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Video: Democrat Thug Hopes Lt Governor Kleefisch Dies of Colon Cancer


By Gary P Jackson

Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker is marked for death by the left wing animals on Twitter, and now we get this clown hoping Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefisch dies of colon cancer:

These people are the face of the modern democrat party, and the labor unions. I hope those weasels are proud.

When Sarah Palin congratulated Governor Walker and Lt Governor Kleefisch on their blow-out victories last night, she noted that Kleefisch had some personal struggles.

Specifically, Rebecca Kleefisch is a colon cancer survivor, making this vile thug’s comments even more disgusting. But, as we have seen over the years, this is who these people are, and what they do.

Since being diagnosed, Rebecca Kleefisch has worked to raise awareness of this horrible disease.

A colon cancer survivor, Kleefisch was diagnosed and treated for cancer in 2010, as she was seeking the state’s No. 2 job.

Now, she is stepping up during National Colorectal Awareness month to encourage early detection and treatment by raising awareness of this disease.

Kleefisch has been refreshingly open and encouraging in her advocacy, discussing her own struggle with this cancer and reminding Wisconsinites: “The American Cancer Society estimates that 143,460 people will be diagnosed in 2012. And it’s a disease that lacks a high degree of public awareness because it deals with a part of the body that people are embarrassed to talk about.”

In articles she has written and in public comments, Kleefisch is dialing down the fear and dialing up the hope. And she’s doing so with useful information.

Screening is sometimes the only way to detect precancerous polyps or early stage colon cancer because symptoms often do not present themselves until the cancer has progressed. My only symptoms were what I thought were stomach cramps, some lower back pain and simply being tired. They were all things I dismissed as part of the daily grind of life. Don’t let anyone you love brush these things off,” the lieutenant governor explains.

Colon cancer screenings, such as a colonoscopy, are one of the most effective ways to detect this disease, especially in cases where a person has no symptoms. Colonoscopies may be funny to joke about, but they aren’t painful, and you won’t remember the ‘embarrassing’ part. Plus, it’s statistically foolish to avoid one: A study recently showed that for every 1 percent increase in colonoscopy use, the risk of death from colon cancer dropped 3 percent. And that’s good news if we can get screened and catch this disease early, especially considering that one in 20 Americans will get colon cancer at some point in their lives. During a colonoscopy, doctors can detect polyps in our colons and remove them quickly before they even become cancerous. In this way, colorectal cancer is prevented. Colonoscopies can also help doctors spot colorectal cancer early, like in my case, when treatment can often lead to a cure.”

Rebecca Kleefisch is a powerful advocate for Conservatism. A fighter for Liberty and Freedom. She’s also faced a serious personal fight, and won. She’s a real champion, a hero. That a disgusting liberal thug would wish such harm on her is just too much.

I find myself writing this quite often these days, but as Americans, we simply cannot allow this sort of thing to stand. These democrat thugs have no shame, but we must do everything we can to not only expose them, and make their lives a little less comfortable, but protect our own as well.

All of us believe in free speech, and will defend it with our lives, if necessary, but this isn’t free speech. It’s inciting violence.

We, as a society can no longer tolerate the thug mentality of the democrats.


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