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EPA Director Shows No R-S-P-E-C-T for Alaskans

Before we go any further, yes, I know that I spelled the word “respect” incorrectly.  I suppose I wanted to emphasize that many of those serving in this President’s administration are seemingly cut from the same cloth.  When I read the following entry on Chuck Heath, Jr.’s Facebook page, I must confess that I felt a range of emotions starting with anger, then sadness and again anger.

Here’s what Chuck Heath, Jr. wrote:

Gina McCarthy, the head of the EPA and an Obama appointee, visited Alaska and was given a couple of small gifts from the locals. One of the gifts was a jar of moose meat. McCarthy is quoted as saying, “that stuff could gag a maggot”. She was also given a souvenir pin from the community of North Pole. When asked about it, she said “I threw the f…ing thing away!”

Zero respect for the traditions and kindness of Alaskans, and it looks like our own Alaska Senator Begich has stepped up to defend her.

Take a look at McCarthy’s record on carbon credits, Keystone Pipeline stance, etc., and you’ll get a good look at someone that is thwarting American resource development and energy independence.

This is another reason we want the Federal government to STAY OUT OF OUR BUSINESS!

I can only venture to guess that Ms. McCarthy has absolutely no clue as to the amount of work that went into that life-sustaining jar of moose meat.  There was the planning and preparation for the hunt.  There was the time invested in the hunt itself with no guarantee that it would be successful.  Finally, if the hunter is successful, the meat must be properly field-dressed and then cured, canned, or frozen in order to preserve it so that the meat is safe to eat. A lot of work went into that gift of canned moose meat!

Would it have really been that difficult to simply say “thank you”?  Was it necessary for a government official on a taxpayer funded trip to drop the F-bomb?  Somewhere along the way, Ms. McCarthy missed the important lesson of “do unto others”.

Is it really too much to expect R-E-S-P-E-C-T from public servants? Apparently so.


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Chuck Heath Jr. [Sarah Palin’s Brother]: Time for a New “American Party”


By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin’s brother, Chuck Jr. has posted on Facebook what many of us are thinking. While he doesn’t suggest Sarah as the party leader, or future presidential candidate, he certainly lays out the case for her, as he describes the reasons liberals in both parties hate her!

This is an issue that I’ve been mulling over for quite a while. I wrote more about the way I’d set this up, but I wanted to get some of your feedback first. Let me know what you think.

Enough is Enough: Has the Third Party’s Time Come?

We’ve lost our way. The American political system is a mess. The divisiveness between Republicans and Democrats seems insurmountable and it’s getting worse every day. I could get into the reasons that this is happening, but I doubt that would change a thing.

It is very painful for me to see this country literally becoming unraveled at the seams… especially when I look at my own children’s future. I’ve watched friends and even family members break ties over political differences. I have watched good, smart people enter politics and seen them change for the worse over the years as they’ve become part of the political machine.

Political seniority often leads to leadership positions but has nothing to do with performance. Casting a favorable vote for something you may not even believe in, just to gain a committee chair or for some other future favor, is rampant in politics.

It’s a very dirty game and it’s the reason so many really talented people never get involved in it. It’s also the reason my sister Sarah Palin, has been so viciously attacked over the years. She refused to “play the game”. She has always stuck to her principles and because of that, she is viewed as a threat. I’ve watched people in both major parties do everything they can to demean and destroy her. And all for what… for trying to limit the size of government? For asking all of us to do our share? For insisting we spend less than we take in? For ending crony capitalism? For going above and beyond to support our military? For utilizing our natural resources in a responsible way? For praying? The list goes on.

Let’s face it. As it stands now, it’s impossible to be elected to a high national office without being a part of the Republican or Democratic Party. I propose that the disgruntled citizens of the United States… Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians… persons of every race, religion, economic status, and whoever else is interested, join together and form a new party. I’d simply call it, the American Party.

The American Party sure has a nice ring to it. It’s exactly what we need!


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“Our Sarah” Book Giveaway!

By Gary P Jackson

Here’s something cool from Chuck Heath Jr.: A copy of Our Sarah signed by Chuck Jr, Chuck Sr, and Sarah Palin.

As you know, Chuck has a new, and cool website that he updates daily. Chuck is now offering a fun prize to two readers and all you have to sign up for his blog’s email updates!

‘Tis the season! How about a book giveaway?

Later this month I’ll randomly draw an email address from the site’s subscribers and give away a free copy of Our Sarah, signed by Sarah, Dad, and me.

Be sure to get your name in the hat! It’s free to subscribe.

Just enter your email address in the subscription box in the sidebar or lower right corner of the site and watch for a verification email. You’ll begin receiving a notice of each new post and be entered into the drawing.

Please note: Some browsers may not show all site options. If you cannot find the subscription box, try changing or updating your browser or email freebook@chuckheathjr.com to enter the drawing. You will still need to click on the verification email to finish subscribing. Thanks!

Chuck announced today the response has been so strong he’s going to give away two books.

This is a neat little giveaway and Chuck’s website is a must read, as is Our Sarah. This is a win-win on every level. Check out Chuck’s website and sign up for daily updates. You might just score an autographed copy of Our Sarah.

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Chuck Heath Jr Posts Two Words on Facebook Tuesday Night

Governor Sarah Palin signs legislation into law.

By Gary P Jackson.

Last night, once it was clear that Mitt Romney had lost and lost big, Chuck Heath Jr., Sarah Palin’s brother, posted two words on Facebook:

Sarah 2016

Please God let it be so!


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The Chucks [Heath] Jr and Sr Talk to Hannity About “Our Sarah”

By Gary P Jackson

Chuck Heath Sr and Jr talked to Hannity Friday night about their new book: Our Sarah, Made in Alaska.

I’m in the process of reading the book and will give everyone my thoughts when done. I can tell you this is an enjoyable read and should be on everyone’s reading list.

Video courtesy SarahNet.


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An Alaskan Review of “Our Sarah: Made In Alaska”

Tracey Porreca is an Alaska resident and founder of Alaskans4Palin. We’re proud to offer her review of Our Sarah: Made In Alaska which was provided for review by MNS

By Tracey Porreca

Determined to give an honest review and not to allow my friendships with the family influence my review of the book, I found it difficult in reading the first few pages not to notice similarities between what was being described, and what I know of the authors. “Fish out of water” feelings in describing the surreal nature of being thrust into the limelight, and the journey of their lives to this point described in ways I’ve witnessed in person, affirmed this book is truly written from the heart of these authors, not just from memory. Personal connections (and difficulties in the timeliness of my review) aside, I endeavor to review “Our Sarah: Made In Alaska.

Being “Alaskan” is hard to describe to those outside without the typical clichés – the adventure, the rugged landscape and the people who inhabit it, and the lifestyle. I believe it’s all these things that make it hard to describe what it’s like to live here and become a part of it, but this book has done a very good job of describing the components that make up that pioneer spirit. Every person’s walk through life is different, and every Alaskan’s path is even broader. Not gushing over Sarah Palin’s accomplishments, but rather weaving a tale of their life’s journeys, you are left to the realization that each step in life forms us, shapes us, into who we become. We use these influences to make the decisions that affect ourselves and others. The how’s and why’s of Sarah Palin’s decisions as an individual and political influence are left to the reader – the book is a journey you take with Sarah Palin’s father and brother into who she has become. Not spending a lot of time gushing over Sarah and how exciting it is to be a family member, but more time telling Alaskan stories that build a framework of how Sarah came to be the person she is. This book is as much about living life in Alaska and taking all the best things from it, as it is a telling of how that lifestyle shaped who Sarah Palin is today.

The well-known topics of faith, patriotism, family, and a love of outdoors and sports, are dealt with affection and care. This is not a book that tells you why she is who she is – it’s more a book of discovery. While their writing styles are different, each chapter brings you closer to understanding more about Alaska and the Heath/Palin family.

While I personally know Chuck Sr. better than I do his son, I was surprised at some of the things revealed in this book – stories I’ve never heard and things about both their pasts that led to “ah ha” moments and put things into perspective. One of the things I’ve always enjoyed when being around Chuck Sr. are his stories – his ability to tell any tale. He is one who has a gift for being able to recount an event and not make the listener feel as if he is being told a “fish story,” but rather someone who has a sage wisdom about that of which he speaks. You’re privy to a piece of living history in the stories he recounts. His son is an amazingly good writer and does an excellent job of making this book enjoyable while telling his version of growing up, “Alaska Style” in the Heath household.

If you think you’ve heard it all, and read it all – think again. This book makes the picture clearer than ever before, told by those who lived it and were there, not by those who admire or have their own agenda. It led me to appreciate and understand them, and Sarah Palin, even more.

There will be those Alaskans (and those outside), particularly in the media, who will read this review and others and form their own opinions from the reviews – not the book. The comparisons will come as well as some negative meme, and that is truly unfortunate. As an Alaskan, I ask that you read the book and form your own opinion. We Alaskans enjoy our independence and free spirit – it suits us well. After reading this book you can’t help but have a better understanding and appreciation for the foundation that Sarah Palin’s family and their experiences have given her, and this book is a testament to that.

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Kevin Scholla Talks to Chuck Heath Jr About the New Book: Our Sarah: Made In Alaska

By Gary P Jackson

A wonderful interview with Sarah Palin’s brother Chuck Heath Jr. about Sarah and the new book Our Sarah:Made In Alaska:

Audio courtesy SarahNet.

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Chuck Heath and Chuck Jr Talk Sarah Palin on Fox and Friends

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin’s dad, Chuck Heath, and brother, Chuck Jr were on Fox and Friends this morning talking about their new book: Our Sarah: Made in Alaska:

Our Sarah: Made in Alaska went on sale today. Stop by your local bookstore, or order it from Amazon.com.

Video courtesy SarahNet


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Stephen K. Bannon The Victory Sessions With Chuck Heath, Jr. [Sarah Palin’s Brother]

By Gary P Jackson

A great interview with Sarah Palin’s brother from last week. Chuck Heath, Jr and Stephen K Bannon spend a lot of time talking about what it was like to grow up in the Heath family, and what a young Sarah Palin was like. Most definitely worth a listen.

Click here for the audio

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