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NOT INVITED: Dr King’s Niece, The Nation’s Only Black Senator and Supreme Court Justice


By Gary P Jackson

While all of the radical left hijacked Dr King’s memory on Wednesday, and spewed their vile rhetoric, three of the nation’s most successful black leaders were conspicuous by their absence.

Dr Alveda King, Dr King’s niece, as well as Tim Scott, the nation’s only black Senator, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the only black man on the Court, were NOT invited to speak. Why do you think this is?

I’ll tell you why, Dr Alveda King, Senator Scott, and Justice Thomas actually represent Dr Martin Luther King’s dream, his spirit. They would have served to remind Americans that Dr King would not be accepting of the way liberalism has destroyed the black family, and they would have certainly taken exception to all of the radicals claiming Dr King would have supported the various anti-American programs being offered up, like ObamaCare, abortion-on-demand, amnesty for illegals, and the assault on the Second Amendment.

Dr Alevda King is a strong voice for the pro-life movement, another reason why the democrat party, which has been engaged in black genocide for decades, wanted nothing to do with her.

Drs King and Ben Carson appeared on the Sean Hannity Show last night to talk about these events.

Video courtesy SarahNet.

Dr Carson’s piece in the Washington Times:

MLK would be alarmed by black-on-black violence, lack of family values

It is hard to believe that 50 years have elapsed since the famous “I have a dream speech” of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the Mall in Washington. I was an 11-year-old child in Detroit languishing in the midst of poverty, but very interested in the strides that were being made in the civil rights movement.

I was the only black kid in my seventh-grade class and over the previous two years had risen from the bottom of the class to the top. My mother had forced us to read, which had a profound positive effect on both my brother Curtis and myself. I was quite optimistic that things were getting better for black people in America.

If King could be resurrected and see what was going on in America today, I suspect he would be extraordinarily pleased by many of the things he observed and disappointed by others. He, like almost everyone else, would be thrilled to know that there was a two-term black president of the United States of America and a black attorney general, as well as many other high government officials, business executives and university presidents.

Perhaps just as thrilling would be the sight of black doctors, lawyers, airline pilots, construction foremen, news anchors, school superintendents and almost any other position imaginable in America. The fact that seeing blacks in such positions no longer raises eyebrows is a testimony to the tremendous progress that has been made in America over the last 50 years.

There are some areas, however, where I suspect he might be less than thrilled. The epidemic of black-on-black violent crime indicates that there has been a significant deterioration of values in the black community. Not only are the lives of their fellow blacks and others being devalued by street thugs, but the lives of unborn babies are being destroyed in disproportionate numbers in the black community.

There was a time when blacks were justifiably angry that the larger community discounted their value, but now, ironically, many members of the black community themselves place little or no value on these precious lives that are snuffed out without thought. I think King would be waging a crusade against the marginalization of black lives in America.

Another area of great concern would be the fact that 73 percent of black babies are born out of wedlock. When this occurs, in most cases the educational pursuits of the mothers are terminated and the babies are condemned to a life of poverty and deprivation, which makes them more likely to end up in the penal system or the welfare system. This is a burden not only for the black community but for the nation at large.

Although I believe King would be very concerned for all parties in these tragedies, his energies would be primarily channeled into an attempt to give these young women the kind of self-esteem that would preclude their yielding to the charms of individuals who really don’t care about them and are only interested in their selfish pleasures.

King was a huge advocate of education and would be horrified by the high dropout rates in many inner-city high schools. He, like many others, was vilified, beaten and jailed for trying to open the doors of education to everyone, regardless of their race.

If he were alive today, he would have to witness people turning their backs on those open doors and choosing to pursue lives of crime or dependency. I do not believe he would simply complain about these things, however.

Rather, he would be raising funds to create programs that would show these young people that they do have real choices that can greatly enhance the quality of their lives.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment for King would be the wholesale adoption of a victim mentality that makes people feel that they are entitled to being cared for by others rather than working tirelessly to create wealth and opportunities for their progeny.

The amount of wealth that resides within the black community today is staggering. If the black community, like Jewish, Korean and other cultures in America, learned how to turn over dollars within their own community at least a couple of times before sending them out into the larger society, they would create wealth.

Read more here.

To make a point, this was the big headline on Drudge Wednesday afternoon:


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Violent Racist “Progressives”: Lynch Justice Clarence Thomas, Murder Fox News’ Roger Ailes, Call For Violent Revolution

By Gary P Jackson

Christian Hartsock put this video together showcasing the violent, hateful tendencies of left wing mobs. This was filmed at an “Uncloaking the Kochs” rally sponsored by the Soros funded Common Cause, AFFCE, The Ruckus Society, 350, Greenpeace, Code Pink, the Progressive Democrats of America, and others. It was staged outside of the Koch Brothers conference in Palm Springs.

You’ll notice Jim Hightower and self-described Communist revolutionary [and former White House “Green Jobs” czar] Van Jones, speaking inside at the beginning. Then Hartsock moves outside and elicits comments from attendees.

He specifically asks what should be done to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. The answers are quite revealing. One person wants Thomas, a black man, “strung up.” Another says “send him back to the fields!“. One lady who says she’s “all about peace” wants the Justice tortured. Another girl wants his toes cut off and fed to him! Yet another wants Justice Thomas’ wife, Ginny, strung up as well.

Oh, and Justice Antonin Scalia, according to one protester should “go back to Sicily!” 

One “loving and tolerant” liberal wants Fox News head Roger Ailes “murdered.”

Yet another calls for violent revolution, “like in Egypt.”

In the land of the progressives, if you disagree with their warped and diseased view of the world, it’s quite acceptable to call for your death.

It should be known the far left, Soros funded  “Common Cause” was there protesting “rich Conservatives” but as Hartsock, writing for Big Government points out, the hypocrisy on the left knows no bounds:

Among Common Cause’s, well, common causes, are campaign finance reform, net neutrality, outlawing the filibuster, promoting cap and trade, and in this particular case, herding a mass of protesters outside a nearby hotel to yell at Charles and David Koch for being conservative and rich.

Unfortunately several “haves” have missed the memo that you’re not to be both rich and conservative at the same time, and that bankrolling your pet causes is an extra no-no if you’re conservative—thus exempting left-wing billionaire philanthropists George Soros (from whom Common Cause has received $2 million over the past eight years) Peter Lewis, John Doerr, Julian Robertson, Nicolas Berggruen, and many others from being yelled at too.

At the morning panel event featuring UCI Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, activist Jim Hightower, Center for American Progress journalist and “Koch Brothers expert” Lee Fang, California Nurses Association co-president DeAnn McEwan, and President Obama’s former green jobs czar Van Jones, we were forewarned of the impending demise of both the environment and democracy at the hands of corporate lobbyists and their government shills.

There was eerily no mention of GE, AEP, Goldmann Sachs, Pfizer, Aetna, Alcoa, Xerox, Google, Motorola, IBM, or several other corporate giants who profit at taxpayer expense via their K Street connections to the Obama White House as well as the very economic and regulatory policies they lobby that these Common Cause panelists commonly endorse. But I’m sure that’s only because no one wanted to point out the obvious. Right?

We were then ushered outside to the parking lot across from the hotel in which the Koch brothers were holding a meeting, whereupon we were encouraged to yell at the building, decrying not only the Kochs, but Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia for their Citizens United ruling. Oh, and Fox News while we were at it.

You can read Hartsock’s full accounting of the event here.

In the aftermath of the Tuscon massacre, the blood libel media, and the democrat party, couldn’t contain themselves. Before the paramedics were there to attend to the wounded, before any information about the shooter was known, the left wing, in concert, blamed Sarah Palin and the 40 million members of the Tea Party for the actions of a mad man, who as it turns out, was a left winger himself.

The killer, Jared Lee Loughner, had been stalking Congresswoman Giffords for years. Long before the Tea Party was formed, or anyone knew who Sarah Palin was.

The fact is, Congresswoman Gifford was targeted by the website Daily Kos. A bull’s-eye was put on her by the far left website’s radical founder, Markos Moulitsas. She was targeted as a “sell out” to the left wing cause. Congresswoman Giffords is a “blue dog” democrat. Loughner was also angered that she wasn’t radical enough.

Still, knowing these facts, the left continues to blood libel the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. Continues to stoke hate and violence.

The thing is, any time you hear calls for violence, or revolution, it’s from the left. They have a long, dark history of hate, violence, racism, and attempts at violent revolution.

If you’ve never read this from the National Black Republican Association, it’s an eye-opener that highlights 150 years worth of institutionalized racism from the democrat party. Petition to Barack Hussein Obama for a Proclamation of Apology for the Democratic Party’s 150-year History of Racism.

It’s not the Tea Party or Sarah Palin that people need to keep a close eye on, it’s the racist, violent “progressive” movement. Their world is coming apart. The American people are rejecting every bit of the “progressive” [socialist] agenda. They won’t go away quietly.

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