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Sarah Palin: Barack Obama Has America On The Road To Insolvency. Also Talks Tax Policy, BP, Gulf Oil Spill, Cap And Trade

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By Gary P Jackson

If anyone wonders why we so strongly support Sarah Palin, in every way possible, one look at this powerful interview should answer that question for all time.

Appearing on Fox Business News’ Money Rocks, with Eric Bolling, Sarah gets right into the issues we are facing courtesy of the Obama regime.

Pointing out Obama’s total absence of business experience, and lack of enough wisdom to surround himself with people who have any, Sarah talks about the destructive effect Obama’s policies are having on our nation.

Not only are Americans about to be hit with the largest tax increase in world history, the almost certain resulting job losses will only make maters worse. One thing she points out is the fact business is at a standstill. Business requires stability, not uncertainty, and under Obama’s watch, uncertainty is all business knows. In this sort of climate, our economy will never recover. We are only looking at a very dismal future for the people of this nation if something isn’t done to stop Obama and reverse this dangerous trend.

As Sarah points out, America will be insolvent sooner, than later, if Obama is allowed to continue on this path of destruction.

From there Bolling gets into the oil spill in the Gulf. One thing Sarah mentions is the integrity commission she set up, as Governor of Alaska, to make sure disasters like this never happen. She also goes into the fact that BP has always been a problem. Always had difficulty following the rules.

Sarah has talked about this situation before, as you can see here.

Eric then asks her what a President Palin would have done differently about the spill. Here is where her experience and leadership abilities come into play. Without hesitation, she says that under her watch this disaster would have never happened, because BP, nor anyone else, would have ever been allowed to drill in that kind of deep water, where the risks are just too high.

Sarah then rips into Obama, and the environmental extremists who have blocked oil exploration on land, or in shallow water, where the chances of this sort of catastrophe are slim and none.

Though she doesn’t mention it, BP was not drilling in this location by choice. Originally, BP was permitted by the state of Louisiana to drill in shallow water. It was the geniuses in the Obama regime who overrode the state’s legal permit and forced BP out into water that was ten times deeper than the original site.

Sarah has spoken previously about the dangers of both deep water drilling and environmental extremists, as you can read here.

Moving on to cap and trade, Sarah lays out the implication for every single American, as energy prices “necessarily skyrocket.” Not only will this cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions of jobs, and hurt every single American’s purchasing power, it will guarantee that America’s economy will never recover. In fact, it will only worsen, until it collapses. See: Spain, and Greece, for examples.

Sarah has issued many warnings on cap and tax, like the one here.

If you want the real story behind cap and tax, and why Obama and his minions are really pushing hard to shove it down your throat, you can learn about all 10,000,000,000,000 reasons why, as well as learning why Obama REALLY wants to ban oil exploration in America, by reading here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

When pressed by Bolling if there was a solution to all of America’s problems, Sarah was quick to point out that yes there was, and it was coming in November!

You know …. it’s interviews like this, and videos like this, that have so many talking about a President Palin come 2013. This is a notion we heartily embrace. No better way to get America back on her feet.

Sarah Palin’s strength, wisdom, and infectious optimism is exactly what this country needs after four years of a Marxist-democrat controlled Congress, and what will be four years of the Obama regime’s misdeeds. We will fix the Congressional problem in November, and come 2012 we’ll take care of the Obama problem, once and for all.

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Sarah Palin Calls On Obama To Focus, Get Control Of Schizophrenic Agenda, Stop Exploiting Gulf Tragedy For Political Gain

By Gary P Jackson

Today Sarah Palin, via Twitter, has called out Barack Once again on his demonstrable inability to lead, and the total lack of focus from the Oval Office on what is important.

Sarah also takes Obama to task for exploiting the oil spill in the Gulf to try and shove cap and tax down our throats.

As Sarah points out, Obama is always claiming he is focused “like a laser” on jobs. Of course when normal people say things like this, you think they mean they are focused on actually creating jobs. With Obama it’s just the opposite. Between the moratorium on drilling, which will destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs, and the up coming cap and tax legislation, that will destroy entire industries, and millions of jobs, it would seem folks would be wrong.

It seems that Barack Obama is only about destruction, and not rebuilding the nation’s economy, “plugging the damned hole”, or cleaning up the Gulf..

Of course, we all know what is really going on with Obama and BP, and where the focus really is. Lots of money changing hands. We’ve talked about that here, here, and here. Stacy Drake has written an excellent piece on the kabuki theater being performed by both Obama and BP and the upcoming cap and tax scam, which you can read here.

We are just glad that someone in this country is focused like a laser on Obama, and doing her best to hold him accountable to the American people. Sarah Palin is looking and sounding more presidential every day. She is certainly showing more leadership than anyone else out there. 

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