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In Which I Try To Figure Out Why Forbes Would Hire A Complete Imbecile

By Gary P Jackson

Complete imbeciles, like complete morons, are rare, but it looks like Forbes has cornered the market on both, and with just one single writer!

I’ve followed Sarah Palin since her earliest days as Governor of Alaska, and remember when she got nothing but glowing press, as the best and most popular governor in the nation. I’ve also watched as the corrupt left wing media lied about her, and her record. I’ve watched as “journalists” sat around and just made things up about Sarah, her family, and close friends.

It’s rare when these pundits have the courage to actually challenge her on policy. Whenever they do, they come away looking stupider than before.

Case in point, the last time someone challenged Sarah was after she wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal warning about the disastrous quantitative easing, the practice of the US buying up it’s own debt, and printing money wildly. Sarah was one of the first to speak out against this insane practice. Months before the rest caught up to her.

One of the Journal’s hack writers, Sudeep Reddy, took at shot at her and got the smackdown of his life! Not only did Sarah take him down, the editorial board of the Journal would side with the former Alaska Governor, over their own writer!

It’s no wonder pundits would rather just sit around and make stuff up, rather than try and debate substance with the best governor in the country. The one who our Whitney Pitcher wrote: Governor Palin–Leading the Fight on Debt and Liabilities, describing how she had the best record of any governor in the GOP field for cutting spending and lowering liabilities, all while creating a $12 billion budget surplus. Sarah did this in good times, when her legislature wanted to spend like drunken sailors, and money was pouring in like water over Niagara Falls!

That brings us to Forbesjournalist” [snort] John McQuaid who tweeted last week:

In which I try to figure out what @SarahPalinUSA is up to

McQuaid included a link to a nonsensical rambling entitled Sarah Palin Gets Subversive.


Quite possibly the dumbest man alive

McQuaid, who writes for a FINANCIAL website, seems dumbfounded that Sarah Palin wrote such a blistering op-ed in the Wall Street Journal entitled How Congress Occupied Wall Street.

Predictable, when every serious human being gets where Sarah Palin is coming from, McQuaid starts out with the same tired old moronic talking points that imply Sarah is doing all of this for nothing more than money, and getting her name in lights.

Oh, at the end, he grudgingly admits Sarah might be on to something with her talk of corruption, but still makes sure to let Forbes readers know that she’s just an opportunistic politician, not a principled reformer.

With two books, millions of online articles, not to mention the Undefeated, a movie ENTIRELY devoted to showing how Sarah Palin has fought massive corruption since her earliest days in politics, you’d think a writer for a big time financial rag would have been at least curious, and exposed himself to the truth! Google even works for stupid people!

In one of my longer rants, I noted that many people, including democrats like Mickey Kaus, are calling Sarah’s speech in Iowa, the Saturday before Labor Day, one of the great speeches of all time. The speech was about crony capitalism, and massive corruption in politics. Sarah hammers both parties.

After Kaus’s article, lefty Joshua Green tweeted that Kaus was correct and that Sarah had the record to back up the strong talk

Sarah’s Iowa speech is now being compared to “The Speech” Ronald Reagan made in 1964.

What Sarah Palin did in Alaska, cleaning up massive corruption, is legendary.

Working as Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Compact Commission, she was Alaska’s top energy regulator, Sarah found serious corruption, mostly within the Republican Party.

This included wrong doings by fellow commissioner Randy Ruedrich, who also happens to be the Chairman of the Alaska Republican Party, and one of the state’s most powerful men.

When Sarah went to her boss, Governor Murkowski, and reported the issues, she was told to sit down and shut up. Alaska’s Attorney General threatened prosecution if she went public with the scandals.

Of course we all know what she did next. Sarah quit the best job she had ever had, at that point, gave up a six figure salary, and went to town!

When the dust settled, Ruedrich was forced to pay the largest fine in Alaska history. The AG was forced to resign, and of course, Sarah Palin would defeat Frank Murkowski in a landslide in the GOP primary, and go on to win the general, defeating popular ex-governor, Tony Knowles, in a convincing manner as well.

When I first learned of Sarah Palin in early 2007, the FBI was still frog marching corrupt Republican politicians off to prison!

There was actually a thing called the “Corupt Bastards Club” filled with corrupt Republican politicians, who had caps made up with “CBC” emblazoned on them! These jackasses proudly wore their caps in public, giving the proverbial finger to the Alaskan people!

As Governor, Sarah helped create massive ethics reforms. She made cronyism illegal.

She cleaned up the corrupt ties between politics and Big Oil, and even reformed the way Big Oil paid Alaska for the oil and natural gas it harvested. For years Big Oil had been robbing the Alaskan people, who own that oil, blind.

If Sarah Palin was just in all of this for the money, she could have become quite wealthy by just going with the flow. Instead she committed political suicide [if you listened to the “conventional wisdom of the day] quit a job that paid well over $100,000 a year, and took on the entire Alaska political system! And it wasn’t like she, and her husband Todd, who worked in the oil fields, were anything even resembling rich!

Oh, and let’s not forget that Alaska’s legislature wanted to give both her, and her Lt. Governor, a $25,000 a year raise. Both she and her Lt. turned the money down.

Sarah also famously fired most of her staff at the Governor’s Mansion, including the executive chef, and drove herself to work, in her own car. She felt saving other people’s money was better than living a life of luxury with it.

It’s one thing to have a difference of opinion on policy, but “journalists” like John McQuaid, who bring nothing but grade school level snark, devoid of any substance, are pathetic.

Even Governor Palin’s sharpest critics acknowledge that she is indeed a principled reformer who has a solid record of taking on corrupt politicians in both political parties, and cleaning things up. Only the most dishonest of hacks ignore this in their writings.

Maybe McQuaid should watch Peter Schweizer’s appearance on CBS’s 60 Minutes and read his book: Throw Them All Out maybe then he’ll understand where Sarah Palin is coming from. Peter is Sarah Palin’s top adviser, and a man on the same mission she is to clean up Washington, and run the corrupt bastards out of politics forever!

Meanwhile we may have uncovered video from McQuaid’s college years:

Possibly some video from McQuaid’s life before “journalism“: [he’s driving the AMC Gremlin]


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