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Exposing Kirk Adams’ Opponent, Matt Salmon the Lobbyist

By Stacy Drake

Last week, Governor Palin endorsed Kirk Adams in Arizona’s 5th Congressional District election, who is facing off against well-known lobbyist, Matt Salmon. The Western Free Press noted (emphasis):

Palin’s endorsement comes at a bad time for Salmon, after allegations have arisen that Matt Salmon’s firm, Upstream Consulting, lobbied on behalf of the president’s deeply unpopular healthcare law. Salmon has responded that the allegations are false but the claims might have been enough to sway the national endorsement of Palin and her supporters.

Salmon’s response came in the form of a press release which stated (emphasis):

“My former firms, Policy Impact Communications and Upstream Consulting, have never lobbied in support of the Affordable Health Care Act or what has become known as Obamacare. Any statement to the contrary is 100% false and a blatant lie.


The truth is members of my former firms lobbied to change a provision in the proposed law which would have restricted access of people with some rare form of diseases from getting the appropriate drug therapy. Both Policy Impact Communications and Upstream Consulting, were hired to point this out to members of Congress and ensure these people receive the access to the medication they require. Never, was I or my firm, ever compensated to support Obamacare in any fashion.

The firms I worked for were retained only to change this narrow provision. I personally never lobbied on behalf of this client, and have always remained completely opposed to the Affordable Health Care Act or Obamacare.”

Speaking of blatant lies, there are a bunch in that statement. He states that he never lobbied for the “Affordable Health Care Act,” otherwise known as Obamacare. He also states that other members of his firms did lobby Congress, but that was just some small provision about access to drugs for rare diseases. Yes, they did lobby for that provision, but he, Matt Salmon, is listed on federal lobbying disclosure forms as having directly lobbied Congress in favor of Obamacare.

Read the full 24 page Lobbying Report here.

In 2011, Matt Salmon received a $1,000 donation from Michael Eging, an executive at Millenniun: Takeda Oncology. So, not only did Mr. Salmon lobby Congress in favor of Obamacare many times and lied about it, he also took a large contribution from the executive of the company he represented to lobby Congress in favor of the bill to fund his current campaign.

However, according to the Matt Salmon for Congress website, his official position on Obamacare states:

Major reform is needed to simplify the bureaucratic and complex relationship between health insurance companies and patients, and ensure every American has access to affordable health care.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress have passed health care legislation that does not adequately solve this problem, and instead increases federal deficits by more than $562 billion, raises taxes by more than $525 billion, and increases national health care costs by over $311 billion. Not only does this legislation increase deficits, raise taxes, and increase overall healthcare costs, but it creates another level of government bureaucracy between doctors and patients and forces Americans to buy a product they do not want.

In Congress, I will join the fight to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a system that puts individual patients and families in control of their own health care plans, not a government bureaucrat.

This is why it is absolutely necessary for voters to pay more attention to a candidate’s record than they do to their rhetoric. Some people running for office today are completely shameless with the lies they will tell to obtain a seat of power. Matt Salmon is just the latest example. Here is a man who was paid large sums of money to lobby the federal government to pass legislation that “Americans do not want.” He didn’t care what the costs to the nation would be then, are people really supposed to believe he does now? He says he will “fight to repeal Obamacare,” but one of the men who paid him to lobby Congress in favor of it, has helped fund his campaign. The Matt Salmon’s of the world are the problem.

Meanwhile, Kirk Adams was back in Arizona fighting for pension reform, supporting illegal immigration reform (Arizona SB 1070), and endorsing legislation which resulted in the largest permanent tax cut in Arizona history. You can go here to help Kirk Adams, and keep Matt Salmon out of Washington. He’s already done enough damage.

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