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Christine O’Donnell: She’ll Stand for Her Principles: Proudly, Strongly, And Independent

She’ll stand for her principles, against anyone.

But, Chris Coons falls in line.

Ready to rubber stamp even the massive new energy tax

that will cost every Delaware family

thousands and could bring

Coons’ family billions.

Shame on you, Chris Coons.

Delaware needs an independent voice, to stand up to the establishment. Christine O’Donnell.

By Gary P Jackson

Another devastating ad from Christine O’Donnell that hits Chris Coons on many levels.

The ad rightly shows Chris Coons, Harry Reid’s pet Bearded Marxist, will be nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Obama regime. It also points out, like most democrats, Chris Coons, who raised taxes 54% in just three years, has never met a tax increase he didn’t fall passionately in love with.

Another strong point made here is the fact Chris Coons’ family’s company stands to make billions of dollars off of cap and tax legislation that will destroy the American economy.

As her ad says, Christine will be a strong, principled, independent voice in the United States Senate. All of her hard work, stellar debate performances, and strong messaging is starting to show, as according to yet another poll, this one by TCJ Research, shows she continues to surge in the polls.

Go to Christine’s website to learn how you can help her in many different ways to secure victory in November: http://christine2010.com/

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Lt Col Dick Muri, A Common Sense Conservative Who Can Win, With Your Help

By Gary P Jackson

Dick Muri is yet another Common Sense Conservative who has been quietly taking on an entrenched incumbent Washington State democrat, off the national radar.

Even though Muri has been outspent 6:1, and his democrat opponent has been running wildly untrue attack ads against him, Real Clear Politics has rated this race a toss-up. Taking into consideration that most polls over-sample democrats, and the fact that even in dark blue Washington State, enthusiasm for common sense over the democrat agenda is off the charts, this is a winnable race.

From our friends on the ground in Washington:

Ret. Lt Col Dick Muri is within 3 points of 14 yr Democrat “Pelosi rubber stamped” incumbent Adam Smith in Washington States 9th Congressional District race.

With your help we can take this seat!! The race has moved to a tossup!

Adam Smith has a 6:1 fund raising advantage. He is flooding the TV stations, including Fox news channel with an attack ad with false information about Dick Muri.

In Smith’s ads, he is selling himself as an “Independent Voice” and “Fiscal Hawk“. Nowhere does it say the word “Democratmuch less that he has voted with Pelosi 96% of the time.

Here’s a Tacoma News Tribune editorial that debunks the lies in Adam Smith’s Attack ads against Dick Muri.

Lt. Col. Muri has been endorsed by Sarah Palin as one of the Combat Veterans For Congress, a program designed to help our bravest who have wanted to continue their service to our nation, as members of Congress.

From Muri:

Mary Muri and I were invited to be honored as one of twenty Combat Veterans for Congress endorsed candidates on the 9th of October in San Diego, California. Sarah Palin was one of the guest speakers at this fund raising gala event.

We had a few minutes to talk to her and have our picture taken. Governor Palin first words were “we need to get you and Dino Rossi elected“. I told her I was born in the Territory of Alaska in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1953. She immediately calculated the date and said, “was your father serving in the Air Force during the Korean War“?

She was 100% correct, as my father was serving at Ladd Air Force Base in Alaska for two years, went home for a quick one week leave to Framingham, MA to get married. Married my mom on 22 March 1953 and I was born 9 months later!

My mom waited 4 months until Airman 2nd class Joe Muri could get housing and moved to Fairbanks in July 1953 four months pregnant! Sarah Palin greeted all 20 of us Combat Veteran Candidates with enthusiasm and nice humor

I agree with Sarah, we need to get Dino Rossi and Dick Muri elected. We can do it, but we need your help. Again, Muri is being outspent 6:1 by a typical democrat who has no problem smearing his competition with lies, even after major publications in the state have called him out. It seems a democrat is a democrat is a democrat. They all must go!

In that spirit, I’d like to announce the Dick Muri Money Bomb!

As this is Washington’s 9th District, we’re asking everyone who can to send $9 (or more) to Dick’s campaign:


This is a winnable race, and a win in deep blue Washington State will send an even stronger message to the Obama regime. Adding another strong Common Sense Conservative to Congress will have the added bonus of sending a message to the GOP elites as well. Both will know doing business as usual is finished. Not going to happen!

Learn more about Dick Muri and his campaign at his website: http://dickmuri.com/

You can also follow Dick on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is Dick’s latest video ad:

There’s a whole lot of races out there and a whole lot of activity in the final weeks of this most important election season, but of all of the wins, this will be one of the sweetest.

We can send a Common Sense Conservative, in place of a radical democrat, to become a member of the 112th Congress from one of the bluest states in the nation. That will be a sweet victory indeed.

Send your donation of $9 (or more) today.


I don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready to party like it’s ‘94 …. 1894!

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Christine O’Donnell: Chris Coons Raised Taxes 54% In Three Years

By Gary P Jackson

Following up on her highly effective Taxman, Christine O’Donnell team has released this absolutely crushing indictment of Coons simply named “Michael.

In the latest polling Christine has cut Coon’s lead in half. This race is incredibly winnable.

A lot is made of sending money to candidates, and Christine has certainly raised a good amount, all in small donations from patriots who want to send a true Common Sense Conservative to Washington. But money alone can’t win elections.

It takes boots on the ground. An aggressive get out the vote effort.

I know many of our readers are already involved in campaigns, doing fantastic GOTV work, but if you haven’t joined a campaign yet, and would like to help win an essential seat, go to Christine’s website http://christine2010.com/ there you can sign up to make phone calls from the comfort of your home and help rally the voters for common sense.

Remember, this is a special election to fill Joe Biden’s unexpired term, and the winner will be seated immediately, and be a member of the 111th Congress, as well as the incoming 112th. Christine O’Donnell will be an essential vote in the lame duck Congress. She will be the difference between having dangerous legislation like cap and tax, amnesty, card check to help the union thugs run roughshod over business and more shoved down our throats, and not. .

Christine will vote against it all. Chris Coons will be a rubber stamp for anything the Obama regime wants.

Yup, it’s that important. That crucial.

Go to Christine’s website and volunteer today!



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Sarah Palin: The Businessman vs. the Bureaucrat

One of the things Sarah Palin promised America was the support of solid, common sense Conservatives who would help lead this country back to prosperity and the Rule of Law. To that end, Sarah has endorsed a fine man from Pennsylvania who is running is a special election for Congress.

Meet Tim Burns:

The Businessman vs. the Bureaucrat

In a year when Americans are desperate for job growth and frustrated with the reckless spending in Washington, the candidates running in the special election in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District epitomize the problem and the solution. It’s a race between a career Washington bureaucrat and a small business entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania’s beautiful 12th district, Tim Burns’ story is like that of millions of successful small business owners across the country. He started a pharmaceutical technology company out of the basement of his house and grew it to over 400 employees. He worked hard and gave back generously to his community, in part by starting a charity to help children with special needs. In his spare time, he’s a “hockey dad” coaching his sons’ team. Last year, he attended a local tea party and spoke passionately about the danger that the policies coming out of Washington pose for small business owners like him. Reflecting on that day, Tim said, “I had not considered running until after the tea parties, but I decided that I owed it to my two children, who are 14 and 12, to do something. We’re in a fight for the very life of our country.”

Tim spent his professional life building a business from scratch that employed Pennsylvanians, and now he would like to bring his common sense pro-free market message to Washington. I’m proud to offer my support to Tim Burns in his campaign to bring real job creation to Pennsylvania’s 12th district. Please join me in supporting his campaign. Visit Tim’s website here, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s been said many times this year that America is at a crossroads, and the decision we make in November will decide the course of our children’s future. The choice in Pennsylvania’s 12th district couldn’t be more obvious. Let’s send the job-creator to Washington to get this economy moving again.

– Sarah Palin

This are the sort of experienced, principled, common sense leader we need in Washington. Please show your support for Tim!

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