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Video: Senator Ted Cruz SLAMS Senate Deal to End Shutdown Raise Debt Ceiling

Ted Cruz Surrounded by Media

Washington has caused the problems, but has no intention of fixing them

By Gary P Jackson

Senator Ted Cruz rips the Washington establishment and really tears into the Senate. Though he has praise for the GOP controlled House, he is clearly upset with the entire “ruling class” in our nation’s capitol.

Senator Cruz specifically talks about all pain the American people are suffering, and will suffer under the already failed ObamaCare scheme.

As you know, the Senate Republicans collapsed and surrendered to Barack Obama and Harry Reid, basically kicking the entire debt/budget issue down the road until after the first of next year. It’s disgraceful and despicable.

Video courtesy of Wayne Dupree – @NewsNinja2012


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Oh Look, Mitt Romney, After Sticking His Finger In The Wind, Actually Has Opinion On Debt Deal!

By Gary P Jackson

Noted Profile in Courage Mitt Romney has finally spoken up about the debt debate. In the eleventh hour the human windsock, seeing the anger of the people, over the prospect of this deal passing, has come out against it:

After days of refusing to take a position on the high-stakes budget talks, Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney came out on Monday against a last-minute deal to avoid a potentially economy-rattling government default.

Am I the only one who laughs uncontrollably when someone calls Romney the “front runner“? Not sure what’s more pathetic, calling this lump the front runner, or Hot Air’s Tina Korbe’s attempt to spin this as a positive for old Mitt:

Perhaps the statement lacks the credibility it would have carried had he been a long-time and vocal supporter of Cut, Cap and Balance, but I’m still pleased to see the ostensible GOP frontrunner (more on that later) tack to the right on this. Maybe he’s merely adhering to the time-tested strategy of pandering to the base in a primary, but it’s still encouraging, especially because he specifically cited the two most truly objectionable aspects of the new deal as the reasons for his opposition, which puts him on the record against tax hikes in the special commission’s recommendations.

Either (a) he really means what he says and thinks a more forward-thinking, long-term approach like Cut, Cap and Balance would be better than the milquetoast deal the president and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell mustered at the last-minute or (b) he’s begun to feel the heat from his relentlessly conservative competitors in the GOP primary and recognizes that he’s going to have to pump up his conservative credentials if he wants to win the race. Certainly, with this position, Romney join the ranks of some solid organizations and individuals.

Haven’t we had enough of politicians who just tell us what they think we want to hear, whether they believe a damned word of it or not?

I guess joining the right side of the fight now is better than nothing, but Mitt Romney is running for President of the United States. This is a position that requires strong leadership, not polled and focus-grouped to death responses.

Here’s where Romney, if he was an actual leader, could have made a difference. Though he’s in no way ever going to be the Republican nominee, the media and the GOP elites want people to believe he’s the “front runner.” A smart leader would have used that status he enjoys and stood up and spoken out forcefully for what he believes in.

Romney could have written an op-ed for any newspaper in the country advocating for his position. Romney could go on any news program and do the same. Instead, he’s basically hid out and waited until literally hours before the vote, when it will make no difference whatsoever.

This is not leadership. A true leader would have been out there for months hammering it all home. Romney is not a leader. He’s someone who sits around, waits to see which way the winds blow, and then says: “Me too!” We don’t have time for people like this.

American needs leadership. Strong leadership from people that don’t have to take a poll before acting. We need someone who knows what to do right from the start. That ain’t Mitt Romney.

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White House Budget Director Affirms Governor Palin’s Assertion–President Obama Can’t Prioritize Spending

Last week, Governor Palin appeared on Hannity in part to discuss the current debt ceiling debate.  Governor Palin referenced President Obama’s comments earlier in the week where he said he was not sure that the federal government could pay Social Security benefits if the debt ceiling was not raised. She said:

We have the $200 billion coming into the federal government every month. It takes $35 billion — I’m sorry, billion dollars — we have $35 billion that we must use to service the debt, $50 billion that we must use to write those Social Security checks, $2.9 billion to pay for our military personnel, and then other essentials.

You prioritize. Our president essentially suggested the other day that he’s not able to prioritize. As the chief executive of our nation, he cannot prioritize, and that’s why he suggested that Social Security checks may not be written come August 2nd if that debt ceiling isn’t increased.

No. You pay for the essentials first and then the non-essentials have to get cut. They have to wait.

Today, Obama administration budget director, Jacob Lew, appearing on CNN’s State of the Union, affirmed Governor Palin’s assertion that the Obama administration is incapable of prioritizing spending. To CNN’s Candy Crowley’s credit, she pushed Lew on this issue of prioritization of funds in the situation that the debt ceiling is not raised, and Lew did not provide an answer:

CNN’s Candy Crowley, HOST: “More immediately, you’d have to make some spending priorities — payment priority decisions: Social Security benefits, and federal worker pay, and defense contractors. What are your priorities should the debt ceiling not be raised on the 2nd, when you have the bills that immediately come due? Social Security checks, federal worker pay, defense contractors?”

Jacob Lew, WH Budget Director: “Our plan is for Congress to do its work and the President to sign into law legislation that will make it possible for the United States as it always has, to keep its obligations. We’ll be ready to deal with whatever happens. There is no plan other than meeting our obligations.”

CROWLEY: “Surely you must have discussed priorities, though, we have to pay this?”

LEW: “The truth is this is a different situation the United States has ever faced. We’ve never gone into a situation where we didn’t have enough money to pay our bills. We borrow 40 cents on a dollar right now. And if the time comes when we lose the ability to pay our bills, there will be a cash flow issue that is very real, and that’s why it’s critical that Congress take action before August 2nd.”

CROWLEY: “Would you allow it to happen that those the Social Security checks would not go out? Would you allow that to happen?”

LEW: “As the President has indicated, it’s not a question of what we allow and what we don’t allow –”

CROWLEY: “But you get to decide priorities. There will be some money –”

LEW: “There will not be enough money to pay all the bills.”

CROWLEY: “Of course not, that’s why I’m talking about priorities.”

LEW: “I think that once someone gets into the business of trying to ask about setting priorities it misses the question. Which is that it’s unacceptable for the United States to be in a place whether it’s Social Security recipients, or a soldier or somebody who is just owed money by the government can’t be paid because we have not done our job.”

The Obama administration has no reason to avoid the question, nor be unwilling to prioritize funding. The CATO Institute had a great piece up last week discussing the debt ceiling in which they re-emphasize Governor Palin’s point– the debt ceiling does not need to be raised when spending is prioritized and proper cuts are made. In fact, according to the CATO Institute,  if our federal government was willing to cut spending back to 2003 levels,  the roughly $200 billion in tax revenues would be more than sufficient to cover Social Security, Medicare, military pay, and servicing the interest on the debt. Obviously, there is no need for Social Security and Medicare recipients, folks who have had money deducted from their checks for decades to go towards these programs, to not receive their payments, nor is there any need for soldiers, who defend our freedoms, to not receive their pay, regardless of what happens to the debt ceiling.

When Governor Palin speaks of prioritizing spending, she’s not playing the role of armchair executive. Governor Palin has prioritized spending and made cuts, even in times of surplus. Her prudent budgeting has been well documented, as she cut the Alaska budget 9.5% during her time as Governor. She vetoed hundreds of millions of dollars in unneeded spending, rejected stimulus funding that would not be effective in Alaska’s climate, and removed duplicated federal/state funding from her budgets. At the same time, Governor Palin’s tenure included implementing a Senior Benefits program for low income elders. She also increased funding for students with disabilities in rural schools and increased funding for special needs education. Overall, she increased special needs funding by 175%. The very things that Governor Palin called for are the very things that she has done during her political career. She prioritized and budgeted accordingly—cutting unneeded spending and providing funding for people who needed it most. How much more are such prioritization and cuts needed in harder economic times?

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Sarah Palin On The Sean Hannity Show

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity discuss the debt crisis, Obama’s inability to to do his job as the nation’s chief executive, and the Republican’s ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

This is why we support Sarah Palin so strongly. She understands that both parties got us in this mess, and while Obama is a threat to the nation’s future, the GOP leadership isn’t strong enough to do anything about it. She knows we need to clean out all the dead wood and get new leadership from the top down.

Video courtesy SarahNet


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Sarah Palin: Hell No I Wouldn’t Raise The Debt Ceiling!

By Gary P Jackson

On Friday afternoon, Sarah Palin appeared on Special Report with Bret Baier. A wide range of topics were discussed:

Barack Obama’s complete and total lack of understanding of how the energy markets work. The debt ceiling debate.  What she thinks of the current crop of Republican presidential hopefuls. [and her own plans]

Sarah is none to pleased that Obama has already launched into campaign mode instead of doing his job, and how he may have illegally raised money from foreign donors using a shadowy credit card scam, something the FEC is looking into now.

She also scolds the Republican establishment for trying to mess with the nomination process. She wants everyone to have a fair shot.

I’ve noticed a different Sarah Palin since her event in Madison. When she said “Game on!” she meant it! Of course, she always says what she means, and means what she says. That’s why she has such a large. loyal, and devoted following.

What I’ve noticed in her interviews, her Facebook notes, and even her tweets, is a very determined Sarah Palin. I’ve followed this lady since her early days as Governor of Alaska, and I’m seeing a Sarah Palin who is more forceful, more determined, and more focused when she speaks. She’s in total control of every interview. She definitely has her game face on. It’s no wonder her high school teammates gave her the nickname “Sarah Barracuda.” There is a certain steely-eyed look about her.

Though she says she’s still mulling a White House run, one can’t help but sense she’s got her mind made up. Sarah has repeatedly said there are simply far more important things to do right now, and presidential politics cause everyone to lose focus.

She’s also pointed out numerous times that while it’s way too early to start running, there is no one who excites her as a candidate, no one that she feels she could get behind, though she says it’s too early for all of this too.

This Sarah Palin means business, and doesn’t have time for any foolishness right now. This is a lady on a mission.

Video courtesy of our friends at SarahNet.


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