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Dan Riehl: Sarah Palin Does It Again With Civil War Reference

By Gary P Jackson

Dan Riehl observes that once again Sarah Palin is ahead of the curve by bringing up the Civil War when talking about Obama’s racist nature and the way he seeks to use race [and class] to divide us as a nation. Referencing her interview with Sean Hannity:

This is classic Sarah Palin. I’d wager people would be surprised to learn that progressive Obama czarist Cass Suntein agrees with her on this growing flap because Palin had the audacity to invoke the Civil War in reference to Derrick Bell. I reached the same conclusion myself studying Bell. Cass Sunstein in The New Yorker, May 3 2004.

[ …. ]

The American Civil War (1861–1865) policy yielded the cessation of legal slavery in the U.S., however not the intent of a different class of citizen. Before the end of the war, the Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act (Morrill Act of 1862) was passed to provide for federal funding of higher education by each state with the details left to the state legislatures.

Following the war, the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution guaranteed equal protection under the law to all citizens, and Congress established the Freedmen’s Bureau to assist the integration of former slaves into Southern society. After the end of Reconstruction in 1877, former slave-holding states enacted various laws to undermine the equal treatment of African Americans, although the 14th Amendment as well as federal Civil Rights laws enacted during reconstruction were meant to guarantee it. However Southern states contended that the requirement of equality could be met in a manner that kept the races separate.

Dan does a good job of showing where Sarah got it right, and how her contemporaries then got it all wrong.

Read the entire article here.

One more instance of Sarah Palin being far ahead of the curve on the issues, and being able to articulate them in a manner that sticks with you.



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Sarah Palin Still Living in Obama’s Head Rent Free

By Gary P Jackson

The Obama regime wasn’t pleased when Sarah Palin called out the president as being a coward who seeks to divide us all and take us back to the pre-Civil War days. So upset is Obama, the team cut up her interview with Sean Hannity and put out this video:

You can see the entire video in context here.

Thing is, Sarah is right, and we all know it. The democrat game plan is always to divide people. A divided people are always easier to conquer than a united group. Obama works harder at dividing than he does anything else.

In the schlockumentary Game Change Julianne Moore ridiculously portrays Sarah Palin curled up on the floor in the fetal position. Obviously an inaccurate portrayal, but looking at Obama and the fear generated by the mere mention of Sarah’s name in his presence, I know where the writers of that garbage got the story idea.


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Tammy Bruce: Newt Gingrich’s Policy on Illegals is Obscene and We Already Fought a Civil War to End Slavery!

By Gary P Jackson

Damn it, when Tammy Bruce is on, she’s on, and in this monologue Tammy is en fuego!

I’ve talked about how Newt’s idiotic “solution” to America’s problem with illegal aliens.

I’ve focused more on the Big Government clusterfark Newt’s plan creates, and how ripe it is for massive class action law suits that will eventually lead to amnesty for the 10s of millions here in America illegally, and Lord knows how many of their family members that will follow.

I’ve also noted the situation we have now is what amounts to slavery, as illegals are, in many cases, working for low wages, and without the protections Americans and legal immigrants enjoy.

Tammy hits the nail on the head though. What Newt wants to do, the second class designation these illegals would have, would indeed be slavery. They will be like the “untouchables,” and we aren’t talking about the movie!

It is absolutely obscene.

She also touched on something that we all know will happen. Newt’s local civilian boards, that will determine who stays and who goes, are a joke. As Tammy points out, these board members will be known to the community. They are in a position they could be easily corrupted. Throw a few bucks at the right ones and these boards will just turn into a rubber stamp brigade.

And that’s the BEST outcome.

Honest, conscientious board members, especially in border states, would be targets for kidnapping and even assassination. This sort of thing is already going on inside our country in certain areas.

There is big money trafficking in illegals. Smuggling illegals across the border pays almost as well as illegal drugs, and the risks are a lot less.

Of course, the likely outcome of Newt’s “solution” is a gang of ACLU lawyers arguing in front of the Supreme Court that the entire scheme violates the 14th Amendment, even though these second class citizens are not “naturalized,” and we’ll see a mass amnesty for the entire group.

Newt is a dangerous man and simply not the sort America wants, or needs. His “solution” is one of the very worst ways ever created to deal with this serious issue.

He should be ashamed for even proposing it.


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