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Ted Cruz: “I’m pretty certain Mitt Romney actually French-kissed Barack Obama”

By Gary P Jackson

Speaking to The Federalist Society on Friday, Texas senator-elect Ted Cruz pulled no punches when talking about the embarrassing loses suffered by the spineless Republican Establishment™.

Politico picked up on this and reports:

Sen.-elect Ted Cruz believes Mitt Romney got a little too close to Barack Obama in the third presidential debate.

I’m pretty certain Mitt Romney actually French-kissed Barack Obama,” Cruz said in a speech at the Federalist Society’s annual conference Friday.

Cruz said that conservatives failed to make their case to the American people, leaving Romney no choice but to move towards the president. “We didn’t win the argument, we didn’t even make the argument” throughout much of 2012, Cruz said.

But in the first debate, he argued, that changed.

It was the one time we actually contested ideas, presented two viewpoints and directions for the country,” he said. “And then inevitably, there are these mandarins of politics, who give the voice: ‘Don’t show any contrasts. Don’t rock the boat.’ So by the third debate, I’m pretty certain Mitt Romney actually French-kissed Barack Obama.

“I have no doubt that there is a focus group somewhere of undecided Ohio voters who have been living in a cave for the last 30 years, who decided they liked that,” Cruz continued. “‘Don’t show any disagreement whatsoever with the president. Don’t rock the boat. Just be a nice guy.’

Cruz is right. Those of you who were paying attention know the Geniuses of the GOP™ were all telling Romney to soft peddle it after the first debate, and were adamant that Mitt stay away from anything controversial, like Benghazi. It was a massive error.

We were already huge fans of Ted Cruz, and post election he’s earning more and more of our respect. Ted is the kind of leader the Republican Party has been needing for a very long time in Washington. No doubt he’s going to piss the Establishment™ off, and that’s a very good thing!

The Republican Party is made up of a bunch of weak, spineless, capitulating fools. Even Neville Chamberlain would call this bunch weak! The Geniuses of the GOP™ don’t even seem to realize that the democrat party isn’t merely a group of political opponents, but the sworn enemy of all that is great and good about America. The democrat party is the sworn enemy of Liberty and Freedom worldwide.

We can no longer tolerate these weak-kneed, milquetoast, go-along-get-a-long Republicans. They are facilitators of evil. Their inaction, and capitulation allows evil to succeed. This must change, or else.

As Senator-elect Cruz so eloquently points out, you can’t beat pure evil by French-kissing it!


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