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Welcome Whitney Pitcher!

By Gary P Jackson

We am very pleased to welcome Whitney Pitcher to our blog!

Readers have already enjoyed a sampling of her writing, with Whitney taking on Juan Williams, and then with her latest in a continuing series: Governor Palin on the Issues, entitled Governor Palin’s Top 10 Political and Policy Statements of 2010.

Whitney comes to blogging and political activism the way most of us have, out of sheer frustration with the status quo. A researcher for a prestigious medical school, she describes herself as someone who was “politically complacent and slightly left-of-center” until she heard Governor Sarah Palin speak out on the issues several years ago. Since then, as she explains, she’s had a serious “awakening” and became quite active in Conservative circles.

Whitney takes her inspiration from another famous political activist, Molly Pitcher, a heroine of the American Revolution, and is proud to be a part of the new and ongoing Conservative Revolution that is sweeping the nation.

Whitney is an active member of her local chapter of the 912 Project, and a strong supporter of Sarah Palin and Common Sense Conservatism. Whitney is a regular contributor to Conservatives4Palin and other Conservative websites. She will join Stacy Drake as a Contributing Editor.

We are very happy to be able to feature her outstanding work and bring our readers yet another strong voice for Liberty and Freedom.


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