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Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen: The Media is the Enemy of the American People

By Gary P Jackson

Strong words from both Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen, two democrats who realize the American media is so biased and so corrupt, they are now the enemy of the American people. What Pat and Doug are pointing out is nothing new. The media has been the enemy of Liberty and Freedom for decades, but since the Marxist Obama came on the national scene, the media has become nothing but stenographers for the democrat party, as well as their official attack dogs.

Video courtesy SarahNet.

In case you missed it, here is Pat Caddell’s speech at the Accuracy in Media conference “ObamaNation: A Day of Truth.”:

For full transcript please go to:


In recent remarks to an AIM conference, “ObamaNation: A Day of Truth,” former Democratic pollster and analyst Pat Caddell said, “I think we’re at the most dangerous time in our political history in terms of the balance of power in the role that the media plays in whether or not we maintain a free democracy.” Caddell noted that while First Amendment protections were originally provided to the press so they would protect the liberty and freedom of the public from “organized governmental power,” they had clearly relinquished the role of impartial news providers.

Nowhere was this more evident than during the tragic death of a U.S. ambassador in Libya that was lied about for nine days, because the press and the administration did not want to admit it was a terrorist attack.

We’ve had nine days of lies over what happened because they can’t dare say it’s a terrorist attack, and the press won’t push this,” said Caddell. “Yesterday there was not a single piece in The New York Times over the question of Libya. Twenty American embassies, yesterday, are under attack. None of that is on the national news. None of it is being pressed in the papers.”

Caddell added that it is one thing for the news to have a biased view, but “It is another thing to specifically decide that you will not tell the American people information they have a right to know.


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Video: Jedediah Bila Says Sarah Palin Should Speak at the Republican Convention

By Gary P Jackson

Appearing on The Sean Hannity Show Wednesday night Jedediah Bila said in no uncertain terms that Sarah Palin should be a prominent speaker at the Republican Convention in Tampa. We agree.

Jedediah lists off the ways Sarah has invigorated the base of the Republican Party.

Of course, liberal Doug Schoen rattles off the same tired, old, long dis-proven talking points used by liberals and the Republican Elites alike:

Bottom line, Jedediah kicks Schoen’s butt!

It’s interesting to see the absolute fear in Doug Schoen’s eyes. He knows Sarah Palin would fire up the country in ways that Mitt Romney and the bunch he represents never can and never will. Having Sarah speak would be bad news for the democrats and bad news for the Republican Establishment™.

That’s exactly why Sarah Palin must speak at the convention!

Many thanks to Ray at SarahNet for the video.


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Jedediah Bila: Sarah Palin Will Win Nomination And Beat Barack Obama

By Gary P Jackson

From Sean Hannity’s Great American Panel on Thursday night. The guests are talking about 2012 and who will beat Obama. Doug Schoen, a democrat, says Obama will beat himself because of his rotten policies, Matt McCall states that Romney can’t get the job done, and Jedediah Bila pulls no punches saying Sarah Palin will be our nominee, and will take Obama as well. Smart lady that Jedediah Bila!

Video courtesy of PalinTV


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