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New American Future Fund Ad Exposes Fast and Furious For All to See

Eric Holder, along with Barack Obama are guilty of facilitating mass murder in Mexico and capital murder here in America.

By Gary P Jackson

Devastating video from American Future Fund puts the Fast and Furious scandal out there for all to see:

President Obama sanctioned this, and Eric Holder carried it out. These two, and everyone else involved, are guilty of facilitating mass murder in Mexico, and capital murder of a federal agent in the United States. All of them must be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law.

Sadly, Congressional leadership is far too timid and not treating this matter as serious as it is. This is the worst crime any administration has ever perpetrated. This makes Watergate look like a simple misunderstanding.

If an organization such as al Qaeda had put assault weapons in the hands of violent Mexican drug cartels, and hundred of Mexicans, as well as at least one American were killed, we’d call it an act of terror. But since it’s President Obama and Attorney General Holder, the Republican leadership wants to treat them with kid gloves!

Can you imagine how the democrats would be acting if a Republican President cause such a loss of life? They’d have America whipped up in a frenzy, marching in the streets, and demanding blood.

We don’t want, or need that, but Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and everyone involved in this conspiracy must be help accountable. And I don’t just mean they should lose their jobs. They have committed a heinous crime, and deserve the proper punishment.

Video courtesy The Right Scoop.

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