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A Message to the Traitors in Power: John Boehner and Barack Obama

FB black outwe the people

This is NOT to ignore support for those who stand in solidarity against on-line censorship, but to continue SHOUTING: YOU WILL NOT SHUT ME UP, FACEBOOK!!!! This is my freedom. It is my first amendment right. You do not give or take away rights, only God above does.

This nation is one nation UNDER HIM, NOT ALLAH, who seeks to destroy and end our Christian-Judeo way of life.  Down with the infiltrators.  Down with political correctness.  Down with those who want to stop us from pledging allegiance to a flag that represents freedom for all in this Republic which belongs to us, not just a political class or an oppressive world governing power.  Down with the United Nations! And “Yes” to freedom fighters all around the globe!

The ten commandments and the Bill of Rights are all we need to live freely and wealthy.  There is nothing wrong with making money, but there is something wrong with those who claim they fight for “social justice” only to seek and stay in power.  Commies use divisiveness and fear to keep us feeling hopeless and oppressed.  What they preach is not what they practice.  It is not sincere.  Look at how lavishly our president lives.  Does he distribute his wealth?  No. He’s a consummate hypocrite. There are some who believe in the ideals of communism and even live by them.  This power maggot we call POTUS doesn’t.

Pray for less government. Pray for more civility among those fighting for less government. Pray for less mass appeal to lowest common denominators.. race and class envy.  No one except real victims of crime or combat should consider themselves victims. For shame on Republicans who insinuate we are racists for wanting to enforce our laws and curb government waste and spending.

It’s bad enough the left panders. The GOP does it behind our backs. They are so ashamed about Amnesty they have to use other terms to fool us, and lie to our faces about not being able to secure the border.  For shame on those who do not protect our sovereignty by passing Amnesty to make a small personal fortune, or because of some misguided notion that we can win Hispanics with this issue. Shame on those who will NOT help DEFUND Obamacare. Cowardly Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, McArthy, McCain, and Rubio:  your job is to protect us, not reaching across the aisle to sell us out or by corrupting yourselves. Priebus: You were touting your horn about winning a debate issue. You picked a battle to fight not a war, like the lightweight that you are. I don’t care what film is made about her, the bottom line is:  The GOP has not convicted Hillary for Benghazi.

BOEHNER, you are an enemy of freedom and the people!  No other politician has squandered more time since the power you were given in 2010. You have not only not led, you have hated on the those who have made your position possible. You have punished fiscal Conservatives and alienated candidates who were elected to effect real change.  You have shirked your duties as Speaker of the House, a house that Sarah Palin built for you with her hard work and optimism at a time when NO one thought Obama could be defeated. She had the foresight. Not you. Not Bush. Not Romney. Not Paul.

For shame, traitor! RESIGN!

Thank you to all in DC who try fight the antagonism as shown by this most traitorous and treacherous Speaker who is against We the People and who relinquishes all power on a daily basis to our enemy. Thank the Lord for blessing us with a few good men and one steadfast, reliable and particularly incredible woman who continues to lead us without title. Amen.




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It is Time to Apologize to the Tea Party!

I will start by admitting I am very upset at the GOP and its so-called leaders, but I am equally upset at the Voters in our Party!

If you are a GOP Voter and are still making excuses for either one of these two GOP leaders, then we will never begin to reform the Republican Party.  The GOP, which is Your Party, is working against you day in, and day out, and I would like to know, What are you going to do about it?

Being in denial about what is going on does not help anyone. And if you are not in denial, but are afraid to speak up about it, then that is even worse.  Choosing to remain silent about a problem has far worse consequences than admitting it exists and attempting to correct it.  You get the party that you choose to have!

First, I would like to DEMAND an apology from MITT ROMNEY.  I know it may be late, and we will probably never get one, but he should apologize for wasting our time, our treasure and our attention on his failed candidacy which we predicted would happen, and yet were forced to accept.

I do not believe for one minute what his son, Tagg, said about him not wanting to run. If it is true, it troubles me because he would have to have been incredibly dishonest to have strung along his supporters for six years. It would also show a blatant disregard for all of the voters and the process in general.  On the other hand, if it is not true, then hiding behind a family member to speak on his behalf to make excuses for his failure is even more pathetic. Leaders do not make excuses for their failures. They take responsibility for them.

When people do wrong by others, they should not be parading themselves around as if life is wonderful. It is not!  I am tired of selfish politicking. Who is sacrificing, may I ask?! Not him!

ROMNEY ran against us in this last election. He started campaigning against us in 2007 through his advisor, Kevin Madden, as many of you already know, by spreading a false charge that Sarah Palin, who represents us, was inexperienced.  Let’s be honest.  This election was never about the GOP against Obama, but about the GOP against us, We-the-People.

Until you, GOP voters, Wake UP and admit this, we will never be able to focus on our “other” enemy. It’s no longer about the D’s v. the R’s! We must deal with the reality of who is undermining us, the GOP, who is supposed to be On Our Side, but is not.

The second person I would like an apology from is Dr. MICHELE BACHMANN.

I want to let it be known that Michele Bachmann will forever be known as the BACKSTABBER to many, one who always looks out for number one.  She may have others fooled, but not this voter.  Theory is one thing, and applied knowledge is another. And loyalty in politics is NUMBER ONE.  Just because what you do looks good on paper and you have good ideas, does not make you effective. It is unfortunate because she happens to have foreign policy that I agree with, but because she chooses to “fit in” instead of stand on principle, she loses my respect. In any case, she is not only ineffective in D.C., but an ineffective Tea Party advocate who is unloyal to the cause she pretends to defend and its leader.

Michele Bachmann used the Tea Party cause and created a caucus inside Washington to further her career early on, and she did very little about it following that.  She also used Sarah Palin’s high profile and popularity to promote herself by raising much needed funds and publicity for her campaign, only to badmouth her in Iowa when she was campaigning for President, which was made possible thanks to the attention she enjoyed because of Sarah’s support in the first place.

Michele Bachmann exits the stage after an embarrassing primary, penniless and with no support from either the GOP or the Tea Party, and manages to bounce back from the fall, only to disappoint all over again.

When will politicians learn? It never ceases to amaze me! Do they disappoint me? Yes. Does this surprise me? Not at all.

Here are the results of Boehner’s Speakership renewal vote:

Boehner 220
Pelosi 192
Cantor 3
Allen West 2
Cooper 2
Lewis 1
Jordan 1
Colin Powell 1
Labrador 1
Amash 1
Dingell 1
David Walker 1

Twelve representatives ~ too few! ~ voted for someone else or abstained. It is apparent there is a problem in Washington. If we elect leaders to speak up for us and they are afraid to do so because Speaker Boehner will punish or marginilize them, what do we do to change that?  Instead of being rewarded for representing the people, they are probably going to be castigated by the Speaker instead. It is up to us to show them our praise and recognition. I know I will start extending my thanks to them today.

For more information on all of the above, please see the link below:



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Message to GOP Voters


By Isabel Matos

January 1st marks the 54th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.  This is not just a long rant, but an activist commentary  inspired by the memory of those who sacrificed their lives over five decades in their struggle for freedom.  There are parallels between the efforts of those who sacrificed to live free then and those who need to sacrifice, here, to be free now.  

Unless a New Third Party is created, we are stuck trying to reform the Party.   Consider this my mission statement for 2013. GOP Reform must start with GOP voter Reform.  This is addressed to all who have become disenchanted with the party, including Cuban-Americans who the GOP leadership  is foolishly pandering to again by making immigration reform a topic that does not apply to them.  It’s time for all GOP voters to Wake UP!! Your party is against you.

Part I: We Have a Problem In Our Party.

Part II:  John Boehner Has to GO.   Message to Marco Rubio.

Part III:  The GOP Does Not Stand Up For Us.  Sarah Palin Stands Up For Us.

For our Spanish speaking readers:


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