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PROOF: Cochran’s Race Baiting Caught On Tape and True the Vote Sues MS GOPe

By Isabel Matos

This is a follow-up on the article I wrote last night. It aired on Hannity tonight and is very straight forward.  Allegations from the lawsuit just filed is a long list: illegal voting, dirty campaigning of accusing McDaniel of KKK associations, taking away food stamps, student loans and race-baiting. There was also walk around money (Cochran campaign paying thousands of dollars to the black community via well-known pastor who has a lot of credibilitySteven Fielder). Fielder has accused Cochran of buying the Democratic vote in an interview with independent journalist (Johnson’s name not mentioned).

Crossovers in Mississippi are permissible as follows: You can vote as a Democrat in the Republican runoff (she said primary which is wrong) as long as you didn’t vote in the Democratic primary three weeks prior.

True the Vote filed a lawsuit Tuesday looking into the  illegal double voting.  Radio ads were also uncovered, did air and were played in a black radio station, WGMO, in Mississippi.  They were paid for and connected with Citizens for Progress SuperPac, associated with Haley Barbour. They are anti-Tea Party ads and anti-McDaniel ads.  Cochran says the allegations are baseless. McDaniel is taking it seriously. In a statement released to Fox News on Tuesday  regarding votes allegedly bought by Cochran’s camp, McDaniel said grassroots volunteers found over 2500 ineligible votes cast in the runoff on June 24th from primary June 3rd. He said he was continuing to collect data to launch a possible legal challenge. [He told Breitbart News the number of ineligible votes was 3300.]

Race-baiting, radio ads, robo-calls and fliers

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