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As Texas Burns: Rick Perry’s Campaign Shouts: Fundraising “Going like Wildfire!”

By Gary P Jackson

I’ve seen candidates and their campaigns say some idiotic things over the years, but this has to take the cake.

It seems Perry is more worried about running for President, and raising money than doing “the greatest job on earth” as he once described being Governor of Texas.

It was a huge slap in the face to the people of Texas when Perry was a no-show in Bastrop on Saturday, for a scheduled walk through and press conference. Now this heartless comment by his team.

From Katherine Haenschen at Burnt Orange:

After leaving Texas during the worst wildfire season in our state’s history for a GOP primary debate in California, Rick Perry stayed on the West Coast for a three-day series of fundraisers. Rather than racing back to help disaster relief, he stayed in California to light a fire under Republican donors.

I guess when Rick Perry prayed to “make it rain” he meant into his campaign coffers, not onto the burning lands of Central Texas.

From a story in the Chicago Tribune earlier this week, emphasis mine:

Perhaps more than any other candidate, the Texas governor will use the trip to raise money for his presidential campaign. As the late arrival in the race, Perry has already proved his bona fides as a world-class fundraiser. Members of his finance team says “it is going like wildfire” and their California schedule backs up the claim.

Rather than returning immediately to his burning state, Perry headlined fundraisers in San Diego, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, San Jose and Fresno, as well as several public rallies. Ironic behavior from the man who says FEMA should stay out of it, just write checks, and let Perry handle all the disaster relief.

Meanwhile, back in Texas….

It doesn’t matter when the wildfire comment was made — it’s still woefully ignorant and insulting to the Texans who have lost their homes, and some their lives, in this dreadful season of drought.

This has been an abominably bad year for Texas wildfires:

The Bastrop fire has consumed over 1400 residences, the worst loss in the history of Texas wildfires.

Tuesday marked the 294th consecutive day of Texas wildfires, according to Inciweb, a fire-tracking website maintained by state and federal agencies .

Over 3.5 million acres of Texas land have burned in wildfires this calendar year so far.

Texas contains almost 50% of the national acreage consumed by wildfires this year.

But rather after racing back to Texas after the debate, Rick Perry also attended a 1000-person rally of adoring fans in Orange County, where he spoke at length about his accomplishments in Texas, reported the LA Times:

“With all due respect to my folks who are my competitors, nobody else has got a record like I’ve got in the state of Texas, or in this country for that matter.”

Perry’s right, especially when it comes to slashing funding for the very firefighters hard at work back in Texas putting out devastating wildfires.

With “all due respect” to Rick Perry, there is one competitor he’s about to face who has a far better record than his in every single category. Even better, instead of embracing crony capitalism, she sent corrupt politicians packing! [some packing it off to prison]

We didn’t comment when Perry ducked out of Jim De Mint’s candidate forum to come back to Texas and do his job, even though he was already in South Carolina, and had already done an event that day. We also didn’t comment when he left Texas for the debate at the Reagan Library. Nor did we say anything when he spent the next three days raising money.

That said, it’s becoming apparent that Perry’s lust for more power has come to the point of being disgusting.

Rick Perry was asked by the media, debate moderators, and everyday Texans, if he was re-elected would he use that as a launching pad to run for President, something Texans did not want him to do.

Perry repeatedly said that he had no interest in doing that, and kept repeating the aforementioned line that being the Governor of Texas was the “greatest job on earth” and how he wanted “no part of Washington.”

Running for office requires one to fundraise. That’s a fact of life, but while Texas burns you think Perry and his team would be a little more sensitive to those who have lost everything.

No need to be taking victory laps as Texans who have lost everything worry about their future.

Perry’s actions remind me of Barack Obama, who also thinks winning elections and raising money is more important than the job. These career politicians are what’s wrong with government.

In the grand scheme of things, these comments aren’t a big deal, but they do give you a look into the soul of Rick , and those he has surrounded himself with. Perry has a lot of things that disqualify him from high office, his actions while running for President just add to it all.

Rick Perry represents nothing more than more of the same. He’s a career politician who has built up a base of support through crony capitalism and corporate welfare, using tax dollars to enrich his supporters.

The Texas Governor’s office has been for sale to the highest bidder for a decade. Now he wants to take that program to the national level.

As a Texan, I can’t stress enough how unacceptable Rick Perry is.

You can help victims of the Texas fires. Check out the Austin Chronicle for information on who to contact and how you can help.

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Flashback: Newt Gingrich Doin’ The Nasty With Nancy Pelosi

By Gary P Jackson

It don’t get any nastier than sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi while shilling for Al Gore’s global warming hoax.

People continually claim Newt Gingrich is the “smartest guy in the party” but I don’t see it. Falling for a proven hoax, rather than following proven science is beyond me. Of course, this isn’t the only sign of less than intelligent actions by the former Speaker and soon to be 2012 presidential candidate.

Folks remember Newt being on the wrong side of history in the NY-23 special election back in 2009, where he backed far left DeDe Scozzafava over Doug Hoffman. That was bad enough, but it got worse. He actually doubled down calling the Margret Sanger Award winning leftist a “moderate” and fought against those who tried to school him.

Of course, he stuck his nose in the Tea Party’s business in 2010 when the NAACP started calling them racist, because the couldn’t compete with the Tea Party Americans on ideas. Newt’s brilliant idea was for the Tea Party leaders to sit down with the NAACP’s leader. All this would have done was give NAACP’s claim legitimacy.

Newt is still flirting with a 2012 run, having pushed back his announcement schedule. Well, he can run, but he can’t hide [from his troubling past].


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Outrageous: Barack Obama “Not Interested In Victory” In War On Terror!

This is beyond contemptible. It’s dangerous and even un-American. This guy, our supposed “commander-in-chief,” is beyond description here. He’s Neville Chamberlain, wrapped up in Jimmy Carter, with a order of Code Pink on the side.

Not interested in victory?

The only real job a President has that is spelled out in the Constitution is protecting the Constitution, and protecting the nation, and this guy has blown it both times. Obama hasn’t followed the Constitution since day one with all of his communistic programs, like cap and tax, and the freedom and liberty destroying ObamaCare fiasco.

Oddly enough, when it comes to Obama himself, victory is cool. After he took office and the complaints were flying that he wouldn’t engage with the Republicans, that he didn’t care about the bipartisanship he ran on, the first of hundreds of lies he has told, Obama famously said “I won.”

Lest you think this is an isolated incident:

“I’m always worried about using the word victory.”

____Barack Obama

Are you kidding me?

This man is not fit to sit in the Oval Office. Period!

We have North Korea testing long range missiles, we have Russia flexing it’s muscles, and helping Venezuela start on the path towards nuclear weapons. We have a shaky Iraq, Afghanistan is in trouble, and this pathetic man cannot step up to the pump. Iran may possibly have a nuclear weapon this year, and Obama is at the U.N and the G20 talking rainbows, unicorns, and nuclear disarmament! (For us)

The world has become exponentially more dangerous since this inexperienced “community organizer” has taken office. Obama is totally asleep at the wheel on national security and foreign relations.

Actually, that’s only partially true. For the entire time George W Bush was President, he sent messages to the Iranian people that we were not their enemy, that our quarrel was with their leaders. The implication was if they decided to rebel against the mullahs, we’d be there. Well, after the last “election” in Iran, evidently run buy ACORN’S Islamic subsidiary, the Iranian people finally decided they had indeed had enough of their oppressive government, and took to the streets, en masse.

Where was Obama? It took him weeks to formulate a response, and it was weak, and basically a hands off deal, saying it wasn’t our problem. Meanwhile brave Iranians who, like all human beings, merely desired freedom and liberty, were being slaughtered in the streets.

Nice going Obama!

On the other hand, down in Honduras, we had a dictator wannabe legally and constitutionally removed from office. Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, who like our President, is term limited, was trying to manipulate the population into allowing him to remain “president for life” much like his communist pals Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers. In fact, world wide, Hugo Chavez, the Castro Brothers, and Barack Obama, all communists, are the only ones rooting for Zelaya!

Obama went so far as to call this an illegal coup de’tat, which is ridiculous. The Honduran military, Congress, and most importantly, their Supreme Court, had all ruled against Zelaya’s attempt to usurp their Constitution, and removed him from office, by force. This was perfectly legal. It fact, it’s exactly how a functioning government should work.

Unfortunately, the checks and balances in our own country are no longer working as well.

It’s despicable that we have one nation that is a threat to the entire world, whose leadership could have been toppled, with a possible democracy replacing it, and yet our so-called “president” did nothing, while at the same time, another nation, a functioning democracy, is about to be toppled by a communist dictator, and he sides with the dictator, and is still actively trying to force this free nation into installing this obvious traitor to his nation back in power!

This would be as if the Germans had figured Hitler out before he went off the deep end, and ousted him, only to have Roosevelt demand the Germans put him back in office! It would have been outrageous then, and it’s just as outrageous now!

The point of all of this is simply one thing. It’s obvious that Obama is not fit for office. Obama has left the United States, and the entire free world, vulnerable to attack from any number of rouge nations. Obama has abdicated America’s role as the leader of the free world.

While we have brave men and women serving, and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama couldn’t care less. Obama is still in campaign mode trying to force his liberty destroying ObamaCare monstrosity down an angry America’s throat!

America has clearly spoken, they want no part of ObamaCare. None! But it seems Obama is very interested in a victory there, because it will usurp our Constitution, and fundamentally change America into a communist nation. Clearly THAT victory would be acceptable for Obama. But victory against nations that want to destroy all of mankind, not so much.

We have our theater commanders telling Obama, in no uncertain terms, that we need more troops in Afghanistan, or we will lose. General McChrystal is requesting 30,000-40,000 troops. What is Obama doing? Nothing.

Here’s a hint Obama, this isn’t like your Senate job where you can just vote “present” you are actually expected to make a decision!

Where is Congress?

The Republican party should be demanding this man’s resignation. Obama has clearly abdicated his constitutional duty to protect our Constitution and to protect our nation. Are there no patriotic democrats left? Are the members of both parties so interested in holding on to their phony-baloney jobs that whatever Obama wants to do is fine?

What happens when Iran sends a nuke into Israel and wipes them out? How about Iraq? Europe? How about when Hugo Chavez gets some nukes from Russia and decides to let them fly?

It’s time for the American people to demand Obama step down, resign. He is clearly not a leader and clearly does not have America’s best interests in mind. The world is too dangerous for an “on the job training” president.

Growing up, our greatest enemy was the Soviet Union. When Ronald Reagan became President, he had a very simple strategy: “We win, they lose!”

After we were attacked on 9/11 George W Bush stated “you are either with us, or against us.”

We need leaders in this nation, not “community organizers.”

Thanks to Ace and Weasel Zippers.


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