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Christine O’Donnell On The Campaign Trail

By Gary P Jackson

Here’s some great video of Christine O’Donnell on the campaign trail. Good look at the real Christine, not one the media tried to sell you.

This is an important election. Go to Christine’s website and see how you can make sure she is the next Senator from Delaware, and the 41st vote against anything the Obama regime and Congress try during the lame duck session.

Remember, this is a special election, and Christine will be seated immediately, and be part of the lame duck Congress.


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Christine O’Donnell: She’ll Stand for Her Principles: Proudly, Strongly, And Independent

She’ll stand for her principles, against anyone.

But, Chris Coons falls in line.

Ready to rubber stamp even the massive new energy tax

that will cost every Delaware family

thousands and could bring

Coons’ family billions.

Shame on you, Chris Coons.

Delaware needs an independent voice, to stand up to the establishment. Christine O’Donnell.

By Gary P Jackson

Another devastating ad from Christine O’Donnell that hits Chris Coons on many levels.

The ad rightly shows Chris Coons, Harry Reid’s pet Bearded Marxist, will be nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Obama regime. It also points out, like most democrats, Chris Coons, who raised taxes 54% in just three years, has never met a tax increase he didn’t fall passionately in love with.

Another strong point made here is the fact Chris Coons’ family’s company stands to make billions of dollars off of cap and tax legislation that will destroy the American economy.

As her ad says, Christine will be a strong, principled, independent voice in the United States Senate. All of her hard work, stellar debate performances, and strong messaging is starting to show, as according to yet another poll, this one by TCJ Research, shows she continues to surge in the polls.

Go to Christine’s website to learn how you can help her in many different ways to secure victory in November: http://christine2010.com/

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Christine O’Donnell: Chris Coons Raised Taxes 54% In Three Years

By Gary P Jackson

Following up on her highly effective Taxman, Christine O’Donnell team has released this absolutely crushing indictment of Coons simply named “Michael.

In the latest polling Christine has cut Coon’s lead in half. This race is incredibly winnable.

A lot is made of sending money to candidates, and Christine has certainly raised a good amount, all in small donations from patriots who want to send a true Common Sense Conservative to Washington. But money alone can’t win elections.

It takes boots on the ground. An aggressive get out the vote effort.

I know many of our readers are already involved in campaigns, doing fantastic GOTV work, but if you haven’t joined a campaign yet, and would like to help win an essential seat, go to Christine’s website http://christine2010.com/ there you can sign up to make phone calls from the comfort of your home and help rally the voters for common sense.

Remember, this is a special election to fill Joe Biden’s unexpired term, and the winner will be seated immediately, and be a member of the 111th Congress, as well as the incoming 112th. Christine O’Donnell will be an essential vote in the lame duck Congress. She will be the difference between having dangerous legislation like cap and tax, amnesty, card check to help the union thugs run roughshod over business and more shoved down our throats, and not. .

Christine will vote against it all. Chris Coons will be a rubber stamp for anything the Obama regime wants.

Yup, it’s that important. That crucial.

Go to Christine’s website and volunteer today!



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Corruption In Delaware Politics: Chris Coons Pension Scam Unfolds

Gary P Jackson

Another day, another corrupt Marxist-democrat exposed!

From The Freedomist:

According to Ron Williams in The News Journal, when Chris Coons served as the President of the County Council, he diverted untold millions of taxpayer dollars as payoffs to his political buddies and top staff. Coons did this by exploiting a loophole in the county’s pension program.

The loophole was originally meant to attract new county police officers, but Coons decided to use it as a cash cow to pay off his political hacks:

It started as a legitimate way to recruit experienced cops onto the then-fledgling New Castle County Police Department. Municipal police officers with a few years service in say, Newport, could join the county force and get those Newport years credited toward a county pension. Then credited years were expanded into government service, still not a bad idea for high level, politically appointed executives who seldom accumulated enough time for a pension before the next administration came in.

But then something went very wrong. The New Castle County pension plan became a cash cow for every political hack and hangers-on in various administrations. Come work for the county for a few years, purchase pension credits at your old lower salary at 5 percent on the dollar and retire at a nice fat pension on your new six-figure salary. (Ron Williams, Op-Ed, “NCCo Pension Plan Was The One To Die For,” The News Journal, February 14, 2007)

Coons likes to brag about how he closed the loophole, but, not surprisingly, he leaves out the embarrassing part where he grandfathered in his buddies, wasting untold millions of taxpayers hard-earned cash:


Coons Voted To Open A Pension Loophole That Would Have Allowed County Employees To Buy Into The Pension System, Or To Transfer Credit From Other Government Service. 

Coons Has Closed The ‘Loophole’ That Contributed To That Burden. First, However, He Saw To It That His Buddies And Top Staff People — And All Six Of The New County Council Members And Their Staffs — Were Grandfathered Under That Loophole Which Has, And Will, Cost Taxpayers Millions Of Dollars

“No one knows how many times the County Pension Board rules have been changed to accommodate a particular employee who had political connections to a county executive or County Council. We do know that the so-called loophole has been opened and shut by at least three county executives. Coons was the latest to open it, in 2003. But he’ll also remind you that he closed it in December with needed refinements that make it work like a real pension plan. But those changes came after Coons made



Former chief administrative officer Dave Singleton is now collecting $36,600 in pension income


Former Public Safety Director Guy Sapp is collecting $25,527 in pension income


Three of Coons’ top staffers directly benefited from this loophole. Each served less than 3 years with the County and retired with salaries above $125,000:

Former Special Services Director Rich Przywara will receive his pension at age 55 (currently he is 47) because the pension board applied years-of-service credit for his work time at West Chester (Pa.) University — formerly West Chester State Teachers College.

#delaware #politics chris coons would rather voters not know about pensions scam http://j.mp/dht5d0

#Delaware #Politics- Chris Coons Pension beneficiary Dave Singleton gets $36,600 a year 4 http://j.mp/aAwfgk

#delaware #politics chris coons makes pension buddies with your tax dollars http://j.mp/99xlSu

#Delaware #Politics- Chris Coons Pension beneficiary Rich Przywara gets lifetime pension 4 service 2 PA college http://j.mp/bNnyog

#delaware #politics chris coons has a pension problem http://j.mp/b2FiYe

#Delaware #Politics- Chris Coons Pension benefactor- Guy Sapp gets $25k yr 4 life from tax payers http://j.mp/c1cmmU

#delaware #politics Chris Coons knows how to grease the gears- with pensions 4 cronies http://j.mp/dDs6Dv

#Delaware #Politics- Chris Coons Pension Loohole Scheme gives mil $ 2 political cronies while tax payers foot bill http://j.mp/aURG0V

#delaware #poltics Chris Coons and the power of pensions 2 feather friend’s beds http://j.mp/ckLxfz

#Delaware #Politics- Chris Coons uses county pension system 2 bilk tax payers of millions of $ 4 political cronies http://j.mp/bdJ00Y

#delaware #politics Chris Coons and Pensions 4 buddies http://j.mp/cYbIRZ

#Delaware #Politics- Chris Coons uses pension loophole 2 direct millions of tax dollars 2 political buddies http://j.mp/aH9BO0



Learn more at the website Meet Chris Coons.

This is quite typical of the Marxist mentality. They want to tax everything that moves, but make sure their cronies escape the wrath of Big Government.

Look how Barack Obama has destroyed so many lives, while enriching his peeps. Obama has devastated everyday, average Americans, while funneling billions of dollars and favors to his union buddies, who he owes his entire career to.

That is what wealth redistribution is all about. Steal from the workers, give it to the elites, who will then dribble pennies on the dollars to their enslaved peons, in exchange for votes, keeping the rest for themselves. 

Welcome to the Glorious Communist Revolution …. suckers!

Delaware, and the Republic, can’t stand one more Marxist in Washington. Do the right thing, say NO to the Obama-Coons-Marx Axis of Despair ….

… Send Christine O’Donnell to the United States Senate.


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Christine O’Donnell: Meet Chris Coons, The Taxman

Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

~ Ronald Reagan

By Gary P Jackson


Meet Chris Coons, the Taxman.

As New Castle County Executive, Coons couldn’t find enough taxes to raise. In fact, he even petitioned the state legislature for new authority to levy even more taxes on items he couldn’t tax before.

Learn more about Chris Coons’ tax schemes at www.coonsthetaxman.com

Below is a little tribute to Chris Coons and all of the “Bearded Marxists” that inhabit the democrat party:

Original lyrics by George Harrison:

One, two, three, four…
One, two, (one, two, three, four!)

Let me tell you how it will be;
There’s one for you, nineteen for me.
‘Cause I’m the taxman,
Yeah, I’m the taxman.

Should five per cent appear too small,
Be thankful I don’t take it all.
‘Cause I’m the taxman,
Yeah, I’m the taxman.

(if you drive a car, car;) – I’ll tax the street;
(if you try to sit, sit;) – I’ll tax your seat;
(if you get too cold, cold;) – I’ll tax the heat;
(if you take a walk, walk;) – I’ll tax your feet.


‘Cause I’m the taxman,
Yeah, I’m the taxman.

Don’t ask me what I want it for, (ah-ah, mister Wilson)
If you don’t want to pay some more. (ah-ah, mister heath)
‘Cause I’m the taxman,
Yeah, I’m the taxman.

Now my advice for those who die, (taxman)
Declare the pennies on your eyes. (taxman)
‘Cause I’m the taxman,
Yeah, I’m the taxman.

And you’re working for no one but me.



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As Christine O’Donnell Begins To Surge, Obama, Biden, and Franken Head To Delaware

By Gary P Jackson

Although some polls released for public consumption show Christine O’Donnell still having a bit of a hill to climb, internal polling in the Coons camp obviously paints a very different picture. With massive losses expected for the Marxist-democrat party next month, why else would Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Al Franken be going to tiny Delaware, which we have been told is such an easy win for Coons?

We know the answer: PANIC!

I can see Biden going, no matter what, because this is his old seat, this is his state, but at a time when the Marxist-democrat party is about to collapse nationwide, there are other places you’d think Obama would be going to.

From the Delaware News Journal:

After weeks of speculation it’s official.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will be in Wilmington next week to stump for U.S. Senate candidate Chris Coons. They will be at the Grand Opera House on Friday at 11 a.m.

Tickets to the event start at $100.

Some had questioned whether Obama would make an appearance, after concern that some of his falling national popularity would hurt candidates. But Obama’s approval numbers in Delaware have remained high.

Biden has already made two visits to the state to help Coons, one fundraising event and a speech at his headquarters in the days after the Republican primary surprise.

Frankly, we were unable to find any recent polling in Delaware that supports the claim that Obama’s popularity remains high. Of course, as we have pointed out before, this particular news source is known to play fast and loose with the facts. Also note polling on Obama’s personal popularity vs his job performance carry vary greatly. Man people still like Obama as a person, but think his job performance is horrible. It’s that job performance that is making people flee the Marxist-democrat party in droves.

Speaking of which, Chris Coons has really given Christine O’Connell a gift with his promise to be a rubber stamp for the Obama regime. From a letter Coons s sending his supporters:

Our nation has seen great progress these last two years.

Unemployment benefits have been extended for families in need. More Americans have or will soon have access to more affordable, higher quality health care. Protections are in place for those struggling with credit card debt, and Wall Street reforms offer the promise of increased transparency and protection for investors.

That’s why I’ll be so proud to share the stage with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden in Wilmington next Friday.

Yeah, great progress, if the goal is to destroy the Republic! No wonder Harry Reid calls this guy his “pet“! Coons can parrot those talking points with the best of them. This will only reinforce the notion that Coons will not be an independent voice for Delaware, instead opting to be just another zombie voting the way he is told.

For Christine’s part, she has released a new ad, building on the “I’m you” theme. In her new ad, Christine starts to build her case, and talk policy. She’s slowly rolling these out, and comes off quite nice. Not the person portrayed by the corrupt media. This is smart, and opinion changing.

Look for the advertising to pick up, and the message to grow as we get closer to the scheduled debates between Christine and Coons.

Sarah Palin has also said she will be going to Delaware to help rally supporters in the final days of the campaign. This will only serve to further enthusiasm for an already fired up electorate for Christine.

If you remember, in the primary, Republican voter turnout was roughly three times that of the dems, and more than twice the normal turnout for an average non-presidential year primary. Nationwide there is a huge enthusiasm gap between Republican and Marxist-democrat voters.

Check out Christine’s new ad, and stop by her website http://christine2010.com/ to lean how you can help her close this deal.


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We’re All Christine O’Donnell Now

By Gary P Jackson

This is Christine O’Donnell’s first ad of the general election, and it’s a home run in my book.

This is slick and to the point.

As the media has been going crazy over the “witch” nonsense, while ignoring the fact her opponent is a bonafide, practicing Marxist, it was smart to get that out of the way right off the bat.

Far from the wide eyed loon the lamestream media has portrayed Christine, and well, all conservatives, she comes off, well, normal. (Because, well, she is!)

I like this theme. Unlike the elites, the Ruling Class, Christine O’Donnell is one of us. She knows how regular people live their lives..

I like how she looks right in the camera and tells the viewer that she is indeed “you” and will go to Washington and do what you would do. That’s pretty strong.

Christine already has the left on the run, this should really have them in panic mode.

This is only the first salvo, obviously. This “get to know me” ad will strike a cord with folks. It makes sense.

I’m sure there will be more to come as Christine takes on Chris Coons and his horrific record of taxing the people to extremes while simultaneously spending his county into bankruptcy.

We’re all Christine O’Donnell now, and she is us.


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Rockin’ It With Christine O’Donnell

Gary P Jackson

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t usually like these home brew kind of videos replete with original music and verse. This great video featuring music and lyrics written and recorded by Delaware’s own Rock Peters is the exception to that rule.

Positive and to the point, this video and catchy tune gets right to the heart of the campaign issues facing Delaware and the nation.

Let’s make this one go viral!

Oh, and get involved.

Remember, this is a special election for the remaining term of Joe Biden. The winner will be part of the current Congress, as well as the new one. Christine O’Donnell will be THE deciding vote against anything the lame duck Marxist-democrat Congress tries to shove down America’s throat.

Yeah, this is that important.

Stop by Christine’s website and learn how you can help her win against Harry Reid’s pet bearded Marxist


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Fighting The Smears Against Christine O’Donnell

By Gary P Jackson

OK, so were are having a little of fun with the media’s idiotic obsession over something Christine O’Donnell did in high school. Seriously though, which is worse: “dabbing in witchcraft” as a kid, then finding God and being born again, or being a college student and morphing into a “Bearded Marxist” who then becomes a politician who drives his constituency towards bankruptcy, and raises taxes a total of 43% during his tenure?

The smears against Christine are coming hot and heavy from the left as well as the establishment GOP hacks who would love for her to lose, just to prove a point.

Of course, Christine O’Donnell is not going to lose, despite the best efforts of the left and corrupt GOP establishment. Christine is sharp, articulate, and right on every issue. Despite what her detractors would have you believe, she has a long record of conservative activism, and getting results.

With that said, there are some out and out lies that just don’t seem to be going away. You know, like the one she didn’t pay her taxes, or was foreclosed on, or didn’t actually go to college.

We’ve seen this with Sarah Palin, though with Sarah, the list of lies could fill a book.

Thankfully Christine’s opponents just aren’t that creative! Christine has wisely put up a page on her website that should put an end to all of this nonsense. She has an impressive amount of documentation on her side as well.

From her website:

The American people are tired of attack politics and want candidates who will focus on important issues such as reducing taxes, putting families back to work and getting our economy moving again.

It is true that I have faced challenging times in this difficult economy, and I think that gives me a better perspective than some of the more privileged in our society.

But there are some myths out there, and it is important to dispel some of them.

Make sure to check out her site: Christine Counters for the truth.

A lot of us are sick of the way Christine and other common sense conservatives are being treated by the media, and the GOP establishment. My goodness, we now know more about Christine O’Donnell’s life than we do Barack Obama’s!

We’re not the only ones trying to get the truth out. Our friends at HillBuzz have started “Operation Samantha Stevens” to help counter the lies. Check them out here for updates.

Also, if you are not following us on Twitter, do so here. A lot of information is going through our feed that we may not have time to cover with a blog entry. You should also follow Stacy Drake here.

Christine O’Donnell is right for Delaware, and right for America. We need to do all we can to help her get elected. Remember, this is a special election for Vice President Joe Biden’s unexpired term. The winner will be seated immediately and be part of what could be a very dangerous lame duck session if we don’t have Christine there to stop it.

Yeah, this is that important.


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