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Border Patrol Agent Murdered on Arizona Border This Morning Near Station Named After Brian Terry

Agent Nicholas Ivie, 30, was killed early this morning while he and two other agents responded to an alerted ground sensor outside Bisbee in a remote area frequented by cross-border drug smugglers. A second agent – who has not yet been identified – was injured in the shooting but has been released from the hospital.

Excepted from a statement by Governor Jan Brewer, on Facebook.

By Gary P Jackson

One border patrol agent, Nicolas Ivie, was murdered and another wounded in a shootout this morning near a border patrol station named after murdered agent Brian Terry, who was a victim of Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious fiasco.

This is a tragedy that was totally preventable.

Border Agent Brian Terry

From USA Today:

A Border Patrol agent was killed while patrolling on horseback near the Arizona patrol station named after Brian Terry, another agent killed on duty in 2010

Federal and state authorities launched a widespread manhunt along a remote part of the Arizona-Mexico border for three to four suspects in a shooting that left one Border Patrol agent dead and another wounded.

Dozens of investigators in helicopters and on horseback were searching an area as large as 20 miles for the suspects who allegedly opened fire on the agents when they approached to check on a tripped ground sensor.

The Border Patrol identified the slain agent as Nicolas Ivie, 30.

It was basically an ambush,” said Cochise County Sheriff’s Department Commander Marc Denney, whose agency is assisting the FBI in the search and investigation.

Denney said no weapons have been recovered. It was also unclear whether the suspects were involved in human smuggling or drug trafficking through a rocky corridor, about five miles from the Mexican border.

Denney said it was possible the suspects fled into Mexico following the shooting.

They had a little bit of a jump on us,” he said. “It is very rocky terrain. We’re hoping that they hunkered down somewhere close by so that we have an opportunity to find them.

Gov. Jan Brewer issued a statement blasting the federal government for failing to secure the border.

What happens next has become all-too-familiar in Arizona,” the statement says. “Flags will be lowered in honor of the slain agent. Elected officials will vow to find those responsible. Arizonans and Americans will grieve, and they should. But this ought not only be a day of tears. There should be anger, too. Righteous anger – at the kind of evil that causes sorrow this deep, and at the federal failure and political stalemate that has left our border unsecured and our Border Patrol in harm’s way.

The shooting occurred shortly before 2 a.m., when three agents on horseback were dispatched to an area near Naco after the ground sensor had been activated, said George McCubbin, president of the National Border Patrol Council an association of 17,000 agents and staffers.

McCubbin said one of the agents was killed, another wounded in the ankle and buttocks and third escaped without injury. The wounded agent, McCubbin said, was recovering at a local hospital. McCubbin said the agents were assigned to the Border Patrol station re-named just two weeks ago in honor of Agent Brian Terry.

Terry was slain in the same general area in December 2010, an incident that triggered congressional and Justice Department inquiries into a botched gun trafficking operation which allowed 2,000 firearms to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartel enforcers and other criminals. Two guns from that operation, known as Fast and Furious, were found at the scene of Terry’s murder. But the weapon used to kill Terry has not yet been identified.

McCubbin said early reports of Tuesday’s incident did not indicate that weapons were recovered or that suspects had been arrested.

Unless guns are recovered, any suggestion that this incident is somehow linked to Fast and Furious is total speculation,” McCubbin said. “But being that this occurred in the same general area brings back a lot of sad memories.

The Brian Terry Station, formerly called the Naco Station, is located in Bisbee, in southeast Arizona about 210 miles from Phoenix.

Tuesday’s shootings came two weeks after the release of a federal inquiry into Fast and Furious, an inquiry prompted by Terry’s 2010 murder.

As recently as last month, federal investigators expressed deep concern that 1,300 of the 2,000 weapons— many of them Ak-47 assault rifles — had not been recovered.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, who helped launch the investigation into the flawed gun trafficking operation, said there is “no way to know at this point how the agent was killed” Tuesday.

But because of Operation Fast and Furious, we’ll wonder for years if the guns used in any killing along the border were part of an ill-advised gunwalking strategy sanctioned by the federal government. It’s a sad commentary.

Terry was the last Border Patrol agent killed by gunfire, but four others have died since then in traffic accidents, showing how treacherous the job and the terrain can be.

Agents Eduardo Rojas and Hector Clark were killed in May 2011, when they were tracking a group of illegal immigrants and their vehicle was struck by a freight train near Gila Bend, Ariz., according to the Officer Down Memorial Page, a web site that tracks law enforcement deaths around the country.

Another agent was killed in a crash in July while patrolling near the border on an all-terrain vehicle near Fort Hancock, Texas, according to Officer Down website. A fourth was killed in July while assisting a disabled motorist on U.S. 90 near Cline, Texas.

More here, with video.

Governor Brewer has it right, while we mourn, we also must get angry. Even if the gun used to murder Agent Ivie wasn’t from Obama’s Fast & Furious, it’s Obama’s laxed border security, and coddling of illegal aliens that facilitated these murders and all of the violence along our southern border.

We must demand our next President secure the border and do something about forcing the illegals to leave our country. There is a real war going on all around our border, and the Obama regime is doing nothing to stop the violence.

From Senator John McCain:

Early this morning, agents from the U.S. Border Patrol were involved in a shooting near Naco, Arizona. Initial reports indicate that one agent was killed and another seriously injured.

While the investigation is still in its early stages, today’s events are a tragic reminder of the threats that Border Patrol agents face every day in the line of duty. Our thoughts and prayers are with these agents, their families, and all those in the Border Patrol community.

Once again, thoughts and prayers are certainly in order, but we must demand action. We need to put troops on our border with realistic rules of engagement, that will not only stop illegals from entering our country, but put an end to the violence that has been terrorizing border states for years.

Anything less is totally unacceptable.



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But TO HELL With Brian Terry and the Hundreds of Innocent Dead Mexicans!

By Gary P Jackson

In the wake of the mass murders facilitated by President Barack Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder, we’ve seen the democrats take extraordinary measures to deflect attention away from these crimes against humanity.

What is the worst presidential scandal in U S history, has been politicized by the democrats, hoping to muddy the waters. You have classless jackasses like Obama super-donor Bill Maher saying things like “Republicans don’t care about dead Mexicans.” And then there is Juan Williams, who when confronted by the panel on The Five about murdered border patrol agent Brian Terry, said “Hey, people die.”:

The Right Scoop posted the transcript:

WILLIAMS: What do you think the government shouldn’t have any secret? You can’t have a private conversation in the White House now about politics?

BOLLING: We gotta go – NO, not when someone’s dead Juan! Not when three hundred Mexicans…

WILLIAMS: We know how the guy died!

BOLLING: …are dead at the hands of the same guns.

WILLIAMS: Hey people die in war! People died…

BOLLING: Don’t you care about the three hundred Mexicans that died from the guns the guns that were traced back to Fast and Furious?

WILLIAMS: I care about human life. But I’m telling you people die. And you know what? We know the facts of Fast and Furious. We know how he died!

Then you have House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who lead a walkout of democrats, during the vote to hold Eric Holder both civilly and criminally in contempt of Congress.

Pelosi, couldn’t even bring herself to say agent Brian Terry’s name correctly, even with notes in hand:

The democrats have proven they don’t give a damn about Brian Terry or Jaime Zapata, an ICE agent who may also have been murdered by the guns the Obama regime put in the hands of narco-terrorists. They most certainly don’t give a damn about the hundreds of dead Mexicans.

Murdered Border Agent Brian Terry

Murdered ICE Agent Jaime Zapata

You can imagine how I felt when our friend Ray sent us the following article. While the democrats can’t be bothered by the mass murder of hundreds of innocent Mexicans, or the capital murder of two federal agents, they have written a letter demanding an investigation into the death of an illegal alien.

Anastasio Hernández-Rojas was killed while fighting border agents who were in the process of deporting him after he illegally entered the United States.

From Yahoo News:

Sixteen members of Congress are calling for an investigation into the death of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas after a PBS documentary aired last month that raised questions about just how involved the Border Patrol was in the illegal immigrant’s killing.

The letters sent yesterday to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Attorney General Eric Holder and the Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General ask the federal government to take another look and claim that the Department of Justice has been taking too long to handle the case.

Hernandez Rojas was allegedly tased and beaten to death by U.S. Border Patrol agents two years ago after a fight broke out as he was being returned to the border.

The agency has defended the use of force by its agents, maintaining that Hernandez Rojas’ behavior was “combative” enough to necessitate the use of batons and the stun gun, the Huffington Post reported.

But footage from the PBS documentary claims that Hernandez Rojas was surrounded by more than a dozen agents, hogtied and pleading for help before he was tased.

Luz Rojas, the mother of the Mexican native, has been in the U.S. this week, asking officials to investigate further into the incident.

Advocacy groups including Presente.org and their supporters have gathered in eight cities across the U.S. protesting what they say is the government’s egregious lack of action two years after the incident, according to the Huffington Post.

The disturbing footage and eye-witness accounts that aired on PBS raise serious questions about the Border Patrol’s role in the death of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas and after two years, we owe it to his family to finally provide some definitive answers,” Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-Calif.), said in a news release.

Congresswoman Roybal-Allard was one of those who walked out as the House voted to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt.

Reading the Yahoo article it sounds like a lovable Hernández-Rojas was murdered by rogue agents, but the New Your Times, of all places, has a little more information. It seems Hernández-Rojas attacked the agents and they were trying to subdue him: [emphasis mine]

San Diego Police Investigate the Death of a Mexican Man Resisting Deportation

LOS ANGELES — The San Diego police are investigating the death of a Mexican man who was struck with a baton and shocked with a stun gun by federal officers as he resisted being deported. The Mexican government and a human rights group condemned the death, which comes after Mexico has condemned Arizona’s tough new immigration enforcement law.

The police said Anastacio Hernández-Rojas, 32, was struck and stunned by several officers from the Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection on Saturday as they were trying to subdue him.

He had been detained by the Border Patrol on Friday east of San Diego after he crossed into the United States from Mexico with his brother. He was taken to a Border Patrol station and, as is customary with Mexican nationals without a criminal record, signed papers agreeing to be quickly deported without a hearing.

He was taken in a van to the San Ysidro border crossing, 15 miles south of downtown San Diego, where officers planned to walk him to a gate and release him to Mexican immigration authorities.

But as they removed his handcuffs about 25 feet from the gate, Mr. Hernández-Rojas began fighting with officers, said Capt. Jim Collins of the San Diego Police Department, which is investigating the case under an agreement it has with Customs and Border Protection for deaths involving officers.

One officer struck him with a baton, and another fired a Taser, Captain Collins said.

Shortly afterward, the officers discovered that Mr. Hernández-Rojas was not breathing, administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation and called for an ambulance. He was taken to a local hospital and died after a short time on life support, Captain Collins said.

Customs and Border Protection released a statement saying the man “became combative,” leading officers to use the Taser to “subdue the individual and maintain officer safety.” The agency, which is also investigating the death, declined to comment further.

The San Diego medical examiner is investigating the cause of death. It was not known if Mr. Hernández-Rojas had underlying medical problems, but an autopsy will determine that, Captain Collins said.

Read more here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT saying this incident shouldn’t be investigated, and if the agents are found to have done something wrong, they should be punished. But let’s look at this from the officers prospective. The border with Mexico is a dangerous place. Narco-terrorists regularly fire on American agents. American agents have been killed.

The number of dangerous criminals, with or without “records,” who sneak across the border is high.

The regular cop on the street in Anytown, USA has to be on his toes, even when making a traffic stop, because you never know who is behind the wheel. For border agents, it’s even more dangerous. They are dealing with criminals who have already broken the law, many who feel they have nothing to lose. The brave men and women who protect our borders put their lives on the live every single day.

In the case of Hernández-Rojas, you have someone who signed papers agreeing to be deported, rather than go to jail. I would imagine the officers felt this was a routine deal, until Hernández-Rojas attacked them. When someone attacks not one, but a group of armed police officers, you gotta figure they are crazy, desperate, and dangerous. The agents were lucky none of them were injured.

But that’s not the point of this article. The point is, the democrat party and the liberal media, is more concerned with the unfortunate death of a criminal who attacked law enforcement officials, than the murder of hundreds of innocent Mexicans, and two of our finest and bravest.

It’s simply maddening. But protecting our lawless President and his equally lawless Attorney General, is more important to democrats than the lives of innocent people.


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Obama and Holder Should Be Marched Fast and Furiously Off to Prison

America’s masterminds of mass murder

By Gary P Jackson

President Richard Nixon resigned from office after a simple break-in, and cover up.

President Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath, and suborning perjury, by asking Monica Lewinsky to lie under oath for him.

For eight long, tedious years we had to listen to radical leftists and Ron Paul zombies call President George W. Bush a “war criminal” simply because he faithfully executed his oath to keep America safe from all enemies foreign and domestic.

To the best of my knowledge, neither the country of Mexico, nor the narco-terrorists who run the drug cartels down there, have declared war on the United States, and yet, due to the actions of our president and his attorney general, hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens and Brian Terry, a border patrol agent, are dead.

Before we go any further, we must remember the goal of Operation Gunwalker also known as Fast&Furious. It was the Obama regime’s intention to put assault weapons in the hands of narco-terrorists, drug cartels, and street gangs, knowing these guns would be used. It was their hope the guns would be traced back to the US, and the regime could use this as a way to push for anti-gun legislation.

In other words, the Obama regime KNEW people would be killed with these guns. For their devious plan to work, people HAD to be killed with these guns!

Remember all of those stories back in 2009, when Fast&Furious was on-going, about American guns in Mexico? Remember the headlines? This was a coordinated effort between the regime, and the democrat controlled media, to create a narrative that would end with a push for gun bans.

What President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder did was facilitate mass murder in Mexico, and capital murder here at home.

After nearly two years of stonewalling, two things have happened. A congressional committee has voted, along partisan lines, to hold Holder in contempt of Congress, and the full House of Representatives will vote next week to do the same. President Obama also claimed “executive privilege” on all of the files pertaining to Fast&Furious. Proving he has something to hide. A President doesn’t get to claim “privilege” in the eleventh hour. This is something one does at the outset. And, only when national security is at risk, not to cover up a crime. Pat Dollard’s website has more on this.

Now holding Eric Holder in contempt sounds nice, but in reality, it has no teeth, and Congress turns it over to the Justice Department, for further action. Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

It’s long past time to get serious.

My biggest fear is, once the election is over, and Obama loses, this entire thing will just go away. No one will be punished in any way whatsoever.

Look at what is going on now. The presumptive Republican nominee for president isn’t engaged in this at all. Not interested in the least bit. At least not in public.

This is the worst presidential scandal in American history, and Mitt Romney is silent. Not a peep out of him. So you can see why I’m concerned that Obama and Holder will never see the inside of a jail cell.

Think I’m being harsh? Tell that to Brain Terry’s family, or the families of the hundreds of innocent dead Mexican citizens. This was a deliberate act by despicable human beings, who KNEW people would be slaughtered. In fact, for their plan to work, innocent people HAD to be slaughtered.

More and more information is coming to light. Though Holder and Obama have claimed to know nothing, The Right Scoop posted video of a press conference where Janet Napolitano not only lays the program out, but says this was “very important” to the president:

Katie Pavlich has written a must read book: Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up that is well worth the read. It’s available through Amazon. Pavlich lays it all out.

Slain border patrol agent Brian Terry’s parents have issued this statement:

Attorney General Eric Holder’s refusal to fully disclose the documents associated with Operation Fast and Furious and President Obama’s assertion of executive privilege serves to compound this tragedy.

It denies the Terry family and the American people the truth. Our son, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, was killed by members of a Mexican drug cartel armed with weapons from this failed Justice Department gun trafficking investigation.

For more than 18 months, we have been asking our federal government for justice and accountability. The documents sought by the House Oversight Committee and associated with Operation Fast and Furious should be produced and turned over to the Committee.

Our son lost his life protecting this nation, and it is very disappointing that we are now faced with an administration that seems more concerned with protecting themselves rather than revealing the truth behind Operation Fast and Furious.

How sad is it that the parents of this brave border agent have been waiting almost two years for information, let alone justice.

Yesterday Congressman Darrell Issa, who is leading the hearing, tweeted a video the House Oversight Committee released in 2011:

Congressman Jason Chaffetz was touting this one:

Videos are fine for informing the public, but they do nothing to bring these evil men, Obama and Holder, to justice. I realize the Office of the President deserves respect, even if the holder of that office does not. I also realize there is a certain way of doing things.

But what I am not seeing from our elected representatives is more outrage. Oh, they seem angry enough that Holder and Obama are stonewalling the investigation, that’s for sure, but where is the outrage over the underlying crime?

We never see these elected officials talking about the hundreds of slaughtered Mexicans. They are dead for one reason and one reason only. The same goes for Brian Terry. Had President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder not engaged in this cynical and illegal action, all of these men and women would be alive today.

This isn’t Watergate. This is much, much worse. This is the President of the United States and his Attorney General facilitating international mass murder.

We need to see that our elected officials understand this. We need to see that our elected officials will pursue substantial criminal charges against Obama, Holder, and anyone else involved in this heinous crime. And we need to see this will happen, regardless of the outcome of November’s elections.

Allowing Obama and Holder to literally get away with mass murder is absolutely unacceptable.

Remember, not only did Obama and Holder know people would be killed, their plan counted on it. It was an evil plan executed by evil men. We need to know our elected officials understand this. We need to know that Obama and Holder will face justice and be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The American people demand that our elected officials understand that absolutely no one is above the law.


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New American Future Fund Ad Exposes Fast and Furious For All to See

Eric Holder, along with Barack Obama are guilty of facilitating mass murder in Mexico and capital murder here in America.

By Gary P Jackson

Devastating video from American Future Fund puts the Fast and Furious scandal out there for all to see:

President Obama sanctioned this, and Eric Holder carried it out. These two, and everyone else involved, are guilty of facilitating mass murder in Mexico, and capital murder of a federal agent in the United States. All of them must be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law.

Sadly, Congressional leadership is far too timid and not treating this matter as serious as it is. This is the worst crime any administration has ever perpetrated. This makes Watergate look like a simple misunderstanding.

If an organization such as al Qaeda had put assault weapons in the hands of violent Mexican drug cartels, and hundred of Mexicans, as well as at least one American were killed, we’d call it an act of terror. But since it’s President Obama and Attorney General Holder, the Republican leadership wants to treat them with kid gloves!

Can you imagine how the democrats would be acting if a Republican President cause such a loss of life? They’d have America whipped up in a frenzy, marching in the streets, and demanding blood.

We don’t want, or need that, but Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and everyone involved in this conspiracy must be help accountable. And I don’t just mean they should lose their jobs. They have committed a heinous crime, and deserve the proper punishment.

Video courtesy The Right Scoop.

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