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President Obama’s Top Five “I’m Not…” Statements

by Whitney Pitcher

The late, great Margaret Thatcher once said, “being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to say you are, you aren’t”. The inverse statement is true as well–if you have to say you aren’t, you are. Over the last several months, there seems to be a pattern of denial from President Obama. This goes beyond his denial of knowledge on  Benghazi talking point changes, IRS targeting of conservative groups,  and other scandals. These are denials not of what he’s done, but who he is and to whom he is compared.

1. I’m not Dick Cheney

In an interview with Charlie Rose that will appear later tonight, President Obama denies recent comparisons to the former Vice President:

“Some people say, ‘Well, you know, Obama was this raving liberal before. Now he’s, you know, Dick Cheney.’ Dick Cheney sometimes says, ‘Yeah, you know? He took it all lock, stock, and barrel,’” the president told interviewer Charlie Rose in the exchange recorded Sunday, according to excerpts of the transcript published by BuzzFeed. “My concern has always been not that we shouldn’t do intelligence gathering to prevent terrorism, but rather are we setting up a system of checks and balances?”

President Obama denies comparisons to Dick Cheney, yet through double negative rhetoric confirms he does support “intelligence gathering” that may may mean that individuals’ privacy could be violated. Additionally, while the purpose may not be to prevent terrorism, he supports collecting massive amounts of data on Americans (and sharing it within government at all levels) when it comes to the issue of healthcare, immigration, and education. The candidate who ran as a proponent of civil liberties is hardly that anymore. In fact, polls show just the opposite.

2. Jay Carney’s Denial of the Obama comparison to Richard Nixon

Last month, following questions from the White House press corps surrounding the IRS targeting of conservative groups and the handling of Benghazi (among other questionable behavior), press secretary Jay Carney denied comparisons to Nixon.


On second thought, perhaps President Obama is right. He isn’t Nixon. President Nixon took responsibility for his arguably less corrupt actions.

3. I’m not a socialist

In an interview with the Spanish language channel Univision in late 2012, President Obama denied that his ideology mirrored that of the Castro brothers and the late Hugo Chavez.  While America has certainly not suffered the same ill fate of these countries mired in socialism for years, the President has aimed to bring more and more industries under greater control of the State–from the auto bailout early in his presidency to the government control of healthcare under Obamacare to his student loan takeover.  Additionally, he a signed into law a massive stimulus bill and has a strong desire to put a heavier tax burden on the rich.

4. I’m not a dictator

5. I’m not an emperor

Denials #4 and #5 are essentially the same with slightly different wording. In a press conference in March, President Obama responded to a reporter’s question about working with Congress by essentially bemoaning that  he “was not a dictator” and could not dictate to Congress to “do the right thing”.  Just a few weeks earlier, he quipped during a Google hangout, that he was “not emperor of the United States” and that his job was to “execute laws that are passed”. President Obama has regularly criticized Congress for not doing his bidding, but isn’t that part of the “checks and balances” that he supposedly supports (at least when he is trying to deny the aforementioned comparison to Dick Chaney)?  President Obama has made it clear that when it is possible he will try to govern by going around Congress. Additionally, while he may claim to be a “dictator”, he has signed legislation into law that dictates an awful lot to the American people and businesses. Looking at Obamacare alone, Americans are mandated to purchase health insurance, most employers are required to provide it, and all are required to cover contraceptives.  Would the President prefer to be called a “mandator”?

What is particularly interesting is that four of these five denials came in response to reasonably direct questions posed by a friendly press corps. The press is even asking the President about these common perceptions of the American people. Denial is not just a river in the Christian persecuting, war-on-women country of the Arab Spring. It is a defensive mechanism employed by the President when his rhetoric consistently doesn’t match his actions.

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Dick Cheney Misfires Again Continues to Insult Sarah Palin, John McCain and the American People’s Intelligence

By Gary P Jackson

The big talk yesterday was Dick Cheney had “walked back” his idiotic, insulting comments about Sarah Palin and the 2008 presidential race. Well, it’s not much of a walk back, though it speaks to Sarah Palin’s standing in the nation that Cheney found himself scrambling on Fox in an attempt to save face.

He tells Sean Hannity:

It wasn’t aimed so much at Governor Palin as it was against the basic process that McCain used…my point basically dealt with the process in terms of that basic requirement, is this person prepared to step in to be president of the United States when they’re picked? And it was my judgment — I was asked if I thought the McCain process in ’08 had been well done or was it a mistake and I said I thought it was a mistake.

That’s not…meant so much as a criticism of Governor Palin as it is that I just thought it was not — the process didn’t meet the standards I would like to see our candidate pursue when they pick a — a running mate.

Hannity does make a good point, Governor Palin had exactly four days notice, not a long time to wrap one’s head around such a monumental task as campaigning on a presidential ticket, but since then we have seen that Sarah Palin is more than up to the task, at least when allowed to do things her way.

Vice President Cheney speaks about “the process” and says that was his problem, not Sarah, but then he repeats his nonsensical claim that she wasn’t prepared to be president. Now remember Dick Cheney is the man George W Bush charged with finding him a suitable running mate, and after an “exhaustive search”, Cheney decided that ideal candidate was he, himself! What does THAT say about the “process”?

For the record, out of the four people on the presidential ticket in 2008, Sarah, John McCain, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden, only Sarah Palin had Executive experience, and a lot of it. She was more qualified to be President than Obama and Biden put together, and was certainly as qualified, if not more so, than John McCain.

In fact, as we look at her accomplishments as Governor, and her record of great successes in office, she is more qualified, and has a far better record, than the presumptive Republican nominee going into Tampa. And we aren’t even counting her amazing accomplishments as Mayor or her time as the powerful Chairman of Alaska’s oil and gas regulatory agency.

If there was anything wrong with 2008 campaign it was the process McCain used for picking his campaign manager and staff. Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace, and company, are the most incompetent group ever assembled in politics. Not only did they give McCain poor advice, they worked over time sabotaging the campaign. And they had no clue whatsoever about Sarah Palin, or how to use her numerous skills.

The vice presidential candidate usually serves one purpose during the campaign. They are the designated “attack dog,” going after the other side, while the candidate at the top of the ticket stays focused on issues and sort of above the fray. You couldn’t have asked for a better choice for this job than Sarah Palin. She had Barack Obama’s number from the start, and has been whipping him like a rented mule since day one. Still is.

Unlike Cheney, Sarah Palin never misfires when going after corrupt politicians. [or bears]

The McCain campaign stopped her from doing her job though. Sarah was effectively vetting Barack Obama. She was pointing out his long associations with domestic terrorists, cop killers, and his America hating preacher of 20 years: Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright.

For some reason the McCain team lost it’s nerve [that is if it ever had any] and forced Governor Palin to back down. This angered Conservatives, the base of the party, greatly. They turned on McCain. While Sarah was filling stadiums with as many as 60,000 people, McCain was dealing with angry supporters at his much smaller events. This is when he started saying stupid things like “you have nothing to fear from Obama.

I think history has proven McCain incredibly wrong.

For the record, I respect John McCain’s service to America greatly. He’s a true hero, and has endured unspeakable horrors while serving. Here’s a guy who was a prisoner of war, tortured, and almost killed. Being an Admiral’s son, he could have gotten out of the prison in Hanoi. He chose to stay and be a leader among the men. That takes incredible courage and must never be forgotten.

My problems with Senator McCain revolve around some of his questionable votes, and the way he ran the 2008 campaign. History shows that it was going to be hard for a Republican, any Republican to win, after the horrible mess Bush and Cheney allowed to fester. John McCain had one chance. Her name was Sarah Palin, and his campaign mishandled her, and didn’t use her to her full potential. It was a fatal error.

While Sarah Palin was pointing out that Obama’s closest friends hated America and Obama himself was a Marxist, the McCain campaign was freaking out and trying to stop her. It was campaign malpractice on the part of Schmidt and his lackeys.

Far from what Dick Cheney infers, Sarah Palin was the only one in the whole bunch who knew what she was trying to do. Sadly, she was surrounded by timid, incompetent political mercenaries with a record of losing campaigns.

I asked of ABC’s Rick Klein and Johnathan Karl on Twitter yesterday why someone didn’t just go interview A.B. Culvahouse and ask him if he thought the process used to pick Governor Palin was defective. I received no replay.

For those that don’t know, A.B. Culvahouse is a former adviser to President Ronald Reagan, and now runs one of the most prestigious law firms in Washington. He’s also been vetting prospective vice presidential candidates and Supreme Court appointees for years. He’s the one who vetted Sarah Palin.

In April of 2009 Culvahouse spoke to the National Press Club about the vetting process and described how thorough it was. He noted that he had previous experience with Sarah, as he represented Exxon-Mobil in the Exxon Valdez case before the Supreme Court. Before becoming Governor, Sarah was part of the litigation, against Exxon. He also noted that it came down to three vital questions about national security, the use of nuclear weapons, and killing Bin Laden. Culvahouse says Sarah “knocked it out of the park.”

In May of this year, Culvahouse took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to talk again about the vice presidential vetting process saying: “I stand by my advice regarding Sarah Palin: ‘high risk, high reward.’

He goes on to write:

A short list of five to 15 leading Americans soon will be notified that the presumptive Republican nominee for president believes they are serious contenders to be his running mate. They will be asked for their agreement to join him on the GOP ticket if chosen, and in the meantime, to submit to a most intrusive and far-reaching vetting by lawyers and advisers working for the campaign.

No other candidate, not even the presidential nominee himself, is subjected to the same scrutiny.
I have been a lawyer on both sides of the Republican vice-presidential vetting process. I helped potential nominees navigate the vetting gauntlet in four elections, starting in 1976, and I had the honor of doing the vetting on behalf of John McCain’s 2008 campaign. For those of you who’ve managed to steer clear of the revisionist HBO movie about that campaign, I led the team that vetted Sarah Palin, apparently the five most newsworthy days of my life.

For the “vettees,” the process can appear ad hoc, opaque and at times capricious. Having enjoyed illustrious careers in government, they find the unfettered power of the presidential nominee to select his running mate, based on whatever unannounced criteria he deems relevant, as well as the ever more complex vetting process, to be without precedent in their political experience.

In 2008, our team began by preparing vetting reports on a list of more than two dozen individuals who, unbeknownst to them, had been selected for consideration by Sen. McCain. We mined public databases, media archives, political blogs and other sources that allowed our search to remain discreet. Those who survived the winnowing from long list to short were rewarded with the most intimate examination known to politics.

Short-listed potential VP nominees are required to hand over tax returns, medical histories, financial statements, court records, and anything else labeled “private and confidential,” while also answering the most probing questions about themselves, their spouses, their children and their extended family—questions I would not dream of posing in any other context.

Yet, as in all campaigns, if we had allowed good manners to intervene, anything we missed surely would have been dredged up by someone else. In 1976, the Ford campaign’s vetting questionnaire had 16 questions; the one we used in 2008 had almost 80, with multiple subparts. We asked about infidelity, sexual harassment, discrimination, plagiarism, alcohol or drug addiction, delinquent taxes, credit history, and use of government positions or resources for personal benefit. Nothing was off-limits.

The vetting of Sarah Palin was no less rigorous, just compressed. She was a late addition to the short list, catapulted into contention by the campaign’s calculus that a woman would broaden the ticket’s appeal. Our team of lawyers churned out the expected detailed written vetting report—only we packed eight weeks of research into less than one. We pulled information from Alaska-centric websites, including her local critics’ blogs and copies of Wasilla church sermons.

Assisted by the candid information Gov. Palin provided, we identified and reported every issue that subsequently arose (with one exception: her husband’s membership in the Alaska Independence Party).

That includes her daughter’s pregnancy, which the governor raised in a private discussion, and the ethics investigation into the July 2008 dismissal of Alaska Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan for allegedly refusing to fire the governor’s ex-brother-in-law, which later became known as “Troopergate.” In fact, we presented the McCain campaign with a six-page analysis of that initial investigation, and in November 2008 the Alaska State Personnel Board found that Gov. Palin had not violated any ethics laws.

Gov. Palin’s responses to my standard hypothetical questions—Was she prepared to use nuclear weapons to defend our country? Would she authorize a strike against Osama bin Laden if she knew that numerous civilians also would be killed?—portrayed impressive resolve and sensitivity.

So, here’s a man who has been vetting candidates for some of the most powerful positions in the world for 36 years. Who’s judgment do we trust more, his, or a man who looked far and wide and ultimately chose himself as the best candidate for the job of Vice President?

I’ve always had respect for Dick Cheney, he’s served his country well, but all of that goodwill has been lost because of his continued idiotic statements regarding Sarah Palin.

I’m not sure to what ends Cheney is doing this. Some of us have discussed that Cheney’s first misfire was timed to harm her reputation, as well as her candidate Ted Cruz, here in Texas, as Cheney was backing the corrupt Establishment™ candidate, David Dewhurst, who got spanked by Cruz. Cheney had also backed Establishment™ candidate Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in 2010 against Governor Rick Perry, who had the support of Governor Palin.

Palin 2 Cheney 0.

It’s also thought Cheney has a favorite to be Mitt Romney’s running mate, Rob Portman, who was part of the Bush administration. Portman is another Establishment™ candidate and as the folks over at Free Republic point out, would be a complete disaster for the country. Portman is an open borders, big spender, who not only believes global warming is real, he voted yes on starting implementation of Kyoto Protocol. A 100% completely and totally unacceptable candidate.

It’s thought that Cheney’s attempts to belittle Governor Palin is also an attempt to insert himself in the vice presidential selection process and push his favorite.

If anyone’s judgment is to be questioned, it’s Dick Cheney’s.

Let’s also realize that while Cheney is saying idiotic things, he’s not an idiot. He knew exactly what he was doing a week ago when he attacked Sarah Palin. He knew how the media would cover it. He knew the media would attack Sarah Palin with gusto.

Thanks to the really stupid and insulting path Cheney is going down, it’s allowed the haters in the democrat party, as well as the Republican Elite™ to bring back the lie that Sarah Palin cost John McCain the election in 2008, not his incompetent team.

As I pointed out when this nonsense with Cheney started, Greta Van Susteren went through the Fox News polling at the time and showed that McCain was losing to Obama until he picked Sarah Palin, which gave him a huge bump and the lead.

McCain held that lead until the financial collapse and he suspended his campaign. He took off to D.C., with no plan whatsoever, and his poll numbers cratered, and never recovered.

Stacy Drake did a more elaborate study, even correlating the numerous polls with President George W Bush’s approval ratings. She proves beyond any doubt, that the only positive thing about the McCain campaign was the inclusion of Sarah Palin, and it was McCain’s actions, along with the financial collapse that cost Republicans the election.

The Republican Establishment™ have a vested interest in destroying Sarah Palin’s reputation. She is an existential to the entire ruling class. Sarah Palin is a reformer with her sights set on some of the most corrupt people in the world: Washington politicians in both parties.

The continued attacks on her and her record, is nothing more than an attempt by these corrupt politicians to hold on to power just a little longer.

That’s why we see the nasty attacks on the candidates she supports as well. Sarah has been backing true reformers all across the nation. People of great character, and strong moral courage. People who will clean up corruption, and help bring about sudden, relentless reform. This scares the hell out of the corrupt, inept Republican “leaders.” After all, they’ve got to protect their phony-baloney jobs!

Hannity-Cheney interview courtesy SarahNet.


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Sarah Palin: It Would Have Been a Mistake NOT to Have Answered the Call

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin says Dick Cheney “misfired” when he told ABC News it was a mistake for her to have been chosen as the candidate in 2008. She was obviously referring to Cheney’s incident with attorney Harry Whittington, who he accidentally shot in the face.

Appearing On the Record with Greta van Susteren, the two initially talked about Chick-fil-A, and then the resounding victory by Ted Cruz here in Texas. It was when the talk turned to Dick Cheney though, that Sarah got animated and forceful. She defended her record, her abilities, and what she did on the campaign trail, with gusto. And rightly so.

Greta mentions a bit of research she did, looking into polling before and after Sarah was chosen as the vice presidential nominee. It shows that the only time John McCain led in the polls was after he picked her. A lead he maintained until he suspended his campaign to go back to Washington and vote with Obama for TARP.

This is the Sarah Palin we’ve come to love. It’s obvious she despises the Republican Establishment™, the “good old boys” as much as they despise her. She deliciously makes it known when asked about the upcoming Republican convention, noted she’s been “approached” about going, but has made no decision one way or the other.

Video courtesy SarahNet.


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Mark Levin Rips Dick Cheney for His Palin Comments

I can only think of a handful of people in the last ten years who have been as important to saving this country [as Sarah Palin]

~ Mark Levin

By Gary P Jackson

Mark Levin takes Dick Cheney to the woodshed over his insane comments about Sarah Palin. He de-constructs Cheney’s comment, and talks about what really qualifies one to be president.

Mark also talks about the essential role that Sarah Palin plays in the Conservative movement.

Video courtesy SarahNet.

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Liz Cheney Disagrees with Dad, Stands with Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

From John Nolte at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government:

In his interview with ABC News over the weekend, former Vice President Dick Cheney was not only wrong to take a public shot at Governor Sarah Palin in the sense that lending any kind of affirmation to a media narrative about one of our own is immoral — he’s wrong factually.

With real-time polling, time and again, it’s been conclusively documented that the “mistake” — as Cheney describes Palin — was the only chance John McCain ever had of becoming president. Polling also makes clear that McCain blew the election all on his own after abruptly suspending his campaign to, uhm, save the economy. In other words, in front of the entire free world, McCain jumped on a white horse and charged off with no idea where to go.

Last night, Cheney’s daughter, Liz, set the record straight:

The elder Cheney is also wrong in the sense that Palin’s years in government, especially two years as the chief executive of a state, make her qualified to be president. It’s just a fact that she was and is more qualified than any sitting senator with zero executive experience, and this would include Obama, Biden, and McCain himself.

Moreover, during the 2008 campaign, it was Palin who almost always had the guts and the correct instincts. Unlike McCain, she was the one who  bristled at the idea of constantly caving to media narratives and the one who wanted to vet Barack Obama’s shady and corrupt past.

It was always McCain and the rest of the GOP who thought he could win by appeasing the corrupt media — it was always McCain who strapped on his “honor” and blindly leapt on to every grenade thrown at him, instead of throwing it back.

We all know who lost that election and we all know what the consequences have been.

By the way, no one should be in the least surprised it would be Liz Cheney who would come out publicly to “disagree” with her own father. Because in the GOP today, it’s the women who have the most grit and courage — and this most certainly includes Governor Palin.

Read more here.


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John McCain: I’m Proud of Sarah Palin, I’m Proud of the Job She Did, I’m Proud of the Job She Continues to Do!

By Gary P Jackson

John McCain says, in so many words, is opinions are like elbows, everybody’s got one. I would have told Dick Cheney that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.

A no BS response from McCain:

Video courtesy SarahNet.

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For Dick Cheney and His Ilk, John McCain’s Brilliant Choice of Sarah Palin was Bad News!

By Gary P Jackson

Evidently the Republican Elite™ are concerned that Mitt Romney may give Sarah Palin a speaking role at the convention or, God forbid, might actually be smart enough to consider her as his running mate. Enter Dick Cheney.

Cheney was on ABC News on Sunday. He did the old “she’s a nice girl … but …” insult.

Cheney claims choosing Sarah Palin as VP was a mistake. Now I’ll give him some credit, at least he didn’t pull out the lie that she cost McCain the election, but what he did say implies it. Cheney rightly says there is only one real test to see if a candidate for vice president is acceptable: Can they be president? Cheney claims Sarah failed that test. The man is an idiot.

There were four people on the 2008 presidential ticket: John McCain, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. Out of those four, only one person had Executive experience, and plenty of it.

John McCain has been in Congress seemingly forever, but he’s never run a city, never run a state. He was a Navy man, a fighter pilot, a prisoner of war, a hero, and then went to Washington. Nothing on his resume qualified him to be president. Now one can say he had plenty of experience dealing with foreign policy, and he was right on the Iraq war, when Cheney and others were dead wrong. But face it, as far as decision making experience, at an executive level, he had none.

Then you have Barack Obama. He was a “community organizer” with ACORN. That meant he trained rent-thugs to go out and intimidate people, often by violent means. He was an attorney, and worked with terrorist Bill Ayers on a couple of Ayers’ foundations that were set up as fronts to advance Marxism. He became a state Senator, and other than championing legislation that would allow doctors to murder babies that survived an abortion attempt, was of little consequence.

Obama was elected U.S. Senator and was on the job for about five minutes before he essentially abandoned it to run for president, something he had promised Illinois voters he wouldn’t do. Obama had never run a city, never run a state, never run anything as complicated as a lemonade stand, before becoming president. And it shows! Talk about failing the test!

Then you have Joe Biden, bless his heart. I would be surprised to learn this man can feed himself without written instructions. Seriously, other than comic relief, you couldn’t find a more useless human being to sit as vice president. There is no way in the world this man is qualified to be president, I don’t care if he has spent most of his adult life in Washington.

And who can ever forget the truly bizarre interview Biden gave Katie Couric around the same time she interviewed Sarah Palin!

I bet Cheney thinks this moron is eminently qualified to be president. Cheney is an idiot!

Now let’s talk about Sarah Palin. She has nearly two decades of public service, almost all of it at the Executive level. She was a Mayor, the state’s chief oil and gas regulator, and Governor.

Now some may poo-poo the Mayor thing, because Wasilla was, and is, very a small town. But as they say, it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it that matters.

Wasilla was a small, mostly dirt road village. Under Sarah Palin’s management, the town became the fastest growing city in the state, and would become the trading hub for the entire Mat-Su Valley, an area roughly the size of the state of Delaware. Sarah improved the infrastructure, built roads, recruited businesses, and grew the economy. And she did all of this while lowering taxes. This sort of thing doesn’t happen by accident. It takes strong leadership skills and common sense.

In 2008 the Mayor of Wasilla credited Sarah’s 75 percent property tax cuts and infrastructure improvements with bringing “big-box stores” and 50,000 shoppers per day to Wasilla. She left office in 2002. That’s some serious and lasting impact for one person to have.

Last time I looked, Dick Cheney had never run a city. Certainly never turned a dirt road town into a highly successful one with a bustling economy.

Sarah’s time as the Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is the stuff of legends. Not so much for what she did as a regulator, which by all accounts was top notch, but for what she did to unwind the massive corruption lawmakers and many oil company executives were engaged in. By the time she was done, the state’s Attorney General was forced to resign in disgrace, as was the Republican Party Chairman. [From his job as a fellow AOGCC commissioner] He was also forced to pay the largest civil fine in Alaska’s history.

Sarah was just getting started, as she would take down the sitting Republican Governor, in a landslide, and go on to pass sweeping reforms once in office, as the FBI was still raiding lawmakers’ offices and hauling people off to prison.

Washington may be one of the most corrupt places on earth, and I’ve never, EVER heard Dick Cheney address it’s corruption in any manner whatsoever.

Stacy Drake and Whitney Pitcher put together an extensive listing of Sarah Palin’s accomplishments as Governor. No one in Washington has accomplished anything near what she has. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find any elected official in the country who got as much done, has a better record on fiscal issues, or maintained a higher approval record among their voters. Sarah Palin had a sustained approval rating in the 90s as Governor of Alaska.

She’s the real deal.

Of course, now that Dick Cheney has decided to trash Sarah Palin, I’m noticing a new-found respect for him among the democrat run media. Useful idiot.

Out of the three men and one woman on the 2008 presidential ticket, Sarah Palin was the only one with the experience it takes to be president. There was a reason why the Obama campaign spent more time running against her than McCain. She was the dominant figure.

I’m sure Dick Cheney thinks Bill Clinton was qualified to be president, he certainly heaped praise on Hillary Clinton for her work as Secretary of State, calling her one of the more competent members of the Obama regime, and said it would be “interesting to speculate” on how she would do as president. Hillary Clinton is incompetent at her job, and has accomplished nothing of substance whatsoever.

For the record, Hillary was First Lady, a Senator, and now Secretary of State. Other than being another member of the permanent political class, what has she done? What makes HER qualified to be president? Cheney is an idiot.

I bring up Bill Clinton, who Cheney no doubt agrees was qualified to be president, as in fact do I, to remind folks of a 2008 Wall Street Journal article noting: “Compared to Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin is an Executive Giant.” The article goes on to explain Sarah sat as one of the most powerful state Executives in the country, and managed a budget and workforce far greater than Clinton’s tiny Arkansas responsibilities.

If anyone in the country is qualified to be President of the United States, it’s Sarah Palin.

But, you know, Dick Cheney might be on to something. Choosing Sarah Palin was a mistake. A mistake if you are a member of the corrupt ruling class, that is.

For guys like Dick Cheney, and the rest of the Establishment, choosing Sarah was an enormous mistake.

*Sarah Palin showed America what an actual Conservative looks like. Something the country hadn’t seen since Ronald Reagan.

*Sarah Palin showed us what fearless leadership looks like. Something that is totally lacking in today’s Republican Party “leadership.”

*Sarah Palin reminded us just how lousy our elected representatives in Washington truly are.

*Sarah Palin proved you can take on corruption, even in your own party, and succeed.

*Sarah Palin proved that you could cut spending and cut taxes, in good times, and still make considerable improvements to your constituents’ way of life.

*Sarah Palin inspired millions to stand up and say “enough is enough!” And that scares the permanent political class, guys like Dick Cheney, TO DEATH.

*Most importantly, Sarah Palin proved that the permanent political class can, and must be defeated.

So yeah, for Dick Cheney and his ilk, Sarah Palin was bad news!

In 2010 Sarah was a powerhouse at the ballot box. She endorsed over 100 candidates for local, state, and federal office. Most won. Thanks to her passion and inspiration, we saw the largest political turnover since Reconstruction, after the Civil War.

In 2012, she’s proving even more powerful. Like most of her supporters, I was greatly disappointed that she didn’t run for president. She would have easily won the nomination, and would whip Obama like a rented mule, but I’m starting to understand the wisdom in her decision not to run.

This election season, Sarah has concentrated on the Senate, and defeating entrenched members of the corrupt Republican Establishment™. So far she is batting 1000 in the primaries, and if the latest polling is any indication, she will have helped defeat one of the Establishment’s big players here in Texas.

So yeah, for Dick Cheney, and his ilk, it was a huge mistake for John McCain to choose Sarah Palin. In Sarah, you have a warrior who will go toe to toe with the GOP Elite and destroy them. We give McCain hell for some of the things he’s done, and is currently doing, but when it’s all said and done, his legacy must include choosing Sarah Palin, as one of the smartest things he’s ever done, and one of the greatest things he’s ever done for his country. For this America will be eternally grateful.

As for Dick Cheney and his bunch, they are directly responsible for destroying the Republican brand. Yeah, the GOP has always had it’s elites. Ronald Reagan fought these same kind of clowns in his day. But with Bush-Cheney, you had for the first time in generations, a Republican President, a Republican House, and a Republican Senate.

Ronald Reagan got big things done, and created one of the longest periods of economic growth in our nation’s history. Reagan faced a hostile Congress. Bush-Cheney had a friendly Congress, and what did they do? They forgot everything the party is supposed to stand for. They grew government, created new entitlements, and spent like drunken sailors. Worse, they didn’t address the massive corruption or out of control bureaucracy. Hell, they added to it all.

Now we all know that being a Republican isn’t the same thing as being Conservative, and that’s the problem. The average voter expects Republicans to be Conservative, and responsible. You know, the adults in the room.

The Bush-Cheney years were an abject failure in this department. And ever single member of the Republican Establishment™ is to blame.

By the time 2008 rolled around, we could have cloned Ronald Reagan, nominated him, and he would have lost. John McCain ran a lousy campaign, thanks to Steve Schmidt and crew, but Bush-Cheney had so damaged the Republican brand, it was almost impossible to think the Republicans could have prevailed.

And yet, thanks to Sarah Palin, her energy, her record, her work ethic, and her ability to inspire others, we damned near pulled it off anyway. Sarah Palin almost dragged the Republicans over the finish line, by herself.

Today, Sarah Palin is a direct threat to the Republican Establishment™. By God I think they hate her more than the democrats.

Democrats hate everybody, so of course they hate Sarah!

The GOP is more vicious though. They are underhanded and ruthless, when it comes to attacking a true Conservative. Look at the pure evil that Ted Cruz has faced here in Texas from his Establishment opponent. It’s as nasty as I’ve ever see,

Those of us old enough to remember the Reagan years, when he was running for president, can attest, the Republican Establishment™ was as nasty to Reagan as they are to Sarah Palin.

I am feeling an urgency to the GOP Elites’ viciousness though. Unlike in Reagan’s time, there is the Tea Party standing behind Sarah Palin. Millions of Americans who are fed up with both parties.

It’s harder for Republican Elites to overcome that.

That’s why they hate Sarah Palin, and frankly, hate the Tea Party as well. Us plain spoken, average Americans, are a direct threat to the ruling class, and in Sarah Palin we have a champion of our cause. In Sarah Palin we have someone who will fight right along side us.

Sarah didn’t run for president, something that disappointed millions, but currently she is in the process of remaking Congress in her image. I think she understands that she, or any other true reformer, has absolutely no chance as long as there are so many members of the corrupt Establishment in place.

She has a knack for backing solid Conservatives. Men and women who believe in the Constitution, Liberty, and Freedom. Leaders who believe in First Principles, and understand that government is out of control. That we can’t just slow things down, but that we must stop and turn things around. We must go in the opposite direction, or we’ll head over the cliff.

She understands the foundation must be in place for a true reformer to bring about the sudden and relentless reform that is so greatly needed.

This is why the Republican Elite must destroy Sarah Palin. She is a direct threat to all the power they have amassed. She is a direct threat to business as usual.

So many of us stand and defend Sarah Palin, because when the GOP Elites attack her, they are attacking We The People. They are attacking us.

If we allow the Republican Establishment™ to destroy Sarah Palin, they will have destroyed us as well.

Politicians in both parties have made a mess of this country. We can’t fix the democrat party. It’s too far gone. But we can damned sure clean out the Republican Party, and run these elitist bastards out of politics forever. In fact, we MUST run these elitist bastards out of politics forever. It’s the only way our nation will survive.

This is going to be a long, vicious battle. I’m ready for it, and I stand with Sarah Palin


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