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Poll Shows Overwhelming Support For Sarah Palin to be Mitt Romney’s Vice President: What it Means

By Gary P Jackson

An interesting online poll from ConservativeHQ a Tea Party friendly publication. For the past month, they’ve been polling readers about the favorability of 29 different Republicans, and report only 5 got a favorable rating of 50% or more.

Along those lines, they asked who, of those 5, would readers like to see Mitt Romney choose as his running mate. It wasn’t even close, with Sarah Palin receiving 45% of the vote. The closest to here was Jim DeMint with 17%. Interestingly, None of the Above beat out Paul Ryan.

Sarah Palin 45%

Jim DeMint 17%

Rand Paul 15%

Rick Santorum 10%

None of the Above 6%

Paul Ryan 5%

Undecided 2%

As for favorables and unfavorables, the poll looks like this:

Jim DeMint

70%  Favorable
11%  Unfavorable

Sarah Palin

69%  Favorable
16%  Unfavorable

Rand Paul

59%  Favorable
11%  Unfavorable

Rick Santorum

55%  Favorable
20%  Unfavorable

Paul Ryan

50%  Favorable
12%  Unfavorable

Haven’t seen a lot of polling on the others, but the high favorable numbers for Sarah Palin are consistent with every legitimate poll of Republicans and Republican leaning independents we’ve seen over the past few years.

Here are some notable numbers on the other 24 politicians who readers were asked to rate, including some who are considered “good choices for Mitt Romney’s VP.

Rob Portman

6% Favorable
29% Unfavorable

Chris Christie

14% Favorable
37% Unfavorable

Jeb Bush

16% Favorable
28% Unfavorable

Ron Paul

47% Favorable
17% Unfavorable

You can read the entire results here.

I highly doubt Mitt Romney would pick Sarah Palin, nor do I think she would accept the offer. But it’s clear that Mitt Romney need to stop listening to his advisers and the media on who he should pick as his running mate. The base of the party wants absolutely nothing to do with the names being floated around as potential nominees.

Contrary to recent revisionism, the McCain campaign was dead in the water until he picked the dynamic Governor of Alaska as his running mate.

I witnessed a lot of hand-wringing in 2008 after John McCain became the nominee. Lot’s of Conservatives felt betrayed. That feeling is just as intense today, as it ever was, except now it’s all on Romney.

In the end, the good Senator from Arizona sunk his campaign by refusing to vet Obama, suspending his campaign to go push TARP, and of course, hiring the worst political campaign manager and staff in human history. Sarah Palin is good, but even she couldn’t drag McCain over the finish line with all of those handicaps!

Mitt Romney has a good campaign. He’s professional, and on the ball. His style is different than many would like, but unlike John McCain, Mitt Romney has no problem going after President Obama on his record. He will be relentless.

The problem is, many Conservatives do not like or trust Romney. He is going to need to pick a solid Conservative leader as his running mate, or he may face defeat.

I’m not saying he should pick Sarah Palin. Again, not sure she’d even accept the offer. But if he did, it would fire up the base of the party, and he would end up with a highly competent Vice President. One who he could turn a portfolio of responsibilities over to, much as President Bush did with Dick Cheney. He would also have someone who if, God forbid, something happened to him, is ready to be president right now, today.

We’d love to see a Vice President Palin be given free reign to set energy policy for the nation, as President Kennedy gave much of the responsibility for the space program over to LBJ. You can bet we’d be energy independent within a decade. She also is strong on fiscal issues and foreign policy. You’d be hard pressed to find a more competent candidate.

Sarah Palin has been, and is still advocating for Congressman Allen West as Romney’s running mate.

Who are we to disagree?

West is just finishing his first term in Congress, but he was a Lt Colonel in the United States Army, and is a real passionate fighter for Liberty and Freedom.

One of the jobs of the vice presidential candidate is to be the campaign’s attack dog, while the nominee remains above the fray focused on the big picture. Lt Col West would have no problem in that position.

Sarah was great in the role as the campaign’s pit bull, but McCain’s incompetent staff weren’t having any of it. I don’t think Romney’s staff will have any problem whatsoever with someone going after Obama on his record. That’s a target rich environment for someone like West to latch on to and never let go.

There’s a lot that can be discussed, but the real bottom line is the fact that Mitt Romney still has a problem with Conservatives, who make up the base of the party.

Thankfully, most of us will vote for him simply because Barack Obama is just that bad. Unfortunately, that may not be enough.

The media and the “smart people” in the GOP keep telling Romney he needs a noncontroversial “boring white guy” as his running mate. That is filled with nothing but fail. For one thing, we know the democrat party would demonize Mother Theresa if she got in their way. Past that, a boring white guy isn’t going to get volunteers off their couches and into the streets, and it certainly isn’t going have voters chomping at the bits to vote for the GOP ticket.

Remember, it’s not just the presidential race we are looking at. The Republicans MUST win the down ticket races if things are going to change.

Mitt Romney needs to stop playing it safe and choose a real leader, a real fighter as his running mate.

Obviously, Sarah Palin would be the perfect choice, but there are certainly other great choices out there.The ones being floated as potential picks, so far, couldn’t be more disastrous.

My only request is leave the Conservative Senators alone, we need them right where they are!


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