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Sarah Palin on Final Day of DNC: A Bunch of Racist Bunk! Plus John Kerry’s Swing and a Miss!

By Gary P Jackson

Thursday night Sarah Palin talked with Neil Cavuto about the final night of the democrat convention in Charlotte. When asked by Neil she basically says she’s worn out from all of it. Who can blame her. The democrat convention is like looking into an alternate universe. Nothing is based in reality.

They also discuss the need for women voters to wake up and realize who is really at war with them, and Sarah notes the racist nature of the convention, and one of the campaign buttons saying “once you vote black, you never go back.”

Can you imagine if someone in Tampa had been wearing a button that said “white is right” or something like that. Holy crap!

One more observation: Anytime I see a piece of Obama campaign paraphernalia, I’m stuck by the fact that in the last 100 years or so, only two politicians have had their own symbols: Barack Obama and that guy over in Germany with the funny mustache who was in office from 1933 until he achieved room temperature. It’s a reminder that until Obama come along, we considered politicians mere employees. Temporary employees at that. Not messiahs or false gods.

Neil asks Sarah about a sad little comment professional gigolo and tax cheat John Kerry made, throwing her name out there as he attacked Mitt Romney. This isn’t the first time John Kerry has attempted humor and fell flat on his face, insulting everyone’s intelligence.

In late 2006 Kerry attacked the military by implying that one either gets a good education or ends up being stuck in Iraq.

You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.

This prompted blogger Dan Riehl to write on his blog:

The bastard should be tried for treason and shot!

Frankly, after the treasonous acts of both John Kerry and Jane Fonda, during the Vietnam war, I can’t believe both weren’t tried for treason and shot together. But what the hell, our current President and Attorney General facilitated the mass murder of 300-400 Mexican citizens and at least two federal agents and they’ll never receive an ounce of punishment. Not even a harshly worded letter from the United Nations! The whole lot should be sent to a Supermax prison and be left to rot, but I digress.

I got a bit tickled when Sarah said Kerry “diminished himself by even mentioning my name“. Fact is, those two have tangled before. In fact, when Governor Palin, as Commander-in-Chief, was visiting her troops in Kosovo she took a swing at Kerry [after he made an idiotic remark about her] and connected.

Of course this gives us a chance to remind readers that as Governor of Alaska and Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska National Guard, The Alaska Air Guard, and the Alaska State Defense Force, Sarah Palin received regular high level national security briefings, because of Alaska’s proximity not only to Russia, but the Far East in general.

Alaska is the nation’s first line of defense against any attacks coming from that direction, thus the Governor of the state must be uniquely prepared. Alaska was invaded by the Japanese during WWII and on Governor Palin’s watch, the 176 Air Control Squadron routinely escorted Russian Bear bombers out of Alaskan air space. In 2008 the 176th Air Wing won the United States Air Force Outstanding Unit Award. Governor Palin shared command and control of the air wing.

It’s also fun to remind folks that one can not only SEE Russia from certain points in Alaska, one can actually WALK to Russia [or swim] depending on the time of year!

Another set of good observations on today’s political climate from Sarah, and another swing and a miss by John Kerry.

Neil Cavuto and Sarah Palin interview courtesy of SarahNet

John Kerry [right] with Steve Schmidt backstage at the democrat national convention in Charlotte


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“Republican” Steve Schmidt Joins Slobbering Bill Clinton Lovefest on MSNBC

I wish to God, as a Republican, we had someone on our side who had the ability to do that. We don’t.

~ Steve Schmidt on Bill Cliton’s speech in Charlotte

By Gary P Jackson

The only thing missing in this deal is Bill Clinton with a cigar and Steve Schmidt in a blue dress:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Emphasis mine]

RACHEL MADDOW: I want to bring in my colleagues here on the set, in terms of the response to this speech. Steve Schmidt, as a political professional who was on the other side of this for the Republicans in 2008, how was this speech?

STEVE SCHMIDT: Well, it was extraordinary. It’s a virtuoso political performance. There’s no other politician in America in the last generation person that could hold the attention of a crowd, have them yelling and screaming, speaking for three-quarters of an hour. I mean, I wish to God, as a Republican, we had someone on our side who had the ability to do that. We don’t. It would be great if we did. Just an amazing performance – struck by the political – almost genius of how he embraced the Bush family and George W. Bush for the purposes of marginalizing House Republicans and pushing them to the extreme. It was a devastating critique, but it was delivered with an absence of malice or anger – a smile on his face, logic – aimed squarely at the middle of the electorate, where he’s so popular. Very powerful endorsement for President Obama; another good night for them.

Affable, effective – as a Democrat, it doesn’t get any better. I’m sitting here – I’m giddy. I mean, this is exactly what Barack Obama needed – mending fences, bringing people together, and understanding the facts. And I like the way that President Clinton talked about the alternative universe that the Republicans have painted President Obama in, that they’re not in reality. They’re not in the real world. He even used the word hate, and I’m glad he addressed this tonight….Gosh, I just think President Clinton just did Barack Obama the biggest favor he could have ever done, and I think this is going to give him the bounce.

What’s remarkable is that Steve Schmidt is taken seriously in Republican circles. Notice how he sounds as in love with Clinton as Ed Schultz, who is certifiably insane?

If you missed the 49 minute 57 second speech that drones on and on:

Even the Washington Post, when posting the transcript of the speech, writes:

Former President Bill Clinton often went off his script and went over scheduled time in addressing the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., Wednesday night.

Charles Krauthammer has a different take on the speech, calling it a “swing and a miss” and a missed opportunity to actually endorse President Obama, rather than make it about himself:

I think it was a giant swing and a miss,” Krauthammer said. “Mighty Casey — and Bill Clinton is a natural — he struck out on this. I don’t think it would move the needle whatsoever. Look, it had all the classic Clinton elements — it was engaging, it was humorous. In some cases, it was generous: I think there were more mentions of the Bushes than I heard in three days in Tampa. But on the other hand it was also vintage Clinton in that it was sprawling, undisciplined and truly self-indulgent.

This is one of the strangest nomination speeches, I think, ever given,” he continued. “It was a kind of an amalgam between a State of the Union address, a policy wonk seminar and what sounded to me like a campaign speech for a third Clinton term. Obama was sort of incidental. He’d be shoved in every once in a while in the speech as a way to say, ‘well, he thinks as I do.’

Krauthammer noted the long-windedness of Clinton’s 50-minute speech and suggested Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan could have covered the same subject matter in a fraction of the time.

One last point: It is true that he made a lot of detailed rebuttals — that he is sort of the rebutter-in-chief on most of the stuff heard in Tampa,” Krauthammer said. “But Paul Ryan could handle all of that in 10 minutes in his debate. So I think it was a wasted opportunity of what could have been a great, stirring, rousing endorsement of Obama.”

We all know Steve Schmidt is a liar and a sell-out, but I’m amazed by the ease that he can set there and not only praise Bill Clinton, but dismiss the entire Republican Party, a party that he has used to earn a living from for years.

I’m not saying Clinton’s speech was horrible, but there are folks who could have done better. If Steve hadn’t spent all of his time lying about Sarah Palin, he might have noticed that no one can give a better speech, or hold a crowd as spellbound, as she can.

Stacy Drake has more Steve Schmidt’s Palin bashing nonsense here.

There was a reason why only around half as many people watched Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech as did Sarah’s in 2008.

How about a little test? We have Clinton’s speech, let’s bounce it off these as a comparison:

From HER convention speech. A few minutes shorter with a lot more substance:

Here she is in Madison, Wisconsin … in freezing weather … she and the Tea Party members surrounded by violent union thugs:

Powerful speech with plenty of memorable and often quoted lines. [You can bet no one will remember what Bill Clinton said in Charlotte, or much care a week from now]

And let’s not forget the incredible energy surrounding Sarah Palin’s speech over Labor day weekend 2011 in Indianola, Iowa:

Very memorable stuff.

Seen enough? Oh … what the hell … how about her speech from CPAC 2012, a standing room only deal that forced organizers to set up TV monitors in other rooms to accommodate everyone who wanted to hear what Sarah Palin had to say:

We must give Bill Clinton his due, he is, after all, the best the democrats can do. Thankfully, we have much better, we have Sarah Palin.

Meanwhile Steve Schmidt’s fortunes have sunk so low he’s forced to work for a racist TV network that has to lie to their viewers as they carry Barack Obama’s water.

The next time someone quotes Steve Schmidt when discussing Sarah Palin, or well, anything, remember that he’s nothing more than a hired gun, a political prostitute, as you laugh in their faces!

The O’Jays had guys like Steve Schmidt pegged long ago:


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Unreal: Democrats BOO Inclusion of God, Jerusalem in DNC Platform

By Gary P Jackson

On Tuesday the democrat party platform committee removed all mention of God [there was only one] as well as language that declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel. As you can imagine, this didn’t go over well with the American people.

Today an amendment adding God and language declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel back into the platform was voted on. As you can see, it caused problems:

Unreal. Who boos God? And since Jerusalem IS the capital of Jerusalem, well, you get the idea.

Frankly I’m glad these Godless, soulless creatures are revealing themselves to the world. It’s time the American people get a real look at what democrats are and what they stand for.

As Ben Shaprio at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government notes, Antonio Villaraigosa, the head of the convention, had to basically ram the amendment adding God and Jerusalem back in, down the delegates’ throats. The ayes definitely did not have it.

Tonight, the Democratic National Committee suspended the rules of the convention and inserted language regarding God and the State of Israel back to its platform. They had to vote three times to do it – and they had to lie to deem it passed, even though it was clear that the measure did not pass a voice vote in the chamber.

The original 2012 Democratic Party platform had excised all mention of God and Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel.

[ …. ]

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, the head of the Democratic National Convention, got up and asked for a two-thirds vote on the amendments to the platform. He took a voice vote, with people stating aloud “aye” and “nay.”

The first time, he couldn’t determine if two-thirds of the voters had said “aye”; a loud “no” vote was heard. He asked for a second vote.

The second time, he couldn’t determine whether the voice vote had passed. Again. Villaraigosa looked around in confusion.

Finally, on the third attempt, Villaraigosa took a voice vote and simply declared, in the “opinion of the chair,” that it had been passed. There were widespread boos in the convention hall to the renewed inclusion of God and language about Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

And Villaraigosa was lying, in any case – there is no way that the voice vote had passed. Opponents stood up and protested, waving and shouting. The fix was in. The Democratic leadership had to ram a mention of God and a mention of Jerusalem through, violating their own rules, to avoid the fallout within their own ranks.

Ben adds:

Sources also report that the language was changed “to reflect the president’s personal view.” This is bull. President Obama has never recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and neither has his spokesperson or State Department. He has never taken a public position against the so-called “right of return,” which would destroy Israel as a Jewish state.

And he has publicly stated that Israel should use the 1949 armistice lines as the baseline of any future negotiations. This was obviously a political move designed to prevent disillusioned Jewish voters from leaving the Democratic voters in droves.

If Jews are smart — and if they watch this tape — they’ll realize that the base of the Democratic Party simply does not support Israel, even if the DNC quashes their votes.

Much more on this from Ben here.


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DNC Video: “The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To”

By Gary P Jackson

Need any more proof that democrats have an incredibly warped view of society? Well watch this:

This was shown on day one in Charlotte at the democrat convention. It’s their “soft sell” attempt to get you to buy into their idea of a central command-and-control, Big Government, nanny state, that will care for you from cradle to grave. Never mind that it’s been proven over and over that these sort of schemes never work out. Governments eventually collapse under their own weight when they’ve tried this.

The government belongs to the people, for sure, but politicians and bureaucrats are OUR EMPLOYEES and work for US. Something, it seems, we must remind them of on a regular basis.

I wish I had some snappy commentary here, but a commenter on You Tube says all that needs to be said:

We don’t ‘belong‘ to the government – we settled that by Declaration in 1776, by Force 1775-1783 and by Law in 1791!

~ PalmettoStateForever

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