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Hate Tweets from General Hospital “Actress” Nancy Lee Grahn and Death Threats Toward Sarah Palin From Other Demented Democrats

Vile hatred wrapped in a pretty package is still vile hatred. Nancy Lee Grahn is the face of the psychotic wing of the democrat party. [It’s a HUGE wing]

By Gary P Jackson

Liberalism is simply not compatible with civilized society. Today’s democrat is totally incapable of engaging in reasoned public discourse. All they have is the ability to spew over the top hatred for those with whom they disagree. And not just screaming hatred, but death threats to all, as well.

Nancy Lee Grahn, an actress on the soap opera General Hospital is a piece of work. Those of you who followed Bristol Palin’s time on Dancing With The Stars may have also followed the show on Twitter. If you went to hashtag #DWTS you no doubt encountered Grahn. She hate tweeted after every show, raising hell about Bristol. Nasty, vile tweets. This is supposed to be a grown woman. She’s older than I am for God’s sake! She has the maturity and mentality of a child though. A child possessed by the devil!

Our friends over at Twitchy caught Grahn’s latest hate filled tweet after Sarah’s dressing down of Obama.

Like a good little democrat drone, she went with the party line, calling Sarah a racist. As I talk about here, screaming racism, where there is none, is the last refuge of tyrants. Being called a racist by a democrat is a sure sign you are winning your argument against them.

If this isn’t pathetic enough, Grah recently participated in the NoH8 program [trying to stop hatred] and posed for this photo:

Damned shame she didn’t leave the duct tape over her hate spewing mouth, and didn’t wrap her hate tweeting hands in the same magical product.

At this point I need a roll of tape myself, so I can wrap my head in it, to keep it from exploding!

Question: How do you spell hypocrite?

Answer: N.A.N.C.Y. L.E.E. G.R.A.H.N.

Grahn’s psychotic rants are bad enough, but her continual unhinged rants fire up other democrats to tweet far worse. Go through her recent tweets about the Palins and read em for yourself. Grahn is a nasty hater, but her fans out do her.

Sarah Palin was the target of multiple death threats in the wake of Grahn’s latest hate tweets. Twitchy caught a number of the threats, here’s a few here:

Yung CoCoButter” is now protecting his tweets [though it’s saved on Twitchy forever] so I can’t embed, but this is the type of hate you see. Yung CCB is black,:


Go die you racist fuck@SarahPalinUSA: Obama’s Shuck and Jive Ends With Benghazi Lies fb.me/1m3q5c2IR”—
Jules (@Yung_CocoButter) October 24, 2012

Here’s more:

This darling got in a shot at Bristol as well:

Wait a minute, this “non-racist” democrat is making it sound like a major insult to have intimate relations with a black man. How in the hell is THAT not racist!

BTW, if any gays are reading this article, have you ever noticed that democrats love to insult people by calling them gay? Think about that the next time you go to vote!

Another “loving, caring, non-racist” democrat:

There are more hate tweets, plus commentary here.

Can we finally stop pretending democrats are good and decent people?

There used to be a time when I thought it was just the the extreme leftists who were the hate filled loons, but I’ve come to realize all of the decent human beings left the democrat party long ago. Look at Hollywood, with few notable exceptions, you see nothing but hate and contempt for everything that makes America good and great, including the American people. Turn on any news channel, or read any major newspaper or website, and you find the same. The Marxists, the communists and socialists, the sixties radicals, the worst of the worst, have taken control of the democrat party, and driven out those capable of reasoned conversation, and honest interaction with their fellow human beings.

As Conservatives, we’ve long been at war with the dangerous elements of society who look to change our Republic into something that in no way resembles the visions our founders had for this great nation. The Great Ronald Reagan spoke of a Shining City on a Hill when he described his vision of America, Sarah Palin also speaks of that same wonderful vision.

Democrats want to turn the lights out on the American dream. They seek to create a totalitarian society where individual thought is not allowed. Where Liberty and Freedom are just meaningless words, describing outdated concepts. We’ve seen these intolerant radicals attack anyone and everyone who dares to disagree.

Readers may remember just a few short weeks ago, actress Stacey Dash came out in support of Mitt Romney in a rather benign tweet:

The reaction from democrats? As Twitchy reported, these “non-racist, loving, caring” creatures immediately invited the lovely Miss Dash to kill herself and “get cancer twice and die once,” of course. Those that didn’t want her to die outright called her a “house Negro,” and an “Oreo.” The gender confused called her an “Uncle Tom.” But don’t you dare call these vile, hate filled Obama supporting democrats racists!

Head over to Twitchy and read just how vile and filthy democrats are towards blacks who “leave the plantation” so to speak. If you make Twitchy a regular stop, you’ll see this kind of hate is the norm for democrats, not the exception.

As I said at the beginning of this, liberalism is not compatible with civilized society. It rivals the most evil of ideologies the world has ever known. It’s totalitarian and highly violent in nature. No nation, not even a nation as great as the United States, can survive forever with so much evil, so many evil people in it’s population. This kind of hate and violent rhetoric is a cancer on society. Like any disease, it must be eradicated.

It would be one thing if all of this was just confined to Hollywood psychopaths like Nancy Lee Grahn, and random fools on Twitter, but turn on any show on MSNBC, or for that matter, CNN, and you’ll run across the same people. Same goes for the networks.

You’ll find these same sort of nasty traits: the hate, the contempt for America and the American people, in elected democrats, from the White House on down. This cancer has grown to a point it’s where it’s about to destroy the nation.

We must defeat these people at every level.

We must defeat this evil ideology.

We must fight this evil like our lives depend on it, because they do.


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Breaking It Down With Bristol Palin- Episode 4

By Gary P Jackson

This week’s episode of Breaking it Down with Bristol Palin from Kevin Scholla at SarahNet Radio:

Bristol Palin charges on! After an exceptional routine on the latest installment of Dancing With The Stars: All Stars, Bristol stays alive in the competition and she is here today to talk all about it with Kevin Scholla.

It’s Breaking It Down With Bristol- Episode 4. Bristol and Mark Ballas dance on a giant chess board and survive a double elimination. Hear the backstory on their performance, learn about the argument between Bristol and Mark, find out what to expect this week, and see how Bristol is handling some of the baggage that comes with putting herself out there


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Sarah Palin: Happy Columbus Day

By Sarah Palin

Happy Columbus Day. Thank goodness for the determination of all bold explorers and innovators—yesterday and today—who don’t let the critics hold them back. May their courage and determination always inspire us to greater heights and encourage us today to seek responsible resource development opportunities.

Speaking of resource development, I’m in California again today and the gas prices here are just ridiculous. One solution to this problem is of course increased exploration domestically in order to tap our plentiful supplies and not let the naysayers hold us back.

I’m in California today to support Bristol. I’m sorry to see that she’s again getting those annoying death threats and more “mysterious white powder” sent to her while on DWTS this All-Star season. These threats sure waste a lot of time, production and public resources; but do the haters really think this will stop Bristol and Mark and the show’s producers from keepin’ on keepin’ on?

Silly critics — after all these years of goofy antics like this we find these efforts are actually quite motivating! Bristol’s not letting this get her down. Anyway, tonight is a “double elimination” night, so hopefully everyone who has supported her so far will do so again! I’ll be sure to post the call in number and voting instructions later today before the event. Thank you again to everyone. It means a great deal during this fun and highly competitive event, and it’s sure appreciated!

As Bristol shares with anyone targeted by the naysayers in life: “Hey, the haters will hate anyway; the critics will criticize, so you might as well dance!


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Breaking It Down With Bristol Palin Episode 3

By Gary P Jackson

Bristol Palin talks with SarahNetRadio’s Kevin Scholla about last week’s Dancing With The Stars competition and previews this week’s double eliminations contest.

Bristol Palin is back to talk with Kevin Scholla after advancing another round! Breaking It Down With Bristol- Episode 3: Bristol and Mark dance to Red Neck Woman and despite little love from the judges, the voters speak loud and clear.

We’ll look back at Bristol’s latest performance and look ahead to what’s next on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars. Find out what Bristol thinks about the upcoming double elimination and how support from family helps her on the dance floor.

Tune in now and each week to Breaking It Down With Bristol on SarahNET Radio and get the inside scoop on DWTS with Bristol Palin and Kevin Scholla. SarahNET Radio is ON DEMAND and available for DOWNLOAD anytime!

Audio courtesy SarahNet Radio.

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Dancing With the Stars Scare: Bristol Palin Target of Suspicious Package—Again!

Photo: ABC/Adam Taylor

By Gary P Jackson

From E! Online:

Bristol Palin is back on Dancing With the Stars—and the suspicious mail is back, too.

Two years after the FBI opened an investigation into who mailed an envelope containing an ultimately harmless white powder to CBS Studios with the intent of spooking Palin, another powder-speckled package found its way to the lot yesterday, an FBI source confirms to E! News.

Police, fire and health officials were dispatched to the Los Angeles studio to investigate and, as was the case in 2010, the suspect substance proved innocuous.

ABC had no comment, while BBC Worldwide Productions said that they take the health and safety of all their competitors and employees very seriously. A rep for Palin also told E! News that they were abiding by the show’s policy not to comment on security issues.

Authorities haven’t released any official details yet; but, once again, the package was reportedly intended as a threat against Palin’s further participation on the show.

While no one knows who sent the packages, it’s not hard to figure out. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Case in point from the last time Bristol and Mark competed, in 2010:

According to Wisconsin authorities, Steven Cowan, a 67-year-old man originally from Vermont, shot his television set after watching Bristol Palin perform on “Dancing with the Stars.” The police were contacted and it led to a 15-hour standoff until Cowan finally was convinced to come out of the house.

Liberalism is not compatible with civilized society.


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Bristol and Mark Dance to Redneck Woman

By Gary P Jackson

I thoroughly enjoyed Bristol and Mark’s dance last night on Dancing With The Stars, so did the audience:

The judges, however, hit the couple hard because they didn’t follow the rules. Never mind the dance was great and the style popular at joints that play that kind of music.

All three judges gave the kids a 6, for a total score of 18, lowest of the night. We’ll have to see how the fans voted tonight to see if Bristol and Mark get to come back next week.


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Breaking It Down with Bristol Palin: Week 2

By Gary P Jackson

Bristol Palin talks with Kevin Scholla about last week’s Dancing With the Stars competition. Bristol talks about her dancing, Mark Ballas, how the show works, a tweet from Chaz Bono, and being “in jeopardy.”

Bristol also talks about tonight’s “mystery dance.”

Check out the show tonight at 8 pm EST on ABC.

Audio courtesy SarahNetRadio.

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Bristol Palin Takes Dancing Partner Mark Ballas to the Gun Range

By Gary P Jackson

This is what I call gun control done right!

Mark Ballas, Bristol Palin’s dance partner and friend tweeted this earlier:

Yup this is where BP took me yesterday, & yes we are dancing to Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson ha ha #DWTS http://instagr.am/p/QLNWRozPBm/

Great fun, and some serious firepower!

For Bristol and Mark:

H/T: Pat.


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Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas Shake It Up on the Dance Floor

Bristol Palin gets a surprise backstage visit from son Tripp Monday night. [Photo courtesy Sarah Palin]

By Gary P Jackson

In the intro to Monday night’s dance Mark Ballas tells Bristol Palin she needs to “shake that ass” and shake it she does! She wasn’t a bad dancer the last time out, but Bristol has certainly matured since her last appearance on Dancing With The Stars two seasons ago. She and Mark impressed the audience and the judges with a great performance:

Watch the results show tonight at 8 pm, 7 central.

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Dancing With The Stars Starts Tonight: Vote for Bristol and Mark!

I LOVE this photo of Mark and “Bristol the Pistol” because it drives the liberals INSANE. “Like oh, my God, she’s glorifying gun violence” [or something equally ridiculous]

By Gary P Jackson

OK, tonight’s the night, a new season of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. [The All-Star Edition] This is going to be a great season, lots of talented stars. Obviously our hearts are with Bristol and Mark, they are such a cute couple and have wonderful chemistry together, but I have to say, it’s going to be a real competition. All of these stars won the hearts of America in previous seasons.

Part of the contestants’ scores come from fan votes. All of the stars have millions of fans who will be setting up groups to vote. You can certainly do the same for Bristol and Mark. So grab your friends and have some fun!

Also please note, you can vote multiple times after each show. [And use all three methods of voting to do it!] In the online voting you are only limited by how hard you want to work, as you can create as many accounts as you want, and vote from each one.

Here are a couple of blog entries from Bristol and Sarah that may help you understand ABC’s rules, if you haven’t voted before:

How to Vote for Us on DWTS

The couples dance on Monday nights for a score from the judges. Then the fans vote for their favorite. The judges score counts 50% and the fans 50%. The key to the judges score is that they convert it to a percentage. They take all the scores from the judges and add them together. Then that number is divided into the score for the individual couple. That gives the 50% that counts as the judges scores. Same thing with the fan vote. All the votes are totaled and that number is divided into the couples fan vote. The lowest combined judges scores and fan scores send a couple home.

There will be three ways to vote:

The first is by phone. We will not know the phone number for Team Ballin until show time on 9/24. The number will remain the same throughout the competition. Phone lines open as soon as the show starts and stay open for 1 hour after the show. Fans should try to phone vote as soon as the show starts. After they dance and at end of the show are the hardest times to get through and we want every single vote. You can vote on as many phones as you have access to. For the first half of the season, voters will be allowed the same number votes as the contestants. For example, the first week there will be thirteen contestants, so each type of account gets 13 votes. The second week it will go down to 12. Once they are down to 5 contestants or less, the fans still get 5 votes per account.

ATT users can text their votes by texting the word “vote” to the last four digits of the voting number. Once again you get the same number of votes as contestants. It is my understanding you can text votes and call votes from the same phone.

The final way is online. Go to http://abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/. On show nights there will be a vote tab. You have to have an account to vote online. You should make your accounts before the show starts because when the show is going the site crawls. You can vote with as many accounts as you make.

Dancing with the Stars is definitely a team effort. Bristol and Mark will do the dancing-the fans have to do the voting! Please be sure and support them with your votes on September 24!

The Phone Number To Use to Vote for Mark Ballas and Me!!

Thank you guys for asking about how to best vote for Mark and me on Dancing with the Stars All Stars! I’m so excited that I just got the official telephone number to use. It is:


Sarah posted this on Facebook this morning:

Bristol goes from joining Willow, Todd and buddies looking to fill the freezer a few weeks ago in the wilds of Alaska to the wilds of LA on the dance floor tonight!

I know how many worries we all have about the challenges facing us today, but in the midst of it all I’m really looking forward to taking time to just be a proud mom and cheer on Bristol as she does her thing on “Dancing With the Stars” tonight! It’s good to take a break from the heavy stuff and recharge your batteries with something like this uplifting, energetic, and positive competition.

If you tune in tonight (at 8/7c on ABC), I hope you’ll vote for Bristol & Mark (online at the DWTS website, by calling 800-868-3409, and for AT&T subscribers by texting the word VOTE to 3409), and I sincerely hope you have an enjoyable evening.

Sarah is right. There is a lot going on and many of us are extremely worried about the future of our nation. Taking a break to watch a fun competition is something I hope everyone will do. Dancing With The Stars is a fun family show, something everyone can enjoy. So watch and then vote for Bristol and Mark!


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