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Highlighting a Correction from JSOnline

By Stacy Drake

JS Online, the internet version of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, published the following on their “Corrections and clarifications” page (emphasis mine):

A headline Saturday incorrectly stated that Sarah Palin’s speaking fee at a California college dwarfed the income the school realized from the appearance. Net proceeds from the appearance actually were more than twice the fee Palin received.

Keep in mind that was a second priority for their daily corrections, just after:

Due to a misprint in USA Weekend’s July 16-18 issue in today’s Journal Sentinel, the Stickdoku puzzle solution is incomplete. The complete solution is reprinted in the Sunday, July 18, newspaper.

I wouldn’t classify that as a typo or a small mistake. That headline was a total distortion of reality. I know the left is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that Governor Palin’s speech at Cal State Stanislaus “turned out the be the most successful fundraiser in the campus’ history,” but a deception like the one the headline writer for JSOnline tried to slip past the readers, was too much.

The other way the current-day activist media tries to distort the success of the event, is to highlight her fee, yet again, instead of talking about the money brought in. What other reason would the AP title their article on the subject, “Palin earned $75k to speak at Calif university?” Would they write an article covering the amount of money the Super Bowl brings in to the NFL, by highlighting the salary for the star quarterback of the winning team? I don’t think so.

At least JSOnline had the decency to note a correction about their distorted piece, even if it was hidden on their correction page. I can’t say so much for the the AP or other LSM publications that chose to obsess about Governor Palin’s well deserved salary, other than reporting the record funds for the university, or perhaps the destruction of the Gulf while the nation’s First Dog flew on his own personal jet to Maine.

This is the current state of the media. They are no longer press agencies tasked with gathering and distributing accurate information to the public for it’s own sake. They are now in the business of left-wing, Democratic Party public relations. They hide the president’s gaffes, play down the state of the economy, cover-up facts about ‘transformational‘ legislation, and they try to paint the narrative about all things Sarah Palin, in a negative light. The Governor brought in a lot of money and attention to Cal State Stanislaus. No matter what the media says or does, they cannot take that away from her or the university.



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Sarah Palin Earns Money… Get Over It

By Stacy Drake

I wanted to address this a couple days ago but I’m just getting around to it now. Considering this is an ongoing “non-troversy” for the left and their media, I figure it sort of has indefinite relevancy.

At the beginning of this week, the leftist media spent dozens of man hours spewing out the same, tired old theme. That being the fact that Sarah Palin makes money and for some reason the world should be outraged about it. I understand why they would try this trick in the beginning. I get that the left has to throw the entire kitchen sink at Governor Palin, due to her Teflon ‘mojo.’ But still, I find this absolutely ridiculous. They are making themselves look very foolish to anyone paying attention.

After the speech Palin gave in Turlock for the 50th Anniversary of CSU Stanislaus, and the subsequent harassment she, as well as the organizers of the event received for doing such – it goes back to this theme. It is a pure political strike conducted by left-wing officials and their close friends in the press. No other former public servant, or possible future candidate has had to deal with this sort of scrutiny on their wallets. You just never see hundreds of stories all lined up disclosing the amount any other candidate is paid for anything they do, unless they are corrupted or abusing tax-dollars. Well, Sarah Palin has never been corrupt, she is a private citizen, getting paid with private dollars, and the only one getting abused here are her and her family.

What happened in California was an embarrassment to me as a Californian. Yes, I have to live with these left-wing lunatics. And no, having their heads examined doesn’t help. Fortunately for me I live in a military city, so I am surrounded by level-headed, reality based folks. My friends in Los Angeles are not so lucky.

I think one of the worst aspects of the treatment Sarah Palin received in California, is that it was started by government officials. Jerry Brown made a mockery of his elected office by assisting in the stunt created by the future wannabe Candidate for San Francisco Mayor, and former Hawaiian shoplifter, Leland Yee. I wrote about this before here and here.

They tried to bully the organizers of the CSU event and bully Sarah Palin with the use of orchestrated theatrics for the all too available news cameras, and with the help of “dumpster diving” students. By the way, to those young girls that went dumpster diving for this state government witch-hunt… That was really lame. I’m in my early thirties, but have things changed that much since I was your age? I wouldn’t have been caught dead digging in the trash for “The Man back then. Lame.

Governor Palin asked Jerry Brown from the podium at the speech in Turlock a very interesting, very valid question. She said, This is California. Do you really not have anything better to do? Great question, governor! I happen to know for a fact that he does.

California is a mess any way you slice it. I have never witnessed Jerry Brown do anything with his department to help correct the dire state of our state. In fact, Jerry Brown is the person most responsible for unionizing the public employees here with SEIU, whose pensions are one of the main culprits for the current fiscal mess that IS California. And guess what… Jerry Brown earns his income from tax-dollars so perhaps a little more scrutiny on Moonbeam is a good idea.

Back in March, I wrote a post about this ongoing phony outrage over speaking fees, and why I think the left uses this trick to put a wedge in between Sarah Palin and her supporters. It said:

This is why Governor Palin’s detractors are never concerned with the speaking fees of Al Gore or even Mitt Romney. They aren’t members or leaders of the working class. They are fellow members of the same elite establishment that leftist media belongs to.

So the main reason for such reporting and documenting of every dollar Sarah Palin makes is nothing more than the establishment and the lefty press trying to put a wedge between Palin and her supporters. They think, falsely that Governor Palin will lose some of that “street cred” they admit exists if she makes some money. Just look at any comment section of a mainstream news site. You will no doubt see any number of leftists repeating the same meme that “she’s only in it for the money!” … Rubbish!

Working class Americans who support Governor Palin mostly come from a conservative worldview. The left seems to be confusing their own populist rhetoric with the true concerns of the modern populist movement. Conservatives don’t begrudge people for making an honest living. And while the left constantly tries to say she is paid too much for giving speeches and such, these people are no experts on the going rate of high profile speakers. It’s just more phony negative narratives about Governor Palin from the left.

While I still agree with my own assessment there, I think it is more than that at this stage. I think it is also a diversionary tactic meant to drown out Governor Palin’s message. As Don Surber noted the other day in his piece titled “AP fights to cover a speech it then didn’t cover,” he said (emphasis mine):

The Associated Press and other news organizations fought to get permission to cover the speech.

But what exactly did Palin say?

One cannot tell from the Associated Press. All the story talked about was the process. The story was long on Dumpster-diving students who tried to get her speech engagement contract and other liberal-manufactured controversies around the woman’s speech.

But the speech itself?

Garance Burke of the Associated Press failed to report it. His whole story was about the various controversies stirred up by liberals.

You can read his entire article here

So there you go… The media is actively helping their political allies mask out Sarah Palin’s words and push phony controversy to dilute what the public at large thinks about her. If it causes a rift with her own supporters, well then that’s fine too for these people who are nothing more than undercover activists.

I do wonder however, if they realize what a bunch of outright hypocrites they look like. They take home a paycheck. They think they serve the public, yet none of them are disclosing all the fine details in the contracts with their employers. Doesn’t the public have a right to know? Why are their companies making money? Aren’t they supposed to be serving the greater good?

It’s nonsense, they know, Governor Palin knows it, those of us paying attention know it, and the general public with busy lives trying to make ends meet – the one’s these people give no credit of processing any intellectual prowess – they get it too. The only people “outraged” by Governor Palin making an income are people who are faking it for political reasons.


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Oh Noes! Sarah Palin Is Human!

By Gary P Jackson

Yes, yes, I know when we see Sarah Palin we see a strong, powerful woman. We see a warrior. A woman who takes no prisoners and gives no quarter. We see an accomplished leader with an incredible record of reforming and streamlining government.

Knowing all if this, and much more, it’s sometimes easy to forget she’s only human. Yes Sarah, like the rest of us, is capable of making mistakes, especially when speaking off the cuff. Having done it for years, I can tell ya, it ain’t as easy as it looks.

It seems that when Sarah visited California State University at Stanislaus last week, she miss-spoke while talking about her hero, and mine, Ronald Reagan. During her speech, while talking about Reagan, small town values, and trying to tie that together with the fact Reagan moved to California, and how that shaped him, she got ahead of herself. Sarah was talking about Eureka College, which of course is in Illinois, but it came out “Eureka, California” as you’ll see in the video below:

Now obviously, as a student of Ronald Reagan, Sarah knows he went to Eureka College in ILLINOIS. How do I know this for a fact? Well it’s easy, not that long ago Sarah was in Illinois, speaking at Five Points Washington.

Karen McDonald from Peoria’s Journal Star reported at the time:

Palin commented on the Land of Lincoln having a “most diverse political scene” and referenced the “Will it play in Peoria?” cliche.

Nobody here is ordinary. … Much of the eyes of America are on this part of our nation because this is a representation of good, hard-working, grounded, unpretentious, patriotic Americans,” she said.

One of those people, Palin said, is former President Ronald Reagan, a Eureka College graduate, who believed in limited government in order to expand opportunity and prosperity. Reagan was a Midwestern boy who understood the importance of work ethic, not entitlement, she said.

We need a dose of that Midwestern common sense now more than ever,” Palin said.

John Morris, director of development for the Ronald W. Reagan Leadership Program and Ronald Reagan Museum at Eureka College, said remarks about the college by a potential Republican candidate for president in 2012 are “thrilling.”

Eureka College is a national living legacy to this story that in America you can come from anywhere and with the right values you can go on to help change the world. Eureka College is the living legacy to the story of Ronald Reagan,” Morris said.

You can read the entire article here.

Now that should be that, end of story, but of course, it isn’t.

Evidently the left wing in this country is just as shocked as we are to find out that Sarah Palin is indeed human, and capable of miss-speaking. Now I get that, considering she has been kicking their tails from one end of this country to the other for the last year or more.

The woman has laid bare their Dear Leader for all to see. She’s exposed Obama for what he is: a corrupt, Chicago street thug, and nothing more.

So shocked are the Marxist-progressives to learn Sarah Palin, their  bête noire, is but a mere mortal, they can’t stop talking about her gaffe. It’s understandable.

Of course, it just might be a bit of misdirection on their part. You see for all of the insanity, brought on by the left before her incredible speech that night, in the end, Sarah Palin raised more money than any speaker in CSU Stanislaus history!

After the dust settled, and all bills were paid, the university netted $200,000. That’s big money in anyone’s book, and again, a record for the university.

Now this is Northern California. The university, which is located in Turlock, is less than 100 miles from San Francisco. I mean this is right in the belly of the communist beast! This is serious business.

How would the Marxists in San Francisco ever be able to explain how that moose huntin’ hockey mom from Wasilla, Alaska was such a hit in own their backyard?

Think about it. If Sarah Palin can raise more money than any speaker in history, in the shadow of the most Marxist-progressive city in the country, that means come 2012, Barack Obama wouldn’t have a prayer against her in the state, IF (more like when) she runs for President.

One can only imagine the cold sweats Marxists all over the country broke out in once they realized this.

Now this is before we even talk about the speech itself! A lot has been made about the “reporters” caught on tape after the speech, but again, that’s just mis-direction. The radicals will do absolutely anything to keep you from actually listening to Sarah Palin’s words.

This was a great speech. Different than some of her latest. She wasn’t there to rip Obama apart, she would do that the next night in Tyler, Texas and over the weekend in Virginia! No, this was a speech about American values, American exceptionalism, and the need to get back to the basics in education. Three more things that make the left break out in a cold sweat.

So …. it’s kinda understandable that the Marxists and their media partners would make a big deal out of all of this.They absolutely must take your mind off the fact that Sarah Palin kicks ass!

Of course, the Dear Leader, Captain Kick Ass, and his lovable side kick, Vice President Smart Ass would never screw up, ever …. or would they.

Here Obama says he’s been to 57 states, with one, possibly two, that he wasn’t allowed to see.

Here’s the most gifted speaker that ever breathed not only speaking rather incoherently, because he was working without his trusty TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States) by his side, but also claiming a child, suffering from an asthma attack, needs a breathalyzer for treatment. In all fairness, after stumbling, he gets it right, but this still makes for great TV!

And who could forget when this genius claimed that doctors were taking out children’s tonsils to make more money.

Even better, here he accuses doctors of allowing obese people to become diabetics, so at some point, they can make $30,000 …. $40,000 …. or possibly $50,000 by amputating their feet!

According to Cheryl Clark, at HealthLeaders Media:

President Obama got his facts completely wrong,” according to a statement from the ACS, whose 74,000 members make it the largest organization of surgeons in the world.

In fact, Medicare pays a surgeon between $740 and $1,140 for a leg amputation,” sais ACS, which is care that includes evaluation of the patient the day of the operation and follow-up care that is provided for 90 days after the operation.

Private insurers pay a variation of the same amount, said the group, adding that it is “deeply disturbed” over the President’s “uninformed public comments.

Of course who could forget that Obama thinks people in Austria speak “Austrian” (about 1:33 in)

For the record, Austrians speak German!

Here’s another classic from the Harvard educated President. Obama thinks Europe is a country!

Now right about now, any left wingers reading this are going to shout: “Oh yeah! Well that crazy moose lady didn’t know Africa was a continent …. So there!

One thing wrong with that, as Frank James noted in the Chicago Tribune, on November 13, 2008, a whole bunch of people, including Fox New’sCampaign Carl” Cameron, owe Sarah Palin a HUGE apology. (Of course, as of this writing, June 29, 2010, she is still waiting for it)

You see the whole thing was a HOAX uncovered by, of all places, the New York Times!

It was among the juicier post-election recriminations: Fox News Channel quoted an unnamed McCain campaign figure as saying that Sarah Palin did not know that Africa was a continent.

Who would say such a thing? On Monday the answer popped up on a blog and popped out of the mouth of David Shuster, an MSNBC anchor. “Turns out it was Martin Eisenstadt, a McCain policy adviser, who has come forward today to identify himself as the source of the leaks,” Mr. Shuster said.

Trouble is, Martin Eisenstadt doesn’t exist. His blog does, but it’s a put-on. The think tank where he is a senior fellow — the Harding Institute for Freedom and Democracy — is just a Web site. The TV clips of him on YouTube are fakes.

And the claim of credit for the Africa anecdote is just the latest ruse by Eisenstadt, who turns out to be a very elaborate hoax that has been going on for months. MSNBC, which quickly corrected the mistake, has plenty of company in being taken in by an Eisenstadt hoax, including The New Republic and The Los Angeles Times.

BTW, “Martin Eisenstadt” was the source of a few more BS stories about Sarah, including the one about her greeting people in a bathrobe at her hotel. It’s sad enough the media fell for the Africa story, but as anyone with any amount of experience, or has ever seen a movie or TV show, would know, the Secret Service would never allow a protectee to open their own door, especially not in a hotel.

Read more here.

Now I promised you some Joe Biden, and God love the man, if we tried to show you all of Joe in his gaffetastic splendor, I fear our servers would explode, so here’s just a few of the thousands that will live on as classics forever.

First off, remember the Vice Presidential debate? The moderator Gwyn Ifel, alluding to the fact that Dick Cheney had been a strong Vice President, asked Sarah if she would carry on in that vein, which she said she would. This caused Biden (and the media) to lose it, as she cited the Constitution. Biden, who actually teaches the Constitution, got it all wrong. They chastised Sarah for weeks though.

Article I, Section 1 makes it clear that the Vice President is the President of the Senate, and while only having a vote in case of tie, has actual powers within the Senate. In fact, during the last hours, when the Marxists were shoving ObamaCare down America’s throat, Biden stood ready, in his capacity as President of the Senate, to overrule the Senate’s parliamentarian, had the Marxists’ plans been thwarted by him.

Of course, that’s heavy stuff, and why should a man who had only been in the Senate for 35 years, and taught the Constitution on weekends, know all of this. Of course, Sarah Palin, the Governor from way up there in Alaska knew it!

Again, that’s heavy stuff. Sheriff Joe does a lot better when you just let him talk!

Here’s Vice President Smart Ass talking about that three letter word J-O-B-S

And who could ever forget Chuck Graham? Stand up Chuck!

While we could do this for hours!

I want to leave you with one of my all time favorites. Knowing she would be interviewing Sarah Palin, and taking a break from her anti-Palin advisers former Senator Sam Nunn and Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haas, who coached her for the Palin interview, the Perky One did a softball interview with Joe Biden. This is Joe at his absolute gaffetastic best, just makin’ it up as he goes!

As Couric stares lovingly into his eyes, Good old Joe says:

When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the princes of greed,. Look, here’s what happened.

Now I love this one on many levels. First, you got a two-fer. Both Biden and Couric are as clueless as they come. Can you imagine if that was Sarah Palin babbling that nonsense? Couric would have lost her mind right then and there! Instead, she studied up hard on Sarah and was aided by top Marxist-democrat operatives. It’s was almost like the Perky One worked for the DNC. Oh, wait ….

Anyhow, back to the fun. Biden got this so wrong it’s truly phenomenal. I mean a lesser person would have to work hard to do what just comes natural to Biden.

First off, when the Stock Market crashed, in 1929, Herbert Hoover was President. FDR was still the Governor of New York. Roosevelt wouldn’t take office until March of 1933. (presidential inaugurals used to happen in March)

Second, while television was in the concept stage, no such thing, in workable form, existed. FDR’s famous “fireside chats” were all broadcast over the radio. Radio was the way most Americans got their news and entertainment at home. This was true into the 1950’s.

Roosevelt would indeed go on to be the first President to appear on television though. On April 30, 1939 NBC started broadcasting. This was opening day of the New York World’s Fair. This was a weak signal, and there were around 1000 viewers total.

NBC’s experimental New York City station was licensed for commercial telecasts beginning on July 1, 1941.

Read more here.

In case you are wondering, the first televised presidential inaugural was Harry S Truman’s in 1949

As one can see, as shocking as it is to learn that Sarah Palin is a mere mortal, and stumbled while speaking, in the grand scheme of things, others have done far worse.

Don’t let the left wing and their media partners distract you from Sarah Palin’s strong and powerful message, or the positive contributions she is making to our world.


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