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Vietman War Vet Advises: Don’t Just Thank a Vet. Enlist Their Help To Win!


 America’s War on Veterans

by Carl Irwin

As of today I do not have the total number of Veterans killed in Americas war on them, but the death toll is pretty high. America has learned that you just cannot come right out and kill a Veteran because most are too smart and too hard to kill.

The way you kill them is to lure them to a safe hospital location and promise them treatment for some illness they may have. Then you give them either poor or shoddy treatment and watch them slowly die over time. This was the preferred method, or the more cost efficient method by which they are placed on a waiting list which goes no where.

They can die at home so Americans are spared the sight and actually not having to get their hands dirty.

Hearings are now being held about the war and how it is going. So far it seems to be a great success. One hospital alone has racked up more than 40 “deaths”. Other hospitals are just reporting in, so we await those body counts.

Another problem in the war on Veterans is military pensions. It has been found that these pensions may enable the Veteran to avoid VA hospitals and live a rather comfortable life. We have been assured that steps have been taken to close this escape route. Long waiting periods are now the norm for any Veteran. Congress has thought about these and has passed an emergency Veteran war act which cuts the amount of money the Veteran can draw.

I know like most Americans you are pretty tired of seeing all those Vets in those damned wheel chairs or riding those bikes, but you can do your part in this war.

Vets live among us, some may EVEN BE YOUR NEIGHBOR. That’s where you come in. Just report them when you see them raising that damned flag on their porch or when you see them trying to enter a war memorial. We cannot win this war unless we find them.

There is a Manual you can get at VA called “Taking down a Veteran.” One of the methods, is to pretend you need some sort of help or indicate that you are in danger. A Veteran cannot resist the urge to try to help. They are stupid that way. Once located, leave it up to your local VA office to take action.

Just because America has not let Veterans win a war in the past does not mean that we have to restrain ourselves (or them) from helping win this one.


Carl Irwin served in Vietnam and has been a patriot every day of his life. His style of writing is intelligent, sarcastic but on point and unassuming He makes astute observations of every day life and matters pertaining to D.C. politics and corruption which we are all fighting against. His blog Carl Irwin


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Colin Powell is a Liar and Should Exit the Party If He Does Not Like It!


By Isabel Matos

Colin Powell was doing his rounds on Sunday talk shows insinuating how the Republican Party is intolerant.  He used as an example a phrase by Sarah Palin to make his point:  “When I see a former governor say that the president is shuckin’ and jivin’, that’s a racial era slave term.”  This proves he is not only out of touch, but ignorant as well because this has been explained at length by her and her brother, but I don’t want to make the article about his comments today.

This is to reveal the true character of Colin Powell ~ a man whose is guided not by a moral compass but by what he gains from those who he is trying to impress.  His actions, both recent and past, should be known by all, especially GOP Voters.  So-called Republicans like him do not help our cause, and are convenient tools our opponents use to further divide us.

Colin Powell is wrong about our party.  It is the party of the Right Message.. a message which is NOT racist, intolerant or extreme. Unlike others who think he should stay in the Party to expose what a fool he is, I would rather suggest to him to find the nearest EXIT door and start his own “C” (for Cocktail) Party if he does not like ours.  I wouldn’t care if he left today.

The following is a personal account of what Colin Powell did during the My Lai Massacre incident in Vietnam by a friend who shared it in my group yesterday.
By Carl Irwin 
Everyone has heard about the My Lai Massacre that took place in Vietnam, I know a lot about that incident because I was in that unit, not the infantry company that did the killing, but the infantry battalion they belonged to.  I am not going to go into what happened or waht caused it to happen, but the aftermath.
A high ranking officer in our unit withheld letters from soldiers telling about what happened and also lied to reporters and military investigators about what
happened, and that officer was Captain Colin Powell, and he was rewarded very well for his loyalty.  Look at his background, there is nothing there that ever qualified the man for the high positions he was later given.  The guy will do or say anything to promote Colin Powell and will stab anyone or group in the back if that is what it takes.
This is a picture of our firebase which was only about 5 miles from My Lai. At the top right of the picture is the village of Tu Mai, which is a refugee camp we set up. Any people outside of that camp were considered enemy and were fired upon. The firebase you are looking at was hit every single day with anywhere from 5 to 30 motor and rocket rounds. The only way in and out of the base was by air.  For most of its existence the NVA had the base cut off from roads leading into it.
my lai massacre
Carl thinks that Colin Powell’s portrayal as being an honorable is a myth and a symptom of the times we live in. His military accomplishments are questionable at best. The fact is, according to Carl, his importance is blown way out of proportion.  I agree!
Just for your reference, and to reinforce what was written above, I was able to obtain the article below provided by two other friends. It supports Carl’s version of Captain Colin Powell’s choice to lie about the My Lai Massacre.  All of this leaves us wondering, what else has he been lying about? And why would anyone in the GOP ever want support or have associations with him if he is so dishonorable?


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