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It’s Time For “Heels On Gloves Off” ShePac Rally In Des Moines! First Picture/s Updates Complete.


Pictures and Videos courtesy of @CaffeinatedThoughts click ShaneVanderHartHERE

Sarah Palin Speech:

Joni Ernst:

Sarah and Joni

Rally Over

Joni Ernst: Thanks again to everyone for coming out in support of the big rally today and pushing through the inclement weather! Big thanks to Gov. Palin, Lt. Gov. Reynolds, Sen. Fischer and Gov. Orr for being a huge source of support todayeynolds, Sen. Fischer and Gov. Orr for being a huge source of support today.


I will post updates later on should anyting come up. Thanks for viewing! I.M.


By Isabel Matos

April 27th: Time to watch some #heelsmakethemsqueal !


Governor Palin, Lt.Governor Kim Reynolds, Senator Deb Fischer and Governor Kay Orr 

announce their joined support for Joni Ernst, Senatorial Candidate for Iowa

iowa april 27th

March 26th Sarah Palin Endorses Joni Ernst

Joni Ernst for Iowa

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Sarah Palin–the Galileoan Expo Eraser

by Whitney Pitcher

Since Deb Fischer won the Nebraska Republican Senate primary on Tuesday, the discussion of the power or intent of Governor Palin’s endorsement has been discussed by many in the media. Some have tried to pass off Fischer’s win as the result of the fact that her opponents turned their guns on each other, and she escaped unscathed.  In other words, Governor Palin’s endorsement had little to do with the victory. The folks at Breitbart, and even some at the New York Times, have recognized the power of Governor Palin’s endorsement.  Heck, even, Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post, gave some backhanded credit to Governor Palin for Fischer’s win. However, there are those who are questioning not only the power of Palin’s endorsement, but the intent. They are trying to imply that Governor Palin primarily endorsed Fischer because she is a woman, when so much of the support for Fischer extended far beyond that.

It’s easy to recognize with Deb Fischer’s win that Governor Palin endorsement played a big role in  Fischer’s campaign, alongside a big grassroots effort in Nebraska. This is the kind of boost that Governor Palin provided that helped Nikki Haley win her gubernatorial primary in 2010.  Governor Palin’s endorsement is powerful, but it isn’t solely about getting the candidate over the top to win. It’s about changing the way the game is played. It is not about gender, though Governor Palin definitely wants to see more conservative women in politics. Remember too that Governor Palin endorsed Rick Perry over Kay Bailey Hutchison and Deb Medina in the Texas gubernatorial primary and Joe Miller over Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska Senate primary in 2010. Really, those two endorsements tell quite a bit of the story when it comes to the meaning of her endorsements.

When Governor Palin released her congratulatory note about Deb Fischer’s victory, she noted:

As recently as a week ago, Deb Fischer was dismissed by the
establishment. Why? Because she is not part of the good old boys’
permanent political class. The message from the people of Nebraska is
simple and powerful: America is looking for real change in Washington,
and commonsense conservatives like Deb Fischer represent that change.

This is what Governor Palin’s endorsements are about–real change and ridding Washington (or the state halls) of the permanent political class.This is not better seen than her recent endorsement of Richard Mourdock in Indiana to replace veteran Senator Dick Lugar, nor in her endorsements opposite the Bush endorsed Kay Bailey Hutchison and coattail riding Lisa Murkowski. While many questioned her 2010 support for Christine O’Donnell, her intention was to send a message to the Establishment and to the permanent political class–which extends beyond those who hold political office. The message echoes Reagan’s — “those voices don’t speak for the rest of us”.  Suffice to say, Governor Palin is the Expo eraser to Karl Rove’s dry erase board. It’s about the principles of the party, not the party itself. While the Roves of the GOP want the tent to get bigger, the Palins of the GOP want to ensure that the tent–no matter its size– has its stakes driven into solid enough ground that it won’t collapse.

It’s not solely about opposition to Rovian-Schmidtism political strategy though. Governor Palin views politics and policy in a way that very few in politics do– both politics and policy must revolve around the people, not the party. Governor Palin recognizes that politics is not just a battle between right and left; it’s a vertical battle between top and bottom–both within the party structure and as a matter of policy. Governor Palin is the political Galileo ( with Ronald Reagan as Copernicus). You may recall that Galileo was an astronomer who pursued the ideas Copernican  heliocentrism–the concept that the earth revolved around the sun, rather than the other way around. The Catholic church declared him a heretic and put him under house arrest where he continued his work, and of course, he was eventually proven right. This Galileo-Palin comparison may not be perfect in its entirety, but it shows an important point. Those in the permanent political class wish to believe that all political power revolves around them, when it really revolves around the people–the people who vote, not those who pontificate. The same concept is true for policy. The big government views of the Left and the “pro business” views espoused by many in the GOP think that government exists to do things for the people or for businesses. Governor Palin is pro market. Who is empowered in a pro market economy? The consumers (the people). The people determine whether or not a business fails or succeeds by their purchasing power–not by the special loans of the big government Left or the special tax breaks of the pro-business GOPers, but of the the Galileoan pro-marketers.

This is what makes Governor Palin’s speech in Iowa late last summer so compelling. She laid out a vision of a pro market economy–no corporate taxes, but no corporate welfare, no special tax breaks or subsidies either. In other words, let the people decide what business fail or succeed by their purchasing power. Also, as Governor Palin wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, echoing Peter Schweizer’s book Throw Them All Out,  let there be no more crony capitalism and no more special treatment of politicians. This is the very thing that Deb Fischer espouses too. If you look at her campaign website, Fischer notes specifically “reform Congress and Washington D.C.” as one of her policy plans. As example, Fischer mentions some of the very same things in this policy plank that Governor Palin did in her WSJ op-ed:

Tighter Ethics Laws

  • Prohibit Members of Congress and federal employees from trading
    stocks based on information obtained on the job that is not publicly
  • Prohibit Members of Congress, their staffs and federal employees from disclosing nonpublic information for investment purposes.
  • Prohibit Members of Congress, their staffs and federal employees
    from purchasing land based on inside information that is not public
  • Require Members of Congress to be subject to the same laws and privileges as every citizen of the United States.

This brings everything full circle. Whether it’s an endorsement or policy driven speech, Governor Palin’s influence is powerful and so is her impact on ridding the political system of the permanent political class and replacing it with what the Founders stated at the very beginning-“-We the People”.


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Rasmussen Nebraska: Fischer 56, Kerrey 38

By Gary P Jackson

For those who might be fretting about whether or not the GOP will pick up the long held by democrats seat in Nebraska. I’d say they needn’t worry.

State Senator Deb Fischer holds an 18-point lead over Democrat Bob Kerrey in the first Rasmussen Reports survey of the Nebraska U.S. Senate race since her upset win in last week’s state Republican primary.

A new telephone survey of Likely Voters in Nebraska shows Fischer with 56% support to 38% for Kerrey who is trying to reclaim the Senate seat he retired from in 2001. Two percent (2%) prefer some other candidate in the race, and three percent (3%) are undecided.


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Is Matt Lewis Biased Against Reality?

By Gary P Jackson

After Deb Fischer’s big win in Nebraska last night, it’s been interesting to watch the lamestream media’s reaction. Especially considering Fischer was endorsed by Sarah Palin.

Journolister Dave Weigel threw a hissy fit over at Slate stomping his feet and declaring that no way Sarah’s endorsement had much impact. Never mind Fischer, a solid candidate, was down by double digits before the endorsement. Weigel warns readers they will be reading stories proclaiming Sarah is a “Kingmaker” all the while sounding like someone running around with their hair on fire!

Maybe Dave hung out with Andrew Sullivan a little too long. The drama queen act has rubbed off on him!

You expect a hack like Weigel to do what hacks do. The left MUST try to marginalize Palin. If not, they know she will destroy them.

In this, the left is no different than the Karl Rove types in the GOP.

I was really surprised by Matt Lewis though. I’ve often thought of Lewis as having a fair amount of intelligence, and a decent writer, but after reading his column on Sarah, and his assertion that she has a bias towards female candidates, I’m now questioning the entire thing.

Like others in the lamestream media, Lewis attempts to muddy the waters and claim Sarah’s endorsement had no effect on the results. Never mind the facts show something altogether different.

Lewis asserts that the only reason Sarah endorsed Fischer is because she was a woman. Lewis also claims Fischer wasn’t the “most conservative” candidate.

As I pointed out earlier today, it doesn’t take a lot of detective work to understand why Sarah got behind Fischer. It’s all about reform and energy, Sarah’s two hot button issues.

Fischer was the most electable Conservative, and someone with a real plan. Not just another “more of the same” candidate.

Lewis trots out 2010 Senate candidate Carly Fiorina as further proof that Sarah would rather back a female candidate than a Conservative. I assume Matt is thinking about Carly’s opponent Chuck DeVore.

I remember that race well. DeVore was a disaster. A really unlikable guy who surrounded himself with even more unlikable campaign advisers and management. The guy was a total ass.

DeVore was going nowhere.

The other candidate was Tom Campbell, an out and out liberal pretending to be a Republican. Until Sarah endorsed Carly, it was going to be a huge win for Campbell.

Sarah picked Fiorina because she was really the best option.

Carly would be the Senator from California today if DeVore and his group didn’t throw a hissy fit after they lost big time. Much as Karl Rove did after his boy Mike Castle lost big time in Delaware. Rove went on national TV for days on end trashing Christine O’Donnell. DeVore’s people worked behind the scenes in much the same way. They were even more nasty in defeat than they were while campaigning.

That’s ancient history though. Suffice it to say Sarah Palin endorsed many fine men and women in 2010, and most of them are in office today, thanks to her support.

In 2012, she’s officially endorsed three Senate candidates. Two men and one woman. Richard Mourdock and Deb Fischer both had improbable, but highly celebrated wins, thanks to Sarah’s [and her supporters’] help.

Sarah has also endorsed Ted Cruz here in Texas over GOP Establishment candidate David Dewhurst. Cruz has seen a huge surge in support, and more important, money, since Sarah made her endorsement.

Two men, one woman. I’m not a math scholar, that’s for damned sure, but it seems that Sarah has chosen male candidates 2:1 so far.

Now it’s true, no female was running in Indiana, but there is a female candidate running in Texas, yet, Sarah chose Ted Cruz, a solid Reagan Conservative. Imagine that.

I suggest that Matt Lewis stick to reporting the facts, and devote less time trying to marginalize Sarah Palin. That strategery has been tried before, and it never ends well for those who do.

One thing we know for sure is there is a bias out there alright, but it’s all from The Daily Caller and Matt Lewis.


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Why Sarah Palin Endorsed Deb Fischer: Reform and Energy

By Gary P Jackson

I’ve found there are some who aren’t quite sure why Sarah Palin endorsed Deb Fischer over the more popular candidates in the Nebraska race for the Senate.

Some claim others were “more conservative” than Fischer. These, of course, are people who haven’t looked at Fischer’s record as a state senator. Or her positions.

While I’m not a mind reader, a few minutes on You Tube will tell anyone even slightly interested why Sarah chose Fischer as her standard bearer out of Nebraska.

Fischer is promising true reform of Congress, something few politicians are talking about, and Conservatives care deeply about. The other is energy. Fischer understands how vital energy independence is to America, and will work towards making that a reality.

We all know how Sarah feels about this.

Check out these videos and you’ll understand really fast why Sarah chose this seasoned veteran over the other two candidates.

Senator Deb Fischer Announces Policy Proposal to Reform Congress, Washington D.C.

Lincoln, NE — Today, Senator Deb Fischer, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, released a policy proposal to reform how Congress functions.

As I travel around the state listening to Nebraskans, they are telling me they think Washington D.C. is broken and I couldn’t agree more,” Senator Fischer said. “Too many members of Congress from both parties put their personal interests first and don’t function in the citizens’ best interest.

We need to reform our federal government, reform Congress and reform how Washington functions. To achieve those goals, I’m putting a plan before Nebraskans as a blueprint for my actions and goals as their next U.S. Senator,” said Fischer.

Senator Fischer’s plan includes supporting term limits, strengthening lobbyist rules, increasing transparency, requiring real spending reform and tighter ethics rules. Listed below are more specific details on her legislative priorities to reform Washington, D.C.

Support Term Limits Support a constitutional amendment setting term limits for members of Congress. Senator’s Fischer’s preference would be two six-year terms for United States Senators and three two-year terms for Members of the House. Deb Fischer will pledge to limit herself to two terms in office.

Change Lobbyist Rules Put a lifetime ban on Members of Congress from becoming federally registered lobbyists after they leave office. Prevent immediate family of Members of Congress from becoming federally registered lobbyists while that particular member holds federal office.

Increase the cooling-off period for congressional staff from lobbying Members of Congress for whom they were previously employed to three years and eliminate the salary requirement. Prohibit former committee staff to lobby committee chairs or any member of the committee who was active during their time on staff for three years. Restrict federally registered lobbyists from joining congressional staff or committee staff for three years.

Increase Transparency Congress should be subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Nebraska and other states are subject to FOIA and Washington should be held to the same standard. The current financial disclosure reports by federal candidates and Members of Congress need to provide additional details. Currently, the disclosure reports allow for too wide of a range for asset and liability values to accurately determine a member’s net worth.

Change the rules of the U.S. Senate to require debate on the Senate floor on all major pieces of legislation with two thirds of Senators present for at least 5 hours prior to a vote. This debate should be subject to public viewing. All bills need to be posted for at least 72 hours for public review before being voted on by Members of Congress. As a U.S. Senator, Deb Fischer will thoroughly review each bill before voting on it.

Require Real Spending Reform Oppose all earmarks until the budget is balanced and then require a 2/3 majority to pass any earmark. Eliminate earmarks that go to private companies. Make it a top priority to pass the “Cut, Cap and Balance Act” in order to balance the budget and reduce spending. Vote to eliminate automatic pay increases for members of Congress.

Tighter Ethics Laws Prohibit Members of Congress and federal employees from trading stocks based on information obtained on the job that is not publicly available.

Prohibit Members of Congress, their staffs and federal employees from disclosing nonpublic information for investment purposes. Prohibit Members of Congress, their staffs and federal employees from purchasing land based on inside information that is not public available. Require Members of Congress to be subject to the same laws and privileges as every citizen of the United States.

Sarah Palin’s calling card is sudden, relentless reform. Since her earliest days on the Wasilla City Council, Sarah has been a corruption buster. Fischer has a solid plan, and is exactly the sort we need in the Senate.

Here’s a report from last year about the Keystone Pipeline. The one the Obama regime rejected and Fischer supported.

For folks that want to know more, check out Deb’s website as well as her You Tube channel.

It’s not hard to understand why Sarah endorsed Fischer. She’s the exact sort we need in Washington.

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Behold the Power of Sarah Palin: Deb Fischer’s Blowout Win In Nebraska

By Gary P Jackson

A week ago Deb Fischer was considered a long shot, even as Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg ripped each other apart. Then Sarah Palin endorsed her, and just as happened in Indiana, things rapidly changed. With the wind at her back, Deb Fischer, a solid Conservative surged into the lead, and now has won the Republican nomination for the US Senate with 79,028 votes [41%] to Bruning’s 69,006 [35%] and Stenberg’s distant 36,043 votes [18%].

For full results, click here.

Our friend Shelly Dankert from the Nebraska Attitude blog managed to catch Deb’s acceptance speech:

For more click here.

Bonney Bowman interviewed Deb live as the numbers were still coming in. Watch here.

From the Wall Street Journal:

A state senator who had been stuck for weeks in third place in polls has won the GOP nomination for a U.S. Senate seat from Nebraska, continuing a pattern of challengers successfully taking on prominent Republicans in party primaries.

State Sen. Deb Fischer capped a remarkable surge by capturing the Senate nomination on Tuesday. She will face Democrat Bob Kerrey, a former Nebraska senator and governor, in the November election.

Ms. Fischer was leading state Attorney General Jon Bruning, who had long been the front-runner, by 41% to 36% with 93% of precincts reporting. Mr. Bruning had won statewide election three times before and raised far more money than Ms. Fischer.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed Ms. Fischer last week, and a political action committee backed by TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts spent $200,000 over the weekend on ads criticizing Mr. Bruning and promoting Ms. Fischer.

[ …. ]

Ms. Fischer’s surprise win comes a week after an Indiana primary that saw state Treasurer Richard Mourdock upset veteran Sen. Richard Lugar. Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah was forced into a June runoff election with former state Sen. Dan Liljenquist.

Sarah Palin offered her congratulations to Fischer on Tuesday night via Facebook:

As recently as a week ago, Deb Fischer was dismissed by the establishment.

Why? Because she is not part of the good old boys’ permanent political class. The message from the people of Nebraska is simple and powerful: America is looking for real change in Washington, and commonsense conservatives like Deb Fischer represent that change.

I applaud Moms like Deb Fischer who are bold enough to step up and run on a conservative platform to restore America and protect our children’s future. Congratulations to the people of Nebraska.

As the Huskers’ fight song goes: “The eyes of the land, upon every hand, are looking at you. Fight on for victory!

~ Sarah Palin

If you are keeping score, Establishment types Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee both endorsed, Bruning, who Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy.com labeled a “smear merchant” for his underhanded tactics.

Once again, noted Profile in Courage™ Mitt Romney was silent.


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Huge Buzz In Nebraska and Texas After Endorsements of Fischer and Cruz by Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

This won’t come as a shock to our regular readers, we all know that Sarah Palin’s endorsement is the gold standard. Still, it’s fun to report on this. And it’s fun to watch the GOP elites squirm.

On Thursday, not long after news of Sarah’s endorsement of Texan Ted Cruz, his campaign was already reporting huge excitement among supporters.

From ABC News:

Call it the Sarah Palin bounce: Hours after the 2008 vice presidential nominee endorsed Ted Cruz, a Republican candidate for U.S. senator from Texas, on Thursday morning, the staff at Cruz’s headquarters in Austin reported a swift and positive reaction.

Nick Dyer, the Central Texas/Youth Director for Cruz tweeted:

Campaign manager John Drogin confirmed by email to Yahoo News that Palin’s endorsement “has added HUGE buzz to our campaign.

Phones are ringing, online contributions are pouring in, and supporters are more excited than ever on our social networks,” Drogin wrote, adding that he’s seen a “flood” of donations but has yet to tally them.

Select reaction from Cruz’ Facebook page Thursday included:

Fantastic endorsement. Congratulations. I support Sarah Palin, and after a lot of research I can honestly say you’re the man for this job,” wrote Facebook user  Charles Netterville. “Thank you for your willingness to help take on the establishment (Both sides) and return this great nation to its former glory.

Good choice Sarah! Sarah is a true Conservative and so is Ted! We need Ted representing Texas in DC!” wrote Barbara Rains Schroeder Hill.

[ …. ]

Drogin noted the beneficial timing of Thursday’s endorsement: four days before early voting is set to begin in Texas.

Palin’s endorsement was a coveted prize in the 2010 election, when the former Alaska governor campaigned for tea party conservatives across the country even when they faced established Republican incumbents. Palin has earned the same reputation this cycle and already saw one major candidate she endorsed, Richard Mourdock, achieve victory in Indiana.

Texas is Sarah Palin country, so it’s no surprise that her endorsement of Cruz has caused a huge positive reaction. But what about Nebraska?

The Washington Post is talkin’ Mama Grizzly:

A ‘mama grizzly’ upset is possible in Nebraska

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning (R) has been the favorite from the start to succeed retiring Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), but his hold on that mantle has always been tenuous.

First, state Treasurer Don Stenberg nabbed the backing of the influential Club for Growth and Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-S.C.) Senate Conservatives Fund. Then, former senator Bob Kerrey got in the race and gave Democrats a fighting chance.

But with just five days until the GOP primary, neither Stenberg nor Kerrey is looking like Bruning’s biggest obstacle. Instead, the until-now-dark-horse candidate in the race, state Sen. Deb Fischer, has asserted herself and — according to politicos in Nebraska — has a fighting chance to usurp Bruning on Tuesday.

Fischer, 61, is an eight-year state senator and product of a ranching family whose father served in Gov. Kay Orr’s (R) Cabinet (more on her bio here). Through late April, she had raised less than $400,000 for her campaign, while Bruning and Stenberg have either spent millions (Bruning) or had millions spent by outside groups on their behalf (Stenberg).

Fischer made perhaps her biggest splash of the campaign Wednesday, announcing the backing of Sarah and Todd Palin. A few days prior, her campaign released a poll showing her within a few points of Bruning, trailing 30 percent to 26 percent, with Stenberg at 18 percent.

One Republican consultant who supports Stenberg says the efforts to boost him have largely failed, and he has slipped into third place, but that the anti-Bruning campaign spearheaded by the Club for Growth has successfully brought down Bruning’s numbers, forced Bruning and Stenberg to battle, and Fischer has shot the gap.

The Club and the Senate Conservatives Fund have combined to spend more than $2 million on the race, with the Club opposing Bruning and the SCF propping up Stenberg.

After previously running ads against Stenberg, Bruning’s campaign is now up with an ad targeting both of his top opponents — a sign of Fischer’s momentum.

…Deb Fischer is picking up the pieces that are falling from Bruning’s campaign,” said the Stenberg supporter.

Bruning’s campaign is dubious that Fischer has a shot. It argues that Fischer’s polling has over-sampled the Lincoln media market, which is the only market where Fischer’s meagerly funded campaign is up with ads on broadcast TV.

The Fischer poll is the only poll to show anybody within double digits of Bruning, and there has been a dearth of polling in the race.

Bruning has suffered from being the establishment candidate and his more liberal positions from his college days have long dogged him. But he has also taken care to cover his right flank. To date, he has earned the backing of the Tea Party Express, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum.

Jon Bruning’s fight against Obamacare, and record of cutting waste and fraud has created strong momentum for his campaign,” said campaign adviser Brooks Kochvar. “Despite millions in spending against him, he continues to garner … endorsements from the state’s three largest papers, the chamber of commerce, and Rick Santorum all in the last two weeks.

But his brash candidacy has proved an obstacle, and despite a big early lead, his hold on the nomination has never been firm. The Omaha World-Herald has run a series of tough stories for the attorney general focusing on a land deal with executives whose business he was tasked with overseeing how Bruning got rich while in public office. Then the paper’s editorial board issued one of the most half-hearted endorsements in endorsement history.

The Palins appeared to allude to the wealth issue in their endorsement, saying of Fischer: “We admire your conservative principles and know that you will not go to Washington to amass great wealth or power.

Orr, who is chairing Fischer’s campaign and played a major role in securing the Palins’ endorsement through a series of e-mails to Todd Palin, said the endorsement could make the difference next week.

I think she’s going to win,” Orr said. “I think this is just exactly what she needed to bring additional attention to her campaign.

Even Stenberg’s supporters are suggesting that Fischer is a worthy compromise, even if their candidate doesn’t win.

They also note, though, that there are lots of undecided voters (about one-quarter in Fischer’s poll) and that Stenberg remains broadly popular in the state GOP thanks to several previous statewide campaigns — including for Nelson’s seat.

Voters are leaving Jon Bruning and going to Don Stenberg and Deb Fischer, who are more conservative,” said Matt Hoskins, spokesman for the SCF. “Bruning had a 30-point lead, but now it’s a competitive, three-way race.

One of the things we greatly admire about Sarah is the fact she will go into a heavily contested primary, and find the most conservative candidate, who can win, and choose to support them. Sarah loves taking down the Republican establishment candidates, and has a strong record of doing so. She goes where others fear to tread. She never plays it “safe.”

In 2010 Sarah helped create the largest political turnover since Reconstruction after the Civil War. Look for her to be even bolder this election season. You can bet that the Republican elites, as well as democrats, are going to be in for some long days ahead.


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Sarah Palin Endorses Deb Fischer for the United States Senate

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah and Todd Palin have endorsed Nebraska State Senator Deb Fischer for the United States Senate. Below is the press release from Fischer’s campaign:


Lincoln, NE – Today, Senator Deb Fischer, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Nebraska, announced that she has been endorsed by former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin and her husband Todd Palin.

I’m incredibly honored to receive the endorsement of Governor Sarah Palin and Todd Palin.  I greatly admire their willingness to stand on conservative principle and their resolve in standing up to the political establishment,” said Senator Deb Fischer.

Our campaign is grassroots powered and focused on conservative policy solutions that will change the course of this nation.  I’m a wife, mother, rancher, small business owner, and citizen legislator, not a career politician.  To change Washington, we need to send a different type of person there.  That’s why I’m running for U.S. Senate.

At the onset of the campaign, Deb Fischer shared her story, her passion and and beliefs with Governor Palin and requested her support.    Below is part of Senator Fischer’s note:

I am writing to you as both a fan of your strong, conservative principles and as a fellow female Republican.  I have watched your career with respect as you take on tough issues, all while raising a family and serving your great state.  Your career has inspired me and so many other female politicians who believe principles should be above politics.

Yesterday, Governor Palin responded with the following note:

Deb – thank you for your note.  We have been watching your race closely. Your efforts remind us of those our family put forth for Sarah’s races here in Alaska. Winning over voters through personal interactions is the way to go. People are tired of outside interests spending millions of dollars in political attack ads. We’re glad to see your grassroots efforts paying off!

We admire your conservative principles and know that you will not go to Washington to amass great wealth or power. You will go to Washington to serve the people of Nebraska, protect our Constitution and work for common sense solutions to help restore America. We are happy to support you and have asked SarahPAC to send a financial contribution to your campaign. 

Good luck next Tuesday – the Palins are in your corner.

~  Todd & Sarah  

The endorsement by Governor Sarah Palin and Todd Palin continues the powerful momentum of Deb Fischer’s campaign for U.S. Senate.  Two recent polls show Senator Deb Fischer quickly closing the gap between her and frontrunner Jon Bruning, including one that shows Bruning at 29.5 and Fischer at 25.6.   In her campaign for U.S. Senate, Fischer has been endorsed by Nebraska Right to Life, SHE-PAC and Maggie’s List.  In the Nebraska Legislature, Deb Fischer received an A+ rating from the NRA and a 100% rating with NFIB.   Recently, Deb Fischer was endorsed by the Kearney Hub and the York News-Times of York, Nebraska.  In addition, key community leaders including former Nebraska Governor Kay A. Orr and former Congressman John Y. McCollister have strongly endorsed Deb Fischer’s campaign.

As you know, Sarah recently endorsed Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock who was in a similar situation, polling wise. He defeated 6 term U.S. Senator Richard Lugar Tuesday night in a landslide.

Fischer is a solid candidate with a great record as a Conservative. Check out her website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Fischer is the type of Conservative leader we need to send to Washington to clean this mess up.

~ Gary


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