freedom, to seek new forms of accommodation to meet a changing world. A developing closeness between the United States, Canada and Mexico would serve notice on friend and foe alike that we were prepared for a long haul, looking outward again and confident our of future; that together we are going to create jobs, to generate new fortunes of wealth for many and provide a legacy for the children of each of our countries.

Two hundred years ago we taught the world that a new form of government, created out of the genius of man to cope with his circumstances, could succeed in bringing a measure of quality to human life previously thought impossible.

Now let us work toward the goal of using the assets of this continent, its resources, technology and foodstuffs in the most efficient ways possible for the common good of all its people. It may take the next 100 years but we can dare to dream that at some future date a map of the world might show the North American continent as one in which the peoples and commerce of its three strong countries flow more freely across their present borders than they do today.

In recent months leaders in our government have told us that, we, the people, have lost confidence in ourselves; that we must regain the spirit and our will to achieve our national goals. Well, it is true there is a lack of confidence, an unease with things the way they are. But the confidence we have lost is confidence in our government’s policies. Our unease can almost be called bewilderment at how our defense strength has deteriorated. The great productivity of our industry is now surpassed by virtually all the major nations who compete with us for world markets. And, our currency is no longer the stable measure of value it once was.

But there remains the greatness of our people, our capacity for dreaming up fantastic deeds and bringing them off to the surprise of an unbelieving world. When Washington’s men were freezing at Valley Forge, Tom Paine told his fellow Americans: “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” We still have that power.

We—today’s living Americans—have in our lifetime fought harder, paid a higher price for freedom and done more to advance the dignity of man than any people who ever lived on this earth. The citizens of this great nation want leadership—yes—but not a “man on a white horse” demanding obedience to his commands. They want someone who believes they can “begin the world over again.” A leader who will unleash their great strength and remove the roadblocks government has put in their way. I want to do that more than anything I’ve ever wanted. And it’s something that I believe with God’s help I can do.

I believe this nation hungers for a spiritual revival; hungers to once again see honor placed above political expediency; to see government once again the protector of our liberties, not the distributor of gifts and privilege. Government should uphold and not undermine those institutions which are custodians of the very values upon which civilization is founded—religion, education and, above all, family. Government cannot be clergyman, teacher and parent. It is our servant, beholden to us.

We who are privileged to be Americans have had a rendezvous with destiny since the moment in 1630 when John Winthrop, standing on the deck of the tiny Arbella off the coast of Massachusetts, told the little band of pilgrims, “We shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us so that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken and so cause Him to withdraw His present help from us, we shall be made a story and a byword throughout the world.”

A troubled and afflicted mankind looks to us, pleading for us to keep our rendezvous with destiny; that we will uphold the principles of self-reliance, self-discipline, morality, and—above all—responsible liberty for every individual that we will become that shining city on a hill.

I believe that you and I together can keep this rendezvous with destiny.

Thank you and good night.

~ Ronald Reagan


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The New Grand Old (Tea) Party

By C.A. Bamford

The Tea Party movement burst upon the American scene in 2009 with such intensity that it frightened many Democrats. Former President Bill Clinton was afraid. We knew he was afraid because he began using phrases like, “right wing extremism”, “inciting violence”, and “espousing racist and radical views” when he talked about the Tea Party. Then, with his “Ahh shucks” down home drawl quavering just the tiniest bit, he invoked the Oklahoma City bombing. But he could offer no specifics to back up his concerns about the peaceful gatherings of ordinary citizens.

Never mind that tea party patriots don’t set off bombs and run away like Timothy McVeigh did. (Perhaps Clinton was confusing them with Sixties radical Bill Ayers, who in his 2001 book Fugitive Days, recounted his life as leader of the Weather Underground, and boasted that he “participated in the bombings of New York City Police Headquarters in 1970, of the Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972.”) Nor will they ever chose to wear a T-shirt with a picture of Abraham Lincoln and the words, “SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS” (“thus ever to tyrants“) shouted by John Wilkes Booth after his assassination of President Lincoln, as McVeigh did on the morning of the bombing.

No, what they do is work hard, honor the constitution and clean up after themselves. But of course, Bill was scared. And when he’s scared, he tends to get a tad confused about how things really go down. Sometimes, Mr. Clinton, a tea party is just a tea party.

By 2010, as the Tea Party Movement grew to include over 20% of Americans, encompassing all demographics of our population, Clinton decided to moderate his words to fit the times. We could tell he was feeling our pain when he said that he thought the Tea Party movement reflected a feeling by Americans that “they were getting the shaft”. But still, he felt their anger about spending, higher taxes, and the size of government was misplaced. It was, after all, the fault of the banks and Wall Street fat cats…and George Bush.

Another vociferous critic of the Tea Party movement was former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, who had the audacity to try to label it “Astroturf”. Alas, attempting to call the most spontaneous and genuine movement since our early colonial uprising “Astroturf” was quite a stretch even for the former Madam Pelosi, one of the greatest advocates of all things plastic, and she would eventually be laughed out of her House seat largely because of her strident but unsupported claims that the Tea Party movement was created and funded by obese felines and the GOP.

As the Tea Party movement grew and threatened Madam Pelosi’s grand plans, she grew so nervous that on at least one occasion she too became teary-eyed as she shakily confessed her fear of those right wing militia types, like grandmothers, hockey moms, working stiffs, and returning veterans who might become unhinged and do something terrible. Like recite the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the National Anthem or carry signs supporting our Constitutional rights.

Some say this fear was the real reason she boasted about her readiness to pole vault over a fence to escape the wrath of these citizens. A courageous and daunting task for one of her advanced age, but do not worry. The former Madam has been pulled so tautly that she would surely bounce upon landing.

By 2010, Madam Pelosi too felt the need to modify her denunciation of Main Street Americans. She was now claiming she had much in common with the Tea Party.

In her February 28, 2010 “This Week” interview with ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas, Pelosi said:

We share some of the views of the Tea Partiers in terms of the role of special interest in Washington, D.C., as — it just has to stop. And that’s why I’ve fought the special interest, whether it’s on energy, whether it’s on health insurance, whether it’s on pharmaceuticals and the rest.

So, former Madam Pelosi, does that mean you are going to fight to rescind those special Obamacare waivers given to dozens and dozens of high end businesses in your district?

Barack Obama, bless his heart, didn’t know the tea party was out there.

But a year later, the man who occupies the highest and most respected office in our nation, a man reputed to have great intellectual prowess, heard about the tea party. Before you knew it, he was right on top of things. He wasn’t scared as he chuckled condescendingly about “those folks out there waving tea bags.”

Now some may say it is unfair to chastise him for his lack of knowledge of our American history. However, there were no tea bags back in 1773 when our forefathers became fed up with the greed and arrogance of the ruling British elite who mandated that the colonies must purchase only their tea and pay extra for the privilege of doing so.

A group of independent patriots boarded the British ships and dumped boxes of that over-taxed loose tea into Boston Harbor. Although the current liberal elite may know a great deal about tea bags, Mr. President, you just might want to take a closer look at those folks. Those were American flags and copies of our Constitution the Tea Party supporters were waving.

Fortunately, most Americans do understand what the Tea Party really represents. According to Tea Party Patriot and unhyphenated American Lloyd Marcus, the leader of the party and their top candidates for President is former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin is pretty much on the same page as most of us Tea Party Patriots, said Marcus. Drill Baby Drill, smaller government, and no new taxes.

Read more here.

One must also add to that list her stance on strong defense, securing our borders, transparency and accountability in government, restoring and preserving our constitutional liberties, repealing Obamacare and cutting spending.

What the liberal left fails to understand as, aided and abetted by the main stream media, they bloviate endless nonsense about it, is that the Tea Party is like a forest fire sweeping across the nation. The more hot air they blow on it, the more it spreads.

A classic example is NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell, who tried unsuccessfully to play the race card while interviewing Darryl Postell, a black man at a Tea Party rally in Washington DC. She asked if he ever felt uncomfortable being a black man in the midst of “all those white people”.

No,” he responded, “No. These are my people.” Then without missing a beat, he added,


Well said, Mr. Postell.

And in the distance, one can almost hear the voices of our founding fathers and our fallen heroes, past and present, echoing this praise.

Well said, Patriot well said.”


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Bill Clinton: Don’t Underestimate Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

Bill Clinton sat down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and the subject of Sarah Palin came up:

Former president Bill Clinton had words of warning for Democrats who think Sarah Palin could be the best thing to happen to President Obama in a 2012 presidential bid – “It’s always a mistake to underestimate your opponent.

In the Republican primaries she’s very popular with the conservative base. She gets more people to come out,” he told me. “And she hasn’t won all of her endorsements, but she’s won most of them. And you know, she’s a compelling, attractive figure.

Solid commentary from Clinton.

I sat down with the former president as he kicked off the sixth annual Clinton Global Initiative. Palin, who recently made a high profile trip to Iowa, was the subject of Mark Halperin’s “One Nation” column Monday. I asked Clinton to react to Halperin’s take on the former Alaska governor that “Most of all, she is like Bill Clinton: what doesn’t kill Sarah Palin makes her stronger.

Clinton laughed and then offered his own observations.

I do think she’s a resilient character. And we may be entering a sort of period in politics that’s sort of fact free, where the experience in government is a negative,” he told me.

I think she’s clearly a public figure who is, who speaks well and persuasively to the people who listen to her. And she’s somebody to be reckoned with,” he said. “And she’s tough.

Clinton recalled when “people were making fun of her” he read about Palin’s husband finishing the last 500 miles of Alaska’s Iron Dog race with a broken arm.

Now, where I come from people like that. They think that’s pretty good,” he said.

Say what you will about Bill Clinton, and there is a lot that can be said, no one can ever say he isn’t a savvy politician. Someone who knows how these things work.

Now obviously, he’s not going to give her a ringing endorsement, and he plays down Sarah’s experience, a lot, but that’s expected. After all, Clinton is the “elder statesman” in the other party. This is a warning though to his fellow democrats. Don’t take Mama Grizzly lightly. Her bite is exactly as strong as her growl!

This isn’t the first time Clinton has talked about Sarah and warned his comrades to be careful. During the 2008 campaign he said he admired her and her abilities, and warned his fellow dems to never take her lightly. Of course, they failed to take Clinton’s sage advice, with disastrous results. Let’s hope they keep ignoring his warnings!

You can see video from the interview here

Oh, and for the record, the snow machine race Stephanopoulos references, the one Todd won with a broken arm, it’s closer to 2000 miles, not 500. Todd is every bit as tough and determined as Sarah!


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MSNBC’s Hit Piece On Sarah Palin Wins “Coveted” Captain Louis Renault Award

So I wake up Friday morning to read multiple silly hit pieces on Sarah Palin. I’m wondering why this is coming on a Friday before the Super Bowl. A day normally held with almost religious reverence by those that follow the sport, and most certainly a day that news outlets run a nauseating level of stories about the game and everything surrounding it.

For the record, I’m OK with that, because it’s also Speed Weeks in Daytona and I fully expect to be bombarded by that near religious experience for the entire next week, leading up to the Daytona 500. And of course, the boys and girls will be going over 320 MPH in Pomona next weekend, as well, at the 50th Annual NHRA Winternationals.

We’re dealing with a lot of stuff here! Serious stuff!!.

So I’m wondering just why in the world the lamestream media is set at DefCon 2. Why are they throwing every silly non-story they can about Sarah Palin hoping something will stick?

Then I remembered, Sarah is giving the keynote address at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville on Saturday night. You remember the Tea Party Convention, the one operatives on both the left and the right tried to scuttle? The one”they” said would never work, or “was in trouble” ?

Yeah, that one, the one that is completely sold out and filled with happy, excited patriots!!

The media, progressives (yeah, I know, one in the same) and the old guard Republicans are losing their ever loving minds because Sarah Palin will be speaking live to the nation tonight from the Tea Party Convention. Millions upon millions will tune in to see America’s real leader give her version of the State of the Union.

So….the media is going all out! Nothing is too dumb, too petty, or too just downright silly to try to smear America’s Governor with.

This one wins the prize hands down though!

You see, the media is shocked, shocked to find that Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd, actually gave her some advice! Actually offered his opinion on a thing or two. MSNBC, and others seem genuinely bewildered that someone would give their spouse advice! That a married couple would actually talk!

So what is the catalyst for this smear? Well it seems some 3000 personal e-mails from Sarah’s time as Governor have been released to the media. As expected, most of it is rather boring stuff. Of course, sprinkled in the mix is the “First Dude’s” opinion on things.

Of course, this is where MSNBC thinks they got ‘em. It’s the strawberries, the strawberries, I tell you, they got ‘em with the strawberries!

Let me also proudly bestow the Captain Phillip Francis Queeg Award on these idiots while we are at it!

The idea that leaders in business and government don’t talk to their spouses about important, and even minor things at work is ludicrous. Of course they talk! Ever heard the saying “behind ever great man there is a great woman” ? Well it also seems that behind this great woman is a great man!

It seems to me that not that long ago we were celebrating a certain President and his wife as a “buy one, get one free” sort of deal. You know: “Elect me, and get Hillary for free!

At least Todd never led an effort to “reform health care.” Never botched one either!

Oh, and I don’t think Alaska has a “travel office.”

Of course, Barack Obama was going to send Michelle out to help shill for his health care “reform” but was afraid too many people would find out about the patient dumping scheme Michelle, Valerie Jarrett, and David Axelrod cooked up for the Chicago hospital she worked at.


Read more here.

We could go down the list of First Ladies, from Laura Bush to Martha Washington, and you’ll find every one had some sort of input on things, and every President, at least in modern times, openly acknowledged their participation and support. In fact, the President’s praise is almost expected.

You think this sort of thing doesn’t also go on with the Chief Executives of every state as well?

What really, really, really makes this story a double award winner though is the fact that MSNBC quotes noted “cleavage inspector” Andree McLeod, the “falafel lady.”

Anyone who even has a passing knowledge of Alaskan politics and Sarah Palin knows who Andree is. She was filing crazy ethics complaints against Governor Palin before Obama’s Alaska Mafia made it cool!

Much of Andree’s lunacy comes from the fact that she has been repeatedly denied a job working for the state. Nothing say “hire me” like being a serial stalker, ya know!

As you can read here, the woman is a couple of bubbles off plumb!

It sort of figures MSNBC would use such an impeachable source, doesn’t it.

Really sad.

The hate bloggers over at the Huffington Post chimed in on this deal as well, but they are just so boorish, they don’t deserve an award.

For his part. Sarah’s attorney, Thomas Van Flein, who had to be fighting the urge to just burst out laughing at the mass stupidity exhibited by the media, released a statement:

A recent article discusses what purports to be a new “revelation” that Todd Palin was a “powerful first dude.” To most Alaskans, and to the millions of people who read “Going Rogue” this is neither new nor a revelation. Like many married couples, including political ‘power couples,’ it is common for a spouse to play the role of key advisor to the other spouse. The Palins were no different. Todd Palin had official and unofficial duties, but one thing was clear: he was a key advisor to Governor Palin and involved in her efforts to improve the State of Alaska. Officially, in addition to the duties traditionally expected of the spouse of the Governor, Todd Palin was put in charge of a Workforce Development commission with the goal of increasing vocational education opportunities and awareness. But unlike some spouses of elected officials, Todd Palin did not travel with an entourage, had no designated office, had no title other than “First Dude“, received no pay, and had no staff. He donated his time to the people of Alaska by assisting the Governor. Each spouse of the chief executive is free to define his or her own role. From the policy oriented Hillary Clinton, to the more traditional and charitable work of Laura Bush, to the combined policy/traditionalist role of Michelle Obama, the first spouse takes on the duties within their interests and within the context of their marriage to the chief executive. Todd was no different.

What is interesting is that the same media outlet that today breathlessly reports how close the Palins were while Sarah Palin was Governor–too close for at least one reporter–earlier reported that the Palins were not close enough and headed for divorce. Consistency is not necessarily a hallmark for investigative journalists, but certainly truth should be. Let’s look at the most serious accusation made. The article posits that Todd Palin “passed financial information marked ‘confidential’ from his oil company employer to a state attorney.” The author clearly implies that Todd Palin, who was not a member of the British Petroleum management team, obtained secret “financial” information and surreptitiously gave it to a State assistant attorney general. The true facts are as follows: Todd Palin received an email from a third party (an email that was apparently making the rounds in Alaska) and he forwarded that to a state attorney on August 29, 2007. But the information in the email itself was dated February 19, 2004–three and half years earlier–and the information addressed safety performance for 2003 and overall productivity. Of course, as a highly regulated producer in Alaska, this is largely the same information provided to state regulatory agencies, taxing authorities, and even publicly disclosed to its shareholders. See BP Annual Report and Accounts 2003. The latter part of the email referred to performance data for 2005 again analyzing production, costs and safety. So there are two distinct errors in the article: (1) the email itself was circulating in Alaska and was simply forwarded to Todd by a third party, it was not an email that was sent by BP to Todd Palin wherein he was told it was “confidential” and (2) the type of information within the email was years old and all, if not most, was a matter of public record under the tight regulatory strictures BP operates under and its release of data to shareholders, securities regulators, the department of Revenue, and the state oil and gas commission, among others.

The bottom line is that this story reveals nothing new. Todd Palin was, and remains, a close advisor to the Governor. Those in the administration knew this, and the public knew this. There is nothing unusual, untoward or inappropriate for a spouse of a chief executive to provide guidance, input and hands on assistance.

– Thomas Van Flein, Personal Attorney for Sarah Palin

Tommy Report over at Conservatives For Palin has more on this, here.

In closing, congratulations to MSNBC, you have once again proved how irrelevant you, and the rest of the corrupt, Obamacentric have become. While you and yours are in full panic mode, we are getting ready to kick back and enjoy Sarah Palin’s State Of The Union speech tonight that will be carried live on Fox News, CNN, and many other outlets.

I’m sure your viewers will be enthralled by Lockup: Pendleton and Lockup: Raw, which you have scheduled to run during that time period.


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Confirmed: Sarah Palin To Be Keynote Speaker At CLSA Investor’s Forum In Hong Kong

Yes, I know, I am a tad late, but, as is policy, we don’t talk about Sarah Palin’s schedule unless Sarah or her spokeswoman, Meg Stapleton, has verified that Sarah is indeed going somewhere.

There are just too many flaky promoters using Sarah’s name to sell tickets, without a verification from Sarah, who then try to blame her when she doesn’t show at an event she had never committed to in the first place. So we are not going to help them with that scam.

As we reported earlier, Sarah has almost 1100 invitations to speak at events, both paid and unpaid. Her attorney, Robert Bennett, announced this week that she is almost finished writing her book, so is now accepting invitations. Sarah will speak to various groups on a variety of issues that matter to America, and the world.

Sarah will also be speaking on behalf conservative candidates that share her vision for America, as well as for various charities, like those who support special needs children, and the military and their families.

Sarah will be speaking in Hong Kong at the CLSA Investor’s Forum, an annual conference of global investment managers. Previous speakers at the event include President Bill Clinton, Alan Greenspan, and Al Gore. The forum is sponsored by the CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets.

Their company spokeswoman Simone Wheeler said in a statement:

“Our keynote speakers are notable luminaries who often address topics that go beyond traditional finance such as geopolitics,”.

“We just felt it would be a fabulous opportunity for CLSA clients to hear from Mrs. Palin,” Wheeler said, adding that CLSA approached Sarah with the offer.

Those who follow Sarah Palin know she has a lot of foreign trade experience to draw from. Obviously, Palin worked close with the Canadian government to put together her signature achievement, the natural gas pipeline, but she has had many dealings with nations throughout the South Pacific as well as Russia and Canada.

Back in January of this year, as part of the big kick off to Alaska’s 50th birthday celebration, Sarah hosted a large contingent of dignitaries including Sergey Kislyak, the newly appointed Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States, who was making his first visit to Alaska.

Ambassador Kislyak proclaimed:

“I am so pleased to be here this weekend. As discussed in my meeting with Governor Palin, it is encouraging to note the similarities between Alaska and the Russian Far East. Our existing commercial connections and the mutually beneficial nature of our professional partnerships can only help provide a measure of stability as, together, we face the global economic challenges that lie ahead.”

Others attending the event were Yuri Gerasin, Consul General of the Russian Federation; Julian Evans, British Consul General; John Mataira, Consul General of New Zealand; Balazs Bokor, Consul General of Hungary; Sten Arne Rosnes, Consul General of Norway; Haryong Lee, Consul General of Korea; Fred Santos, Consul of The Philippines; Mel Knight, Alberta’s Minister of Energy; Marvin Schneider, Alberta’s Executive Director of the U.S. and Americas; and Haijun Wang, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office of China’s Heilongjiang Province. Mr. Wang is leading a four-person delegation from Heilongjiang Province, a sister province to Alaska, and China’s northernmost region.

Members of the Alaska consular corps also participating in the weekend events were: Karen Matthias, of Canada; Hideo Fujita, of Japan; Hee-chul Kim, of South Korea; and Jose Luis Cuevas, of Mexico. They will be joined by honorary consuls of the Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Seychelles, and Norway.

Obviously, we are happy to see that Sarah is starting to accept speaking engagements. This is a very great way for her to get her message out to the world, make a lot of new friends, and build relationships.

It’s a good to remember that many leaders do this. Former Vice President Richard Nixon, after losing to John Kennedy in 1960, went on the speaking circuit and used that to propel him into the White House, and the great Ronald Reagan was a prolific speaker taking many engagements both before he became Governor of California as well as afterward. This helped Reagan become President of the United States, as well.

Below is the press release from the CLSA:

Hong Kong, 31 August 2009 – CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, Asia’s leading independent brokerage and investment group, will host the former Governor of Alaska and Republican vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, in her first international speaking engagement outside North America.

Palin will address CLSA clients and delegates in a keynote speech at the 16th CLSA Investors’ Forum to be held in Hong Kong from 21-25 September. Palin joins a list of noted global leaders including Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Alan Greenspan who have chosen the CLSA Investors’ Forum as their platform of choice to reach global institutional fund managers and CEO’s of Asia’s leading listed corporations.

CLSA Chairman and CEO Jonathan Slone said: “As the first female governor of Alaska and the youngest person ever elected governor of that state, Palin has broken new ground in US politics and we are delighted that she will make her first visit to Asia to present at the CLSA Investors’ Forum.”

“CLSA consistently sets the benchmark for original and thought-provoking content, and aims to present global political and industry leaders whose policies and platforms have influenced global markets.”

Joining Palin, are more than 40 keynote and specialist speakers including Niall Ferguson, Harvard professor and author of the bestseller The Ascent of Money; Robert Fisk, Middle east correspondent for The Independent and one of the few Western journalists to have interviewed Osama bin Laden; Sir Ken Robinson author of The Element: How finding your passion changes everything; Satyajit Das author of Traders, Guns and Money; David Roche, economic and political analyst; and Marc Faber, investment contrarian and author of Tomorrow’s Gold.

Now in its 16th year, the CLSA Investors’ Forum is Asia’s premier investment conference providing unrivalled corporate access to 1300 global fund managers from 32 countries, representing more than US$10trillion in funds under management. Over five days, they meet with more than 400 CEOs and CIOs of Asia’s leading listed corporations in 2500 group and private meetings. Simultaneously, a seven-track schedule offers over 200 keynote, specialist, CLSA analyst and corporate presentations.

The CLSA Investors’ Forum is CLSA’s annual flagship event and one of six held throughout the year. Participation is by invitation only.


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