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No, Carly Fiorina is Not Distancing Herself from Governor Palin (Update)

By Stacy Drake

Last Saturday, Governor Palin gave an amazing speech to a packed house at an event hosted by the RNC in Anaheim. While the Conservative side of the blogosphere was praising the speech for its wit, message, and facts, the left-wing media in unison were busy writing the same story. That being the story they created within their own minds, that Carly Fiorina was “distancing herself” from Governor Palin during her visit. I’d post a link to back up my last sentence but there are currently at least a hundred out there, so just Google it.

It’s sort of funny to watch one left-wing hack after another file reports implying that Fiorina thought Governor Palin was too “toxic” to be seen with. After all, Carly Fiorina has never implied that she was “distancing herself” from the Governor at all. Quite the opposite, actually.

On ‘Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace,‘ Fiorina was asked by Wallace about this media created meme. Only Wallace played along with this garbage and said:

” I want to ask you one other question. Sarah Palin has been campaigning for Republican candidates in California this weekend. She endorsed you in the Republican Senate primary. You say you had a previously scheduled event.

I mean, isn’t the real fact that you don’t want to be seen with Sarah Palin because she’s not very popular with independents and she, at this point, in a general election would hurt you, not help you?”

Fiorina replied (emphasis mine):

I’m very proud of my endorsement from Sarah Palin, and I’ve said that over and over again. But the facts are that I had a previously scheduled commitment for months with a group of veterans and John McCain. I had a previously scheduled group of fundraisers and rallies.

Campaign schedules are complex things, as you can imagine. We got word of her trip very late in the game. And so I’m delighted she game to California. I know that she helped raise a lot of money. And we had commitments to keep as well.”

Carly Fiorina was at an event for Veterans in San Diego with John McCain. That event was planned out months in advance. The RNC event in Anaheim was only recently planned. I should know… I had planned on attending on the day they announced it. That wasn’t that long ago, and it certainly wasn’t months ago. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I missed the event, even after I shelled out $127 for a ticket. Okay, I know that’s entirely off-topic but I’m still miffed about it.

Anyway, the bottom line here is that the media is reaching and distracting (shocking, I know) from the actual speech that Governor Palin gave to that crowd in Anaheim. After CNN aired the speech and heard the response from those in attendance… I reckon a left-wing ideologue who habitually abuses their professional position of power to influence public opinion, had no other option.

Update: I just wanted to point out that perhaps the media is projecting some of their fear about the man they helped put into office, onto Governor Palin. After all, it’s Barack Obama who members of his own party are distancing themselves from in this election cycle. Also, just ask Diane Denish, the Democrat candidate for Governor in New Mexico how “toxic” Obama is. After his visit to the state on her behalf, her poll numbers dropped like a ton of bricks. She now trails the Palin endorsed candidate, Susana Martinez by 12 points.

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California Lawmaker Targets Sarah Palin, Proves Why State is Such a Mess

by Stacy Drake

Governor Palin is scheduled to speak at the California State University Stanislaus’ 50th Anniversary Gala on June 25th. The CSU press release states:

This is a black-tie fundraising event, hosted by the CSU Stanislaus Foundation.

The evening will begin with a reception at 6 p.m. followed by a five-course dinner and then dancing… Proceeds from this black-tie event will benefit the University.

Needless to say, news of Governor Palin’s appearance didn’t go over too well with certain members of the not-so tolerant, left-wing California educational establishment. We all know what great proponents of free speech leftist college students are these days. An organized faction of CSU students has already set up a Facebook group in “protest” of her selection. I know, shocking isn’t it. Another group of radical leftists are angry that Governor Palin talks and wish that she would just “shut up.” Amateurs

(Left-Wing Radical Cornel West & Senator Leland Yee)

The second highest ranking Democrat of the California State Assembly, Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) is also rather bothered by free speech and is stepping in to, at least make sure Governor Palin’s speaking fee is publicly disclosed. Yeah, because that’s not on ongoing political attack against Sarah Palin or anything, THANK YOU certain bloggers.

Yee said the CSU Stanislaus community is “still reeling from a wave of state budget cuts and student fee increases — deserves to know what the foundation is spending on speaker fees.”

Matt Swanson, president of the foundation’s board of directors points out the major problem with Yee’s premise. Swanson stated that all the money to fund the event would come from private donations, adding: “We don’t use university money or public money for anything, not just this event.” Not to mention the fact that the event is a FUND RAISER, intended to RAISE FUNDS. I’m sure the university will benefit greatly from the gala.

California State Legislature

My beautiful state is home to one of the most inept, corrupt, and ideologically stupid governments in the country. Watching the California State Legislature conduct it’s business is probably a lot like watching drunken teenagers with a stolen credit card and Dad’s car. The last letter I sent to my state representative was to voice my displeasure with her and the others for taking a group trip to Europe to “see how Europeans govern.” I kid you not… That was awhile back but I realize that speaking my mind to these people is akin to telling Nancy Pelosi that you don’t like Obamacare. They could care less about your opinion unless you are handing them large stacks of cash or big blocks of voters they can hook with some sort of entitlement. I am neither, so I rarely ‘contact my representative,’ it’s a waste of time, frankly.

Senator Yee didn’t make the trip to Europe. Instead he and another state senator headed off to Asia at that time, to… I’m not sure, the reporter from the LA Times didn’t ask. It matters not, the taxpayers picked up the tab and nothing was gained by the State of California, as far as I can tell.

I found it entertaining that the man known for his four year crusade to place the letter “M” on video game boxes, missed such a key, yet widely known detail of the foundations event before he went running to the press with his version of ‘Palin Gotcha.’

Perhaps Senator Yee has been spending too much time cruising for prostitutes in the Mission District of San Francisco to make sure his staff covered all of their bases. Maybe he was too busy figuring out new ways to mandate mind-reading for store clerks that not only did he accidentally shoplift a bottle of “Tropical Blend Tan Magnifier oil” but he also forgot to check the California State University Stanislaus’ foundation event policies.

I’m not sure… I do know that Senator Leland Yee is the wrong person to pick a baseless political fight with a giant like Sarah Palin. This state is in serious trouble and it’s jokers like this that got us to this point. Solutions to the financial crisis, the over-crowded prisons, the ridiculous environmental policies, the enormous taxes, the unemployment, all of the problems this states residents face daily are never addressed in the legislature. Instead, we have the second most powerful member of the assembly, who is not a good man by any stretch, addressing speaking fees at a university gala. Is there any wonder why California is such a mess?


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